The National Scene-The Sunday Political Talk Show Report on 4/5/15.

Not only does his hair look incredibly stupid, he was the Easter Sunday political talk show’s biggest liar. Lindsay Graham, yeah him….did the best job of explaining the Iran problem. And I give my take on baking cakes for gay weddings and what Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu needs to do.

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn.; Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington.
MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn.; Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-La.; Rob Manfred, baseball’s commissioner; Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York.
FACE THE NATION (CBS): Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz; Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.; former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa.
THIS WEEK (ABC): Gov. Jerry Brown, D-Calif.; Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia.
STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Netanyahu; Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

FreeRepublic’s Sunday Morning Political Talk Show Thread

Happy Easter to all yon Readers! The Lord is Risen!

Had company yesterday as is a tradition with many. Couldn’t get the column written but I did watch yon ladies and gems and yes I’ve got some thoughts.

Face the Nation and Prince Valiant

dr.monizHe is Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz and he wins the prize as the WORST guest of the day.

First off….the hair. Look at this guy and imagine him normal, with normal hair for a man his age. Now look at that silly stuff on his head and wonder how he managed to trim a mop so well.

Right away I’m wondering from what planet they found this guy and he begins to was on about the wonderful deal with Iran

Folks I’ve read everything I can about that deal with Iran and please do not believe what the administration is saying. Absolutely none of the things they are declaring publicly are actually signed in stone. One clue is when they send Prince Valiant on TV to explain.

No Secretary of State?

And if Moniz was the worst guest of the day, Face the Nation had the best guest of the day in the form of yes….Lindsey Graham.

Now Graham, best buddies with John McCain, is normally a thorn in my side but he did a great job of telling what’s amiss with that deal with Iran and folks, dear Lord….we are told they will be reducing their centrifuges from 19,000 down to 5,000 and I must wonder why these boobs have even 5,000 centrifuges in the desert to begin with.

And what the hell does a centrifuge do anyway? More on that later.

Meet the Press-Bobby Jindal?

I rather like Bobby Jindal but what? Is he running for President or something?

Although Jindal discussed the famous RFRA law and a law proposed in Jindal’s home state of Louisiana along the same lines as in Indiana and Arkansas that has the liberals so upset for the florists who won’t arrange for gay weddings.

Or something.

I got some deep thoughts on this matter, read the “My Take” section below.

Benjamin Netanyahu was on MTP, and on a few other shows. No surprise that Bibi thinks the so-called “deal” with Iran sucks.

Which it does and after much thought I’ve figured out just what Bibi needs to do. Beginning with, heh, reading this column.

So he knows what to do is what I’m saying here.

And lamenting the murder of Christians across the Muslim world we had Cardinal Timothy Dolan on this show doing the deed. I wonder why mine own Bishop Malooly wasn’t a guest somewhere. He is, after all, Vice-President Biden’s Bishop and everything.

Fox News Sunday and a Wimpy Christian Leader

There were a few Christian leaders on the Sunday political talk show circuit. Well it was Easter and you’d think they’d be railing about the thousands of Christians being slaughtered by evil Muslim radicals.

Well they were. Chris Wallace asked Cardinal Wuerl of the DC area if he was concerned about the beheadings of Christians.

Of course he was concerned but goodness, why can’t the Pope stop cancelling his own newspapers and get out there and should about this matter from the rooftops?

Some unknown Cardinal on Fox News Sunday is just not enough.

State of the Union CNN-Feinstein talks about drought and the WORST round table ever

Diane Feinstein, of all people, told us about the California drought and that was boring. More talk of same sex couples and the bakeries that will not bake for them.

CNN had a round table consisting of a Rabbi, a Priest, couple of protestant clerical types.

It was so bad. They discussed same sex marriages and the murder of Christians and again, it is on Pope Francis to come down on this. I know the Pope did make a statement about same but come on…..he is my Pope, people, but by me he and his writers are a bit pathetic.

And I hear Pope Francis will be addressing a joint session of congress this Fall.

My mind shudders.

Political Cartoon of the Week


This Week with George Stephanopoulos

We had another Catholic cleric on This Week and lo and behold but….JERRY BROWN!

Seems he’s having to get tough out in California where large swaths of areas do not have enough water.

