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wilson--headshot--mar_09   The following is a letter of endorsement from 35th District Delaware State Representative Dave Wilson for the Register of Wills race.

I have known Greg Fuller for 8 years. In 2008, he was appointed to the office of Register of Wills. Through that time he always served the office efficiently and with compassion. Greg took the Office of the Register of Wills to the people, ensuring that they would know what they needed when they needed the services of that office. When Greg assumed the office he was encouraged under the direction of the County Council to entertain bringing the assessment fee up to match the two other counties, whose assessment fees were 1.75%. While the Sussex County fee at that time was and still is 1.25%. This would have meant an increase of a half percent (.50%). NOT 40%. When Greg got push back from his constituents, it was Greg who withdrew his support and killed the ordinance. He even sent a press release to all the local papers stating “that because of the difficult times and concerns of his constituents with regards of raising the assessment fee ½%, he formally withdraws his support for any type of increase in the Register of Wills assessment fee.” I have always found him to be a person of great integrity and honesty that is respected by his community. He did a great job in the past as the Register of Wills and he will do an even better job in the future. So, please join me on Tuesday November 4th and vote Greg Fuller for “Sussex County Register of Wills”


                                             Dave Wilson

                                             35th District State Representative

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  1. Jordan says:

    I know the math is really tough, Dave. So let me help you out! To find a percentage, you have to take the change and divide it by the original amount. I know this is really hard to follow, Dave, but bare with me. I want to help you because you are a really NICE man. So you take the change (.5) and divide it by the original amount (1.25). The result is the percentage Greg wanted to increase the “assessment tax.” Folks, please try this at home. Dave, the math looks like this. .5 / 1.25 = .4 The result is .4! Congratulations Dave, you are almost done! In math, .4 is the same as 40%. It means the same thing. It means that Greg tried to raise taxes by 40%. And don’t try to blame County Council for Greg’s mistake. After all, you are a very nice man. 🙂

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