Rep. Tim Dukes Gives Republican Message on Casinos

2 Comments on "Rep. Tim Dukes Gives Republican Message on Casinos"

  1. registered republican says:

    You said the casinos employ 5000 families but a note flashed on the screen stated 3000 families…not getting the facts straight on any issue causes a great deal of doubt to the reader. I am a registered Republican but the casino bailout, wanting to open family court to the public, too much money spent on bike path, nothing being done about environment odors in
    Delaware City, moving to a new DMV when the old one had just been renovated, too much time spent on same sex marriage and now talking about pot and wine delivery to Delaware and etc has caused me to lose faith and I am hoping that someone will come up with a new political party because the two we have now are becoming very untrustworthy and lacking in good judgment.
    Gambling, smoking pot and wine drinking all lead to addictions which causes other problems and more tax dollars to help those people out.

  2. Ricky Bobby says:

    One would think Pastor Dukes would never have gotten on this committee to begin with and if he had to be on the committee he would have had only one objective throughout the entire process: close ’em all down!

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