Moonbeam says he’s going to get tough so Californians….don’t take long showers and for God’s sake turn off your lawn sprinklers.

The indictment of Senator Menendez of New Jersey was discussed. We are to understand, per the pundits on This Week, that his indictment was a shot across the bow, a warning, if you will, to other Senate Democrats who might join in over-riding a presidential veto of any laws requiring congressional approval of deals with Iran.

Wall ain’t that special?

I don’t particularly like Menendez but he did take a stand over Cuba and Iran. And just like that, la-di-da, we discuss cavalierly that our President deliberately indicts a Senator to send a message to the rest of them?

Thugs and thieves in that White House, with President-whisperer Valerie Jarrett leading the PR charge.

My Take

I’ve been conflicted about this same sex thing so let me share my concern plus the wise words of another poster on the Freerepublic thread, link included upthread here. Even back then, when I was but a young teen, I was politically involved and the Civil Rights movement was one of my passions.

Because no one should have to go to separate bathrooms, go to separate schools or even be denied a hamburger, because of their race.

So if our country happily passed laws to disallow the denial of any public service to anyone because of their race, creed or religion, why is it so absurd to disallow such denial based on sexual orientation?

I do not, however, think that a person should be forced to go against their deep religious convictions by the government or its laws.

Also, as the practical side of me ponders, surely there aren’t that many businesses denying cakes or flowers for same sex weddings? I mean gay money is good money as I see it. In fact I believe in my hunch and I believe that some gay activist/liberal types found some businesses out of the few that would deny their service to same sex couples and made a way bigger deal of it for PR purposes alone.

The issue is, however, one that concerns me, re my days of championing elimination of denial of services for race.

Below, the view of another that is worth pondering:

There is a huge difference between the widespread government Jim Crow laws of the Old South (which were designed to prevent the free exercise of rights and liberties of a minority) and the current demands for more laws and enforcement to favor certain favored groups and abridge the rights of genuine liberty and conscience – particularly religious conscience.

Taking it a step further, if the government can so easily abridge individual religious and moral sensibilities on those not supporting homosexual behavior (a learned sinful behavior and not an immutable human characteristic), then what is to prevent (for example) the government and favored groups from requiring doctors and nurses to perform abortions or euthanasia against their will? After all, being these livelihoods require government licensing and are money-making businesses. Or what is to prevent them requiring pastors/priests perform homosexual marriages and publicly “celebrate” this and other abhorrent life-styles? After all, churches enjoy tax-exempt status and other legal privileges? Use your imagination. The list is endless.

This is a slippery slope and one Liberals plan to use to remake America into their own twisted image and moral vision for their own goals. It is not one based on anything resembling Christian conscience and morality and it is contrary to a free people and society which our Founding Fathers envisioned.

Now about this Iran deal.


Guys I am an addicted news/political junkee and this thing with Iran has me stumped. First I have no idea how nuclear bombs are made much less how to stop them.

By me stupid North Korea has the makings of a nuke and right there we see how successful the Dems were at stopping nuclear proliferation by rogue regimes.

Bibi Netanyahu did a great job of explaining the flaws in this deal but my eyes began to cross.

First Iran already has centrifuges, 19,000 of them, alleged by the liars in our administration to be reduced to 5,000.

I got to wonder just what the hell centrifuges do and why on earth Iran needs 5,000 of them, much less 19,000.

Also Iran is to be restricted to a one year nuclear bomb rollout, something about that’s how long it would take them to get a bomb capable of nuking everyone in, say, Delaware.

On and on I here about hidden nuke sites, the UN inspectors, possible bombing.

Bibi, have your people do a short film of some sort. Explain what centrifuges do. Give us information about Iran, how they support all those terrorist groups. Get visual! Get graphic!

If a political junkee like myself is confused you can believe yon average , and more normal, American is so confused about all that crap in the Mideast they tend to ignore this news so important to the survival of our friend Israel.

Maybe show the devastation caused by a nuclear bomb, show some beheadings of those thugs being financed by Iran.

Until this issue becomes emotional Americans in general are just not going to pay attention.

Surely Israel has enough money and resources to bring their message home?

Act 1 was Bibi’s address to congress.

Now move on to Act II.

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