Lacey Lafferty Walks For Liberty

Lacey walking   I happened to be on vacation this week, and since I had completed most of my honey-do list, I had time to ride down to Laurel, Delaware this morning to see the first leg of Lacey Laffferty’s “Walk For Liberty”.

Ms. Lafferty, who has announced her intentions to run for governor of Delaware in 2016, has put together this walk for liberty, her intentions being, she will walk the entire length of the state of Delaware in three days. Delaware is approximately ninety-six  miles long, which means Ms. Lafferty will need to cover at least thirty-two mile a day.

When I caught up with her just south of Rt. 24 near Laurel, she had already been walking for about two hours considering her departure time was to have been 7 a.m. from the Maryland, Delaware state line in Delmar.  The distance between Delmar and Laurel is around seven miles. Her goal for today is to reach Dover, which is fifty-one miles from her starting point of Delmar, and if she can keep up her pace of seven miles every two hours, that works out to about fourteen hours of walking, which would put her in Dover around 9:30 p.m..

Which would make her just a little late for her kick-off party back in Laurel at 5 p.m. at the Station 7 restaurant, which is sponsoring the event. So, she may have to scale back her goal for her first day to the minimum of thirty-two miles, which would be around 4 p.m., if she can hold the pace of seven mile every two hours. Of course the pace will likely slow down as the day progresses, and depending on the number and length of breaks taken, thirty-two miles is still an optimistic goal.

When I spoke with Ms. Lafferty she was being accompanied by Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher who would be walking the length of Sussex County with Ms. Lafferty. She was also being followed by two supporters in a truck towing a rather large RV.

lacey walking 2  This was at their first rest break just north of Laurel at a local gas station.

Ms. Lafferty has set the goal of reaching the New Castle Farmer’s Market tomorrow, and to finish her walk for liberty on Sunday at the Delaware, Pennsylvania state line in Claymont Delaware. I am sorry that  I will be unable to give detailed updates from locations further north, but I hope that some of our readers will take the time to check in on Ms. Lafferty, and give updates and photos.

I asked Ms. Lafferty what she was hoping to promote with this walk, other than her own campaign for governor, her answer was that she was hoping to draw attention to constitutional issues, and  to other Republican candidates, both in the 2014 and the 2016 election cycle. When asked if she had any other notables that would be walking with her, she said as of today no one had given a solid commitment, but she was hopeful some would join her. Of course today is a work day and might explain why there was no one, other than the sheriff walking with her.

Ms. Lafferty has also made a commitment to raising funds for local charities as well with this walk. The two listed on the announcement of the walk are, L.T.D.A.N. VFW Post 5246 & Kinfolk .  According to Ms. Lafferty those who wish to contribute to these charities can either make out the checks for the charities, or they can make the checks out to Lacey Lafferty for Governor, and she will see that the money gets to the charities.

At 52 years of age Ms. Lafferty was looking fairly spry on this, the first leg of a very long walk, I have to tell you at 53 I wouldn’t be able to do ninety-six miles in three days. Much like a campaign for governor, only time will tell whether Ms. Lafferty has the fortitude to go along with the desire to achieve both of her goals of walking the length of the state, and being elected governor of the state.



lacey walking 3  Lacey was in Bridgeville sometime around 3 o’ clock according to a Facebook post. That is twenty-two miles from her starting point. She is averaging just under three-miles an hour, which is down slightly from this mornings 3 1/2 MPH. Doesn’t look like she will make Dover today, but the minimum of thirty-two miles for the day is doable, but by my calculations it will take her until around six-thirty or so. Has anyone seen her along the way?

   Another Update!

Lacey Lafferty reached Harrington at around 7:30 p.m. and has called it a day. While she didn’t reach her original goal of Dover, she did make about 34 miles, which is a third of the distance. However, Sussex would have to be considered the easiest leg of the journey. Once she gets to the more populated areas of Dover and points north, traffic and traffic lights will surely slow her down.

If she is going to make this in three days she will have to pick up the pace a bit to compensate, not to mention that after walking 34 miles today, tomorrow may be a little rough.

Saturday Morning Update!

Seems Lacey Lafferty got a fairly early start today, I had a report that she was just south of Killens Pond rd. at around eight o’clock this morning. If I had to guess I would say that is about four miles north of where she left off last night. In order for her to at least cover the minimum of 32 miles a day she would need to reach Smyrna today. But as I said last night the traffic and traffic signals are likely to slow her down, not to mention fatigue has to take a toll on such a venture.

  Saturday Evening Update!

Lacey Lafferty’s walk for liberty has reached the Smyrna Rest Area at around seven-thirty, which is just about two-thirds of her goal. She has approximately thirty-three miles left to go tomorrow.

Sunday Morning Update!

Sorry but I am only getting updates from Ms. Lafferty now and  photos from her Facebook page, here is one from last night where she finished up at the Smyrna Rear Area.

lacey walking 5   We do notice she is now wearing a leg brace she wasn’t wearing before. She left Smyrna around seven this morning and was spotted near Fieldsboro around  nine-thirty. Much like a political campaign, the last leg, that final push, is often the most difficult. While it is looking good for Ms. Lafferty to complete her goal of walking the state in three days, the election for governor in 2016 is still quite a ways off.  She may have shown that she has the physical prowess for this publicity stunt, but whether she has the political acuity to achieve her political goal of running and winning the governor’s seat remains to be seen. For as we have learned in the past, running is not winning.

Sunday Evening Update!

lacey walking 6  Closing in on her destination. Lacey Lafferty was reported to be taking a break near the Rt. 13/40 split at around six o’clock.

Goodnight Update!

Seems that Ms. Lafferty did not make the complete trip in three days. She posted at about 9:20 p.m. on her Facebook page that she had called it a day, and that she will finish the last ten miles tomorrow.


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  1. Rick says:

    Once she gets to the more populated areas of Dover and points north, traffic and traffic lights will surely slow her down.

    But the muggers of Little Wilmidelphia may speed her up.

  2. Frank Knotts says:

    Rick that is true.

  3. waterpirate says:

    Does anyone believe that her run and the sherrifs bid for re-election is credible? I would expect opposition of a bipartisan nature, acrossed the board.

  4. delacrat says:

    “But the muggers of Little Wilmidelphia may speed her up.” – Rick

    “Rick that is true.” – Frank

    Hating on the major population center, now that’s a great way win votes for Ms. Lafferty.

  5. Frank Knotts says:

    Delacrat, Ms. Lafferty didn’t say it, Rick did. And anyone living in Wilmington is well aware of their crime problem.

  6. delacrat says:


    I’ve lived in Wilmington for nearly 40 years. I’ve never been mugged, never mugged anyone and we don’t go around calling ourselves “muggers”, despite what the frightened little men of Sussex County believe.

  7. Frank Knotts says:

    Then I guess you can blame the mayor of Wilmington and the media. Wilmington was listed fifteenth out of one-hundred most dangerous cities in 2014
    Of course there are good people in Wilmington. But to take offense at the truth is silly.

  8. delacrat says:


    Actually, the “mayor of Wilmington and The Media” don’t call us “muggers”.

  9. Rick says:

    Hating on the major population center, now that’s a great way win votes for Ms. Lafferty.

    Since when did I become her campaign manager?

    I’ve lived in Wilmington for nearly 40 years. I’ve never been mugged, never mugged anyone and we don’t go around calling ourselves “muggers”…

    Little Wilmidelphia has one of the highest per-capita crime rates in the nation. Plus, it’s a dump.

    …despite what the frightened little men of Sussex County believe.

    Come on down here and mouth-off, and see how “frightened” we are, cupcake.

  10. Frank Knotts says:

    Delacrat, we didn’t call you or everyone muggers, Rick called the muggers, muggers. You were the one who broke out the broad brush.

  11. saltyindependent says:

    rick likes to talk tough….. just like the sheriff. conservative men who talk tough. very manly.

