Is It Over?

clocks   So we’ve had another monthly meeting of the Sussex County waste of time, or as they like to think of themselves, the Sussex County Republican Committee.     First let me apologize for taking so long to post this, for lack of a better term, update of the ongoing saga of the terminally out of touch. I have been extremely ill for several days, I just couldn’t stand being sick twice at the same time.

Of course I attended the meeting, because I hadn’t thrown up quite enough. I am sure many of you are waiting to hear exactly how the newly elected Chairman, Billy Carroll, addressed the issue of the nasty behavior of some of the  male members of his committee, and their treatment of women.

That would be a BIG FAT ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, don’t get me wrong, he actually issued another, I think that makes three, statement on the issue, that said, A BIG FAT ZERO!!!!!!!!

The issue came up for discussion, and he said, well, A BIG FAT ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, there was shouting, and name calling, and cursing, and accusations. County Councilman Rob Arlett, who was the guest speaker gave a great campaign speech, that at some points actually talked of unity, but never dared to specifically touch the topic of the treatment of the women, or the fact that the committee was impotent on the issue. (Impotent male members, get it?)

Mr. Arlett had a chance to join the two Republican Caucuses, and the many clubs and RD Committees, in denouncing the behavior and to be a leader. And one would have expected him to be at the leading edge of those who supported the Women’s Clubs, considering there is a good chance he would not have been elected without the hard work of the Sussex County Women’s Club, and their President Alana Keeley.

Instead he chose to wait over  a month, to give what I would describe as a generic unity speech, in which he actually use the cliché phrase, “can’t we all just get along?” I can only imagine how disappointed, many of the women in the room, who worked so hard for him, were. He should hope that another old cliché isn’t true, “hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned”.

Since we are in cliché mode, it is obvious that Chairman Carroll is only interested in kicking the can down the road, while whistling past the grave yard, making sure not to step on any cracks.

It is clear that Mr. Carroll has no intention of any real action. In all of his statements he attempt to make people believe he doesn’t know the entire story, and that an investigation is needed. Really Mr. Carroll? Ok.

What is really going on is that the Sussex GOP has a fund-raiser coming up, more on this later, and what Mr. Carroll wants is to push the issue out past that, hoping to pull of a success. In my view there is going to be no resignations. Fred Silva is smug and arrogant, and has no loyalty to the GOP. The others could be taken out at the district level, but since Bruce Fitzgerald is in the same district as Lacey Lafferty, there is little chance of sanity from that arena. And by the way, should we not ask why this  alleged woman candidate was silent on the issue of men making verbal attacks against women?

Duke Brooks may stand the best chance of being voted out at the district level considering the 14th’s Chairman’s comments at the meeting, but only time will tell.

So, as the title asked, is it over yet? Yep! I think it is. But, there is more over here, than just the fact that  Billy Carroll has taken only slightly longer to prove himself impotent, as a leader, than did his predecessor, Vince Calabro.

money clock What is over, is the Sussex GOP Committee. The money clock is running out. The Treasurer’s report at the monthly meeting was dire. Treas. Vicki Carmean stated that by December the Committee bank account will be at $250., I am assuming she added in the $10 service charges for low balance once they drop under $1,500.

Something interesting, is that Teas. Carmean tries to engage the Committee in a discussion of the dire straits, and all they want to do, is move to accept and move on. They actually applauded the report, no kidding.

They spend around $1,200 a month, and take in nothing. Which brings me to the fund-raiser they are putting on. They needed to sell a hundred tickets to be able to hold the event, as of Monday night they had only sold twenty-four, they needed the hundred by today, for the event this coming Monday. I don’t know if they made it or not, but they only had around sixty-one this morning.

The interesting thing is that they can’t sell the tickets to people outside of the Committee. At the meeting, they broke into RD caucuses and strong-armed the members, and still couldn’t reach the needed one-hundred. And believe it or not, when they had finished with that exercise, they actually tried to ask for more money for the so-called Founders Club. The nerve.


Of course they can’t sell tickets outside the Committee, no one want to be associated with this type of arrogant insanity. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, this committee does nothing for candidates. And please save your time, if you are going to make the claim that because of the number of Republicans elected in Sussex, that this Committee is a success. This Committee has donated no money to candidates since 2010.

