Just Shut The Hell Up

Browns praying   So, the NFL is now in its pre-season, and this is the latest image to outrage people.  This was taken during the playing of the national anthem. These players, like Colin Kaepernick, are protesting. Now, exactly what they are protesting is a little vague. Some will say they are protesting racial inequality in the United States. Others will say, they are protesting the treatment of black people in the United States by law enforcement. Even more will tell you they are protesting America itself. And some will tell you they are protesting the men and women of the armed forces.

Each man in this photo would have to answer for himself, as to why they are protesting, and what. I would also be very interested in knowing why this form of protest, so infuriates so many people, and one must admit, mostly on the right of the political stage.

The first answer is likely because it is disrespectful to the men and women who fought to protest this nation. Second, it demonstrates a lack of patriotism.

But is it? And does it? How is a peaceful protest of any kind disrespectful of the armed forces, who defended, and defend this land? After all, that is why many have fought and died, just so all Americans may exercise their rights.

As for it being unpatriotic? Well I’m not sure simply standing during the singing of a song, at the beginning of a ball game, where many people will get drunk and drive home, makes anyone a patriot, or patriotic. After all, this song was not even played  at games, until the 1918 World Series, and not at every game until WWII.   In fact, it was not made the official national anthem until March of 1931.

So tell me, what did Americans do prior to this song being played, and being made the official anthem, to show their patriotism. And by the way, can someone tell me when, and who made it mandatory to stand during the playing?

Of course not, because what patriotism is, is  a feeling each individual citizen must feel for themselves. To simply stand because everyone else is standing, doesn’t give you that feeling. Simply standing because everyone else is, and because it’s what you do, doesn’t give you that feeling. Pride in the things your nation stands for, these are the things which make you feel patriotic.

If someone is not proud of the things the nations represents, or if they feel there are issues which are not being addressed in a manner which holds to the values and principles, which we as citizens profess this nation stands for, then how can they feel patriotic?

Patriotism is not, and should not be born out of history alone. Simply because this nation was founded on great and wonderful principles, just because men and women have died to defend it, is not enough alone, to be proud of this nation. Patriotism must have a current aspect to it. Are we still holding to the principles and values upon which America was founded?

As I said above, that is for each citizen to decide for themselves. You can’t force a person, nor should you attempt to force a person, to feel patriotic. After all, what value does a mandatory, spontaneous, display of patriotism hold? None.

But now let us look to this particular protest. When Kaepernik began his protest, he would simply sit quietly on the bench during the playing of the anthem, or take a knee. Both were peaceful and unobtrusive, had it not been for the media coverage, and the mood of the nation, during the campaign for president. Other players began taking a knee during the anthem as well, again, gaining attention because the media, on both sides,found it provocative, and was fuel for a political debate. Which by the way, one can only assume, was exactly what any protester is hoping for, to begin a discussion of the issues important to them.

Many people were angered beyond common sense, simply because one man sat quietly, during the playing of a song. But now, these Cleveland Browns players have chosen to join together in a circle, and offer a prayer. And still, people are outraged. Who could possibly have a problem with prayer?

Many would naturally assume, it would be the so-called “leftist main stream media” , after all, as we all know, the leftist media has been waging a war on religion in general, and Christianity in particular. (Please note tone of sarcasm here.)  So of course they must be angry about these strong young men, daring to pray in full view of millions of people at the game and at home. And you would be wrong.

Nope! It is the so-called alt-right who are blind with rage over this. Please see reasons listed above for this anger.

But let us think this through, from a truly conservative point of view, and not simply from a feigned, convenient form of conservatism. You know the type of conservatism, the kind which the definition of, is easily changed to accommodate a person’s desires or preconceived views on any given issue.

Let’s first think about this, the national anthem had not been played on live TV for quite sometime, most times it was sung during a commercial break, except for the Super Bowl. That was until these protest began. Now, every game which is televised, includes the anthem. Which means, thanks to Colin Kaepernik, and his fellow protesters, more people are hearing the rousing words and sentiments of our National Anthem. Maybe children who had never heard it, have now heard it. So please tell me, why would any true conservative be upset about “MORE”  people hearing the national anthem?

