Okay Trump Supporters, Tell Us How That Wall Gets Built

16 Comments on "Okay Trump Supporters, Tell Us How That Wall Gets Built"

  1. Steve says:


    Secure Fence Act of 2006

    Funny how a 10 hear old idea can blow so many minds.

  2. Frank Knotts says:

    Steve, doesn’t explain how it will be accomplished. After all, it is already a ten year old idea.

  3. delacrat says:

    There have been walls and fences along the Mexican border for decades.

  4. Steve says:


    Funny video. Sad because it is true. We failed to fully fund a fence, falling 3 to 4 Billion short. Whether you agree or not, I don’t see any chance of a wall getting built.

  5. Rick says:

    I lived for a while in the middle-of-nowhere Jeff Davis County, Texas. In rural areas, all that is needed is satellite cameras and helicopter patrols. Make it clear that intruders will be shot.

    The wall needs to be built in places like El Paso.

    Of course, “the wall” is somewhat symbolic. All we really have to do is allow the Border Patrol and INS to do their jobs, which is to catch and deport illegal invaders. Under BO, we have open borders.

  6. waterpirate says:

    I feel cheated! So much so I had to google school house rock and hear the song they do not own the rights to. His wall will never happen for all the reasons listed here.

  7. Rick says:

    All what reasons?

  8. mouse says:

    You people do know that Mexicans cross open border towns to work and shop every day, right? What will a fence do to stop them? Maybe if you people thought something through more than spewing parroted dogma just once and put your hateful energy into something that would work like going after your beloved job creators who hire the “Mexicans”, you might make some progress. But I suspect the conservative party needs these resentment issues to be unresolved forever to motivate its voters..

  9. kavips says:

    The wall will be built, because Trump knows more than everybody else put together… He is so smart. Let me tell you just how smart he is… He is the smartest, of the smartest, of all the smart people in places where smart people are smart… Donald Trump knows how to build a wall.. If he thinks the wall is too low, he will just say higher… and it will go higher… He will say “higher “again, and it will go higher again… This video about red tape?.. Donald can just nuke Washington DC and then, everybody will listen to him.. Because he’s smart, Know how smart he is? He’s the smartest, of the smartest, of all the smart people in places where smart people are smart… Know how we know all of this?

    Rick told us it is so. That’s all the proof we need. True it is… because everything a Trump supporter says.. is true, Always.. Even when they change their mind, the new thing becomes true, and the old thing stays true too, because it came from them… and the followers of Trump will all say it is true, because they…….. don’t want to be seen as being wrong for supporting the idiot all 12 months leading up to now… Know how I know? I heard it from the smartest of the smartest of all the smart people in places where people are smart….

    Plus, Rick says so… .

  10. Rick says:

    You people do know that Mexicans cross open border towns to work and shop every day, right? What will a fence do to stop them?

    Huh? At border crossings, you must provide identification. The purpose of the fence would be to stop invaders with no identification, whose intent is to live in the U.S. without bothering to follow legal immigration procedures.

    Kavips, are you really Mika Brezinsky?

    The wall will not run the length of the Rio Grande. In places like Presidio County, cameras, helicopters and jeeps will do nicely. The Border Patrol exists to protect the border. Under Obama, the Border Patrol does nothing. If Trump is elected, that will change.

    The labor participation rate is around 63%. This is astounding. So, what we need is more uneducated, unskilled workers, right? How stupid can you get?

  11. Laffter says:

    Here is the wall……the only wall that will be built


    Plus, if anyone thinks Trump will be elected , they are as delusional as Lafferty

  12. Rick says:

    Plus, if anyone thinks Trump will be elected , they are as delusional as Lafferty

    This election is too close to call. Of course he could be elected. If he gets PA, it’s a lock.

    Of course he’ll build a wall. But in rural areas, helicopter and jeep patrols will suffice.

    Dems had better hope Hillary wins. Ryan has already stated for the record that he will use reconciliation- as the Dems did for failing Obabacare- across the board.

    By-the-way…how do you like your new insurance rates? Obamacare- through reconciliation- will be the first to go.

  13. kavips says:

    Rick is right.

    Trump will be elected because he is so smart… He is really smart.. He know’s Pennsylvania. They are smart in Pennsylvania and Trump knows them. He is smart because he knows where Florida is as well. He even has a house there, somewhere. How smart is Trump… Let me tell you, he is so smart he has an airplane and pilot to take him anywhere so he doesn’t have to know where anything is… Isn’t that smart? That is so smart which is why Trump is the smartest of the smart.. He knows more than any general.. That makes him so smart… He can summon thoughts out of thin air… No general can to that.. That is why Trump is so smart and knows how to stop ISIS… He will call them out as terrorists… That is how he will stop them… for he is the greatest of the greatest of all human beings ever put on this planet… I tell you , he lifts up a little finger, and every woman instantly goes knobbly in the knees… That is why he is so good with the ladies… and such a great Christian too.. With only 3 marriages, he is one of the best Christians on the planet, because he is so smart… Did you know Trump is the smartest of the smart?… Amazing.. We are humbled to be even living in the same times as him… We will be forever remembered as being the luckiest humans ever born, to have set our eyes upon him… What comes out of his brain is divine.. He is more Christian than Billy Graham… He is more Christian than Joel Osteen.. because he is smart… You know how smart Trump is? He’s the smartest of the smartest of the smart… Did I tell you he knows more than all the generals? We are so lucky he will run the country… He knows where Pennsylvania is, even… They are smart in Pennsylvania, and Trump knows them….

  14. Laffter says:

    And you know what else Rick? Kavips is right …..about Rick being right
    Coz Trump will have a ┬┤pussy for every hand’

    Hey Rick? Is that kinda like a chicken for every pot? Asking for a friend

    Poop kinda hit the fan here lately…….can’t wait for the justifications on these comments

  15. mouse says:

    Ok, So I’m some guy from Mexico who wants to loive and work in the US. So I show my ID at the border crossing them move to Delaware and work for one of the beloved job creators. How does that wall stop me? It doesn’t. It’s bullshit for angry reactionary resentful rubes to obsess on

  16. mouse says:

    I wonder if we looked at the projected direction of insurance rates before Obamacare, how would it compare to now?

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