Is This Really Our Only Choice For Governor In Delaware?

Lacey unplugged  Bonini  Really? The one is full of nothing but empty rhetoric, and the other one is just full of it. You decide which is which. Someone save the GOP and step up and run for governor, now, so we can put these two back in their cages.    Colin Bonini has proven time and time again that he will sell out his caucus every chance he gets to make some backroom deal with the Democrats, why should the people of Delaware be willing to give him the highest state seat? He has attempted several times to position himself for a run at the office of governor, even running for multiple seats at the same time. And now only days after winning another term as the senator in the 16th State Senatorial District, he announced that he would be seeking the office of the governor in the middle of that term, which will cause a special election if he were actually successful, which is unlikely. WOW!

Lacey Lafferty has done nothing but showboat since announcing her intention to seek the office of the governor. From her walk up the state that accomplished nothing, to her YouTube videos, and the never-ending “We The People” mantra that is as empty as that towel.  Not to mention the day after the general election her supporters took off their Just Jeff T-shirts and put on hers.

Surely there are better choices for the Republican party to put forth. Maybe it’s too early for them to come forward, but in my opinion the longer we leave these two as the only choices, the more people we will allow to be driven away from supporting any Republican.

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  1. Anon says:

    Bonini plays this game every mid-term, he says he will run but never does. He does this to raise money for his PAC. If he had a set of balls, he would run at the end of his Senate term instead of using the 16th as a consolation prize.

  2. RINO Hunter says:

    Let’s see :

    There’s Kevin Wade, Rose Izzo, Sher Valenzuela, Ted Kittila and Kim Warfield to name a few good people.

  3. Sanity Check says:

    @RINO: Only one of them is actually a good choice; however none of them have the broad appeal to come close to what the Dems will put up.

  4. justsaying says:

    Greg Lavelle end of story

  5. Gerald says:

    Why don’t you run mouth piece? Or maybe your two time also ran loser Delaware Wrong boss? Or just maybe the other also ran losers who constantly and continually lose? Wonder why they lose? Unappealable to the public or they wouldn’t have lost.

  6. Frank Knotts says:

    Gerald, why don’t you run? Oh that’s right you don’t exist, you are just a made up name behind an anonymous keyboard. You hide while acting as if you are superior to everyone. At this point anyone, maybe even you would be better than these two.

  7. Bill says:

    It does not matter who our candidate is for governor when we have a party that does not put forth the effort to win elections. Prime example #1; We had Kevin Wade run against Coons for Senate, what did our party do to win?, nothing! Did they ever help Kevin and address Coons’ voting for obamacare, voting to gut the military’s pensions and benefits? No, not on word from our party. Example 2; Christine O’Donnell defeated the long time democrat leaning Castle, how did the state republican party react, they packed up and left like a bunch of spoiled children and abandoned their candidate in the middle of an election. The chairman said on the radio just prior to this election that the republicans could not win because of the damage done by Christine. Great way to bash the candidate you abandoned and sabotaged her efforts. We need a competent chairman and a party that actually tries to win by addressing the issues. With the current leadership, Biden does not have to do anything to win because our leaders have conceded the race.

  8. fightingbluehen says:

    Why does Vance Phillips have a towel on his head? Just kidding : )

    You know, with the new Democrat sponsored media hyped full- court press concerning the plight of woman, Lacey Laferty could possibly ride on the coat tails of this movement.

    Look for every type of media outlet to join in. Nothing else is going to matter in the next two years. It’s going to be like the second coming of the woman’s suffrage movement.

    Nancy Pelosi has already received the memo exemplified in her staged rant on sexism as it applies to her remaining in her position as minority leader.

  9. Boobie says:

    Congratulations to Bill for the most whiniest comment of the day. Christine O’Donnell had $5 million dollars to run for US Senate. She lost because she sucks, not because of the state party. As far as Wade goes, he’s a good guy, but he’s not US Senate material, and voters know that. Ken Simpler won without the “party,” so it can be done. You need to be able to win without the help.

    Let’s be honest, though. There is no “party” to help anyone. The state party is worthless.

  10. Pat Fish says:

    I don’t agree with your content fully but I got to tell you this is one of the funniest Blog posts I’ve read in a month of Sundays.

  11. goober says:

    Who is Lacey Lafferty?

  12. Gerald says:

    She would be a fool to talk to anyone you.

  13. Uncle Jessie says:

    How much money has the SCGOP donated to ANY candidate since 2010?

    The answer is…… a big fat $0!

    Who were committee members Laugherty, Mayo, Purdy, Jordans (2), Daisey, Currey, and Opaliski working for on election day? Not any GOP candidate, but a primary sore loser.

    Kattila and Wade sure could have used some extra help.

  14. Hypocrazy Watch says:

    Bill – Coons wasn’t in office to vote against Obamacare. Castle voted against it and people like you attacked him anyway. And it was Carper who didn’t vote to reinstate the $6 billion dollar cut to military pensions, not Coons.

    O’Donnell had $7 million dollars to run her campaign, after she won, the Delaware GOP sent out 3 statewide mailers to help her beat Coons, those mailers cost over $100,000, money that should have been spent on candidates who didn’t have $7 million in the bank. She only spent $6 million. I wonder what happened to the million in donations she didn’t spend on winning the election?

  15. Hypocrazy Watch says:

    FBH – That’s not Vance, he would make a better looking woman.

  16. I believe that Senator Bonini is one of the finest people, a serious thinker, and a proven campaigner. I not only think the GOP can’t do better, Delaware can’t because he is the real deal. He is in. He will win.

    Explain to me how Carney and Biden have more real accomplishment and a better philosophy of government.

    As for Lacy, she is not afraid to mix it up and meet the people. She deserves better than a silly picture. I wonder what man would you pick such a picture of.

  17. R INO Hunter says:

    Sorry, boys, girls and Lesbiman, but my sources in Dover and Wilmington tell me that the 2016 Gubernatorial fix is in (just like La Mar Gunn) for a Dem no matter what we do unless we fix the system.

