Size Does Matter

912  No, this is not the show room floor of an office supply sales company. This is the turn out for the last 912 Delaware Patriots’  meeting this past Thursday night in Millsboro, De.   As you can see by this photo, the turn out was not merely small, it could be called non-existent. Though to be completely honest, a couple of more people did come in after I took this photo. In total there were about twenty people in attendance, this included myself and the two people who I came with, none of which could ever be considered 912ers. The number also included two guest speakers, Sen. Dave Lawson and Mr. Lamar Gunn who in all likelihood will soon be declared the defeated candidate in the Kent County Recorder of Deeds race. So really there was only around fifteen people in the room that would self describe as 912ers.

Now maybe they were just feeling a little embarrassed by the low attendance, or maybe they truly feel this way, but when Karen Gritton stepped to the podium for her opening remarks, she actually said this, “The size of an organization is not important, it doesn’t need a lot of people; it’s about how much we know about the constitution.”

Well Ms. Gritton, I would have to disagree with you. When talking about an organization, size does matter, and it is important how many people are willing to be a part of that organization. If an organization fails to grow and bring in new members and ideas, it will stagnate and die. Which is exactly what is happening to the 912 Delaware so-called “Patriots”.

An organization that has no ability to attract new people and grow, has no ability to influence anything. That organization will simply become a smaller and smaller group of purist, sitting in a room preaching to the believers, but failing to convert anyone to their beliefs.

Now for those of you who have been reading my writings for any amount of time, you most likely know that I have no love loss for the 12ers. I feel that they are an organization, while founded on the highest stated principles, that have failed, or chosen to become little more than a group of purist, and self-appointed deciders of who is, or is not a conservative.

This was again demonstrated when Mr. Phil Daisey rose to speak. What he spoke of was the fact that he was teaching courses on the U.S. Constitution, and that there were five or six others who were also teaching these “classes”.

Mr. Daisey stated that the classes he was now “teaching” were taught to him by the IOTC, and no that doesn’t stand for the “Indian Ocean Tuna Commission”, or the ” Indianapolis Obedience Training Club”, though that second one most likely is pretty close. No, IOTC stands for, “Institute On The Constitution”.  According to Mr. Daisey, you too can become a teacher simply by taking the IOTC course and then all you need to do, is begin selling text books for the IOTC.

You see, the course cost $100.00, broken down by Mr. Daisey as $35 for the text-book and the rest for the classes. Now, one can only assume that the $35 goes to IOTC. Surely this text-book doesn’t cost $35 a copy to produce, so IOTC is making some money here. This is little more than a pyramid scheme by the IOTC which trades on the fanatical fears of people like the 912ers.

This is directly from their website, The American View,

“Learn the role of civil government by considering the U.S. Constitution and its limits on government.

In their lecture presentations, Michael Anthony Peroutka and Pastor David Whitney establish the premises for properly understanding the Constitution, by exposing students to the Biblical Worldview of America’s Founders and the writings that influenced them, as well as to their deliberate design of the federal government. In addition to looking at the text of the Articles and of the 27 Amendments, including the Bill of Rights, students will become familiar with “The American View of Law and Government” 

The last sentence is the part where the brain washing begins in my view, “students will become familiar with “The American View of Law and Government” .

This is not history, or the writings of our founders, this is the “OPINION”, of the designers of this course intended to encourage its students to bring more people into the fold. Here are the twelve topics of the course of “The American View Of Law”.

  1. An American View of Law, Liberty and Government
  2. The Religious Beliefs of the Founding Fathers
  3. The Philosophical Worldview of the Constitution
  4. 1776-1789: From Independence to the Constitution
  5. Overview of the Constitution, Preamble and Article I
  6. Overview of the Constitution: Articles II & III
  7. Overview of the Constitution: Articles IV, V, VI, & VII
  8. The Bill of Rights: The First Amendment
  9. Amendments II – X
  10. Amendments XI – XXVII
  11. The Crisis of the Constitution: From Biblical Absolutes to Humanistic Relativism
  12. Reclaiming the Constitution: How Do We Approach the Restoration of the American Constitutional Republic?

As you can see this course is completely wrapped up in a religious concept, and while I may share some of these ideals, I also feel that this is a tactic to incite a religious fervor. I have seen videos from these courses in which the lecturer “preaches” to the congregation and has the same give and take seen in many churches. A phrase is given and the expected response is given in return.