There is another point to be made. Billy Carroll made bringing the elected officials back to the room a plank in his campaign for Chairman. Well, on Monday night there were exactly four in the room. Sen. Bryant Richardson, Councilman Rob Arlett, Oceanview Council Member Carrol Bodine, and Rep. Rich Collins who came late.

Is it any surprise that the elected officials don’t want to be in this padded room? These people have to be elected by a broad spectrum of voters in this county. To align too closely with the TEA Crazy in that room will doom any candidate. Just ask Jeff Christopher.

This latest issue, and Billy Carroll’s wet dishcloth response to it, will only embolden this group to believe they are winning. And you know what? They are. They have succeeded in driving away more and more people, to the point where they have complete control of that committee. But the committee is a sinking ship. Hey TEA Crazy!! Bad news, Rose and Jack are standing on the outside of the rail ready to take that last breath, and they are going to kick hard to get away, so that as the ship sinks, it doesn’t pull them under.

Titanic 1

It is time for every rational thinking person left in that Committee, to leave. It is no longer important  to hold seats, it is no longer important to put up with the hate, the name calling, the arguing. It is no longer important, because that Committee is no longer important. They can no longer raise funds, so they can no longer pay their bills, which means they will continue to be unable to support candidates in any way. They cannot attract new voters in any real numbers because they operate under check box politics, miss one box and you are not wanted. They cannot attract new members to the Committee, for the same reason, opposing points of view are not wanted. Who wants to have a debate with people who feel the need to wear a gun on their hip during a political committee meeting?

These TEA Fringe 912ers are not working with a complete deck, it seems to be stacked with jokers.

So to all those Republicans that are looking for outlets to help candidates, contact the candidates, or find a Republican club that shares you desire to help, or start a Republican club. But whatever you do, stay far, far away from the sinking ship known as the Sussex GOP.

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  1. mouse says:

    Don’t forget to turn out the lights

  2. delacrat says:

    ” Who wants to have a debate with people who feel the need to wear a gun on their hip during a political committee meeting? – Frank

    Um…. you’re speaking figuratively about them “wearing a gun”, right ?

  3. lindsey says:

    I have to say, Frank offers a much more positive assessment of the SCGOP than they warrant.

  4. Rick says:

    Yes, the GOP is a sinking ship in Sussex. Amidst such calamity, we can expect the Socialist-Democrats to gain several seats, right?


    So, what’s the point?


  5. lindsey says:

    Once again Rick simply does not get it, but then he’s part of the problem, he’s another old, white Republican man who thinks that half assed spouting off = doing something. The SCGOP could close their door tomorrow and it would make zero difference in an election in Sussex, they simply do nothing. Though closing their doors could help Republicans win elections in Kent and NCC. The reason Republicans win in Sussex is because of organizations like the Sussex County Republican Women’s Club that actually staff and fund Republican campaigns.

  6. Frank Knotts says:

    Rick, I know you to be a smart guy. You know the difference between the Republican voters of Sussex, and the official Sussex County GOP. It is the Committee that is a complete failure. You know this. Be intellectually honest and stop fronting for them.
    And no Mouse, not figuratively. Literally! It is one thing to know that there is a good chance that several members are concealed carrying. It is another to have some wild eyed woman, whose personality screams anger issues, to be sitting in the committee with what looks like a 9 mm in her hip. No surprise she was a raving Christopher supporter.

  7. Rusty says:

    Had trouble hearing the audio from Monday’s meeting. Was it noted to put the unedited audio from the radio programs on the SCGOP Website so all the Executive Committee can listen and then decide if they think it is offensives enough to warrant action??

  8. mouse says:

    So how can we get more living wage jobs to come to Sussex County

  9. delacrat says:

    “So how can we get more living wage jobs to come to Sussex County” – mouse

    “Living wage jobs” are not a GOP priority. Guns are a GOP priority. Just ask the woman with the 9mm..

    On second thought, better not ask her anything.

  10. Dave says:

    “So how can we get more living wage jobs to come to Sussex County”

    Is that what you really want? When you talk about “living wage” jobs you are essentially describing low skill jobs, which we have plenty of today. Granted most of these jobs are not paying a living wage but put that aside for the moment. Wouldn’t you rather have higher skill jobs, such as software programming, advanced metals fabrication, engineering, design, yadda, yadda, for which the topic of living wage never applies because those jobs are in demand, requiring significant knowledge, skills, and abilities?