  18. Frank Knotts says:

    Republican David, Bonini is a proven backstabber when it comes to his time in Legislative hall. On more than one occasion he has sold out his caucus in order to make deals with the opposition that benefitted his personal agenda. And while he has proven to be able to get re-elected in his senatorial district, his state-wide run ended in defeat, now couple that with the fact that he has announced this run for governor only days after buffaloing those voters and he has again set himself up for another loss in my opinion.
    As for Lacey Lafferty, she has proven nothing but that she is seeking attention. Her so called campaign has been nothing more than Kardashian like stunts. Walking the state promising to raise money for charities, though no announcement of money raised was ever made. The child like YouTube videos of her shooting a gun, or changing a battery, or the best of all, the horse’s ass talking to the camera with her voice.
    As for the photo, that is a photo she herself posted on her FB page, I use it to demonstrate the lack of professionalism, and the lack of seriousness from someone who thinks they are running for governor. That photo was posted well after her announced intentions to run. If she lacks the ability to see how such photos and videos will be perceived, then in my opinion she lacks the ability to be governor.
    And what man would I post a silly photo of? Did you not see the photo I posted of Bonini?

  19. Perfect Crackenbush says:

    The most difficult questions Lafferty asks her followers is “should I wear my hair up or down, or what dress should I wear ? ”
    Her qualifications;
    single mother – child born out of wedlock
    12 year Delaware state trooper – forced to retire
    co-owner of a business – started by her deceased husband who was 30 years her senior
    author – paid to have the book published
    40th district EDC – actively campaigned for write in candidate for county sheriff

  20. fightingbluehen says:

    I’d like to see someone from the private sector run as the Republican choice for governor. A successful charismatic business person who can work a crowd.
    In my opinion someone like a Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head could easily win in Delaware.

  21. Frank Knotts says:

    FBH, know what you mean. Not sure of his registration, but I have heard Steve Montgomery of the Starboard Rest. speak on the issues in Dewey and he sounds conservative at least on fiscal issues. Though the leap to governor may be too far too fast. Though the fund raisers would be a blast.

  22. Winston says:

    I know who is running for governor

  23. Gerald says:

    Milford Fat Quacker Cracker, if your going to tell a story tell it right. But then again thats not your method of operation. Bits, bobs and tib bits of information resembles Frank Knotts wanna be scum bucket material. But then again were talking on a scum bucket blog site. That is what is to be expected from trash talk. Don’t take these idiots remarks as factual. After all it is a blog site.

    I suggest to anyone who has any sensible reasoning talk to both candidates and sum up it up on your own. Candidates with any sense at all wouldn’t talk to any of these bozo the clowns.

  24. Gerald says:

    Frank, the photos you posted are of normal everyday people like everyone else out here in our communities. Both candidates are normal people like you, me and everyone else. Neither one has anything to hide thats why you are able to obtain those photos. They both put it out there for the world to see. So your little escapades of character assassinating candidates to make your Caption Crunch Jeff Cragg candidate look some what like the cookware Knight is by far humorous fodder material.

  25. RAT Fink says:


    You moan and groan allot just like GROSSman’s whore.

  26. Gerald says:

    Don’t flatter Gross Man or any other ars wipe on here, where he or they could make any woman moan and groan!

  27. RAT Fink says:

    For the record, my comment was directed @ Crakenbush as only a whore would pick such a stupid screen name.

  28. fightingbluehen says:

    Yeah, Monty seems like a stand up guy.

  29. Frank Knotts says:

    Sock Puppet alert, RAT Fink and Rino Hunter are the same person attempting to look as if more people agree with them.
    Gerald, the photos are out there for all to see, that is my point exactly. A serious candidate, not just another Kardashian wannabe, would be controlling the message better than that. They wouldn’t be running their campaign in the manner of “Honey Boo Boo”.
    Sen. Bonini is a joke because he has no sense of the ramifications of his action within his own caucus. Lacey Lafferty is a joke, well because she acts like one.
    I have yet to see or hear one serious statement from her, not one serious idea, not one serious goal if elected, nothing beyond empty rhetoric, and the Ayotte like excuse of, “I can’t give my ideas, someone will steal them”. Hey Lacey, guess what, if you publicize them in say the News Journal, then you are on record as them being your ideas.
    Okay now let the children go back to their name calling. But could you at least attempt to couch them in a sensible argument of the issue.

  30. Gerald says:

    What are talking about sock puppet alert! When the Milford village idiot has a proxy server and constantly comes on your gross blog threads with duplicate fake names. Don’t be calling one out when your entire cast of misfits toys does it too.
    OK Frank with your permission your not only an idiot but one hell of a stupid flipping idiot. Any intelligent being would summize that if she thought the photo was not flattering she sure as hell would not have put it on Facebook. She obviously feels as a confidant sexy woman she can post a picture that shows she just like all of us. What an idiot wouldn’t figure this out.
    Further stupid idiot alert! Frank is really stupid to believe Lacey Lafferty would really take the time to converse him after he has done nothing but bash her since she announced last year. She would be as stupid as you to tell you anything knowing that she is not going to get your support anyway. Besides why would any candidate two years out talk about how they would handle issues when issues that are in the news now, won’t be in the news two years from now. Your just trying to get hits to your sick gross site anyway you can because you all are pathetic. You don’t have one creditable or tasteful commentary on this sick site. Let alone be consistent with any useful reading material.
    What’s matter Frank did she ruin Captain Crunch Jeff Cragg run for Governor? Sore, sore little people.

    Your mad with Colin because he took out Jeff Craggs last ditch to run. Jeff Cragg has about as much appeal as a gray rock in a river bed of mud. Forget it Frank your wasting your breath to die with.

  31. Frank Knotts says:

    I guess sexy is in the eye of the beholder. And I haven’t asked her to talk to me, I suggested the New Journal.
    And I guess you feel Lacey can only talk about issue if they are I’m the news. Guess you are saying she has no original thoughts or ideas

  32. RINO Hunter says:

    ATTENTION Fellow Republicans:

    Any slight chance that Jeff Cragg may have had for a run for Governor has been totally scuttled by his association with useless incompetent parasites like Knotts and GOSSman.

  33. William Christy says:

    Gerald, The only village idiot is you ! As for your claim I was posting in here as perfect crackenbush. I’m not perfect crackenbush. Also I was out on the beach at CHSP, fishing in a tournament today. I was with 10 other people who will vouch that I was there. I got there at 5:00 am and left at 3:30 pm.

    I have no proxy server on my computer, just another one of your delusional lies.

    I’m not alais badmofo, buck boaster, silence dogood, hugh dover, perferct crackenbush or any of the other names I’ve been accused of being.

    Norma, you really are not that good at the game your playing, Mel says hi !