So why do I care if fifteen or so people want to waste their time sitting in the Fire Hall in Millsboro once a month and mutually gratify themselves that they are the embodiment of our Founding Fathers? It is because when you know the fifteen people who were there, and the fact that many of them are seeking election, or re-election into the Sussex County GOP Executive Committee, well then it should matter to all reasonable registered Republicans.

In attendance and members of the 912ers, was Laurie Purdy who is seeking an EDC for the 4th of the 14th, Larry Mayo, seeking an EDC for the 3rd of the 20th along with his wife Anna.  The constitutional “EXPERT”, Phil Daisey running for an EDC in the 8th of the 40th. And though they were not in attendance at this particular meeting, I can tell you that there are many other people who are members of the 912ers, or sympathetic to their rhetoric and purist agenda that are also seeking EDC positions.

Also at this meeting were two of the candidates for officer positions within the Executive Committee. Fred Silva who is running for Vice-Chair of the committee, and who was sending out announcements made at this meeting using the Sussex GOP email list, I know because five minutes after Ms. Gritton announced an upcoming event, I received the email from the Sussex GOP announcing the same event.

Also attending this meeting was Vincent Calabro, who is running for Chairman of the Committee. These may be the two most significant decisions that those voting may have to make.

Fred Silva is being challenged by Lewis Briggs for the VC position. Mr. Briggs brings decades of experience to the table, but not just political experience in general, but specifically Sussex and Delaware political experience. Lewis Briggs has been involved in many successful campaigns for election. Mr. Briggs brings an openness to growth, and a built-in knowledge of the people and the political playing field to get things done. Unlike Mr. Silva and his 912 compatriots, Mr. Briggs wants to grow the GOP, by changing the perception of the party.

This brings me to the race for the Chair of the Sussex GOP. Long time Sussex Republican, Mary Spicer has dared to step up to take on what is most likely, the most, thankless job within the party. Ms. Spicer has been a member of the Sussex GOP for decades, she has been a member of many subgroups of the party such as the Republican Women, an organization known for being possibly the best organized and effective part of the Sussex GOP.  Ms. Spicer brings her knowledge of fund-raising and voter registration drives to the game field,  Ms. Spicer has a history of taking on the tough jobs, having run against Pete Schwartzkopf in the past. If elected, I believe that Ms. Spicer has the determination, and the ability to breath new life into the committee, returning it to a resource for GOP  candidates, instead of a shrinking organization such as the 912 Delaware Patriots.

Which brings me back to Ms. Spicer’s opponent for the Chair position, Vincent Calabro.

Let me begin with something that was posted to Mr. Calabro’s Facebook page Saturday morning,

vince1  “Vincent P. Calabro, candidate for Chairman of the Sussex County GOP Executive Committee.

Having spent time in 18 different states while employed as a Federal Supervisor, I was offered an opportunity to take a position in Delmarva, (USDA-FSIS -OFO SCSI). When I researched the area I was pleased with what I found, a rural way of life that harkened back to Long Island, New York 50 years ago.
I decided to stay here and buy a home. I also made up my mind to do whatever is necessary to help preserve this lifestyle that can easily be taken for granted. I know what happened in New York and would be saddened if urban encroachment began here.

My Political Career:
I spent many years in NY as a Committeeman.
My county was home to over three million people so it was a big job. My county was a bastion of the GOP and we worked hard to keep it that way. I worked on many hard-fought campaigns, on Town, County and Statewide levels. We raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to subsidize these campaigns. I can promise to bring my political experience and savvy, to this committee, to help promote our common cause.
Sussex is a shining example of what the party should be on a statewide basis. By working together we can unify the party and move forward in strength towards the next critical election cycle. It will be a pivotal election for the future of our state as well as our nation. It will be up to us to put aside our differences and work together, if we ever truly want to see the end of one party rule here.
I have been actively participating in the Sussex County Executive Committee, first as an EDC, at the present I am the RDC for the 40th District. I have work with campaigns of several of our candidates, attending all the functions I can, working the polls from opening till closing and writing many letters to the Editors of newspapers and periodicals, concerning various issues affecting us here in Sussex. I will continue to do so, to effectively represent all of us.

