Now They Have Gone And Done It!

Okay so they missed the deadline, and the so-called government shut down has begun today.

Not sure how that will affect most citizens, who are not actually government employees, but it has begun.

As I said, on a personal level not sure that many people will feel any effect right away, but as time passes I guess it is possible that the ordinary citizen may run into problems, let’s face it over the years we have allowed government to grow into every aspect of our lives. We have become dependent upon it for the most basic of our needs.

However on a purely political level this shut down may have far-reaching effects upon the two parties.

If by some wild chance the Republicans can actually gut this out and hold fast to their goal of postponing Obama care, then that would be a defeat for the Democrats that no one saw coming.

On the other hand, if the Republicans simply hold out for a week, and then cave for some meaningless compromise, well then, they just look weak, and will have done nothing but piss off the voters.

In my opinion the second scenario is the more likely to happen, it has happened before, and it has cost the GOP seats in mid-term elections.

So who will benefit from this high drama? Again in my opinion, the people most likely to see any benefit from this whole thing will be the TEA movement agitators. When the Republicans fold on this, it will allow the TEA people to fire up the haters again to send in their dollar donations and to clamor once again for primaries.

We will again see the pitchfork and torches crowd in the streets calling for the replacement of all sitting Republicans. Not that some of them don’t need to go, but all this is going to do is to allow the Democrats to once again gain seats in both houses of congress and to be able to make the final push for an actual socialized health care system.

Instead of this grandstanding in congress, the GOP would have been better served to have worked to actually win elections in 2014, especially in the Senate, and then once in control of both houses they could have actually made the changes they say they seek now.

Instead they have chosen to be pushed around by the TEA people into what the TEA people do best, put on a show that leads to no real solutions, and only hurts the GOP in the end.



2 Comments on "Now They Have Gone And Done It!"

  1. waterpirate says:

    When this petulant behaviour is over, just like with a child there should be punishment attached. When the vote comes to pay all the govt. EE’s retro active so their families are not hurt, it SHOULD NOT include our elected officials, all of them. Just like when you tell the kids ” if you can not get along and play nice, no matter who’s fault it is, nobody is getting any ice cream! “

  2. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Standing ovation to Waterpirate from the House of Tuxamus Maximus.

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