    Sure you want Wal Mart to pay a living wage, but when you ask for more living wage jobs, aren’t you asking for more Wal Marts? I can understand the argument for paying living wages, but I would rather not ask for more of those jobs for which the term “living wage” applies. I would rather have the jobs that requires skills command higher salaries.

    A family member of mine is relocating from NY and has accepted a position in the medical field in SC. While she recognizes that there is a salary differential between NY and DE, she is receiving far above a living wage.

    To me the question should be is how to make SC an attractive location for industries and business who require a highly skilled labor force with a commensurate salary structure. For example, software programmers can work at home, no need to commute. The home office is wherever it is. There is little demand on infrastructure, other than broadband. Their salary structure is significantly higher that living wage. How can we attract them to Sussex County is the question I would be asking. I’m sorry but I don’t want more minimum wage jobs here, regardless of whether we manage to get those people a living wage.

  11. mouse says:

    Well that’s kind of what I meant.

  12. Dave says:

    Oh. Ok. Well, then, I agree.

  13. waterpirate says:

    How much do you think a liscensed blue collar worker in SC makes? The demographic we have is demanding skilled blue collar labor, we are falling short providing it. Enter un skilled un supervised workers. Maybe Sussex Tech should re examine its mission statement and deliver what the county needs.

  14. Rick says:

    It is the Committee that is a complete failure. You know this.

    I don’t know anything about the committee, other than that it probably doesn’t even need to exist.

    The GOP could run a ham sandwich in most Sussex districts and win.

  15. Frank Knotts says:

    Well thank you Rick. It has been the Committee I have been talking about for, well years now, not the Republican voters. We are in agreement after all, the Committee is completely un-needed.

  16. Rusty says:

    What a shame. Sussex good ole boys are afloat without an anchor. Imagine no one showing up for the dog and pony show, or better yet plenty of Republicans showing up to listen to the full unedited audio along with the perps. I recommend calling out the troops to attend, listen and then comment.

  17. It is over says:

    Yes itis over Frank. scuttlebutt has it that you and delawareright are being sued. Is there any truth in that Frank. Whispers at the last GOP meeting.

  18. waterpirate says:

    Maybe the money spent on suing should have been spent paying the bills?

  19. HC says:

    Is it over? You are so right Delaware Right it’s over.

    Ohhhhh Frank, you and your smucks not getting your way? Another angry rambling fictitious post by a mad man? Bills would get paid if the left of the party would quit being such sore losers and quit disturbing the peace and tranquility of the other members of the party. And they wonder why they are not liked or get any support from the Majority of the Party. Not working Frank. People are not going to give to anyone whom is in the Delaware Right swamp pit.

    Frank is one to comment about what has the SCGOP done for candidates.

    The SCGOP is made up of a body of people that contribute time, money and resources to the candidates. Its the party as a whole not individuals. We work TOGETHER for the benefit of the entire SCGOP. That was very evident when such a large majority of them stood up front when advised by Councilman Rob Arlett’s statement of who are the people that have contributed to last year’s election to stand up front.

    Didn’t see Frank Knotts up there. Matter of fact didn’t see Mary Spicer, Tony Montero or any other left of the party stand up there.

    Frank and his entourage talk their BS but when its time to donate time, money and resources to candidates where are the hell are they? Talking trash about everyone else. Matter of fact, Frank can spend his money making campaigns signs about Don Ayotte but does he donate money to any other candidates so they can put of campaign signs? SHOW ME FRANK! Tell me where to look in the DEC where you have donated any money to any candidate. Or better how about any of the ones below:

    Its time all right. It’s time to take out the Delaware Right Trash!
    Frank Knotts
    Steve Grossman
    Jeff Cragg
    Lewis Briggs
    Ruth Briggs King
    Steve Smyk
    Brian Pettyjohn
    Mary Spicer
    Tony Montero
    Jean Artis
    Priscilla Clark
    Bob Clark
    Ron Sams
    Priscilla Rakeshaw
    Paul Manaloukas
    Cathy Watts

    Just to name a few!
    Cheering from the side lines doesn’t count.