  34. William Christy says:

    Any chance Gerald will have when she runs on RINO Hunters party ticket will be as ill fated as NOT Don Ayotte’s and Jeff Christopher’s was. Come to think of it even the Chairman of the party lost to George Cole. Gerald has it right with her top hat she’s the ring master for the three ring circus she calls her campaign.

  35. RAT Fink says:

    More ink from Squid Christie who doesn’t know his fat ass from a hole in the ground, yet is fountain of irrelevant and inapplicable information. The GOP needs a steam cleaning of liars, hacks and head lice.

  36. delacrat says:


    Wow…. Just what is it about Republican ideology that attracts such characters like Lacey Lafferty, Colin Bonini, Christine O’Donnell, Sarah Palin …

  37. Frank Knotts says:

    Delacrat, I think that too often the right gets too caught up in either religious fervor, or shallow rhetoric. I have been guilty of this in the past myself. The same as some on the left may get caught up in the ecology and shallow rhetoric.
    It is somewhere in the middle of these two that sanity may be found.
    None of us however do the voters a favor if all we expect of them is to follow along and recite the rhetoric. At some point the voters have to think for themselves. And there my friend is the real trick, getting the voters to see past the Kardashian style of politics that has to some extent become the norm.

  38. Winston says:

    Yes, as long as you admit your faults you feel exonerated from them and further allowed to continue perpetrating them. I hope they keep your misfit ass on this blogsite, because DelawareRight will have no chance of influencing anybody but a few village idiots like the six or so zombies you have following your cult. As many people have noted, Christy has used many aliases in the past and will continue to do so. Oh! Bill is now giving lessons on how to be a fighter pilot.

  39. Winston,

    Once again we would like to thank you for waking up and making Delaware Right your first stop of the day. As one of the six village idiots who frequent our site offering such thoughtful and provocative commentary toward MOVING DELAWARE FORWARD you show that you, along with your friends, NOT Don Ayotte, Lacey Lafferty, William Christy, Gerald and RINO Hunter, continue to offer little to nothing to the conversation. If you take any of your comments, remove the hatred and name calling, you still, like the Lafferty campaign, offer no solutions or vision to making Delaware, and your local communities a place that any rational person would want to visit, let alone live in.

    We appreciate you, on an almost daily basis, proving that ‘YOU CAN TEACH THE IGNORANT, BUT YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID’. I will check back following Sunday Services and breakfast, and I am sure I won’t be disappointed; and again, Thanks for stopping by, where conversation allows people to agree to disagree.

  40. Gerald says:

    Delaware Wrong,

    Your the moronic Administration which includes none other than the infamous Steve Gross Man the wrestle mania tavern owner who’s quest to bring the sanctioned fake wrestling to Dover went belly up owing half a million in civil judgements.

    Oh lest not forget Cracker Barrel Jeff Cragg. Oh Caption Crunch who has a mail drop service and was reading the Democrats mail during his defuncted election debacle as well as using Dan Anderson’s donated campaign not to run for election (folks he knew he was going to lose) but to set this Gross blog forum and RT1PAC so Gross Man would have a paid job. Thats the body system working alive and well for you in this group of misfit toys.

    Let’s not forget Delaware Wrong’s mouth piece and number one ars hole Frank aka moron from under a moon rock and I’ll be the one that take the heat when I trash all other candidates, create dissension and attempt split up the SCGOP.

    All in all the big picture goes back further. The puppet master, the grand Pooh Baaa of all of the dissection and progressive Rhino movement goes to the very person who know is seeking revenge on the conservatives who voted him out – Mike Castle.

    Let me connect the dots for you. Mike Castle is controlling GOP Charlie Copeland and GOP executive John Fluharty who rely on Castles money connections in DC. Then there comes Jeff Cragg and Delaware Wrong coalition crew consisting Lewis Briggs, Rhino Tony Montero (the new Republicans for Sussex- Rhino croud – Bob Clark, etc), some legislators, etc.

    So you see good ole Mike Castle is sitting back quietly, getting a good revengeful chuckle on how he moving his Rhino minions around in the attempt to take over the SCGOP. Shameful if you let it happen.

    Oh let’s not forget that habitual lying William Christy who BTW I never mentioned his name, he felt compelled to appear in his own name and devulge his identity. All because he a has a enormous guilty conscious and split personalities that just won’t leave his sick mind alone. Hey brother we all have iphones and androids where we all can conduct business as usual anywhere we go. So your lame attempts to defend your sick ars self are on deaf ears. Even Frank and Gross Man know your one sick and mentally impaired screwed up individual. Again you exposed yourself sicko!

    True conservatives just connect the dots. If anything use this Gross site to expose them.

  41. Winston says:

    Delaware Left
    You were be no means my first stop this morning. after a morning of hunting, I decided to check in on Cirque du Soleil, (you morons) and decided to see what weird turn NOT FRANK KNOTTS sorry excuse for a brain was taking. He’s always good for a FOTFLMAO or two.

  42. RINO Hunter says:


    Very nice work.. I was about to ask you which village idiot in Milford you were texting about as there is more than one in our third largest city. anyway, we all know who the real village idiot in Bridgeville is.

    Traitors to the GOP cannot be tolerated in our midst. The way that these rogue RINO clowns conned Dan Anderson out of his money looks allot like elder abuse and theft by false pretenses This is an insult to all Native Delawareans. It’s amusing to hear Christy chime in with his premature paranoid fart-mouthed denials. These twisted Bozos and DBs are the closet Dem punkass scum of the Earth. Fortunately, they are screwing themselves into the ground.

    There is a high price to pay for betraying the party and payback is Hell.

  43. Thank you Gerald, Winston and RINO Hunter for showing the other three readers that my point was correct. Have a Blessed Day.

  44. WARFARIN says:

    It looks like the dirty RAT1 PAC is poisoning itself. Long live the TRUE GOP!

  45. Frank Knotts says:

    Another sock puppet alert, WARFARIN is also Rino Hunter.
    I notice RH said that accepting money from Mr. Dan Anderson amounts to elder abuse, I wonder if you felt that way when Not Don Ayotte accepted money from him back during his FAILED run for county council? History sucks, huh?
    Obviously Gerald either has not been following along, or simply is new to the game, to say that I am a puppet for Mike Castle is laughable, if you knew anything about me, which you don’t you would know that I wrote many anti-Castle post in 2010, and my view that he needed to go has never changed. But keep trying you blind squirrel, you may find a nut yet.
    The real problem that Winston, Gerald, and Rino Hunter have, beyond not being able to paste two thoughts together beyond third grade name calling is, that they continue to support damaged, weak, shallow, superficial, empty, transparent, unsophisticated, fanatical, angry, unintelligent, extremist, narrow minded, and asinine candidates, and are still shocked when they lose. But that is because they themselves are, damaged, weak, shallow, superficial, empty, transparent, unsophisticated, fanatical, angry, unintelligent, extremist, narrow minded, and asinine, so what would you expect?