Secondly, this latest form of protest, of prayer? Well if this isn’t enough to piss off any good Republican or conservative, well I just don’t know what would. After all, these highly paid athletes, who can buy and sell, pretty much anything they wish, had the unbelievable audacity, to humble themselves, by bending their knees before God, and asked for help from a power greater than themselves, greater than the NFL, greater than this nation, yes even greater than the men and women who fought and died for this nation. They prayed. How dare they pray to God, at a time which is held holy in this nation, during the national anthem. Don’t they realize this time is held sacred?

So again, what do we really have here? What we have, is the so-called leftist media airing to millions of people, men praying. What? Wait, that can’t be. According to good conservatives, the media hates praying, and would never allow millions of people to see these men pray to God. Right?

So the so-called conservatives, or alt-right, or TEA people, or whatever you want to self identify as, are upset because more people are seeing and hearing the national anthem being performed, and because millions of people are seeing these protesters praying, asking for  guidance from God Almighty.



7 Comments on "Just Shut The Hell Up"

  1. mouse says:

    Interesting with all the things happening in the world, Fix News and right wing media chooses to focus on black athletes doing symbolic protests. An obvious attempt to fan the flames of vitriol of right wing bigoted losers who obsess on their racial resentments.

  2. delacrat says:

    Why should pro athletes have to listen to a National anthem before starting work. I never had to at any place I ever worked.

  3. waterpirate says:

    How about this? Who cares? If the players are ee’s of the owner it is clearly a owners/mgmt. call as to supporting the action, or sanctioning participants. I prefer motor head prior to starting work.

  4. Mike says:

    I agree with you Frank. It’s pretty amusing to see and hear all of the vitriol directed towards a few players choosing to quietly do something other than stand during the national anthem. Take a knee, pray, form a circle…whatever. Have these now-so-terribly-offended people actually been closely monitoring their TVs or scanning the stands for the past decades looking for someone who isn’t standing and singing?

    As you said, attempting to project one definition of patriotism (standing and singing) onto others who might opt to kneel or pray seems pointless, arrogant (my patriotism is better than your concept of it). I’m skeptical that patriotism, or respect for our military servicemen has much to do with the outrage.

  5. Steve says:

    Mike there is nothing quiet about being a celebrity on camera and setting an example for every youth out there watching the sport most popular in the United States. You could not be any louder. You could not have a bigger audience. Purposefully disrespecting the United States who gave you the opportunity to make the absurd amount of money that you make doing the trivial thing that you do in the NFL does not stand to reason when they go home to mansion money fame fortune and anything they could ever want. These people are virtue signaling as hard as you could ever possibly try to virtue signal. They are attempting to increase their stock at the cost and behest of Civic sanity. They are performing for the camera in spirit only as the people they are pretending to care about go hungry while they live lavish lives. They don’t want to make a difference, they only want to make a splash.

  6. waterpirate says:

    What Steve said!!!^^^^^^^

  7. Frank Knotts says:

    Steve said, “Purposefully disrespecting the United States who gave you the opportunity “. Steve, you should have stopped right here, because this is where you have a point. These young men, and I emphasize young, because people of this age, are the future, like it or not. These young men, are not disrespecting the military in any way. People act as if the national anthem is some military march song. That song does not represent the military alone. It represents all people who choose to fall under the governance of our rightly elected representatives.
    In fact, one might say, the fact these young men have the opportunity to demonstrate, in this manner, is an honoring of the sacrifices the men and women of the military have made.
    The Anthem, is only meaningful, if you feel it represents you. That is an individual’s decision alone, to demand they honor that which they do not respect, is meaningless.
    Let me point out, right here, considering this topic, we discuss the act itself, and talk very little about the cause for their protest.

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