Independence Day

fireworks   I could write a long boring post about what Independence Day means to me.   I could tell everyone while they are at the BBQs and firework displays to remember what the Fourth of July actually represents. The freedom, and struggle for that freedom our Founding Fathers fought, and died for.

While all of that is true, I actually believe that going to cookouts, and other events are enough to demonstrate the freedom that we have, thanks to the sacrifice of not only our Founders, but that of so many through the ages.

It is the freedom to go to cookouts and celebrate, or to just stay at home and ignore the day if you so choose, that makes this the freest nation in the world. And while it has become chic as of late to constantly point out the flaws in that freedom, and to act as if you are the authority  on freedom, it is the average person who gets up and goes to work everyday, who raises their family as their parents raised them, the person who lends a hand to the person less fortunate than themselves. It is these people, who are our freedom fighters, the people who show the world that America is great, not simply because of crumbling documents, but because of our people, and our strength.

Of course we must be diligent and ever watchful for those who would usurp our freedom, however, we must be just as diligent and watchful of those who would wrest that freedom away from us in the name of freedom. Those who shout the loudest and cry foul the most, are in many cases the people most likely   to steal you right to choose, your right to be who you would be, your freedom.

So enjoy your life today. Do what you like, and if you go through the day and don’t even think about it being the 4th, well don’t feel too guilty, as long as you are living the American Dream.

God Bless America!

2 Comments on "Independence Day"

  1. HTM W says:

    Well it’s not the prettiest of days but it could be worse! The house is empty and has been for the last few days so ‘Fred’ and I are just going to enjoy the quiet of a home that hasn’t been quiet in well over a year. We hope all have an enjoyable, dry and safe July 4th weekend.

  2. Ricky Bobby says:

    “I could write a long boring post about what Independence Day means to me.”
    You have succeeded.

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