  46. D-CON says:

    Right, WARFARIN. No further application is necessary.

    I hear that there is a wild warthog loose in Milford and a toxic waste dump in Bridgeville, but these are jobs for the ASPCA and DNREC.

  47. Frank Knotts says:

    The following is a so called press release from Lacey Lafferty, please take notice that there is nothing in this that can be called serious. Nothing but shallow rhetoric and name calling, and whining about the fact that she was overlooked by Bonini during his announcement. Ah, poor baby.
    And considering that she has chosen Doobie Brooks as her media spokesman says it all.

    Laurel, DE – Lacey Lafferty (R-DE) today spoke about her well-established candidacy for Governor of Delaware.
    “I filed with the Delaware State Elections Commission in September of 2013 as a Republican candidate for Governor of Delaware. My campaign is on-going, staffed and organized,” she said. “A recent statement from a career politician in Dover, calling himself the ‘first Republican to file’ is clearly untrue,” Lafferty said.
    “After Tuesday’s sea change in the U.S. Congress, combined with the election of Republican statewide officers and legislators to Dover, it’s clear that the people are no longer satisfied with ‘business as usual’ in The First State,” said Lafferty. “Delaware Republicans will demonstrate the competence, ability and vision necessary to put our state back on the road to prosperity,” she continued. “Frankly, career politicians have created the fiscal problems we’re facing, and for one of them to now propose to solve those same problems doesn’t pass the laugh test,” said Lafferty.
    “Over a year-and-a-half ago, I made a decision to offer my ideas, experience and dedication to the people of my home state. I have been focused and active in this campaign ever since, and I will not waiver in my commitment to the people of Delaware,” she said. “I walked the entire length of our state in the spring and heard repeatedly that Delaware is tired of career politicians. I’m a citizen—public servant, and I’m motivated by patriotism, by conservative principles and by restoring the prosperity that Delaware deserves and can achieve. At this moment, momentum in the 2016 gubernatorial race is mine, and I will maintain my lead through the election,” she concluded.
    Republican Lacey Lafferty, a direct descendant of Declaration of Independence signer John Morton, and a 4th generation Delawarean, was born and raised in Lewes. She is a retired Delaware State Trooper, published author, agribusiness owner, lifelong athlete and Standardbred racehorse breeder and trainer. She has one daughter and lives in Laurel, Delaware.

    Paid for by and authority of: Lacey Lafferty for Governor 2016
    Vincent Calabro, Treasurer

    Duke Brooks, acting spokesman”

  48. Miquel Martinez says:

    Lacey Lafferty has filed as the republican candidate for governor? Where did she file , and who and where did she send her filing fee to?

    I believe she set up a committee but no filed to run, and if Colin Bonini is using his committee from before, then HE would be the FIRST in the race, not her. With the newfound information, I would have to support Bonini for Governor, since by Lacey’s standards (Christine’s also), he was first, and that makes all the difference. Kinda like Ken Simpler v. Cheryl Ann.

    I don’t believe for a minute that the GOP candidate for Governor has entered the race yet, I am awaiting the Greg Lavelle, Gerald Hocker, Jeff Cragg, Alan Levin, Mike Protack, David Graham (switching back yet again), or Brian Pettyjohn. But i know one thing for sure, NOT Don Ayotte.

  49. Frank Knotts says:

    And this from Lacey Lafferty’s own website.
    “Ensure that education is governed by state legislature, teachers and parental input/participation. Restore fundamental values, discipline, integrity and respect within our school system to prepare and propel students for the job market as well as individual development.”
    Notice that the person running for state office, states that education should be governed by the state Legislature, yet there is no mention of local school boards. Is this Ms. Lafferty’s idea of local control and Liberty?

  50. Frank Knotts says:

    And what does this have to do with being governor? Is she saying that government should be in charge of our children?
    “Discipline – Children need to be led and look for guidance”

  51. Frank Knotts says:

    “Patriotism – I stand on firm ground in supporting, defending and protecting the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is because of these rights, my passion runs red, white and blue deep within my family’s heritage, where it is ingrained in my DNA. I was hardwired from birth to defend what my great grandfather (9th generation) John Morton sacrificed by signing the Declaration of Independence two hundred and thirty-seven year ago. His decisive decision to sign the document in the mist of hostile forces, in the hopes everyone could live a better life for generations to come.”
    Notice no mention of the Delaware Constitution.

  52. Frank Knotts says:

    Holy crap, Lacey Lafferty is in favor of Obama care, look at this,
    “Standardize health care within the health care market place.”

  53. Frank Knotts says:

    Okay, every Delawarean should be frightened by this woman, it is no surprise that she was a Just Jeff supporter.
    This scares the living hell out of me.
    ” Raise morale; evaluate faith and integrity, honor and discipline in our government, making sound decisions concerning currency, principles and policy.”
    What the hell does “evaluate faith”, “in our government” mean? Is she now saying that you must be of a certain faith to be a part of government? Is this the Christian right fanaticism of the Jeff Christophers and Glen Urquharts of the GOP?

  54. Winston says:

    NFK said:
    “I notice RH said that accepting money from Mr. Dan Anderson amounts to elder abuse, I wonder if you felt that way when Not Don Ayotte accepted money from him back during his FAILED run for county council? History sucks, huh?”

    Hey numnuts, Dan Anderson walked up to Don Ayotte at a GOP Meeting when he was running for county council and handed him a check for $1200.00 and wished him good luck..
    That’s a far cry from Steve GROSSman’s day after day harassing strong-arm tactics that wore an old man down, until his wife threatened to kick GROSSman out of their house. That’s elder abuse.
    Everybody is right but NOT FRANK KNOTTS

  55. Frank Knotts says:

    Winston, thank you for documenting that NDA took an illegal campaign contribution.

