History Really Does Repeat Itself

If Putin equals Hitler

putin                hitler


Then Obama equals Chamberlain

obama                                          chamberlain


One Comment on "History Really Does Repeat Itself"

  1. Duke Brooks says:

    If even Hillary Clinton can see that Putin’s actions in invading Crimea bear a stark and obvious resemblance to Hitler’s annexation of the Sudetenland, then, surely, other West-bashing leftists might be enlightened in the same way. Of course, one must acknowledge that to compare Adolf Hitler to ANYBODY today (“Oh, you’re a vegetarian? Hitler was one, too.”) is taboo…UNLESS you’re a liberal pol. Then, no problem. Fact: Putin used the exact same “rationale” that Hitler used. Fact: After Hitler had Austria, Chzechoslovakia and Poland, then he took France, Luxembourg, Norway and Belgium. Fact: Putin has massed about 8 divisions on the Ukraine/Crimea border. Liberals extol the idea of “one-world government,” but at the same time “celebrate” the idea that national borders seem to be utterly temporary while “ethinc and linguistic groups” somehow have an automatic ascendancy. N.B.: There are more ethnicities and language-speakers than there are nation-states. Why can’t the left make up its mind?

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