    P.S. John Fluharty has a yearly contract and what ever he might have done two years would have gotten him fired two years ago because his contract would not have been renewed EISTEIN!
    It was a culmination of a host of issues that John Fluharty was fired or dismissed whatever floats your boat. It had nothing to do with his sexual orientation. His current contract runs out at the end of the year and will not be renewed.
    Tid bit of information on Mr. John Fluharty. If the statewide last Chairman of the GOP (John Sigler) had done his homework on Mr. John Fluharty before he hired him, he would have discovered that Fluharty was a idiot whom forgot to put his prior employer on the Maryland GOP ballot in 2012 Newt Gingrich. FACT. You hire an idiot you get an idiot.

    Show me where and whom the Sussex County Republican Women have given money too. Now that they have alienated the very same pool of SCGOP people that they accuse of War on Women how are they going to fundraise from now on. They had to strong arm the RD’s to help them with their dinner fundraiser because they had no help or people buying their tickers. Looks like their women’s club members should aren’t giving them any help. Well, they listen to a fool they can whatever they deserve.

    How about Frank got something to say? Go for it!

  20. lindsey says:

    Show me where and whom the Sussex County Republican Women have given money too.

    Here you go HC, I wouldn’t expect someone like you (i.e. an uninformed moron) to know how to do a DOE search, but I put the link in there so you can be confused by technology and information.
    Brooks Wizke 150
    Bryant Richardson 600
    Dave Wilson 600
    Don Ayotte 300
    Eric Bodenweiser 600
    Ruth Briggs King 600
    Gerald Hocker 600
    Rich Collins 600
    Ron Gray 600
    Dan Short 300
    Harvey Kenton 600
    Gary Simpson 600
    Jeff Craig 1,200
    Tom Kovack 1,200
    Ernie Lopez 600
    Mike Vincent 300
    Ben Mobley 600
    Sam Wilson 300
    Sher Valenzuela 1,200
    Steve Smyk 600
    Tim Dukes 600
    Kevin Wade 800
    Bryant Richardson 500
    Danny Short 500
    Gary Simpson 500
    Cindy Green 300
    Kenneth Simpler 500
    Ernie Lopez 500
    Richard Collins 500
    Rob Arlett 300
    Robert Lee 300
    Ruth Briggs King 500
    Scott Dailey 300
    Steve Smyk 500
    Ted Kittila 500
    Tom Wagner 500

    All donations were made after the primary. And you’re really going to make fun of the SCRWC’s fundraising when the SCGOP under the failed leadership of John Reilley and Vince Calabro could barely keep the office door open? What a joke. BTW, look at all of the $$$ the SCRWC raises, they’ll double that next year after fools like you attacked them.

  21. lindsey says:

    Fluharty resigned effective as of the end of this year, he wasn’t fired or dismissed and he gave the DEGOP enough time to fill his position. Too bad the reality of the situation doesn’t match the “we got rid of the gay” narrative that you Neanderthals are trying to put out there. Fluharty won, you morons lost.

  22. lindsey says:

    And here are some of Mary Spicer’s contributions, they are also public, just to shut your big, gaping, pie hole:

    2016: $1,900
    2014: $6,425
    2012: $4,926
    2010: $1,370

    While you’re on that website, look up Billy-Boy Carroll: NO RESULTS FOUND

  23. waterpirate says:


  24. Rusty says:

    This really isn’t about Billy Boy and his financial contributions. Its about him pulling on his Leadership Pants and enforcing the same rules/procedures they have used in the past. Just Do It; we have important business to prepare for 2016.

  25. John Fluharty says:

    HC, there are the pesky little things called facts. You should check’m out before you post.

  26. lindsey says:

    Once again Fluharty wins, the morons lose.

    Amazing how HC and his Klan’s “facts” fall apart when confronted with the actual, verifiable record.

  27. HC says:

    Yea, brought out the peanut crew!

    Hey John, Newt Gingrich lost too! Seems that everything you are involved with just seems to keep a long line of losing streaks going! Fluharty big time loser! When was your last win you were involved in? NOT in Delaware. Ask Elaine. By the way John seems like your listening, where is all the money that Elaine’s campaign coffers coughed up being you lost her campaign as a campaign manager which is highly NOT recommended being that you are the executive director of the statewide GOP party. You used a mighty small portion of the $40,000 dollars raised. Where is the rest going? Oh let me guess, probably the GOP bank account to pay your salary.

