Meet Nancy Powichroski Sherman, the Delaware Press Association’s winner of “Best Collection of Short Stories” by a single author

Meet Nancy Powichroski Sherman, the Delaware Press Association’s winner of “Best Collection of Short Stories” by a single author. Read of my raging jealously of she who writes almost as well as me, sings way better than me, and is much skinnier than me. But I get over it so read about this up and coming new Delaware Writer.

It is, indeed, odd to be writing about someone you know, someone who sings in the choir with you, someone who writes very well, someone with a bright future as a Delaware writer, she who hails, like me, from Baltimore.

Nancy Sherman, who prefers to have her maiden name used, ie Nancy Powichroski Sherman, moved to Delaware in the mid-2000’s and she hit the ground running in terms of her writing success.

Nancy was born and raised in Baltimore, the Essex area. She worked 32 years as an English teacher and along the way also taught theater and improvisational acting. She immediately discovered the Rehoboth Beach Writer’s Guild. She entered two short stories in Delaware Beach Life and won both first and third place. She moved on to Cat & Mouse Press and submitted two stories in a contest that came in second place and took a “Judge’s Choice Award. She and another writer wrote, submitted and won the “Young Adult Novel Award” by Tuscany Press.

In other words she writes well and those that know pick it up right away.

Nancy’s life has been a kaleidoscope of artistic endeavors what with her teaching experience, writing skill and singing talent.

nancy certificate 2

It’s intriguing writing about someone you know personally. Because as much as I admire Nancy, and I gave her book a great review, I always found Nancy a little too humble. She deserved my great review. It was a terrific collection of short stories, beach reads obviously, but perfect for the task. What I fail to understand about Nancy is her lack of self-esteem for a woman possessing so much talent. When I first met her she complained about gaining weight and is a dedicated member of Weight Watchers. I recall looking at her and wondering what the hell is she doing going to Weight Watchers?

It was over a year before she stepped up to the plate and sung a solo in choir and who knew she had such a beautiful voice? She kept saying how nervous she was singing solo but go on, she sings great!

She’s skinnier than me and sings better than me. What’s not to love?

I’ll not admit she writes better than me but she’s almost as good. Her genre is beach reads/chick lit. My genre is politics and Blogging so there we are different. Still and so she’s as good at her genre as I am at mine so again, I am jealous.

Insert wink here.

Nancy will soon have her young adult novel published and “Sandy Shorts” will now be entered into the National Press Association’s writing awards so she might very well win a national award.

Though Nancy spent a lifetime as a teacher her career is not over, not at all. She’s found her “brand”, she has a handsome stock of writing awards, she has some great publishers behind her.

Keep yon eyes opened for this new Delawarean rocking the writing world with an amazing talent she won’t admit she possesses.nancys book cover

I did a review of Nancy’s book “Sandy Shorts” , HERE.

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