Making Delaware First, Again!

Choose Carefully and Execute Relentlessly

Jack Welch used to say you need a Philosophy you can put on the
back of your business card and here is what we need in order to
support private sector job creation.  Choose Carefully and Execute

Most of the usual government actions will have no positive effects
on our slow growth, no growth future. We must escape the Dead Weight
of Tradition called the Delaware Way and realize wages; salaries and
benefits must be supported through labor and capital productivity.
Random emotional efforts to increase prosperity, which don’t increase
productivity such as subsidies and tax breaks upon selected industries
are ineffective.

The proper focus of government is to support improvement in the
productivity of labor and capital. Delaware must:

1. Build human capital through education. Delaware must increase
school choice options at every level, reduce the bureaucratic
fingerprints and costs on schools by at least 25%, hire more Para
professionals then match teacher training with school curriculum and
ALL testing.  Stop the endless new efforts, acronyms and slogans.

2.  Support entrepreneurship through sensible easy to understand tax
compliance, which supports savings, growth and investment, fast/fair
land use decisions and enforce property rights. Inertia, byzantine
processes and having government as the largest employer in Delaware
hurts job creation.

3. Efficiently provide public goods such as infrastructure, public
safety and set a long-term reliable fiscal future for the state and
country.  Dollars and time wasted on the vagaries of government
destroys jobs.

Governments must Choose Carefully and Execute Relentlessly or we will
suffer endlessly.

One Comment on "Making Delaware First, Again!"

  1. kavips says:

    Pretty good platform. Probably the best Republicans have hand since 1996.

    Your aims are good and well-centered. However the achieved results of charter schools are less than promising. I’m not knocking the premise of charter schools; that is always noble, that every child should receive a good education. However, the delivery on that promise by charter schools leaves much to be desired. Most average citizens don’t realize it, but it is hard to run a charter school. So hard, that student’s learning has to be given 2nd priority, just to allow the staff to expend enough effort to do what is necessary to keep the doors open. As a society what we are doing with school choice, is trading in our Cadillacs for beat up Gremlins…. Now on the other hand, if we made an pre-agreement that to be granted a charter an entity must has $100 million spare cash on hand, then the reality of opening charter schools would probably meet the promise….

    Moving downward I think the clog in your second plank lies in the word “fair”.. without determining “fair” to whom. Quibbling over whether a decision is now fair or not, is pretty much exactly what ties down each decision being made today. Your stating decisions should be fair without stating fair to whom, doesn’t change the status quo.

    In your third plank, can you further define “vagaries of government”? Although I’m sure you know what you meant, it is not that clear to me.

    Over all, a well thought out plan and one those Republicans within the General Assembly should borrow to enhance their sheen, and scrap the silly one they are currently using…

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