    Lindsey ludicrous, let me guess you are just a small thing widdled down to a very small thing.
    Yes, I most certainly know how to look anything I want and I certainly know where to find it. But that would have taken all the fun out of throwing you a bone and you biting it and running in circles.

    Now that you did actually what I wanted to do, I will be glad to explain to the readers what Frank Knotts plan was all along. Frank and Mary’s plan was to create this fictional War on Women (your not included John) by utilizing the women’s clubs. If anyone has a ounce of a brain before they passed judgment they would have heard the real WGMD transcript that cost $50.00 and decipher the what’s, where’s and how’s of the talk radio program in question not he lynch mob version. By the way Frank, WGMD is conferring with counsel over your utilizing your version instead of purchasing the original transcript of Duke’s program for $50.00 to then be released to the public. Hmm, keep it going Frank everyone mentioned in your blog articles will be sitting in yours, Steve Grossman’s and Jeff Cragg’s living room sofas watching sports on your TV’s. Just lovin it!!!!

    OK, lets get back to the essence of the despicable behavior of Frank Knotts. You see all the elected officials who get donations from the women’s club is in essence on their list of “IF you don’t do as I say you will NOT get any more money from us”

    First, they get there money from fundraising within the SCGOP and their women’s group party NOT outside of the party like the PUBLIC for instance. So, their alleged War on Women accused are actually the same people that help them in their fundraisers to be ABLE to give to the elected officials and candidates. People its just what everyone is been saying about buying votes from special interest, lobbyist, PACs and corporations they in return want something when the time is right. Where do these women think they are now going to raise money when they accuse the very same people that help them raise the money in the first place by buying their tickets and helping with their dinners. Looks like there was a lot of the SCGOP regulars helping out at last night’s women’s dinner in Millsboro. Where was all those legislators and women club executive members? Sure as hell weren’t patronizing their own dinner. How about Sen. Brian Pettyjohn were was he? He was at Frank Knott’s Western Sussex Republican Club speaking. Yea, hang close to the phone there buddy! By the way while we are on this topic, Frank Knotts, Steve Grossman and Jason Dean had their Western Sussex Republican Club booth at Apple Scrapple Festival last Saturday and who showed up to celebrate with them is none other than REP. Ruth Briggs King! YESSSS, when you hang with feces, you are feces!

    Second, when this fictitious plot was hatched Mary Spicer (who was at one time president of the Women’s club) calls in her favors from the legislators, her other sister group Federation of Women’s club Paula Manaloukas and Mary’s own district Chair Tony Montero to draft a resolution to declare a War on Women (suggestion from Frank Knotts, same heading as his blog article the next day after the election) against the SCGOP party executives whom called into the WGMD Duke Brooks talk radio program. Note all the connections here.

    Third, neither did anyone of the executives claim they represented the SCGOP party or announced that they were SCGOP executives. They all were exercising their 1st Amendment rights to FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Not one including the talk radio host who is employed by WGMD absolutely do anything wrong. Now there was a independent citizen with the name of Carl that called in the show and aired his 1st Amendment right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH however he did not use foul language and was able to remain on the air. Hey, what that man said has NOTHING to do with the SCGOP executive committee. Mary Spicer was invited to come onto the talk show program and declined. If she was there she sure could have said what she wanted by exercising her 1st Amendment of FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

    Fourth, with limited and fictitious information coming from their source and NOT the real transcript of the WGMD talk radio program, the legislators where strong armed into signing a resolution as well as Charlie Copeland. (IF you don’t sign it you will get no more money from us) GET IT!!

    Fifth, This is where I blame the legislators and GOP Chair in signing a resolution when they did NOT do their homework and investigate the situation further before getting themselves dragged into DELAWARE RIGHT and the MIKE CASTLE Moderate Leftist shit hole of a group’s attempt to lynch mob the SCGOP executive committee BECAUSE THEY WON THE ELECTION FOR THE SECOND TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What it all comes down to people is that this Mike Castle moderate faction of the SCGOP is NOT getting their way at all and are jumping up and down like babies without a rattle. WAAAAAA!!!!

  28. mouse says:

    Where are the jobs from the Republicans

  29. lindsey says:

    Mike Castle just threw up in his mouth a little after reading that some barely literate moron thinks that Knotts and Grossman are in any way affiliated with him. Just another example of how HC clearly spends more time on the crack pipe than on the battlefield.

