“I Can’t Breathe”

head up ass   Well, the Sussex County Executive Committee finally managed it, they got their collective heads up their collective asses.   I have been writing and telling people about the elections that were held tonight for the new committee of the Sussex GOP. I asked for good reasonable Republicans to come out and support, participate, and witness the process.

Let me first apologize for dragging good people out on a rainy night to see nothing more, than more of the same.

Let me congratulate the few good Republicans that stepped forward to try to offset the radicalized fringe element of the GOP, and there were a few. I will not name them, so as not to make them targets for the lunatic fringe that now has completely taken over the committee.

I will also congratulate the lunatic fringe on their success in taking the final step of transforming the Sussex GOP Committee, that was once an effective resource for Republican candidates, and turning it into nothing more than a festering boil on the ass of the Delaware Republican party.   boil

I would also like to ask forgiveness for the role I played in destroying the committee back in 2010. I was determined to help remove Mike Castle from office, and in doing so, helped put into motion what was wrought tonight. I plead ignorance of the process and the repercussions of my actions. I now see that until you win elections, you don’t get to govern. Well the TEA  12ers won elections tonight, but the only thing they get to govern is an irrelevant committee.

The Sussex GOP Committee has now completely been taken over by what amounts to the Sussex Taliban. They will continue to seek pietism  in their politics, they will continue to exclude more and more people, until there is nothing left that can be called a party.

Tonight they elected as Chairman Vince Calabro, a man who openly supported a write-in candidate in the general election against the endorsed candidate. This is what the so-called “patriots” want for a chairman. They seek only to destroy the GOP.

I did not ask others to do that which I would not do myself, though my first instinct was not to put my name up for consideration. I was placed into an EDC position. For how long, who knows? I see no leadership in Vince Calabro, and his Vice-Chair Fred Silva, I see only revenge seeking because they were defeated in the elections that matter. Calabro worked hard for Jeff Christopher, and they lost, twice.

As we move forward I expect a purging in the committee, I take you back to one of Mr. Calabro’s planks in his platform, #7, “I will act to take any and all necessary measures that may be required to safeguard and protect the SCRP from malicious actions and entities attempting to undermine our objectives.”

As I said in a previous post, this is an open threat to anyone who would dare to oppose this tyrant of a chairman. He is the new Glen Urquhart, he will use this committee to attempt to build a campaign for his constant companion Lacey Lafferty, who thinks she is running for governor. And when she realizes that there is absolutely no support for her beyond her tiny inner circle of sycophants, she will be the next non-Republican candidate that Vince Calabro will support against the endorsed Republican. This time as the Chairman of the Committee.

I am honest enough to admit that I am writing this in anger, never a good idea. But I am not angry because the TEAPATRIOT912ers won, I am angry with myself that I didn’t or couldn’t do more to protect my chosen party. I failed to defeat the inner enemy. The leaches will now continue to suck the life from the body of the GOP. They will represent themselves as Republicans, all the while doing everything they can to destroy the Grand Old Party.

The new attitude of the Sussex GOP Committee is, as expressed by re-elected 35th RDC, Matthew Opaliski, “take a hike”. This is what he said to a newly elected EDC who was simply expressing his opinion about filling vacancies, to which Mr. Opaliski said, “if you don’t like it, take a hike”.

So you see, it is exactly as I stated in my previous post, they don’t care a lick about growing the party, they want only to surround themselves, with themselves, and that is exactly what they have done.

I now encourage all reasonable Republicans to find, and or form, Republican clubs, to organize and work for candidates. Reach out to candidates. Fund raise, and take all the available money that is out there before this blind squirrel of a committee can find a single dime.

And to all elected officials, and Republican candidates, stay as far away from this committee as you possibly can, they are poison, they are the plague. They are the cancer upon the body politic. They are completely out of touch with the mainstream voters and reality.

And when 2016 rolls around, watch and see whose candidates win, and whose candidates are again left wondering why they can’t win.


48 Comments on "“I Can’t Breathe”"

  1. You Are Disgusting Frank says:

    You are one of the most disgusting persons I have ever had the displeasure to know Frank. GET OFF OUR PLANET AND QUIT BREATHING PRECIOUS AIR.

  2. Silver Bullet says:

    Great self-portrait, Frank!

    We never knew that you were such a great contortionist. Hope do didn’t have to wait too long while GROSSman forgot to put batteries in the the digicam.

    What’s next??? A pile of elephant manure in front of Charlie Copeland’s house?

    Thanks for the glimpse into your most inner mind , illustrating your outstanding GOP leadership potential.

  3. You Can't Spell says:

    It’s “I Can’t Breathe.” You uneducated dolt.

  4. Maverick says:

    Just think of all that raw home grown Bridgeville Lesbimann political talent going to waste in the 2nd ED of the 35th RD.

  5. Meyer says:

    Thanks for being honest, Frank. Another reason I re-registered as unaffiliated.

  6. Frank Knotts says:

    Thanks for the editing help, it’s what happens when you write at midnight in haste. Notice you had nothing better to counter with. Maybe you should pull your head out of Vince’s backside, or is it Just Jeff’s?

  7. rb2 says:

    “they don’t care a lick about growing the party, they want only to surround themselves, with themselves”


  8. Dave says:


    This is a somewhat predictable outcome considering that many former members have abandoned the party simply because it was head toward the extreme right. As more and more members choose unaffliation, the SCGOP more and more firmly entrenched on the fringe. But the good news is that those that remain become solely responsible for outcomes. They will finally be able to offer candidates that truly reflect their views. Their belief is that given a real choice, the people will choose their candidates. I think they are wrong, but at least now they will no longer be able complain that the people aren’t being offered a real choice. Of course, I’m not sure how that affects the futures of folks like Lopez, Lee, and several others who are not on the fringe.