  12. Marcy Kelly says:

    Just passed her on route 13 in fieldsboro!

  13. Harry Whittington says:

    Of course today is a work day and might explain why there was no one, other than the sheriff walking with her.

    A hidden gem.

  14. Frank Knotts says:

    Hope everyone is seeing the updates in the post above. Thought it was a better way than in the comments.

  15. Laffter says:

    Our good sheriff could afford some exercise, too many Beef n’ beers and chicken n dumpling dinners gauging by his waistline….

    Of course we could call this walk the Blind” leading the blind” wonder if they will walk out to Nevada to support Mr. Bundy ……?

    Why would anyone in their right mind write a check to a political campaign ( non-tax deductible) instead of writing it directly TO the charity ( which IS tax deductible) or is Ms. Lafferty’s campaign attempting to become a charity?

    And talk about gems….

    Enough said right here….oh, BTW, Markell bikes, far fewer traffic problems……

  16. Lacey Lafferty says:

    Hey guys, don’t fuss.

    I reached my goal of 93 miles today in three days at the base of Wilmington, unfortunately it got dark and my team didn’t think it was safe to go through the city in the dark. So, We decided to get rooms in the Clarion Hotel (pretty fine hotel) rest over night and start fresh at 7am through Wilmington and to the De./Pa. Border. Now we know that googling approx. Miles to a destination can be misleading. When this is all done tomorrow around noon, I will have walked 103 miles in three and half days.

    I got say walking the entire state is not for a cream puff as my grandfather would say. I have encountered cold and hot temperatures, incline elevation through the state, up and down hills, severe rain storm, muscle soreness, 15-25 mph head winds for the past two days and very sore blistered feet since Harrington. Thank goodness for duck tape.

    My thoughts are with everyone. I looked at this endeavor as a vacation through the state that I dearly love and its people. Thank you Frank for writing a human interest story which involves raising money for charity.

    I got to buy stock in the company that makes duck tape, bio freeze, bonds foot powder and horse linament. These products have kept me together and icing my feet. Oh, and a donut at Dunkin Donuts.

    God Bless


  17. Lacey Lafferty says:

    Oh, by the way anyone can ride a bike. Our fore fathers 238 years ago didn’t have bikes when they walked through 13 states then fighting at their destinations for our Independence from Britain.

    Thats what I thought about the entire time. Thats what kept me going. Fighting to preserve, protect and defend our Liberty and Freedom.

    Riding a bike is for cream puffs!

  18. Whirli birdie says:

    comparing herself to our patriots who fought 238 years ago who endured real incline elevation hills extreme cold temps many with no shoes in the dead of winter there wern’t no cushy ass trailer to plop their asses in an they were carrying 12-14 pond muskets and all there gear no mistaken who the real cup cake is

  19. Cream Puff says:

    Nobody was “fussing” Ms. Lafferty, but now that you’ve mentioned it, let me explain to you what this looks like.

    If you’re running a serious gubernatorial campaign and you were serious about your issues and not just orchestrating some publicity stunt, you would have made sure that you were able to complete your “Walk for Liberty.” Failing in your “Walk for Liberty” will now become a symbol of your upcoming failed gubernatorial campaign. Notice the word “FAIL.” You “FAILED.” You tied this walk to “Liberty,” “Constitutional issues,” charity and your gubernatorial run and you “FAILED.”

    In failing, you cite your fear of the City of Wilmington as the reason you failed. (If you don’t walk through a neighborhood, or a city, because you feel its unsafe, (your words not mine), that is “fear” and can’t be painted otherwise). You say this kind of walk isn’t for “cream puffs,” but then you are too scared to walk, with an RV and an entourage and police training, through Wilmington at 9:00pm on a Sunday night.

    I have news for you, Lacey, women living in Wilmington walk around the city at night alone all of the time, they walk back and forth to work and to the store on the corner. Many of these women can’t afford RVs and SUVs to transport themselves around safely so they walk. Most of them are liberal democrats, and I would imagine that very few of them are trained law enforcement officers. Yet they walk in Wilmington at night and you are too scared to do the same, cream puff.

    You do realize that Wilmington has more than enough votes to make or break a statewide candidate, right? How do you think the voters in Wilmington are going to feel when they find out that some rural, right wing “Constitutionalist” candidate for governor is too scared to walk through their city at night with an entourage and a caravan behind her?

    Did you manage to get any news coverage other than this blog? I don’t see you on WBOC, and when I search your name on the News Journal site I get nothing. Nothing at all. Your message has made it no further than the people already in your orbit.

    Good job, you’ve just lost what little hope you had of becoming governor.

  20. Lacey Lafferty says:

    Your jealous, because you can’t do it! This was a complete success. I put the number of days according to Google mileage and Google mileage was wrong. I completed the 93 miles I said I was going to do and it brought me to Wilmington. Deldot permit did not require us to walk at night at all for safety reasons. Had nothing to do with being scared of Wilmington. I met hundreds of people walking through this morning, shaking hands, talking with them. It was better to meet and greet with the people faced to face this morning than meet no one last night. I got better PR coverage during this entire endeavor than any commercial could have accomplished.

    Your problem is that you all thought I couldn’t walk the entire state at all. You were wrong. I went the Delaware Distance and won the voting public’s confidence and respect. Suck it up, take it like a man that you can’t do it.

    As far as news coverage, I have been busy since my completion at 11:50 am extra ten miles that Google didn’t mention, with news media from all over as far away as conservative Texas.

    We will see, won’t we cream puff! 24 months will come quickly and you better believe you haven’t seen anything yet. This was just a warm up! Sit back and I will take you for a ride of a life time.

  21. saltyindependent says:


  22. saltyindependent says:


  23. saltyindependent says:


  24. Cream Puff says:

    Sorry Ms. Lafferty but it was you who stated this, right here, on this blog post, on April 28th:

    …unfortunately it got dark and my team didn’t think it was safe to go through the city in the dark. ..

    But now you say this:

    Deldot permit did not require us to walk at night at all for safety reasons. Had nothing to do with being scared of Wilmington.

    Which is why, when I went over how stupid you were for not making sure you could actually do a walk that you tied to “Liberty,” “Constitutional issues,” charity and your gubernatorial run, I should have also added how stupid it is for gubernatorial candidates to come on to a blog site and make comments.

    If anyone should be “jealous” right now it should be you, Ms. Lafferty, you should be “jealous” of all of those politicians out there who are smart enough not to make stupid comments on blogs.

  25. Frank Knotts says:

    Lacey, I did attempt to give you a fair shake here, I hope you realize this. But now that your walk is done some hard questions need to be asked and answered. I too have failed to find any local coverage of your walk. You say you have been in contact with media as far away as Texas, I am sure I don’t need to tell you this, but people in Texas can’t vote for you. So if the people who can vote for you didn’t hear about this, and did not participate, what has been accomplished?
    I would also give this piece of advice, if you are running for the top seat in the state, when something goes wrong, don’t blame Google, just say you miscalculated. Blaming Google sounds like a cop-out.

  26. Lacey Lafferty says:


    Why is it that people just can’t be happy about an accomplishment? This is not a blame it on event. I was the one who set the days to correspond with my schedule and my daughter’s Easter spring vacation. I wanted to do it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so my daughter could enjoy her Easter break vacation and use the weekend as her camping excursion through Delaware, where she could return back to school on Monday. There lies the mileage provided by Google to average out by thirds going through the state to accomplish the task and complying with the DelDot permit of not walking at night. Whether some other wants to turn my words around to benefit their need to be negative, that their problem, not mine. The 93 miles in three days was accomplished as well as a added 10 miles in another 4 hours up hill, totaling 103.9 miles in the course of 3 1/2 days. Never been done before PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Guinness book record baby!!!!!!!!!

    Now, I had sole discretion to extend the days to whatever I wanted them to be. I could have made it a week or a two week or whatever days event and walk how many miles I wanted throughout any given day light hours.

