It’s Independent Stupid!

photoI know we have pointed this out in the past, but we surely thought that the IPOD people would have by now sent these misspelled shirts off to some third world country to be worn by poor children. Much in the way the NFL does with the shirts and hats of the losing Super Bowl team.

But no, it seems as though the POD people are extremely proud of their inability to spell. I believe that this is Wolfgang Von Baumgart, the state chair of the IPOD. You can always spot Wolfgang by his Steve Irwin pants.

I won’t point out where this photo was taken, but I will point out that the last time we caught sight of this triumph of idiocy, there was also free food involved.

We do note that this shirt looks to be newer, and in better shape than the last time we spotted the Wolfman. So are they still buying more of the misspelled T-shirts, or is Wolfgang simply getting his money out of shirts they bought and could not return?
Okay time for all of the ten POD people to show up and tell us they meant to do that. Yeah right!!

2 Comments on "It’s Independent Stupid!"

  1. Observer says:

    Hey you Delaware Right guys

    Instead of continuing to photograph vonBaumgarts butt, why don’t you just ask him for a naked photo so you can wank off.

  2. Frank Knotts says:

    The photo was sent to me, I posted it to show that the POD people are still wearing their mistakes. And then their supporters show up here an make vulgar comments, don’t let Ms. Minard hear you, or you will be banned from Cape.

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