VP Debate Open Thread

Delaware Right Feel free to comment on the upcoming Vice Presidential debate scheduled for tonight. Predictions, and expectations.

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  1. Fish Bites says:

    2-2 in the 8th so far. Come on, Baltimore.

  2. Fish Bites says:

    Wow. 11th inning home run by Toronto!

  3. Frank Knotts says:

    I get it, I didn’t make it through the entire thing myself. The funniest thing though is this morning watching Trump supporters being upset that Kaine was “rude”!
    Really? WOW! These people are lunatics.

  4. fightingbluehen says:

    The debate wasn’t even the big news yesterday. It was kind words spoken to veterans by Trump about PTSD that were falsely paraphrased and twisted by the media, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and a slew of others…..I’m really surprised and disappointed that Joe Biden took part in this chicanery….It’s basically outright lying, and it really is a new low in American politics……Shame on you Joe Biden.

  5. fightingbluehen says:

    Snopes has already contradicted the claims.

  6. Rick says:

    Kaine has the manners of a goat. If Trump has a poor “temperament,” what can be said of Kaine?

  7. gigggles says:

    And the latest polls show Clinton pulling further ahead. Oh yeah, polls don’t matter unless they benefit Trump

  8. Rick says:

    And the latest polls show Clinton pulling further ahead.


    Today’s Rasmussen: Trump +1
    Today’s LA Times tracking: Trump +4

    Of course, national polls are meaningless. Look at Ohio, Florida, Iowa, NC, PA and Nevada. If Trump carries OH, FL, NC and IA, he likely wins.

    And remember, PA, CO and VA are not a lock for Clinton.

  9. mouse says:

    Poor old angry white men can’t get a break lol

  10. Fish Bites says:

    Where did Rasmussen have Romney going into Nov. 2012?

  11. gigggles says:

    The only swing state Trump leads is Ohio!

  12. Rick says:

    Where did Rasmussen have Romney going into Nov. 2012?

    Who knows? Who cares? He was a weak candidate who garnered little enthusiasm among conservatives. Trump is not Romney.

    Trump will probably win Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Nevada and North Carolina. If he does, all he’ll need is New Hampshire. If he carries PA or VA- or possibly MI- it’s over for sure.

    Polls do not reflect turnout. The wrong direction polling and state of the economy polling reflect poorly on the party in the White House. It is a change election. Does Hillary represent change?

    Hillary can win if she carries the black, Hispanic and youth vote at the level Obama did in ’08 (in ’12, BO lost 4-million votes). Can she? I doubt it. Remember, the GOP has registered millions of new voters who are likely to vote.

    Turnout in New York and California is irrelevant. It is crucial in OH, PA and FL. In PA, Hillary needs Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and to a lesser extent, Scranton-Wilkes Barre and Erie. She’ll get Philly and probably Scranton. But can she carry Pittsburgh and Erie? I doubt it. And if she can’t she loses.

    “So I jeopardized state secrets? So I am a criminal? Vote for me- I’m a Democrat.”

  13. gigggles says:

    Polls also show Clinton leads Trump in several key voting blocks, with 86%-2% support among African-Americans, 41%-32% among whites and 48%-28% among women. Clinton is also more than 20 points ahead with young voters (44%-22%).

  14. mouse says:

    Yeah, but all the angry confused old white guys with Trump painted on their wood signs and pickups are going to overwhelm the vote and carry Trump to victory lol

  15. Rick says:

    Since the debate, Hillary has the edge, no question.

    What polls don’t really measure is enthusiasm and related turnout. This is the X-factor.

    Trump will probably do better with Hispanics than Romney did. I doubt that Hillary will carry the “young” vote at anywhere near the percentages that BO did.

    Trump will carry the blue collar vote- including “Reagan” Democrats- in Ohio and PA. Usually when this happens the GOP wins. Hillary has already given up WVA and has cut spending in Ohio. If this bleeds into PA, she loses.

    It’s funny how the Socialist-Democrats are now the party of the ultra-rich. Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood. And let’s not forget the ultimate sugar-daddy, George Soros.

    I can remember people on the left- and on this blog- defending Hugo Chavez and his socialist programs to “help” the people of Venezuela. How did that turn out?

    Yet, the left persists in it’s fealty to Marx. Why? Because if they can expand the aggrieved population, they can exchange largesse for votes, and thus, retain power. That is, until there’s no one else to steal from.

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