    What is wrong with people who consistently want to find fault with people who want nothing but to accomplish tasks, pursue and solve solutions, help Delawareans restore our First State.

    Instead of trying to rip me apart, why don’t all of you get out there and start training and exercising to break my record. Put up or shut up!! I will even give you tips to accomplish YOUR task. Wear wool socks so your feet don’t blister, like mine did.

    Oh, if your worried about my media exposure, it’s fine, don’t worry. Let me worry about those things. Thank you Frank for your article.

    Warm regards,


  27. Cream Puff says:

    Ms. Lafferty, you can keep repeating your new mantra of “DelDOT made me stop at night,” but the cold, hard fact is that is not the reason YOU cited for not walking through Wilmington at night, this is the reason you cited:

    Lacey Lafferty April 28, 2014 at 1:09 am

    …unfortunately it got dark and my team didn’t think it was safe to go through the city in the dark. ..

    Just man up and stop making new excuses, stop using your daughter as an excuse and stop blaming Google for your own failures. Any candidate with a brain in their head would have driven the route first to check the mileage and the route itself or sent a volunteer to do that for them.

    Your failure to complete your walk shows that you lack basic planning skills. Your childish middle school reaction to just one dissenting statement about your walk shows you lack the temperament to hold elected office. The fact that you are lashing out at anonymous commenters on a blog shows your complete lack of common sense. On top of all of that, you’ve insulted the largest city in the state of Delaware. Walking through Wilmington at night would have been a wonderful statement for a Sussex County gubernatorial candidate to make, but instead of giving people in Wilmington a sign of hope, you decided to insult them instead.

  28. Lacey Lafferty says:

    Cream Puff,

    Your jealous. It shows. Enough said.

    Get fit, if you can, walk the walk, instead of talk the talk.


  29. Pete says:

    WOW, I have read the article and those few who cared to comment. I met this women, Ms. Lafferty while she was walking and had the pleasure of speaking with her while she took short brakes. Those who cared enough to comment should also take the time to speak with her. You may fined what I found, this is a person that understands that when you set out to accomplish something you believe is worth doing you first plan it and when it is time to perform and things don’t go as planned you change what is necessary so that the goal is accomplished and not compromised. All good CEO’s do this and I believe if you spoke to someone of authority in the military, those who lead do the same. My suggestion is every needs to communicate with their head not their emotions otherwise the message may get lost.

  30. Cream Puff says:

    Your jealous. It shows. Enough said.

    Ms. Lafferty, yes, I am wildly jealous of you, especially your grasp of the difference between “your” and “you’re,” and your inane fear of walking through the City of Wilmington at night.

    The only thing gubernatorial about you is your overinflated ego, but I’m sure that will come back down to reality on election night, 2016, when the residents of Wilmington hand you your ass in the voting booth, then walk back to their homes in the dark.

  31. OMG says:

    Well it looks like the straight shooter Ms. Lafferty is a little “off ” target again while on the ole campaign trail for Governor, and this stunt truly proves the ole adage ” they walk among us ” … So always be on the lookout.

  32. waterpirate says:

    Everything that has been posted here is a testament to the candidates pandering to the faaaaar right. No substance, no platform, no plan. Just the next rendition of COD destined to seperate/fleece people of their money.

    As for her challenge to get fit? How does she know that all here are not allready fit? A stunt, a record does not make, merely a stunt. A citizen would set a record, a candidate perpetrates a stunt.

  33. Frank Knotts says:

    Lacey, either you are missing the point of the question here, or we missed the point of your walk. As I told you on Friday morning when I met you just south of Laurel, I couldn’t have walked the state in three days, and maybe not in three weeks.
    I commend you for your physical ability to make the walk, whether it be in the proposed three days, or even the 3 1/2 it ended up taking you. And yes I was skeptical that you would make it at all.
    But really the question is not now about you being physically capable of doing it, or as you say, “Why is it that people just can’t be happy about an accomplishment?”. Okay let me be the first to say congratulations on walking the length of the state, you accomplished that.
    But I, and I believe others were under the impression that this walk was intended to draw attention not only to your 2016 campaign, since you wore T-shirts, and had banners on the RV, and to also draw attention to other candidates running in 2014, and to fund raise for charities. Along with drawing attention to constitutional issues. None of which have you even bothered to talk about here, instead you have become defensive about walking.
    I think I and others are wondering what political accomplishment was achieved?
    There was no mainstream media coverage to speak of, so no attention could have been drawn to any of the listed goals. Only two other candidates were associated with your walk, so there is no overall benefit for candidates, and we will have to wait for you to declare any funds raised either in your name for charities, or for your campaign. Usually amounts are given out as soon as possible to show how successful an event was.
    As a physical test of endurance your walk was a success, as a political event it cannot even be declared a failure, because I am sorry but in all honesty, it never achieved the level of being an event.

  34. Laffter says:

    Nothing you did was new, or even original, or even awesome

    And they did it for more than THEMSELVES……..AND THEIR POLITICAL AMBITIONS
    That Lacey, is called leadership.

  35. Anon says:

    Since when does one need a “deldot permit” to take a walk?

  36. Cream Puff says:

    Lafferty’s official press release about her walk (which still doesn’t show up in a Google News Search), contains her newly formulated story that she didn’t walk through Wilmington at night because of DelDOT:

    Adhering to DelDot permit requirements of “Dawn to dusk” operations, which limited walking to day light hours due to traffic safety conditions.

    Let’s not forget her initial reason for stopping short of Wilmington was this:

    “I reached my goal of 93 miles today in three days at the base of Wilmington, unfortunately it got dark and my team didn’t think it was safe to go through the city in the dark.”

    Notice how her first, and likely the most honest reason for stopping short of Wilmington was that her “TEAM” didn’t think it was safe to go through the city in the dark.” No mention what-so-ever of DelDOT, permits or DelDOT permits..

  37. Whirli birdie says:

    Oh come on people the gal will be listed in The Guiness Book of Records what more reason could you want to elect her to the guvenors office. It was another look at me stunt in a lengthy list of failed look at me stunts the published books that this gal has paid to have published, the Lafferty’s reality show that fell flat on it’s face.

  38. Elliott King says:

    Any candidate must do things to increase their “name recognition factor.” This walking trip up Delaware is as valid as any, especially more than two years prior to the actual election. The candidate is not under any obligation to have fully-thought-out positions yet, other than her adherence to GOP principles and, at this advance date, those can be pretty nebulous. Wanna bet that Jeb Bush “modifies” has immigration position in the coming year or so? At least Lafferty’s service to this state is not open to question. Troopers face a lot of danger and have a lot of pressure on them all the time. Walking 93 miles is something that very few people over the age of 50 can do; those who insult her for doing so should try it themselves.

  39. Frank Knotts says:

    Elliott King, no one is insulting Ms. Lafferty for being able to walk the length of the state. We are simply asking what was accomplished beyond walking. And what would those GOP principles be? And what are your qualifications to determine them, or to communicate them?

  40. delacrat says:

    Elliot King,

    If someone over 50 does not “have fully-thought-out positions”, then they never will have any.

  41. Constitutional Voter says:

    So…our constitutional candidate, when she can’t walk through Wilmington, falls back on the permit she received from the State. Wait since when does a “constitutional”, “liberty” candidate go to the government for a permit to walk? And, when she hit a bump, a little bump in the road, she cites the permission she received from the government? I thought we “own it” didn’t mean asking for and following orders from the government. I think DELDOT did the owning in this instance, and Lacey go owned.

