Let me clear up some things and some miscellany. The 4/7/15 edition.

Forgive me Sussex County Republican Women’s Club! You are but one of those for whom I have erred and this post covers all the recent misstatements. With a couple of miscellany opinion pieces….one involves the Rolling Stone magazine and tinfoil hats.

Note this is a new post I want to make. For there are times, ahem, and as hard as it is to believe, that I get things wrong. Not quite so bad, at times I misstate what I wanted to say. Whatever the case, at times I feel the need to correct some things but don’t want to spend an entire Blog post on one item.

Also, patience yon reader, at times I have political thoughts of pure brilliance that just don’t fit into my more dynamic posts of actual events. I am not so much an editorial writer but at times a few paragraphs can cover what needs to be said.

At least as I see it.

Ted Kennedy’s shrine DID cost taxpayer bucks

I supposed in this post that the Senate facsimile designed as a monument to Ted Kennedy was paid for with Kennedy money.

Only I find out here that the shrine to pretty much a loser-burger, Ted Kennedy, cost the taxpayers 38 million dollars!

What on earth, besides leaving a young girl to drown, did this man ever do, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, to deserve this paean to his nothing-hood?

So I was not only mistaken, now I am mad. Hell I get mad every time I have to tell someone to go to Biden Way to get to Georgetown’s newest medical clinic. I complain to the people at the desk and they tell me they don’t even call it that anymore for the people getting mad. So it’s not just me.

It’s long been accepted that the concept of politicians naming roads, even “ways” after themselves was gauche and not palatable to most taxpayers. So spending millions to immortalize some nothing man who….let us please not forget that ersatz murdered a young woman, left her to die at the bottom of the water so he could call his lawyer.

Dear Lord you may deny but I got a brain and I got an open mind. But my mind isn’t so open that my brains fall out!

And Ted Kennedy gets a shrine to his royal self and we’re paying for it!

Talk about rubbing salt on the wound.

Thomas Capano is dead

Forget which post, forgive me and allow for the newness of this. But I inferred in a prior post that Thomas Capano, a Delaware Assistant AG who killed his fiance and stuffed her body in a cooler to float at sea, was still alive.

Thomas Capano did escape death because once before Delaware legislators got all excited and eliminated the death penalty in Delaware. Capano fell into that window of time.

However Capano did the state a favor and died in 2011.

SCRWC Fundraiser NOT $100!


Oh my. I did a nice by posting a flier by the Sussex County Republican Women’s Club but I lamented the $100 cost.

Which is NOT the cost of just attending the dinner. Flier re-inserted below and apologies fine ladies for my error.


My offer to attend this function, hobnob and report back….still stands.

If someone would pay my ticket, I’m saying here.

Update on dog story

This dog story is all over the place

I didn’t get my facts wrong on this story so much as I didn’t have them all.

After a few mornings of listening to Dan Gaffney I have ascertained that the Smiths, those folks who had their dog Millie taken from them by SPCA goons with no authority, have filed a law case. The SPCA responded to the charges that the organization and its henchmen DO have the right to take away our dogs with no trial per Title 10 of the Delaware code.


They always blame Delaware Title 10-which I think is really the ten commandments.

Bishop Malooly does speak out but not about Christian murders

There were all manner of Catholic clerics on this post about the Easter Sunday political talk shows.

I lamented that our own Joe Biden’s Bishop, Francis Malooly, wasn’t a guest or had no opinions on same sex marriages and Christian murders across the planet.

According to my new issue of the Wilmington Diocese’s Dialogue, Malooly did issue an impassioned plea to eliminate the death penalty in Delaware.

Maybe I should tell him about Thomas Capano.

Ann Coulter Gets it Wrong

anncoulterI chanced to watch Ann Coulter get interviewed during a recent Fox news show of some kind. I love Ann’s writing, she possessing a real smooth sarcasm that I appreciate.

It was when she went nuts for Chris Christie that she lost all credibility to me.

So she’s discussing something or other and my ears picked up an argument of hers that I realize summarizes the entire problem, as I see it, with the GOP Blue Blood elite in this country.

I paraphrase: “The candidates and elected people should be nice and low key. It’s the pundits and spokes people who should be casting out the strong rhetoric.”

She is completely wrong.

She used Mitt Romney as an example, citing how sweet and polite he was during the campaign and how the likes of Rush Limbaugh and even Bloggers like myself were doing the nasty talk.

Oh no, Ann. America needs a leader who says what needs to be said. The problem with the Republican party over the years is those elected folk and the candidates who think the nomination is theirs are too ingrained in the DC culture to tell the truth like it needs to be told.

Surely Romney could have been a bit more stringent about his opposition, Barack Obama, who even then had that awful Reverend Wright, strange land deals and the Ayers couple casting ominous shadows upon.

But, no. Romney was “nice”. Mitch McConnell goes on Meet the Press and he’s “nice”.

Of course there should not be lies or cursing or nasty name calling.

But the truth is not a bad thing and we need leaders who tell the truth loud and plain, not “nice” guys like Coulter thinks they should be.

And Christie would never be considered “nice”.

This Rolling Stone Story

Put on aluminum foil hats yon readers, and adjust. Because I have read this Rolling Stone story with this woman who says she was raped only it was all a big lie.

The way this story began was by a regular and known writer to Rolling Stone phoned up a rape counselor and asked if she had anyone who had a rape story to tell.

Now that’s odd.

I know how the rest of this came down but I think how this all happened began with….well WHY did the writer go looking for a rape victim?

Cause if I, a world-famous Blogger, were to phone up a known rape counselor looking for sad victims, I’d for sure have a reason. LIKE I’M LOOKING FOR A STORY!

I think the Rolling Stone writer was asked to please write a rape story. Because as this lying administration needed Treyvon or Missouri or whatever story happens in real life that fits a narrative they want to sell, I think they considered Rolling Stone to be a perfect vehicle to promote a campus rape story that the meme of all men being raping animals with a war on women raging to be just the ticket.

The rape counselor found a pathetic young woman who evidently had a great time making up the entire story of a fraternity gang rape at the University of Virginia.

This administration, the liberals in general, use the media in any way they can.

Rolling Stone is dancing around this but they got caught being a bunch of liars and that writer can boo-hoo how much she got fooled but hey, I’m not fooled.

They knew it was a lie when they published it.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.
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2 Comments on "Let me clear up some things and some miscellany. The 4/7/15 edition."

  1. Alana Keeley says:

    Thank you very much Pat for the clarification for the Dan Bongino event. It’s going to be a very exciting evening!

  2. Hypocrazy Watch says:

    Thomas Capano did escape death because once before Delaware legislators got all excited and eliminated the death penalty in Delaware. Capano fell into that window of time.

    No, this is wrong, too. Capano was given the death penalty after a jury voted 10-2 to put him to death. Judge Bill Lee sentenced him to death, but it was overturned by the Delaware Supreme Court because the jury did not make a unanimous decision for the death penalty.

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