Sussex County Official Swearing In Ceremony

Sussex County    Today, prior to the usual Sussex County Council meeting, there was the official swearing-in of the newly elected, Sussex County officials.   First up was long time Councilman, George Cole. George Cole

Considering how long Mr. Cole has been a councilman, and how many times he has been sworn in, one might have thought he could recite the oath from memory.

Rob Arlett 1 Next was the newly elected Councilman, Rob Arlett. Mr. Arlett was joined by his wife Lorna, and son Jared. Mr. Arlett like others was a bit nervous during the oath of office, but managed to get through it with a smile, as always.

Recorder of Deeds, Scott Dailey was sworn in for his second term, and may have been the smoothest of those taking the oath. Scott Daley   Another returning official for her second term as Register of Wills was Mrs. Cindy Green, who was joined by her husband. cindi green  Finally there was the swearing-in of the new Sussex County Sheriff, Robert T. Lee. Sheriff  Lee was clearly overcome with emotions as he took the oath of office, having to choke back those emotions several times. In the end he thanked all for coming and stated how humbled he was by all the support he had received, and promised to do his best to serve the people of Sussex. robert lee 1   All of the officials were sworn in by the Honorable T. Henley Graves. I stayed after the ceremony for the first official meeting of the “new”  County Council. county council  But that will be for another post in the future.

Congratulations to all those sworn in today, we can hope that they will take their oaths of office seriously, and work in the best interest of the citizens of Sussex.

2 Comments on "Sussex County Official Swearing In Ceremony"

  1. Scott Dailey says:

    The “smoothest”! Yes! #winning!

  2. Mike Rowe says:

    Good post, but I was kinda waiting to hear your thoughts on the County Council Meeting. I’ll be looking for that post.

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