  42. Elliott King says:

    Mr. Knotts, as I told you when we met last year, I was a liberal Democrat until I turned 35 or so and saw the government taking more and more from my paycheck. When I started my own company, I realized that Republicans offered a better solution for this country than the Democrats did; my parents couldn’t understand why I left the party of FDR and Truman, their heroes. It’s obvious to me that we have a choice in the country and the state between a heavy-handed, expensive and mean-spirited government that seeks to involve itself into every aspect of people’s lives (the Democratic party way) and a “background” government in line with the ideas of personal liberty and responsibility the country was founded on. No American needs “qualifications” other than citizenship to understand and speak about these differences, and nobody needs qualifications to write about them either. All you have to do is pay attention to the actions, not the words, of government to see which path we’re on and which one we should be on.

  43. Pete says:

    I do not know anyone on this blog, I did not know this blog existed until a friend told me. Here is what I do know, the percentage of voters that are following this story is so small I don’t believe they care what is said nor do they care this blog exists. Have fun talking to yourselves,no one is listening, just count those involved in this conversation not even a dozen,wow and you think Lafferty is sad, look in then mirror, why I’m writing this makes no sense to me no one cares. Bye.

  44. Cream Puff says:

    Here is what I do know, the percentage of voters that are following this story is so small I don’t believe they care what is said nor do they care this blog exists.

    Just like Lacey’s “Walk for Liberty.” Nobody knows, nobody cares.

  45. Steel Remington says:

    This is just one sick as in lepers blog site. Nothing good can or will come from this waste of internet space. For anyone to refer a link to this quick sand blog site is just as bad of a low life.

  46. Frank Knotts says:

    For all honest people who are visiting here, be warned, there are puppets among us. Our more experienced visitors will surely be able to identify them easily.
    Now Elliott King, I am sorry but I don’t remember meeting you last year or ever, I do however think I know you. I don’t know any Kings, but I have met a few Princes and Princesses, and even a Duke.
    You seemed to be speaking with authority as if you were empowered, or authorized to speak for all Republicans.
    The problem with the fringe right is that they think they are the only ones with principles. They fail to understand that others also have principles that they feel just as strongly are correct and right.
    The art of politics is compromise, to understand the opposition and to find ways to move the people forward while not always getting what you want 100%of the time. Because if you fail to find compromise, then you are almost guaranteed to fail 100% of the time.
    Now back to Ms. Lafferty, I simply would like to know, what political accomplishment was achieved? Since we all know that was the original intention of the walk for Liberty.
    How much money was raised for charities since the names of charities were used to promote this walk, did Ms. Lafferty donate money to them? How much money was raised for the campaign for Lafferty 2016?
    Since Mr. “King” seems to be speaking for Republicans, maybe he can answer these questions.

  47. Frank Knotts says:

    So, Pete and Rusty Steele now take the fringe way out, when they can’t answer direct questions they attack the questioners. So the site is quicksand, okay, but answer the question, what was the political accomplishment?

  48. Steel Remington says:

    Obviously Lacey is cardiovascular fit. I wonder if she plays basketball or boxes. She just slam dunked all you wussies and pile drived your sorry political discriminating blog site right out of here.

  49. Frank Knotts says:

    Remmy says, ” She just slam dunked all you wussies and pile drived your sorry political discriminating blog site right out of here.”
    DISCRIMMINATING? REALLY? I gave her three days of coverage when she couldn’t muster a single mention anywhere else. Yes I was skeptical whether she would complete the walk, but she proved me wrong. Even so I gave updates and posted photos that she took.
    And what crime have I committed in the eyes of the fringe? I dare to ask real questions. Questions that can’t be answered by simply mouthing empty rhetoric.
    All too often the fringe’s weakness is that they and their ideology is oh so shallow, their is nothing beneath the rhetoric, and when pressed they resort to accusations and name calling.
    Again Remmy, a direct question, what political accomplishment was achieved by the walk, and please no more talk about Ms. Lafferty’s physical fitness, what needs to be discussed is her fitness for office. Are you willing to have that conversation?
    Oh and by the way, it would be, “pile drove”, not “pile drived”. But you do the fringe proud.

  50. Frank Knotts says:

    Lacey Lafferty on WGMD right now

  51. Elliott King says:

    Mr. Knotts, I speak for nobody other than myself. You can call me counselor if you wish… That may remind you of our last encounter.

  52. Frank Knotts says:

    So Lacey chooses to once again show up in the safe echo chamber of WGMD to talk about her walk. They actually opened the segment by having the demoted Bill Colley take a shot at me as he completed the sports update.
    I guess if I ever need a get away place to live, I know that I am living in the heads of the fringe rent free.
    Beatty seemed more interested in attacking me than talking about the walk or what was accomplished.
    Lacey Lafferty did again mention the people she met along the way. Well I have looked through the photos she posted, all I see besides her support staff is about six people. Either she is exaggerating or they failed to take advantage of the opportunity. She also talks about the horn blowing, hey Lacey, did you ever consider that they were honking because you were slowing traffic? And those may not have been thumbs up. Just saying.
    Beatty continued to bait me in the hopes I would call in and give his show something beyond the echo of the freak show. Sorry Doug, but I may listen and even enjoy, but I will not support you by driving calls for you. Or allow you to act tough and hang up on me and then act like your mentor.
    As for Lacey Lafferty, nothing new, more rhetoric.
    I gave her the chance here to make statements, but instead she shows up and gets defensive and deflects and evades. Can’t wait until she has to answer the really hard questions like her economic plan, but I guess she can always fall back on the “We Own It”. Or just walk away. we know she can do that.
    Maybe she is taking a page from Ms. Pelosi, we have to elect her before we can find out what she will do.
    I hung out after her segment to see what the callers thought. The first caller was a guy who wanted to talk about music. Never even mentioned Ms. Lafferty, and Beatty let him go on meaning he had no one waiting.
    The second caller continued the music talk. seems that even in the land of the fringe no one cares about Ms. Lafferty or her walk.

  53. Frank Knotts says:

    I don’t usually like to do this Elliott King, but it is you IP address and the several names that come up under it that seems to be confusing me. Non of which does counselor seem appropriate. Now quick, run down to the McDonald’s and use their Wi-Fi to change it.

  54. Steel Remington says:

    If you wanted to know so much of what Lacey’s message is all about, why didn’t you walk with her for three and half days being you said you were on vacation and all. Just saying! Ample opportunity lost on your part.

    BTW, you could have called in and asked her too. Afraid Mr. Beatty would have taken you to task?

  55. Frank Knotts says:

    Steele, you seem to be consumed by the walking part of this story the same as Ms. Lafferty. Get past the walking part. It is meaningless, a wasted three days, no media coverage, no real contact with the citizens and no support from other candidates apart from Sheriff Christopher, and one unknown candidate in NCC.
    Why would I call in to Doug Beatty’s echo chamber and actually give it real content. His and Bill Colley’s third grade attempts to bait me into calling by calling me names only makes me laugh. The only task that Doug Beatty should be concerned with is how to tie his shoes.

  56. waterpirate says:

    I agree that the discussion here should be about the lack of substance or platform of L.L.s campaign. Her champions are trying furiously to make it about everything else. That gentle readers and posters is ” spin” in the worst way.

  57. Steel Remington says:

    I listened to the program and her message came through loud and clear.

    Stay tuned for the next 24 months going into 2016 and her platform will be revealed when it is truly necessary. Her (poker hand) strategy is a definite kudos on her part. Why would anyone at this point reveal through polices only for the competition either coming from within the party or her opponents from the Democrats could and would STEAL her ideas.

    Furthermore why would she reveal any campaign or political strategies to you or this God forsaken blog site. That is a true NO BRAINER!!!!

    Her current message which is pretty obvious which you and your hunchbacks aren’t astute to assemble any brain matter around is the fact not only is she obviously physically and athletically able to go the (Delaware Distance) as she put in her press release, but she can hold her own under any circumstances or obstacles that come her way. She and her campaign staff wanted to unite the people throughout the state in a sign of solidarity no matter who or what your political beliefs may be.
    REALLY FAILED AND FAILED MISERABLY! You had the time and YOU wasted the opportunity so now YOU want to bitch, bitch, bitch like a nagging little nipping Chihuahua.