  56. Gerald says:

    Folks its called deflection. Thats all Frank knows how to do. Deflect from the Rhino he has turned it. He refers back when he once was a conservative O’Donnell supporter then he sold his soul (I doubt he had one) to the ship of Captian Crunch and the dew crew. Ah yes, lets expose and keep the subject on the diabolical undermining of the despicable Rhino fested Republican Party. Whether you know it or your to stupid to ask questions or see it, Mike Castle is sitting back, laughing his old ars self at you. Go ahead you stupid moron, keep doing what your doing, your spreading the Rhino revolution while digging your own hole. Ha, the Democrat Party isn’t this bad.

    M and M, your so seriously out of the loop, get a jump rope. Colin filed for Senator not Governor. He hasn’t filed for Governor in any sense of the form only announced in a press release. See outside world readers how seriously wrong the information is spewed and skewered on this gross site. No facts just BS. Everyone is a critic, all six of them.

  57. Frank Knotts says:

    Gerald, unless you have a reason for changing it, the accepted acronym for “Republican In Name Only” is “RINO”, see how that works, Rhino is the slang for the animal Rhinoceros.
    I have neither changed my ideology or sold my soul.
    I notice you ignore the things I have posted from Ms. Lafferty’s web-site, sounds like she may have sold a soul herself.

  58. Gerald says:

    Oh that is just too much its hilarious. Frankfurter got his panties twisted so tight he can’t think of anything but to paste and copy. Thats rich dialogue coming from a drunk. You sure you don’t need a Bud light!

  59. Rat Fink says:

    Frankie Snotts:

    Again, you lie and show your stupidity. Every time you attack your “enemies” they only become stronger and more numerous. Delaware Right is worthless as a GOP political forum, but it’s a great pissing context . Anything else is beyond your pay grade. The party doesn’t need cockroaches like you and GROSSman. It needs real talent

  60. Miquel Martinez says:

    “Dan Anderson walked up to Don Ayotte at a GOP Meeting when he was running for county council and handed him a check for $1200.00 and wished him good luck..”

    SO, NOT Don Ayotte took an illegal contribution from Mr. Anderson?

  61. Frank Knotts says:

    Here go read it for yourself, if you can.

  62. Miquel Martinez says:

    ” and if Colin Bonini is using his committee from before, then HE would be the FIRST in the race, not her.”

    Learn how to read and comprehend…see the second word after ‘and’ and before ‘Colin’.

    IF defined as :
    despite the possibility that; no matter whether.
    “if it takes me seven years, I shall do it”

    , IF Senator Bonini uses his campaign from his last statewide run, then he would have been first. “IF”

  63. Frank Knotts says:

    M&M, don’t confuse the children with big words like “if”.

  64. Gerald says:

    I am sure she appreciates you helping her with her campaign by putting her link on your gross blog site. Hey, any exposure good, bad or indifferent sure does get her name and face exposure out there into the public domain internet or otherwise.

    Now let’s get back to the REAL DEAL undermining of the Sussex County GOP being Frank keeps deflecting off the real nasty, dirty and filthy Delaware Wrong coalition of Jason Dean, Lewis Briggs, Ruth King Briggs, Bob Clark, Priscilla Clark, Priscilla Rakestraw (used to work for Mike Castle -see the connection) and it goes on and on. We could be here all day long exposing all these names on file.

    Oh the fun is just beginning!

  65. Frank Knotts says:

    Uh Gerald, the REAL DEAL here is decided by me, my post my rules, you get to play only as long as you amuse me.

  66. Gerald says:

    The real words from Frankenstein! Its ALIVE!!!!!!! See the evil and despicable nature of his behavior!
    Its my toy and if you don’t play by my rules, I will throw you out of my sandbox.

  67. Say it Ain't so says:

    There goes Frank again, he is helping Lafferty just like he helped Ayott by pointing out their shortcomings as candidates and providing them free publicity. Do you think it will work out for Lacey just like it did for Don? Don’t forget Bonini is closing on them both from the outside right. Do we have a horserace?

  68. Say it Ain't so says:

    @Gerald, if you need the list of all registered republicans it’s available from the dept. of elections. When your “conspiracy” includes all the registered republicans, you know the IPODs are afoot. What happened to the fast growing party in DE, that’s right its the REPUBLICAN PARTY!

  69. Pat says:

    From a recent publicity release:
    “Lacey Lafferty spent 13 years with the Delaware State Police, earning an Excellence Performance Award from Gov. Ruth Ann Minner in 2007. She was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness in 2009 ”

    ( Lafferty states she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. According to medical sites is not considered life-threatening.)

    Is Lyme Disease a Lethal, Life-threatening Infection?

    Although Lyme disease is not considered to be a lethal, life-threatening infection, there have been reports to the contrary in the lay press and on patient support websites. A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of physician-diagnosed Lyme disease deaths, as recorded on death certificates and coded in NCHS death records issued in the U.S. from 1999 – 2003, was conducted to shed more light on this issue (1).

    Approval to release death certificates for the study was obtained from all States except Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, and Tennessee, which account for only about 1% of the total number of reported cases of Lyme disease. Lyme disease was reported to be an underlying cause of death on only 23 records. Since 96,068 cases of Lyme disease were reported to the CDC during the same study period (2), this suggests an extremely low calculated mortality rate that could be even lower if one considers the fact that: (a) the information on only 1 of the records that was completed properly was consistent with well-established clinical manifestations of Lyme disease; and, (b) the actual number of reported cases of Lyme disease may be underestimated.

    Although it was not possible to review actual patient charts and medical histories as part of the study, the analysis of death records and death certificates did not reveal large numbers of reported deaths or a unique clinical syndrome potentially associated with Lyme disease that should be of great concern. Those persons whose deaths were attributed to Lyme disease have a similar age distribution to those who died of other causes, in contrast to the bimodal distribution of Lyme disease. Only one of the death certificates examined during the course of this analysis reported a clinical syndrome that was potentially consistent with known Lyme disease manifestations. In view of these considerations, there is no compelling evidence to indicate that Lyme disease is a fatal, life-threatening disease.

    It should be noted that infection by Borrelia burgdorferi, the spirochete that causes Lyme disease in humans, produces an overwhelming disseminated infection (borreliosis) in white-footed mice, a natural host for this pathogen. However, such a pervasive infection does not impair the physical activity of infected mice in the least, nor does it result in death (3). Although several animals, including non-human primates, are susceptible to infection by B. burgdoreferi, it does not produce a lethal, life-threatening infection in any of the animal models of this infection studied.