  30. HC says:

    He should throw up when Frank Knotts states on his blog site article several months ago that he has seen the errors of his ways and wished he supported Mike Castle instead of Christine O. He has now seen the light and leaned over frontwards to worship the Mike Castle crew of supporters like Priscilla Rakeshaw and Ron Sams throwing fundraisers on the beach for a candidate that worships dirt.

    You see Lindsey lubricous if you had been paying attention in the past several months you would read Frank’s statements mentioning his allegiance and support to that minority Nazi faction of the SCGOP. Get up on the times instead of getting up on him! All the information is here on Frank’s blog site which is a good thing. Use his information against him. Lovin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dumb ass!!!!!

  31. lindsey says:

    OK…let’s do this, moron.

    You used a mighty small portion of the $40,000 dollars raised.

    Eileen’s report looks exactly like Bentz’s, it’s the 8 day report, both candidates show over $20K left in the coffers, and that’s because the election wasn’t until the 12th and accounts were still being settled and money was still being spent. I wouldn’t expect an idiot to understand that money is spent up to the day of the election, and money is spent clearing debts until several weeks, possibly months, after the election.

    Frank and Mary’s plan was to create this fictional War on Women (your not included John) by utilizing the women’s clubs

    The Republican “War on Women” wasn’t invented by Frank or Mary, it’s been raging for a few years now. The “War” on WGMD was started by Bruce Fitzgerald who went on air to insist that two email outlining a candidates achievements were “sexist” and Fitzgerald also made general comments about women and their self control. Billy Boy Carroll was sitting in the studio as a non SCGOP affiliated caller ranted about women’s menstrual cycles yet at no time did Carroll step up to stop the rantings or disagree with them. That’s being complicit. Look it up.

    Fourth, with limited and fictitious information coming from their source and NOT the real transcript of the WGMD talk radio program, the legislators where strong armed into signing a resolution as well as Charlie Copeland.

    No one was “strong armed” they were all in agreement that the comments were out of line and pretty (Edited for content Frank Knotts) stupid at a time when Republicans all over the country are being accused of waging a “War on Women.” The “fictitious information” came from audio of the incident on WGMD, the full audio was available on this site. Funny how morons caught being morons on tape think that live, uncut audio can be labeled “fictitious.”

    By the way Frank, WGMD is conferring with counsel over your utilizing your version instead of purchasing the original transcript of Duke’s program for $50.00 to then be released to the public.

    Tell them not to “confer” long, WGMD doesn’t have the money to waste on Doobie Brooks’ fantasies. Why did WGMD fire Doobie the first time? Maybe you should find out before you try to attach an ounce of legitimacy to anything he does or says. BTW, recording anything on the airwaves is legal, however recording from satellite radio is illegal.

    They all were exercising their 1st Amendment rights to FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

    So was Frank Knotts but the SCGOPEC kicked him out anyway. Freedom of Speech in your world only applies to things you want to hear. We all get that. So does every Republican in Kent and NCC where Carroll, Fitzgerald, Silva, Jordan and the rest of the Klan are seen as embarrassments. The double standard isn’t helping the SCGOP’s bad reputation in the rest of the state.

  32. Frank Knotts says:

    I can’t leave you guys alone for a minute and you drag in your hoodlum friends. Let me start by asking all to respect the rules, this is the one warning, don’t make me spank you.
    So, HC, first let me, let you in on a little secret here. You only get to come here and spew your anonymous, vile garbage, and remain anonymous because we choose to allow you to remain anonymous. Don’t push it friend.
    In your one comment, you use the phrase “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”, three times, yet you would if you could, deny me mine.
    So you say you will explain what my plan was all along, but in doing so, you prove that you know nothing.
    You say, “Frank and Mary’s plan was to create this fictional War on Women (your not included John) by utilizing the women’s clubs.”
    So I being the evil genius was able to formulate a plan, and then manipulated the male members of the Committee to call in and say the sexist things they said? Just how did I manage that friend?
    As for this, ” By the way Frank, WGMD is conferring with counsel over your utilizing your version instead of purchasing the original transcript of Duke’s program for $50.00 to then be released to the public.”
    This is from the copy right code.
    Ҥ 107 . Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use40

    Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include—

    (1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;

    (2) the nature of the copyrighted work;