Following are several goals I intend to accomplish:
1) Promote the Sussex County Republican Party membership and its active involvement by filling every Election District vacancy.
2) Encourage all RDCs to become true political leaders to their EDCs by providing them guidance and support so that they may become effective proselytizers for the GOP and generate Republican voters.
3) Bring to the State Republican Party the Sussex mindset and work ethic. Our success rate in getting candidates elected is our banner. WE are the anchor of the party in this state!
4) Assure proper funding of our operations and overhead by scheduling on a regular basis fundraising events. These needs have previously been met by relying on donations; we must augment them in order to be able to win elections.
5) Provide our elected officials with both an avenue of voter information and a cadre of expertise to assist in their legislative endeavors. This will be accomplished by maintaining a consistent open line of communication with them ALL, on a regular basis. I would welcome and encourage them to regularly attend our meetings to directly discuss with their constituents and supporters
6) Assure that the monthly meetings of the SCEC become an efficacious tool for the management and direction of the SCRP as it has been intended, by affording every District a true voice and vote in the affairs of the party.
7) I will act to take any and all necessary measures that may be required to safeguard and protect the SCRP from malicious actions and entities attempting to undermine our objectives.
8) I will dedicate my time and resources to the above stated goals.

To Summarize:
What is my claim to seek election as Chairman of the Sussex County?

My political experience was honed in the toughest, most adversarial environment of New York. I have been working to get conservative candidates elected since I was old enough to vote! (1969). One of the first things I did upon my arrival here in Delaware was to register to vote and so I stopped by the GOP headquarters to become involved. I have been actively involved in several campaigns providing aid and support to our candidates on local, state and national levels. I have faithfully and competently discharged all duties assigned to me in every party office I have been entrusted with, (I was a New York State Certified Poll Watcher, NY State Election Inspector, working the polls from 6;00 AM opening till 9:00 PM closing).

Initiate a Voter registration Drive on a countywide basis, to broaden our voting base by coordinating and integrating our efforts with other like-minded organizations in Sussex and throughout Delaware. To seek out and bring back to the fold all errant disgruntled voters. To reconcile and reconnect with farmers and business owners who were formerly active in the party, by convincing them how important their vote is in the big picture and how much we need them!
It would be an honor to be elected to the Chairman position and I promise to perform with diligence and dedication to ensure our political success.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time dissecting Mr. Calabro’s agenda, just some of the highlights in my view.

First off he talks about his political background in New York, so is he saying that he wants to bring New York style politics to Delaware? he does say, “ I know what happened in New York and would be saddened if urban encroachment began here.”  So considering, “I spent many years in NY as a Committeeman.“, it would seem that he failed to stop that urban encroachment. So why should we think he would have any influence here to stop it. And think what that means. Sounds to me like Mr. Calabro is against development, and growth. There  we are again, the 912er opposition to growth. Development is about the property rights of a person to be able to do as they wish with their property.

Let’s look at another couple off comments, which seem to contradict each other, in talking again about his stellar New York past he says,

We raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to subsidize these campaigns.”  

He then says, “I have been actively participating in the Sussex County Executive Committee, first as an EDC, at the present I am the RDC for the 40th District.”

So, if Mr. Calabro is such a good fundraiser, and he has been so actively participating in the Sussex GOP Committee, one would wonder, how come the Committee is as poor as a church mouse, and can barely keep the lights on from month to month? Maybe Mr. Calabro would like to tell us how much money the Committee donated to “ANY” candidate in the last election cycle? Let me help him since he has most likely been too busy raising funds to look it up, that would be a “BIG FAT ZERO”. So Mr. Calabro? Do you only raise funds if you are the chairman, where has all of this experience been hiding since you joined the Committee?

Now let us look at his “platform”, some of these are the standard boiler plate promises, but a couple are interesting and worth discussing.

3) Bring to the State Republican Party the Sussex mindset and work ethic. Our success rate in getting candidates elected is our banner. WE are the anchor of the party in this state!

With this statement, “Our success rate in getting candidates elected is our banner.“, it would seem that he is truly applying for John Rieley’s  position as “Maxwell The Pig”, singing “WEE,WEE, WEE”, all the way home. The Executive Committee in its current makeup has absolutely nothing to do with getting anyone elected. It donated no money, it organized no volunteers, it did nothing but throw a party following the elections to take credit for what it did not do.