    1. Kugeler, K.J., Griffith, K.S., Gould, L.H., Kochancek, K., Delorey, M.J., Biggerstaff, B.J. and Mead, P.S. “A review of death certificates listing Lyme disease as an underlying or multiple cause of death in the United States”. Clin. Infect. Dis.52: 364-367, 2011.

    2. “Summary of Notifiable Diseases — United States, 2003”,MMWR 52 (No. 54), 2005.


  70. justsaying says:

    Lafferty is a joke and an embarrassment to DSP. That is a direct quote from DSP

  71. justsaying says:

    *from a current dsp trooper. Who also said he would run just to not let her make dsp look bad.

  72. justsaying says:

    Gerald tell me on candidate that you have helped win? One that is sitting in office. I guarentee you don’t have a single one cause like not Don Ayotte your a loser. You sit here and act like your important but your not. You scream at Knotts but he let’s you post because he knows what we all know your message doesn’t sell just like your candidates don’t …loser

  73. Winston says:

    “Winston, thank you for documenting that NDA took an illegal campaign contribution.”

    If there was ever a bigger idiot than you, I have yet to meet him or her. The donation was from Anderson and his wife you stupid shit-hook.

  74. Veritas says:

    Knotts :

    Again you document what a sick twisted liar you really are. The “illegal” campaign contribution was from Margot and Dan Anderson i.e. : $600/person ($ 1200/couple) , perfectly legal according to 15 Del.C., Lesbiman.

  75. Frank Knotts says:

    Winston who is stupid here, you are the one who said Anderson walked up and handed Ayotte “A” check. By the way I have been revewing Mr.Anderson’s donations and when he and his wife donate to the same candidate there are always separate checks. So either you are lying about the encounter, or you are making it up altogether.
    On another note, I have been allowing you to demonstrate you level of intellect by not editing your cursing. You have now reached the limits of my tolerance. You have been warned. Clean up the language or face the repercussions.

  76. RAT Fink says:

    For the record, the Pat who wrote the LL/LD article is NOT Pat Fish.

  77. JT says:

    She never paid me for all the video filming I did she’s a backstabbing evil person whose nuts

  78. Indy says:

    I for one am constantly entertained. People make an attempt to defame someone by making up a caricature of someone. I see Admins of this site injecting their opinion. That is okay. I am reading many of the posts placed up to be presentation of issues or raising of questions. These constant allegations, of someone placing things on here about Frank and others destroying peoples character, is only created in the context they read it. Could you refrain from posting. if you do not have something to contribute to content of the post, or a comment within. My Arthritis flares up holding down the scroll key in passing irrelevant comments intended to make me hold a lower opinion of someone.

  79. Indy says:

    I wish to thank everyone involved in putting this Blog on. I utilized it to steer me toward whom to research to make my voting decision Nov.7. Read objectively, dispute with facts, engage in discussion, open the mind. I now have 2 candidates to watch for the office of Governor, Thank You.

    I am in Kent county. We here do not have anything of this sort for us to engage in. I see that GOP views and opinions need to be more broadcast to help fix Government. What you have here is the beginning of what could be cultivated into something more largely beneficial to DE GOP as a whole.

    Why Bicker just to Bicker?

  80. Gerald says:

    Yea, yea, yea, whine, whine, whine when a bunch of brats don’t get there way. Politics sure does bring out societies worst people.
    You bash poor Colin and all he did was go to college just to run for office, pursuing his dream of public service, keeping the seat warm. You can’t get enough of trashing a female candidate. Sounds pretty male chauvinistic pig of you. You have no legitimate reasons to trash either one for dedicating theirs live to public service.

    But then again is just the mission of this Gross site to bring out the crazies of politics who piss and moan because their own deployable lives suck so bad, it makes them feel better trashing others.

    Most sensible and intelligent people don’t bother with this garage pail blog fodder. Then again thats why the wanna be political crazies comment because they want in but their own lives are trashed, so let’s ruin others.

    No factual information to be gained or received on this Gross site.

  81. Gerald says:

    If this is not your mission to destory others because your lives suck so bad, try writing about other topics in our state and country typically about the other side – Democrats. But then you can’t because thats not your or this site’s mission.

    Seek and destroy the Republican Party and anyone that jumps in as a candidate that you don’t endorse.

  82. yadontsay says:

    Larry Mayo is the kindest most sincere Republican in DE.

  83. Gerald says:

    Larry Mayo works hard for the Republican Party and its a disgrace that anyone would trash such a stand up guy!

  84. Gerald says:

    I think he should run for Sussex County Chairman now that Chairman John Rieley is not seeking reelection.

  85. waterpirate says:

    A simple reading of the posts here, clearly defines ” who is crazy, and who is not ” The guests seem to have won hands down on the crazy front. It is such a cliche’ for the crazies to call others crazy. Pot calling kettle?

  86. Uncle Jessie says:

    Larry Moya is a transplant COD JC piece of dog shat.

  87. Cobra says:

    Larry Mayo is 10 x the man and 100 x the Republican you’ll ever be and that goes double for scumbags Knotts and Grossman, and the rest of the morons who look up to the idiots who run this miserable pig manure blog.

  88. RAT Fink says:


    The admins of this site are the problem as they are are defamers and character assassins in chief.
    There is very little real information on this site but there is no shortage of lies and distortion.

  89. Frank Knotts says:

    Gerald, since you have commented on this thread 15 times, and have added nothing to the conversation beyond name calling, I would have to say that WP has it just right, you are one of the, “wanna be political crazies”.
    I am not sure how Larry Mayo got brought into this conversation, but I would say that Larry is a nice guy, and yes he works hard, unfortunately in this past general election he was not working for the GOP candidate.
    For all of you haters, first of all shouldn’t you be working on the next losing campaign du jour?
    Second, you do recognize that you only have this forum to bash me because we allow you this platform, it can be taken away at any moment, instead of wasting it simply to name call, why not actually bring up a topic or issue? I mean surely you actually read, or listen to some form of media to get an idea from.

  90. Frank Knotts says:

    Why is that Rat Fink, or Rino Hunter, or whoever you are at the moment? Because I point out the fact that both of these so called candidates are weak at best and an embarrassment?
    If all you are looking for is some fringe echo chamber I suggest you crawl over to DP. I am sure your rock is still propped up from when you crawled out.

  91. RINO Hunter says:

    Delaware Right is intellectually dead and GROSSman and Knotts are Zombies whose sole purpose is to destroy the GOP from within.

  92. Frank Knotts says:

    No RINO Hunter, my goal is to expose people like you, and the candidates you support, and with your help of commenting here, my job is oh so easy.