    (3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and

    (4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

    The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.”
    Here’s the link,
    Learn to read and read to learn.
    Then you whine about groups who donate money having influence. What’s the matter baby? Mad because your precious little SCGOP doesn’t have either?
    I’m just putting this up to make fun of you, ” Where was all those legislators and women club executive members? ” Where was all those, LMAO!!!!
    “Frank Knott’s Western Sussex Republican Club “, do some research, oh I know you are just acting stupid to get me to do what you want me to do to show how smart you are, where was all those? If you do the research you will see that my name appears no where on the paperwork for Western Sussex Republican Club, and never has.
    Maybe you should try looking things up before you repeat the offal that you pick-up from the tiny, shriveled, heartless human dregs, and I use human lightly, that you lie down with.
    ” neither did anyone of the executives claim they represented the SCGOP party or announced that they were SCGOP executives. ” Neither did they deny saying the things they said, well you know because they were taped doing it, but hey, don’t let fact get in the way of your dream baby.
    So what you are saying is that it is okay that they said the things they said, as long as only their fellow committee members are the ones who know it was them? So the women in the committee should feel good to know that their Vice-Chair, and fellow committee members think they are second class. Maybe you HC like being dominated, but not all women do.
    HC throws this lame attack, “Frank Knotts, Steve Grossman and Jason Dean had their Western Sussex Republican Club booth at Apple Scrapple Festival last Saturday “. Okay big baby, so tell us all, where was all those SCGOP booths at Apple Scrapple? What? I can’t hear you, speak up. What, no booth for the SCGOP? Shocking! That’s because they don’t have two nickels to rub together. If they had paid for a booth, to you know register voters and sell the brand, they would have to shut the headquarters down in two months rather than three. Good choices as always from out friends at the SCGOP.
    And this is where the wheels come off the crazy bus now known as HC, “Frank Knotts states on his blog site article several months ago that he has seen the errors of his ways and wished he supported Mike Castle instead of Christine O.”
    Okay HC, link to the article you are referencing, I dare you, put up or shut up. I have never made such a statement. I have said that the movement that grew out of the O’Donnell campaign has turned into the TEA Fringe 912ers lunatics of the SCGOP and that I regret that it has taken that direction, but come on big mouth, post the link right here right now. , after all you said this too, “All the information is here on Frank’s blog site which is a good thing. Use his information against him.”
    So do it baby girl.
    You are just the latest incarnation of the hate filled TEA Fringe 912ers that can’t make an argument, can’t defend your positions, and can’t keep your mouths shut, all you have is hate and name calling.
    And as for your list above, of “TRASH” that needs to be taken out? You put me in rarified company friend. The people you named above are people who actually have either governed, or have helped people to be elected and have governed.
    Your problem is that the people you support are so fringe that normal people don’t want anything to do with them, so you have to concoct these elaborate conspiracy theories to ease your mind, to tell yourself you are useful. news flash, I will gladly stand with those you listed, rather than lie down with flea ridden mongrels such as yourself.
    You back losers, and you can’t stand that others win. You are sad. But know that I pray for my enemies the same as I pray for my family and friends, may God bless you with compassion.

  33. delacrat says:

    “Where are the jobs from the Republicans” – mouse

    First things first…..

    Once the GOP gets to the bottom of Bengazi and defunding Planned Parenthood, there will be plenty of jobs for Ms. Fiorina to off-shore.

  34. mouse says:


  35. HC says:

    Ohhhhh Frank, your going to throw me out of your sandbox if you don’t like the way I play!! Is the mad man loose again? You need to get back on your Wellbutin and live with the sane people. Hey, if the truth hurts and the shoe fits, kick yourself with it.

    Come on now you really don’t believe your own BS lines? Second thought, yes you probably do when people like you get off their drugs.

    Okkkkk lets bring this all back into reality people. Frank, you just can’t tell me and others in the political arena that you think elections are run on credit and lay away. Do you? Well lets educate you and your readers. People, Frank would lead you to believe that to operate a campaign that the bills come in after the election. Wrong. Businesses that provide campaign signs, mailers, campaign material, TV and radio spots, bill boards, etc. demand payment up FRONT not at the end of the month on credit or LAY AWAY. LOL this is so ridiculous.