“5) Provide our elected officials with both an avenue of voter information and a cadre of expertise to assist in their legislative endeavors. This will be accomplished by maintaining a consistent open line of communication with them ALL, on a regular basis. I would welcome and encourage them to regularly attend our meetings to directly discuss with their constituents and supporters”

   ” a cadre of expertise to assist in their legislative endeavors. “? 

Really? What does this mean? Sounds like more of those constitutional “EXPERTS” that think they are going to tell the elected officials what to do on particular legislation. This statement shows that Mr. Calabro and those who share his views have no idea what the committee’s role is, in the bigger scheme of politics. Sounds as if Mr. Calabro wants to continue the committee as nothing more than a monthly debate club where he and others can come and debate and condemn our elected officials, that is not the purpose of the committee.

And now to my favorite, and one that should concern all people who respect the freedom of ideas and expression, and considering the recent events in France, this is very relevant.

7) I will act to take any and all necessary measures that may be required to safeguard and protect the SCRP from malicious actions and entities attempting to undermine our objectives.

Is it just me, or does that sound like a threat? Does that sound like a person that is welcoming new ideas? Like a person that is open to constructive criticism? or does it sound like a purist who would silence, “any and all”, who dared to oppose his views.  Look, I am honest, I was voted out of this committee for daring to cast their backroom deals into the bright light of public scrutiny, I am now daring to re-enter this committee to help offset the far right fringe element. Will I be considered one of Mr. Calabro’s , “entities attempting to undermine our objectives.“?  Will he consider open discussion of the actions of the committee as, “malicious“?

There is one other thing that must be pointed out about Mr. Calabro. In the last election cycle, while acting as the RDC of the 40th RD, Mr. Calabro openly supported former Sheriff Jeff Christopher in his write-in campaign against the winner of the GOP primary and the endorsed Republican candidate, in October after the primary, and leading up to the general, Mr. Calabro shared this on his Facebook page,

vince 2This is the man who wants to represent “REPUBLICANS” as their Chairman?  How can Mr. Calabro be expected to support the endorsed Republicans in the future as the Chairman of the entire committee, if he failed to do so in the past. He put his personal desires before those of the entire Republican party, and I’ll bet you he would do it again, just ask him.

There is currently a large 912 Patriot, TEA presence within the GOP Committee. They are purist, they don’t care about growing the size of the organization, they care only about surrounding themselves, with themselves. They have a religious fervor, and a religious litmus test for inclusion. They say things like, “GOOD CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE” as if to be anything but a Christian excludes you from participating. They have a check list of views on a check list of issues, and if you fail to check all the boxes correctly, then you are excluded.

And this is the problem, as I see it, currently facing the Sussex GOP, those currently in control want only to boil down the committee to their purist ideal of perfection, losing members in their opinion is a good thing.

If this 912, TEA element is allowed to continue to be the face and the voice of the Sussex GOP, then it will continue to be seen as a radicalized fringe element that does nothing but drive people away, it will continue to be exclusive, not inclusive.

I would hope that more reasonable, thinking Republicans would show up for these elections and help offset this fringe far right element.

The elections will be held Monday night, the 12th of January, at the CHEER Center in Georgetown, De. Registration to vote begins at 6pm until 7pm, when the elections are scheduled to begin. Show up, participate, and witness.

Thank you.







21 Comments on "Size Does Matter"

  1. mouse says:

    Good info and a good read, thanks. I really wish I could vote for one of the 2 major parties but at this point I’m voting 3nd party for the exact things you speak of. These organizations are either total nut case types or people looking to expolit total nut case types.

    Its kind of like talk radio when some angry propagandists spends hours telling you what to be afraid of and their sponsors sell you things to protect you form these fears.

    Meanwhile our 3 “liberal” democrats sell out to the financial services industry who wrecked the economy, polluters and other financial crooks..So sad

  2. Frank Knotts says:

    Well Mouse, nothing changes unless we change it. I had this very conversation with someone who is extremely active with individual candidates, that if we leave the room, then we leave the room to those who want nothing but to burn down the house. This is why these committee elections are so important for reasonable Republicans to participate in. And I would say the same for Democrats. We cannot allow the fringes of either to dominate the conversation and set the agenda.