    Kudos to them. The effort was put forth. She accomplished ONE HELL-A-VA feet.

  58. Cream Puff says:

    Her current message which is pretty obvious which you and your hunchbacks aren’t astute to assemble any brain matter around is the fact not only is she obviously physically and athletically able to go the (Delaware Distance) as she put in her press release…

    Jack Markell is just as “physically fit” and “athletically able” as Lafferty, and how do you feel about the job he’s doing as Governor? If you’re banking on Beau Biden being in poor health for 2016, you may just lose that bet, I hear Biden is back up and running 5 miles a day. BTW, you should try to think all of the way back to 2012 when Alex Pires ran a campaign against Tom Carper using the premise that Carper wasn’t physically fit enough to be a US Senator. That plan failed.

    …, but she can hold her own under any circumstances or obstacles that come her way.

    Unless it’s walking through the City of Wilmington at night. We’ve already established that fact.

  59. Cream Puff says:


    Didn’t you just giver her “kudos” in that same comment about “.. her platform will be revealed when it is truly necessary. Her (poker hand) strategy is a definite kudos on her part. Why would anyone at this point reveal through polices.”?

    Make up your mind, Steele, is she telling people her “political ideas” or should we be giving her “kudos” because she won’t give us her “political ideas”?

    If you and Lafferty can’t keep your s**t straight for 2 paragraphs, how are you going to keep it straight for 2 long years?

  60. Steel Remington says:

    Cream POOF,

    Your a racist and discriminate against women.

  61. Cream Puff says:

    Remington – you have absolutely no leg to stand on with that statement, you’re using the age old, LIBERAL deflection that if you disagree with a candidate, you’re a “racist” or “sexist.” Your desperation is telling.

    The only “RACISM” smell here is the statement by Lacey Lafferty herself that she and her “team” stopped the walk before entering the City of Wilmington because they didn’t think it was “safe”.

    …unfortunately it got dark and my team didn’t think it was safe to go through the city in the dark. .. – direct quote from Lacey Lafferty

    I went easy on you morons before and stopped short of accusing Lafferty and her team of RACISM for not walking Wilmington at night, thank you for pointing out that going easy on you morons doesn’t work, you’re just too stupid for subtlety.

    Instead of trying to accuse innocent people of “RACISM” with not a shred of evidence, why don’t you and Lacey’s “team” work on that RACIST thought process that led Lafferty to be too scared to walk through downtown Wilmington at night.

  62. Cream Puff says:

    BTW – when Lafferty is in a debate and getting her “physically fit” ass handed to her by random Democrat “X,” she’s going to need more than just “your (sic) a racist and discriminate against women” as a comeback.

    Did you and Lacey graduate from the same school? Neither of you seems to have a concept of “your” and “you’re.” Most people learn that in 4th grade.

  63. Steel Remington says:

    Lacey Lafferty stated – I met hundreds of people walking through this morning, shaking hands, talking with them. It was better to meet and greet with the people faced to face this morning than meet no one last night. I got better PR coverage during this entire endeavor than any commercial could have accomplished.

    What an idiot YOU ARE CREAM OF WIMP!! Anyone with an ounce of political strategy would know to go through any city or community with people on the streets, not nestled down in their homes at night to get media exposure. Why would anyone walk 100 miles just to walk through any city with no one out in the streets! What dumb ass would even consider walking at night anyway with traffic just a few feet from them.

    The only thing anyone can take from your comments is that YOU are a male chauvinist pig who discriminates against women.

  64. Steel Remington says:

    Oh, let me just misspell a word for you, if that’s all the game YOU got! SSIK YM SSA

  65. waterpirate says:

    O.K. enough is enough.
    The trail of L.L.’s past ” bad acts” will only propel the D’s to another easy victory. We were hoping to avoid all this further embarasment, but if the side show must go on, it wil lgo on as the campaign withers on the vine.

  66. Laffter says:

    Someone is off their meds again…….lol

    And the entertainment continues……..they don’t even realize they are cannon fodder.

  67. Cream Puff says:

    The stupid just keeps coming fast a furious.

    Lacey Lafferty stated – I met hundreds of people walking through this morning, shaking hands, talking with them. It was better to meet and greet with the people faced to face this morning than meet no one last night. I got better PR coverage during this entire endeavor than any commercial could have accomplished.

    She’s gotten absolutely no “news” coverage outside of Sussex County right wing radio. So once again, her message got out to the people already in her orbit.

    Exactly when did Lafferty make that statement? Put up a link, Remington. Not that it matters because her Sunday night, first excuse for stopping outside of Wilmington was this,

    unfortunately it got dark and my team didn’t think it was safe to go through the city in the dark

    Her second excuse for stopping outside of Wilmington was DelDOT permitting, and now we have her THIRD EXCUSE for being too scared to walk through Wilmington at night. Those first two excuses you can find right on the blog post by the “candidate” herself.

    It’s too late to put the toothpaste back into the tube, so stop trying. It’s on her permanent record.

    Again, Saul Alinsky, Jr., make accusations without a shred of proof. It’s not making the Lafferty Campaign look any less desperate.

    If you would like an “ounce of political strategy” here it is – if you work for Lafferty please resign, you and people like you will ruin her already floundering campaign. Then run and tell Lafferty to grow a brain and stop commenting on blog posts, she comes off as barely literate and isn’t smart enough to make public statements that aren’t idiotic. Maybe she should try a teleprompter, it worked for Obama.

  68. Whirli birdie says:

    what platform?????? she doesn’t have one
    what solution fo the economic mess????? she doesn’t have one
    what solution for common core????? none she took her child out of private school and placed her in a public school
    why walk for 3 days????? walk for 3 minutes you will realize we are screwed if this is the best we can come up with
    pro life or abortion????? she’s for the sanctity of the mother and child whatever the hell that means
    the sheriff????? no comment political suicide
    whats the real reason the dsp put her out to pasture????? good luck gettin the real answer on that one
    gun control??????? use both hands and wipe the front sight with spit first

  69. Steel Remington says:

    Lacey Lafferty

    April 28, 2014 at 7:54 pm

    Your jealous, because you can’t do it! This was a complete success. I put the number of days according to Google mileage and Google mileage was wrong. I completed the 93 miles I said I was going to do and it brought me to Wilmington. Deldot permit did not require us to walk at night at all for safety reasons. Had nothing to do with being scared of Wilmington. I met hundreds of people walking through this morning, shaking hands, talking with them. It was better to meet and greet with the people faced to face this morning than meet no one last night. I got better PR coverage during this entire endeavor than any commercial could have accomplished.

    CREAM of Wimpy can you read or is it just your mushy brain just can’t wrap your stupid eyes around this low life’s blog site thread. You pick and choose what you want to twist for your own male chauvinistic pig agenda. Your sooo pathetic. OOPS, I misspelled another word. O-M-G , I really have to be careful how a spell on a POS blog site. This thread is the only happening thing on this dead a– site. Ha, teleprompter got Obama in the White House, just ask BIDEN.

    (Edited for outing. Frank Knotts)

  70. Feltown says:

    I watched her walk right by Hundreds of people at Felton Little League opening day ceremonies and parade. She doesn’t like us Felton folk?

    It would also helped if her RV driver was not cutting people off like he did. Yea, that was me blowing the horn at you in Farmington to get the RV the hell out of the way. We ain’t got time for that.

  71. Frank Knotts says:

    Steele Remington quoted Ms. Lafferty saying, “I met hundreds of people walking through this morning, shaking hands, talking with them.”
    Really? Then why didn’t she post the photos of these hundreds of people? Why are all the photos of her alone or with her support staff?
    Please inform us Steele since you seem to know as much about this as does Ms. Lafferty, is the “hundred of people” a major exaggeration, or is her staff completely incompetent for failing to take and post photos of the people?
    Either way the walk was a complete waist of time from a political standpoint.