    Elaine’s campaign was in the 19th district in New Castle, pretty small. Not a big campaign territory that would involve a lot of signs or mailers. That’s all John Fluharty bought, yard signs and mailers. NOT TV or radio time. NOT bill boards or large 4×8 signs with posts. NOT campaign trinkets, etc. etc. etc. NOT, NOT, NOT!!!!!!!!! Of course you certainly know how much a yard sign is when you bought some with NOT DON AYOTTE on them. About $4.00 apiece. Spin your BS Frank, no one is buying it.

    COPY and PASTE hell I can do that. What you don’t know Frank it might read that however when it goes before a judge, it will be his interpretation of the existing circumstances of the case based on malicious intent and previous activity slanderous in nature and the pattern of activity to whom damages may apply. So everything you COPY and PASTE is only a basis to start upon and examine. Court rulings have always through time been challenged and judges render decisions based on the evidence forth with.

    Lets move on with YOUR interpretation of the War on Women. There never has been a War on Women in the SCGOP before, during and after the BS. Frank, has got the wording in his phrase all WRONG. Its more like the WAR WITH WOMEN to be more exact!!! And good ole Frank couldn’t be more up SCRWC Chair Elainee Keely’s flag pole than the flag itself.

    You call keeping company with everyone mentioned above is to YOUR credit. Ha, you didn’t go up they went down to your level. Like you displaced on your FACEBOOK page a photo of a growling German Shepard, enough to display that you are there attack dog. If you call misinformed, lying, twisting given information to discredit the people you mention in your blog articles as a leg up in rubbing elbows with the political society elite. What!!!!!!!!!!!! And you think people believe that BS. You call the last twenty years of Delaware’s financial ruination and destruction leadership and legislating from the people who are responsible on both parties? WTF

    Oh you have forgotten about stating that you should have aligned yourself with Mike Castle instead of Christine O. So, I guess you don’t remember where you stated that you are going to vote for John Carney? Hell that is just as bad. Mike Castle is nothing but a Democrat on the Republican ticket. Just showing your TRUE colors as a flaming LIBERAL.

    Frank, you truly need GOD and repent of all the dirty underhanded, undermined, low down dog crawling belly sniping lying BS you been spewing on this tripe of a site. Yes sir, quote some biblical versus to save your sorry ass. Your going to HELL anyway.

    But keep up the good work Frank, your going to have some people sitting on your furniture!

  36. mouse says:

    Have you been consorting with Satan Frank?

  37. Jason Dean says:

    Normally I don’t read blogs, but I was told my name was being thrown around. HC are you jealous you’re not included? Would you like to speak at our next function? You’re more than welcome to embarrass yourself some more. Also, if you want to talk smack and call me names, talk it to my face, coward, just don’t walk by me like the little punk you are.

    I saw you at Apple Scrapple. Weren’t you there with Jungle Jack Hanna eating Dave Wilson’s free apples?

  38. waterpirate says:

    I say out HC and give crazy a name we can avoid. Defending the EC in any form, or trying to spin their true nature into something that can be construed as normal, is a stretch by any ones standard. The offending members are defense less in this case.

  39. Frank Knotts says:

    Actually HC, I was talking about Lindsey for using a curse word. I almost never edit idiots, so you are safe.
    Also, I think you meant to direct your questions to Mr. Fluharty about the campaign finances. I know, it’s so hard to keep your conspiracy theories straight.
    And let me help you out, you mean to use “their”, but keep using “there”.
    I am still waiting for you to back up your false claim of my supposed change of heart about Mike Castle. Please give the link dink.
    Yes Mouse I have, I go to the Sussex GOP meeting once a month.
    And WP, there is no need to identify HC specifically, because they are representative of all of the TEA Fringe 912ers, they could be any one of the lunatic fringe. So let them think they are anonymous, and let your mind place the face of the most crazy of the crazies upon them.

  40. JS says:

    “The SCGOP is made up of a body of people that contribute time, money and resources to the candidates. Its the party as a whole not individuals. We work TOGETHER for the benefit of the entire SCGOP”

    Wait a second while I fact check this with Robert Lee…….Yep, more BS.

  41. JS says:

    I hate it when I hit send to soon.

    “The SCGOP is made up of a body of people that contribute time, money and resources to the candidates. Its the party as a whole not individuals. We work TOGETHER for the benefit of the entire SCGOP”

    HC, if this BS were in fact true, why did you guys need “wiggle room”?

  42. mouse says:

    And you people want to choose who runs government lol

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