  3. mouse says:

    Mayby I should run

  4. Pat Fish says:

    good research, well-written. I must ask why we don’t see any of Mary Spicer’s list of goals.

  5. Frank Knotts says:

    Maybe you should

  6. Frank Knotts says:

    Pat, I am told Mary will be on WGMD after the 4:00 news break.

  7. True Conservative says:

    Tonighe, vote for the true conservative ticket at the GOP elections. Don’t vote for the progressive liberal (exited for content Frank Knotts)Mary Spicer and the (edited for content Frank Knotts)Lewis Briggs for President and Vice President of the Sussex County GOP..
    If they win, the Conservatives will lose and the Progressive Liberals will win. They are the establishment and will vote for legislation to curtail civil liberties and increase big government.

  8. Frank Knotts says:

    So called True Conservative, so you can’t make a point without name calling. Also, you say, “They are the establishment and will vote for legislation to curtail civil liberties and increase big government.”
    This statement demonstrates you are completely out of touch. These positions have no power to vote on legislation. But please keep posting, you are exactly why we need Mary and Lewis.

  9. True Conservatives Friend says:

    Spoken like a true Marxist Frank. Maybe you will be the downfall of the GOP in Delaware. Just think of the bragging rights you’ll get for that one. Mary Spicer, you and Louie Briggs taking the GOP one step closer to a social dictatorship one step at a time.

  10. True Conservatives Friend says:

    “good research, well-written. I must ask why we don’t see any of Mary Spicer’s list of goals.”

    To bad you don’t research the garbage you write on DP, I’ve never seen such pure (Edited for content Frank Knotts)as the unresearched crap you write. Nobody likes your crap, “yon reader.”

  11. shut the front door says:

    The biggest fundraiser for the sheriff of nuttingham was hosted by the 49th RDC at his home. He is also the treasurer for the LLFG (not to be confused with the LGBT) campaign. Look closer, many of those seeking election to positions are members of Oath Keeepers.

  12. Rick says:

    Does “size does matter” apply to this blog?

  13. Frank Knotts says:

    I don’t know Rick, does it?

  14. Cobra says:

    Great propaganda piece , Frank .. Josef Goebbels would have been proud of you. Show up during one of the coldest nights of the year when most people are at home and crow about it. The Tea Party may not have shown up in force at that the dead of winter 912 meeting, but they sure showed up the SC GOP Election meeting.

  15. Frank Knotts says:

    And they are welcome to it. I am sure they will continue the decline along with everything else they touch.

  16. mouse says:

    I really am trying to understand this..What exactly is a true conservative? Is there a document that details the requirements? Or does it mean you can only state angry hyperbole? And if you disagree with any of the principles, you are a Marxist or communist? The party used to have a diverse membership and actually won elections. I wouldn’t even be allowed in the party anymore with my beliefs. I’m for reasonable macroeconomic controls that keep the 1% from stealing every scrap the middle class has, I’m for reproductive rights/privacy, I’m for public health protections, worker safety and preservation of what littleis left in the environment to protect. Guess that makes me Satan lol.

  17. Dave says:

    True Conservatives are in the view of those using the term are people like themselves. That’s the short and sweet of it. And so yes, you would be classified as a liberal. Delaware tends to be a relatively moderate state, so the centrists are in the majority, which as you have noticed pisses off both the progressives that the “true conservatives.”

    In fact that one of the tests I apply to candidates. Are they pissing off both the left and the right? If so, they are in the sweet spot as far as I am concerned.

  18. mouse says:

    Agreed. Although when both parties agree on something like allowing Wall street banks to mingle investment funds with federally insured bank deposits, something bad is up big time

  19. mouse says:

    So does a true conservative support reporductive rights for women?

  20. Dave says:

    Yes, but only after the dishes are done and of course, only the missionary position.

  21. Frank Knotts says:

    Mouse, to be completely honest, I don’t know that you would fit in “MY” vision of what the GOP and conservatism should look like. But if you really wanted to be a Republican, then join and we can talk. If you were a Democrat, let’s talk, in any case, the way we find compromise, (I know Rick dirty word), is to talk openly, and honestly.

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