  93. RINO Hunter says:

    Say anything you want, Lesbiman but you and your cohorts are totally delusional if you believe that you can even remotely influence elections with your garbage.

  94. justsaying says:

    Yeah Christopher thought that too….tell me what office does he hold? Frank was all over the sheriff’s race and his guy won…..just saying

  95. Uncle Jessie says:

    Justsaying has a good point. Justsayin’.

  96. Delaware Right says:

    How does Delaware Right influence elections:

    Delaware State Fair Booth sponsored by Delaware Right:

    Ernesto Lopez…Not Claire Snyder Hall
    Ruth Briggs King…Not Paulette Rappa
    Jason Molohan…Not Richard Ashley
    Brian Pettyjohn…
    Ken Simpler…Not Sher Valenzuela
    Gary Simpson…Not Pat Emory
    Bobby Outten…Not Jon Gallo
    Steve Smyk…wait for it….here it comes……NOT Don Ayotte.

    just sayin’

  97. Indy says:

    Wow. Those guys are Morons. Glad to see cooler heads prevail. As crazy as they talk reverse psychology should easily make them Bleeding heart Liberals.

    Let’s not waste our time.

  98. RINO Hunter says:

    Sure you have an easy job, Frankie. Sitting behind a keyboard spreading lies and Ebola all over Sussex County. You expose yourself as a jerk every time you post. The candidates that you listed did not need your support. They won because the Dems put up lame candidates and because of backlash against Obamacare. Funny how that works, but it had nothing to do with Delaware Right’s propaganda ,contrary to your delusions of grandeur as you and GROSSman and your buddy Christy do nothing for the GOP while you continue to whine that you were kicked out as an ED. I was there when you were voted out and barely contained my laughter.

  99. Duke Brooks says:

    I have met Sen. Bonini several times and he’s always been a nice guy to me. I was once told by a major Sussex County politico that the senator blames me for not winning the state treasurer’s race in ’10 because I didn’t give him air time. I seriously doubt that’s the reason he lost to Chip Flowers, who turned out to be a flawed official, but, like Bonini, a nice guy.
    Senator Bonini is a smart person from a family of smart people. Professors, jurists and other serious, accomplished professionals populate his immediate family. The senator has held his office for nearly 20 years. Certainly, I’d rather have him in the 16th senate district than a Democrat. But the senator is, without question, that most dreaded and detested type in America today: A career politician. Nothing personal, but no, thank you.
    Lacey Lafferty, on the other hand, is a “regular gal.” Nothing in the state or federal Constitutions require “experience” or long-term political office-holding for election to executive office. In fact, the permanently-entrenched career politicos, it can be observed, have done more damage to the affairs of state than they have worked any actual improvements to the same. It is the career politician that has burdened our state and nation with confiscatory taxation, indebted our governments to an injurious level, and taken our personal and civil liberties from us with a palpable sense of smug superiority. It is, nearly two years before the fact, unwise to stake out highly specific and detailed positions on issues that are likely to change in a matter of months. But broadly-defined philosophical outlooks appeal to broadly-defined voting blocs, and here Lacey is more than prepared with a conservative conscience and a patriotic world view. Name recognition is critical in this endeavor, and that will translate, over the next 18 months, into top-of-mind awareness. Some other Republicans have been mentioned as possible gubernatorial candidates, but only one can lay claim to being the first to file, and, despite Senator Bonini’s provably mendacious pronouncement of two weeks ago, Lacey Lafferty is ‘firstest with the mostest’. Even with a population who generally seems to pay only casual attention to the political world, voters will relate more readily to a “regular gal” than they will to a lifelong pol. Stand by for the second part of the sea change in just under 24 months from now.

  100. delacrat says:

    “…voters will relate more readily to a “regular gal” than they will to a lifelong pol.” – Duke Brooks

    Actually, only Republicans will relate more readily to a ‘regular’ gal(Christine O’Donnell) than they will to a lifelong pol.(Mike Castle), …just ask Senator Coons (D-DE).

  101. Frank Knotts says:

    Rino I didn t list anyone. Duke since you are the official spokesperson for Lacey Lafferty you will have to submit your press releases throught the contact address. Future acts of hijacking will be removed.

  102. nikki says:

    RINO what did you do……………… you put up Ayotte and Christopher nuff said !

  103. nikki says:

    Doobie needs to stop thinking with his little head.

  104. nikki says:

    only a fool would dare put Lafferty in the same league with the Republican’s who just won the mid- terms in our state.

  105. RINO Hunter says:

    Nikki (Now we know Frankie’s Lesbiman’s CD name.) You’re delusional. I voted for SMYK and Brent Wangen when he ran in the 2012 RP. One thing about DR is that is attracts liars,hacks, haters and ditzoids.

    No one except a few brain-damaged DBs takes Knotts seriously , even though he’s a legend in his own mind. After all, his brain was fried on alcohol and drugs.

  106. nikki says:

    Michael Sponseller
    24 April at 09:28
    Sherwood “DUKE” Brooks PLEASE pay me back the $ I loaned you when you were down in the dumps. I was a so called great friend when you needed the $ real bad & Now I need it back real bad ! What kind of MAN does NOT pay a loan back ??? I hate putting this out in public but I have try asking you & you kept telling me you were going to start paying me back & did not give one dime of it back yet ! Please any one that knows Sherwood “DUKE” Brooks DO NOT LOAN HIM $ HE IS NOT A MAN OF HIS WORD !!! Sherwood you have my address & my ph. # & I will keep on you & post in public every way I can until you repay the loan. REPAY THE LOAN = I GO AWAY !!!

  107. Laurel Republican says:

    Interesting conversation, I checked out Lacey’s website. WOW is she in third grade? I am a real conservative republican, but I don’t think miss lafferty can win.

  108. indigestion says:

    Anyone who even remotely contemplates supporting Lacey Lafferty for governor is more of a moron than she is. It is beyond my comprehension that anyone could think of her as anything but a buffoon!

  109. Gerald says:

    Interesting enough the bottom feeders and sock puppets with proxy servers are alive and well on this gross site.

    Delaware wrong,

    You bought a 2,500.00 dollar air condition booth at Harrington Fair and just propped up candidates signs. Whoopi! What did you actually do? Did you go out and physically walk the neighborhoods lit dropping? How much money financially did you give each and every candidate mentioned?