  72. whirli birdie says:

    shes a published author…..does paying the publisher to print your books count?
    shes a successful race horse owner……what year was that again?
    shes worthy of our vote……is there really that much dope and alcohol to make us that stupid?

  73. Cream Puff says:

    Steel Remington please, stop trying to help Lafferty. The excuse you posted was her second excuse for not going through Wilmington at night after she got her “fit” ass handed to her earlier for stopping short of the city at night.

    Lacey Lafferty APRIL 28, 2014 AT 1:09 AM
    Hey guys, don’t fuss.

    I reached my goal of 93 miles today in three days at the base of Wilmington, unfortunately it got dark and my team didn’t think it was safe to go through the city in the dark.

    Since you Lafferty supporters aren’t that smart, 1:09 AM on April 28th is before 7:54 PM on April 28th, again, you’ve got nothing.

  74. Steel Remington says:

    Cream of POOP,

    You have no idea what your talking about, NONE at all! REALLY NONE at all! You love to see yourself in print. What a ego, that doesn’t have a lick of sense. Absolutely NONE. You weren’t there, so YOU don’t know. All your ramblings are from a fringe lunatic with a male chauvinistic pig mentality. You just can’t stand yourself can you? It just eats you alive! Take a Zanax! Better yet get some mental help before your head starts spinning like the Exorcist.

  75. Cream Puff says:

    Steele Remington I know enough to know that 1:09 AM is before 7:54 PM, which is clearly more than you seem to know, and I know the difference between “your” and “you’re” because I paid attention in 4th grade.

    I also know that once a candidate makes a statement, all subsequent statements meant to “clarify” that first statement are considered excuses or lies by the public.

    And I know that when piss poor candidates get caught looking like idiots, they send their evil minions out to accuse everyone who calls them on their idiocy “racists” or “sexists” because they’ve got nothing. Example: Barack Obama.

  76. Steel Remington says:

    Cream of POOP,

    Below is the factual and actual events of the Walk for Liberty with Lacey event that has been released through the Lacey Lafferty for Governor 2016 web site, May monthly newsletter.
    I suggest you pull your head out of your a– and read what really occurred, instead of making up fabrications within your small male chauvinist pig mind.

    We Went the Delaware Distance

    As I sit here and think about this month’s newsletter, visions of my youth begin to flood my memory. It’s like writing a school essay on “What did I do during my Easter vacation?” Do you remember that kind of essay during your school years? I certainly do! I want to begin with how the Walk for Liberty with Lacey event came to be. A member of my LLFG staff six months ago raised an interesting endeavor to walk the entire state of Delaware from the southern line to the northern line. I got to tell you, on all accounts it intrigued me. I became mesmerized with the challenge to walk through the entire state. However, how was I going to make it work with a child still in school, weather conditions, and various other daunting factors? Delaware’s miles and landscape posed a formidable challenge, but I knew I was sufficiently mentally, physically and athletically conditioned to endure such a demanding and challenging conquest. I knew my heart was in it, because I knew when the love of God and the people of Delaware are my inspiration and motivation that would push me mentally, spiritually and physically through any adversity that may hinder my ability to get the job done.
    As we began to work on the project, I had the discretion to arrange the duration of the Walk in increments of how many days, miles and hours traveled. With the thoughts in mind of public participation and my primary concern being safety (working during the week), my staff’s work schedules and my daughter still in school, I decided to arrange the Walk during Easter vacation school break, where my daughter wouldn’t miss any school, my staff wouldn’t lose any work related time and the public could choose to participate over a course of three weekend days. Yes, this just seemed like a monumental task, but I am used to that. By breaking the state up into thirds, I knew I had to cover at least 30 miles a day and so my mission began. DelDot required a permit (at no cost) due to the possibility of multiple participates and vehicles which would be following the procession. Dawn to dusk times was appropriate due to traffic safety concerns where an impact truck attenuator was a DelDOT safety requirement.

    Below is a post press release of the Walk for Liberty with Lacey event which sums up the course of the three and half days event.

    As Election Commission Republican candidate for the 2016 Delaware Gubernatorial race, Lacey embarked on a bold endeavor. This daunting feat has never been attempted by any other candidate for statewide office. Walking the entire length of the State of Delaware on USRT13 n/b through all three counties. The event will benefit the following local charities; Kinfolk, Wounded Warriors, Southern Delaware American Heart Association and VFW Post 5246 Federalsburg Men’s Auxiliary L.T.D.A.N (Local Troops for Disabilities and Needs) The theme of the event was promoting health and wellness, raising awareness to stand up for your Constitutional rights by being conscientious voters, acknowledging our Veterans and supporting 2014 and 2016 candidates. Walk for Liberty with Lacey event welcomed everyone to participate in the walk to engage the citizens of Delaware to unite for the good of helping our citizens throughout Delaware.
    Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher starting the first leg of the journey walking with Lacey through Sussex County, where Lacey continued into Kent County while a severe rain storm drenched her through Harrington ending at 7:30 pm with 31 miles completed. Adhering to DelDot permit requirements of “Dawn to dusk” operations, which limited walking to day light hours due to traffic safety conditions.
    The Walk continued on Saturday April 26th on USRT 13 n/b at 6:30 am in Harrington (Kent County). As the walk progressed it became apparent that so did the incline in elevation and 20 mph head winds to Smyrna New Castle County rest area completing 32 miles (63 miles in 3 counties in two days). As the old adage goes, “It was a constant uphill battle!”
    Lacey continued to walk on Sunday, April 27th, at 7:00 am, n/b on USRT13 from Smyrna rest area with prevailing 20-30 mph head winds over the St. Georges Bridge into the city of Wilmington completing another 30 miles (93 miles in three counties).
    New Castle County 19th District Representative Republican candidate Jim Startzman walked with Lacey through areas of Kent and New Castle counties. Scores of well-wishing Delawareans along the route sounded their car horns, waved, offered bottle water, shouted encouragement and coming out of their homes and businesses to meet and greet us with questions and pleasant conversation. Although this undertaking was physically challenging and often under adverse grueling conditions, Lacey is grateful for having the opportunity to personally meet literally thousands of perspective voters/constituents. Lacey distributed free T-shirts along the way, making many new friends and acquaintances exchanging valuable thoughts and ideas.
    On the final leg of the journey, the Walk continued into the city of Wilmington during the height of rush hour, Monday morning, April 28th at 7am n/b on USRT13.
    This portion of the trek through one of the state’s most densely populated areas, allowed Lacey an opportunity to mingle with Wilmington city residents, and physically meet and greet, shaking hands with them and getting to know them first hand, face to face. It also afforded the local citizenry the chance to get to know Lacey’s bold and inspirational journey through Delaware.
    As Lacey exited the city of Wilmington the mighty Penny Hill mountain loomed before her with a vengeance just daring her to take it on. Lacey began to attack the Penny Hill mountain with her athletic prowess ignoring her sore blistered feet, aching muscles and leg cramps. Staying focused and calculating her final steps, Lacey vanquished Penny Hill and several more hills to the De./Pa. line for another 10 miles completing her journey with a Disabled Marine veteran Al Vitiello who walked the last mile at 11:50am – 103.9 miles (3 ½ days later).
    When asked whether she thought she could walk the entire state of Delaware she stated, “I had no doubt in my ability to be able to walk the state of Delaware. I want my fellow Delawareans to know that I am healthy, physically, mentally and athletically fit to go the” Delaware Distance”, representing them in a fashion they deserve. I will do whatever it takes to restore Delaware to the First State status. It never entered my mind to quit, against seemingly insurmountable odds. Determination is in my DNA to adapt, improvise, persevere and overcome. This is what all Delawareans are hungry for in their political candidates. As far as I am concerned, I have set the bar. I want to thank my awesome campaign staff and sponsors for assisting me with this monumental Delaware achievement. We all can be proud, because WE OWN IT.”

    What I have learned through this journey through Delaware not only is Delaware longer than the 93 miles (as the bird flies and as Google suggests), walking around detours, road construction, road re-arrangements. My strongest motivation is when the love of God and the people of Delaware are in my heart whatever I was enduring at the time be it the fatigue, pain searing through my legs and feet, sun baked blistered lips and skin. When I shook the people’s hands of Delaware and conversed with them all of my person discomfort faded and the purpose of my journey became clear. We conversed about our state’s problems, the solutions We The People need to implement and my dedication to travel by foot like our fore fathers did 238 years ago. The look on their faces and the grip of their hand in mine was my affirmation that I was doing this for the right reasons. People of Delaware are hungry for a change, I hear it in their voices, I see it in their faces and I feel it in the grip of their handshakes. Would I do it all over again? Yes, I would. I would do it over a course of a week or two, limited hours and miles per day, to where it’s not such a strain on my body and I could spend more time standing, sitting and chatting with the people throughout Delaware. I met some fantastic and awesome people that I might have not met otherwise. It brought back memories of my police road patrol career when being out in the public was where the action was and I knew I just wanted to be there. It was a wonderful life experience, walking with and for the people of Delaware.
    I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart Wayde Marsh – truck driver, Dave Richmond – photographer and videographer, Ronnie Reed & Greg Rafel – Sussex Protection Services (the entire route at 1-3 mph), Laurie Purdy, Jim Startzman (NCC), Sheriff Jeff Christopher (SC), Vincent Calabro (SC), Station 7 restaurant (Todd and Fred) everyone I met and who walked along the route, sponsors, charity personnel, media – Doug Beatty WGMD, Susan Monday 105.9, Kevin Wade radio program, other media outlets, etc. and anyone else and family members that was involved in The Walk for Liberty with Lacey event. It was a monumental Delaware accomplishment that has never been attempted nor completed until now. We all can be proud of this endeavor and WE have set the bar because WE OWN IT!

    If you would like to donate to the Southern Delaware American Heart Association, Kinfolk, Wounded Warriors and VFW Post 5246 Federalsburg Men’s Aux L.T.D.A.N. (Local Troops with Disabilities and Needs) contact them through their web sites or Lacey at for their contact information.

    If you want to follow and learn about Lacey’s journey through Delaware go to Lacey’s Facebook – Lacey Lafferty and Lacey Lafferty for Governor 2016. Contact, volunteer, donate to Lacey’s campaign go to and subscribe to the monthly newsletter.

    God Bless you, our beloved state of Delaware and America,
    Lacey Lafferty

    Truth hurts doesn’t it!!! ( I have edited out the links, no fund raising here that is not approved prior to posting. Frank Knotts)

  77. Frank Knotts says:

    As someone who followed the walk over the three and half days as close as possible, I have to say that this so called press release seems like someone is trying to re-write history.
    Thousands of people? Really, then post the photos. And a press release that is full of excuses? This isn’t a press release, it is nothing but a guilty conscience.

  78. Cream Puff says:

    Steele Remington let me point out again that her Press Release Excuse was days after she was exposed as being too scared to walk through Wilmington at night.

    The more you try to defend her, the more it becomes apparent that she’s surrounded by idiots and not fit to hold office.

  79. Steel Remington says:

    The only idiots and morons are this blog site and the minion’s that post on here. Your attitude and behavior reflects your character, which shows through your diatribe of garble.

  80. Cream Puff says:

    Let me just point out that we are 3 weeks out from her “Walk for Obscurity” and she still has zero press from the walk, other than this blog, the other right wing blog in Delaware, and her own news release.

    In short, it was a complete and total FAIL. Is Lafferty willing to cough up the numbers on how much money she raised for charity?

  81. Steel Remington says:

    Cream of POOP in your Pants!

    LOL, I am sure she doesn’t have to advise you or the other minions of a damn thing she does! Your one sick jealous puppy. Yes, PUPPY!! Oh, nice of you to worry so much about her press. I am sure they have it all under control without you losing sleep over it and if that’s all you got to spin on, man grab a handful of yourself and take a nap.

  82. Cream Puff says:

    Let me repeat that Lafferty got ZERO press from her publicity stunt.

  83. Steel Remington says:

    Cream of Poop in Pants

    I was just waiting for that statement. Took awhile, but persistence paid off. Keep throwing the bait and eventually some dumb ass fish will grab the hook.

    You said, “Let me repeat that Lafferty got ZERO press from her publicity stunt.”

    Oh, I just had to divulge this tidbit!

    WMDT 47 Salisbury aired it two weeks ago.
    The Laurel and Seaford Star newspapers last weeks edition.

    And probably if I spend some time looking it up, I will find more. Your creditably is ZERO!!!

    Keep on reeling them in, MORON!!!!!!!!!!

  84. clowns to the left... jokers to the right says:

    Here we are stuck in the middle with this idiot. Her ego over rules her common sense if she thinks shes got what it takes to hold the highest office in the state. She couldn’t even plan an event that would insure her child didn’t miss any school after a 10 day vacation. All anyone has to do is look at all the photos and videos from other events she’s been an interloper at. It’s obvious this candidate is narcissistic, she loves the spotlight and having her picture taken at every chance opportunity no matter how insignificant.

    next time you write your own press release be more mindful about flipping from the 3rd person to the 1st person………

  85. Laffter says:

    Don’t think it is any secret who “Remington steel” is

    And the fact that she thinks she has a snowballs hope in hell for the GOV chair just proves
    How unfit and delusional she is

    Every time I read a post about Mz Lafferty I have to stifle my laughter and those posts from supporter – dude the best entertainemt going
    Nearly as good as going to County Council and listening to certain council members talk about the NAACP…..
    No wonder sussex is a laughing stock

  86. Steel Remington says:

    Morons to the left and Idiots to the right and Laugh out loud about yourself

    LOL I feel honored. You people are a joke. You have no clue, absolutely none. You have nothing substantial at all in your lives other than to imagine and just blog a bunch of crap. Get a real life other than your imaginary one.

  87. clowns to the left... jokers to the right says:

    sure don’t set the bar very high for yourself…….. you feel honored to get attention from people who are a joke with no clue.

  88. Steel Remington says:

    Only joke here is on you.
    You keep responding on the sinking flagship lollipop. Same ole, same ole crew of has beens and also rans.

  89. Laffter says:

    When this blog says go for it….I think you should go for your meds…..

  90. pandora says:

    Sheesh, I go away for a while and come back to the best gift ever. I love this thread so much I want to take it for a romantic walk on the beach.

    I am, however, confused about the accusations of sexism. As a feminist, I don’t see it. Perhaps, Steel Remington doesn’t understand the definition of sexism or male chauvinist pig. Then again, I don’t have high intellectual expectations for someone who apparently thinks adding the word “poop” to someone’s name constitutes witty repartee.

    All that said, please carry on. Seriously… carry on. 🙂

  91. Steel Remington says:

    I can see where both of you are seriously delusional, confused and meaningless bloggers that need to address your humanist inadequacies therefore digesting your daily dose of needed prescription meds while you feel the urge to stay connected to the sinking flagship lollipop as well as other internet fantasy forums. You are irrelevant!

    While you ingest your concocted daily delusional dose of meds, I will stay in MEDS school!

    Witty repartee is due to those who hide behind witty phrases and make delusional meaningless dialogue with no hopes have obtaining a real life. Your underlying medieval alter ego below!

  92. Cream Puff says:

    Every time Steel comments, a registered voter decides not to vote for Lafferty. Keep blabbering away, Einstein.

  93. Steel Remington says:

    What happened PUFF the magic dragon?

    Cream Puff
    May 13, 2014 at 1:54 pm
    Let me repeat that Lafferty got ZERO press from her publicity stunt.