    Cheer leading is not much of a help other than at football games. Campaigns don’t run on air and cheer leading doesn’t pay for campaign expenditures. You did nothing more than any person who put a candidate signs in their front yards.

    So for you Delaware Wrong to take credit for the success of those candidates mentioned is GROSSLY misstated and misleading. Creditability is certainly NOT your virtue.

  110. Jerald says:


    have you ordered your NOT Lacey Lafferty signs yet?

  111. Gerald says:

    Furthermore, being an American gives one the freedom and liberty to chose what ever, where ever, how ever a person may direct their life they way they see fit. Who are YOU to tell someone how they should live their life? Who are YOU to tell someone what, where, how to dictate the events in someone’s life. Some people plan for life events that transpire during their lifetime regardless of other people’s physiological ideas.

    This is AMERICA! To chose whatever path a person sees fit for themselves.



  112. Dave says:

    Gerald, did you mean “Whoopi” as in Goldberg? Or did you mean whoopee, as in expressing wild excitement or joy.

  113. Jerald says:

    “Gerald NOVEMBER 19, 2014 AT 8:09 AM
    Furthermore, being an American gives one the freedom and liberty to chose what ever, where ever, how ever a person may direct their life they way they see fit. Who are YOU to tell someone how they should live their life? Who are YOU to tell someone what, where, how to dictate the events in someone’s life. Some people plan for life events that transpire during their lifetime regardless of other people’s physiological ideas.

    This is AMERICA! To chose whatever path a person sees fit for themselves.



    I say ‘WOW’, as in What the hell are you talking about?

  114. Dave says:

    “I say ‘WOW’, as in What the hell are you talking about?”

    Yeah, me too. I think that’s why “Gerald” mostly resorts to directed insults because it’s the only arrow in their quiver. Cogent writing requires critical thinking which is atypical for a certain commenters.

  115. Gerald says:

    Dave, we all say WTH with your comments, English and writing skills.

    Cogent, atypical, commenters. Really!

    Bottom feeders are just that, bottom of the ocean.

  116. Gerald says:

    Frank, Sock Puppet Alert! OK news flash or maybe WE all know it anyway! Dave just used the same word “commenters” over on Delaware Politics as William Christy. As if WE didn’t know already Mr. Proxy Server Sock Puppet! LO . How many fake names are you up to now? Man, how does one individual balance all these multiple personalities!

  117. William Christy says:

    Gerald – ” Dave just used the same word “commenters” over on Delaware Politics as William Christy.”

    You’re a day late and definitely 51 cards shy of a full deck, and definitely more than a tad bit obsessed. Oh and not to mention WRONG again !

    November 19, 2014 at 10:22 am

    William Christy
    Submitted on 2014/11/18 at 21:31

  118. Frank Knotts says:

    Gerald, you asked what DR did beyond the booth at the Fair. You asked about contributions. Well let me ask you this. How much money did LL take in this years? That’s right we wouldn’t know because she didn’t file her reports. But maybe that is because her campaign aid Lori Purdy, Sussex GOP committee member was too busy supporting the non-endorsed candidate for sheriff.
    Jerald with a J Not Lacey Lafferty doesn’t have the same ring. Maybe something more like “Lose With Lacey”.
    And for the uninformed, technically a sock puppet is two names used by the same person on a single thread, used to confirm their own ideas, basically they are talking to themselves, much like a puppet master and a puppet. Gerald your example even if true is not the case. They are not even on the same website.

  119. Hypocrazy Watch says:

    Laughing at Lafferty?

    Open Spacey Before Lacey?

  120. William Christy says:

    Lacey Lafferty – Treasurer – the Liberty PAC ,
    Vincent Calabro Jr – Treasurer – Lacey Lafferty for Governor 2016 Campaign.
    This is according to Delaware Elections Commission records.

  121. Gerald says:

    And your point? Everything is public knowledge! Christy your one sad individual. Your always getting caught in your web of lies and you still keep getting yourself stuck when you jump around blog sites, running your despicable mouth. Brother there is not a creditable bone in your fat ars body.

  122. William Christy says:

    Thanks for not disappointing us once again, have a great night, I am.

  123. Gerald says:

    William Christy, there is no us. You are all alone and only one disappointed is you getting bumped off DP yet again for your despicable behavior. We are having THE great night!

  124. William Christy says:

    I’m not disappointed about what transpired at DP. Leave it to you to make the same claims like the ones made when Frank Knotts left DP. The common denominator for every person who has ever left DP one of the WE you associate yourself with NOT Donald Ayotte.

  125. Gerald says:

    Nikki aka William Christy,

    You were removed for your devious behavior which was discovered yet again, just like other (4) organizations removed you within the past year for the same devious behavior upon discovery. You insist on stating you quit before being removed, but reality is and everybody knows it, you were FIRED! That’s why you can’t hold a job, your multiple personalities don’t know what job to show up at.

  126. William Christy says:

    Gerald If I was removed as you claim explain how I just made the post on Delaware Politics. Please feel free to enlighten me what 4 organizations was I removed from in the last year? You’re such a coward you won’t even stand behind any claims you make by using your real name. I retired in 2000 and still co own a small business in NH that provides a modest income. You’ve been called out in here for using numerous sock puppet names yet you have the audacity to accuse me of being Nikki.

    The “WE” you associate yourself with are known and proven to use a proxy server that has IP numbers that are black listed for malicious attacks, phishing information and spamming blog sites. DP was infected several months ago with a phishing virus, a number of commenters who used their real email addresses were also infected, due to phishing.

  127. Gerald says:

    You have been exposed and black listed. Enough said.

  128. Delaware Right says:


    Could you please keep your dirty laundry at DP. We really don’t care about it here. Thanks.

  129. Winston says:

    I have had many occasions to use word press and it is my guess that Mr. Anderson fired Mr. Christy and demoted him to the rank of author, which would allow him to post but not edit anything on the site. I have it from good sources that Mr. Christy was terminated as a moderator on Tuesday.
    It will probably enhance DP as a site, Christy has been a seepiong pustule on the buttocks of DP for some time now.
    He can now apply to NOT FRANK KNOTTS for a position on Delaware Right.

  130. Frank Knotts says:

    Not likely friends.

  131. William Christy says:

    Glad to see that Winston finally acknowledges Ayotte was beneath the Moderator.

  132. Veritas says:


    You are entitled to your grand delusions, but you really can’t expect us to believe them as no one with a brain takes you and Knotts seriously.

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