    Your ZERO credibility cometh forth!!!

  94. Cream Puff says:

    Are you on drugs? There is still no news coverage.

  95. TMV says:

    During my weekly conversation with HTM just a while ago I was told that both Laffter and Pandora had responded to this post so I had to read the whole thing. Obliging their request not to say hello to both! When the told me who “Steel Remington” is it was one of those fall on the floor laughing moments….or two…oh well I’m still getting a laugh out of that particular moniker.
    To be more on point with the thread it seems the whole walk was a waste as two TM’s actually rode by a few times in Kent county and watched from afar seeing nothing but a walk down the road that actually seemed to get a few horns blown because of the camper that was in the way.

    Off this topic but a post nonetheless is Frank’s departure from the SCGOP loony patrol. May read it later but got a heads up over the whole silliness. Good Job to ya Frank on shining the light on the whole mess. I’d say enjoy the free time but TMF & W told me your still going to go to the meetings….WHY?

    Apparently nasty weather in DE today prevented a Pandora Parade but both Laffter and Pandora get toasts! Shout out to WP from them as well.

    Well it’s been a while and I’ll be back soon enough as I’ll have time to kill in the slower lower soon enough for a stay at the House of Tuxamus Maximus for the reason it exists!!
    It’s almost SHOWTIME !!!

  96. waterpirate says:

    Welcome back TMV!

    It has been quite the circus since your departure, you have missed alot… of side show acts. Pandora, you should stop by more often, while some disagreements will be likely, I find your intelect and perspective on a a much more grown up level than the usual sock puppetry that seems to pervade many sites except DL.

    As a teaser I am planning a revisit of one of my popular topics. Why those that storm the castle can seldom hang on to the castle. It looked like it was easy, when looking in from the outside. The reality is that the conqueror is ill equipted to lead. It is a waiting game for sane Republicans in Sussex County. We need to continue to find and support good, sound, community oriented candidates for office. The EC is certainly not going to help or foster that notion.

  97. Laffter says:

    HTM. WELCOME BACK, what do you mean – not to say hello

    Please , I have missed you, a lot…..

    Yup, the crazy is out and here in full view…..

    I agree WP, Pandora needs to come back more often…..and HTM as well. 🙂

  98. Steel Remington says:

    LMAO!!!! You guys just don’t have a life!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!! Keep it coming!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we can get this over one hundred hits, more than any other post has had on this sinking flagship lollipop.
    I think this is great! I feel blessed that so many dysfunction and delusional mindless bloggers would spend their mundane dreary lives just to converse with me. I really feel special and honored that you feel I am that important and to believe I am someone else. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is just too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t buy entertainment like this!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Steel Remington says:

    Oh, Oh, Oh!!!!!!!!!! Newsflash, just come across the internet feed, just got it!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it, just love it, this just too much! I am enjoying this just too much!!!!! It’s going to really frost some your nuts now!!!! LMAO!!!!! I just dare you to click on the link below, I just know it’s going to get to you!!! Come on and make my day, come on!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!

    (Edited, no campaign promotion without prior approval from management, Frank Knotts)

    Come on and talk to me about it!!! I am lonely!!!!!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Laffter says:

    Yup, give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves……
    I think the amount of posts by Serbian posters VS other posters says it all.

    If no one has noticed , the level of grammar, spelling and over use of pronunciation , hyperbole and well just insanity is rather cyclical.
    This would, in and of itself, demonstrate a need for regulating medications. Maybe Obamacare is something they should consider as they are obviously unmediated and need to be.

    SMH…NO WONDER THE NORMAL Rs are just waiting for the Sussex GOP to implode. Kinda like what Obama is doing with Putin right now. Wait it out, they will destroy themselves.

  101. Laffter says:

    I so wish I could edit after the post. Wonder how many folks will be monitored by NSA because of Spell check? ROTFLMAO……Serbian . Really?

  102. Laffter says:

    I have to admit, I did look at the self- published video. Frankly, any unattended 14 year old could do a better job with the graphics on an iPhone with a free App.

    But, I do have a few questions for the good of the order:

    What exactly are ” adverse weather conditions and landscape……..”
    Would she be referring to the dandelions and crabgrass impeding her progress to Wilmington
    Or, in all fairness to her
    Would the ..”..adverse……landscape….” Happen to be African- American residents in Wilmington after dark?

    Inquiring minds would like to know ( PS, the staged photos with African-Americans during the day doesn’t count) shameless pandering anyway. Do you tell them they would be used in a political ad and exploited? Just wondering.

  103. Steel Remington says:

    LOL OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just couldn’t stand it, just had to look!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOUR PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only rope around here is the rope you keep coming back to hang yourself with. Oh Yea, looks like we got this post over a hundred. Looks like the flagship lollipop just might float! LOL, this is just too funny, just can’t make this up! What is so ironic is that a pathetic blogger is worried about spellcheck. Now, that’s funny!!!!!! Is that all you got is worry about spellcheck and let me spell this for you, ssik ym ssa grammer on a blog site? Yes sir, your pathetic!

    BTW mindless, if you got questions why don’t you ask her yourself, I am not her PR person. I am sure you can find her!! I am having a blast just reeling you stupid a– fish in on this thread. LOL!!!! This is just tooo much fun. There should be law against having this much fun. Suckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Frank Knotts says:

    the word continuous means, “1. uninterrupted in time; without cessation”
    And does posing with the hotel desk staff count?

  105. Arachibutyrophobia says:

    “Inquiring minds would like to know ( PS, the staged photos with African-Americans during the day doesn’t count) shameless pandering anyway. Do you tell them they would be used in a political ad and exploited? Just wondering.”

    Same question to the charities you speak of? Then American Heart Association would like to know when they will receive thier funds, and if they already have, how much was donated? Of did you exploit the charities too?

  106. TMV says:

    Laffter, So sorry for the mess up on the wording but ALL at HTM do miss conversing with YOU, Pandora, WP and some others but they are really covered up and have been for some time now. Getting all in order leading up to the big event that’s coming up soon is what they have been paid to do all along. Once the event is over some may stay and play through the month of June and some may go to wherever home is for each.
    Bottom line is they won’t be coming back on my time as they have other things to do and it’s all hands on deck starting this Sunday.
    As for me I’m actually back to make one more comment on the healthcare issue which is all I really ever dealt with anyhow.
    I may, and only if time allows, when I’m in lower slower for my speaking engagement, come by here and make a few comments but I haven’t been here in quite some time before my comment of last week.
    I’m just now getting the hang of this windows 8.1 and the touchscreens and tiles and menus and ‘apps’ that are part of this I miss my windows 95/98/XP mind.
    OK…to make a point for the subject at hand being the ‘walk’. I’ve read it all and still wonder why and what it accomplished. That there was some (and I use the word ‘some’ loosely according to HTM) media attention paid to the walk there apparently has been no reporting at this time of monies to charities or the campaign. I’m thinking that expenses were greater than what was taken in…….that’s a big “L”.
    Now on to healthcare Jenga style!

  107. waterpirate says:

    ODL ( oh dear Lord)
    Please tell me hat your big news on Sunday is NOT your support financially or otherwise for D.A.? Welcome back!

  108. ombudsman says:

    the “big event” = the trial

  109. Rozamond says:

    Author Lafferty was born and raised in Lewes and now resides in Laurel with her 8-year-old daughter, Lacey Lynn Lafferty.  She retired from the Delaware State Police in 2008, where she had  spent her entire career on patrol, gaining the knowledge, experience and wisdom that would lead her into an effective career as a problem solver. She received the Delaware State Police Excellence Performance Award presented by Delaware Gov. Ruth Ann Minner in 2007. After retirement, Lafferty began writing books such as Delaware Horse Racing published by Arcadia Publishing and Messages from a Mother published by Authorhouse Publishing.  Lafferty has released three books in one year besides launching a Delaware gubernatorial campaign for 2016.

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