  9. justsaying says:

    The Sussex GOP is a Joke! I could write 5 pages on the Sussex GOP but I will leave it at this….You lost my support and my monthly donation….

  10. Winston says:

    You’ve finally done it Frank. You’ve gone insane, but the reality of it is this: You believe that you control all political things within your realm of influence. What I’m trying to tell you is, you have flipped over the edge and are totally delusional. Only a complete deranged idiot would use the images that you used on a family site. One commenter actually put it in better words. Get off our planet and quit breathing precious air.

  11. Concerned Parent says:

    It’s amazing that the human level of Delaware Right drops exponentially with the price of CRUDE oil. I have blocked internet access to this site to my children and have e-mailed my large contact list suggesting that they do same. You are a festering boil on the but of the GOP and won’t last long as an ED. Matt Opaliski has it right. TAKE A HIKE.

  12. justsaying says:

    Opalinski is a joke. How many times has he lost? Put a loser at head of a district where he doesnt like the rep or senator but cant beat them….joke… Maybe it’s his flannel and sweatpant look. What a great representative of,the party…POS

  13. Sussex Limey says:

    AYE . Now, you’ve done it, Frank. Charlie Copeland will av your ide before the day is ooout.

  14. Frank Knotts says:

    Limey, not sure Mr. Copeland knows where Sussex even is. Concerned Parent I think you meant “butt”.

  15. fightingbluehen says:

    Well, I guess there is no reason for the IPoD to exist in Sussex County any longer.

  16. Rick says:

    Everybody is out of step but Frank- as usual.

    I heard Frank tell Gaffney today that the TEA Party is too “extreme,” and has lost influence. Really? The TEA Party moved the “mainstream” GOP to the right, precipitating the largest GOP gains since the 1930’s. Don’t take my word for it- Larry Sabato said the same thing.

    Frank comfortably fits-in with the weak wing of the “establishment” GOP that kissed the Socialist-Democrats’ butts for years. Guys like Mouse Castle, who saw elections as mere coronations.And, as has been demonstrated for years, Frank never met a conservative he didn’t hate.

    If the GOP runs an “establishment” candidate, like Bush or Romney- candidates Frank would consider to be “mainstream”- they’ll lose. The nation repudiated Omaba in ’14, and they’ll repudiate Clinton or Warren in ’16, if the GOP runs a true conservative.

    The “mainstream” Republicans ridiculed Reagan as being too “extreme.” In 1984, he carried forty-nine states. After eight years of a hard-left administration, the country is begging for conservative- real conservative- leadership.Frank prefers wishy-washy appeasers.

    Frank, join the Socialist-Democrats. That’s where your heart is.

    “Everybody’s Out of Step but Frankie”

  17. delacrat says:

    “…the lunatic fringe that has completely taken over the committee”
    Frank, If they were really “fringe” they would not be able to take over. The lunatics took over because lunatics are mainstream in the GOP.

  18. RINO Hunter says:


    Out of goosestep is more like it. Frankie would be more at home in the National Socialist Delaware Assbiters Party. Everybody knows that Knotts and his buddy GROSSman are out to destroy the GOP.

    With this last miserable excuse of a posting, Knotts has destroyed the last shade of credibility he may have had and has destroyed any chance that his RINO boss, Jeff Cragg had for running for Gov. Anybody dumb enough to hire and pay an idiot to crap out garbage like this does not deserve to be Delaware’s chief executive officer in the first place.

    What else can we expect when dull witted hatemongers have internet and blogsite access?

  19. Rick says:

    Everybody knows that Knotts and his buddy GROSSman are out to destroy the GOP.

    That seems to be the pattern. When the GOP has “friends” like Frank, who needs enemies?

    Ted Cruz at the Heritage Foundation:

    “There are some who believe that a path to Republican victory is to run to the mushy middle, is to blur distinctions,” Cruz said. “I think recent history has shown us, that’s not a path to success. It doesn’t work. It’s a failed electoral strategy. I very much agree with President Ronald Reagan that the way we win is by painting with bold colors and not pale pastels and I think that’s gonna be a debate Republicans are gonna have over the next two years.”

    Now, the hard-left media and Frank portray Cruz as “out of the mainstream” and unelectable”…which is exactly what the media said about Reagan. And they are wrong today, just like they were in ’80.

  20. Tricky Dick says:

    ” Knotts out there is a loose cannon…”

  21. Rat Fink says:

    I wonder what Frank’s buddies Smyk, Pettyjohn, Short, Vincent, Cole and Schwartzkopf think of him now?

  22. Charlie Hebdo says:

    We h.ear that an ISIS front group is looking to buy Delaware Right

  23. Cobra says:

    How appropriate, as they are cut of the same cloth.

  24. Frank Knotts says:

    Suspicion, I simply use a seach engine. But was that you threatening to hack my computer? Consider your IP Address reported.

  25. Middleman says:

    There sure is a lot about politics I don’t understand. Rat Fink, are saying that Smyk, Pettyjohn, Short, Vincent, Cole and Schwartzkopf are Frank’s fan club? Or are you saying they are TEA-12er sympathizers?

  26. Don't Tread on Me says:


    It really takes a warped dirty mind like yours to post filth and garbage like you do. You are nothing but a two-bit would be cyberbully. When decent patriotic Americans stand up to you, you whine and snivel like a schoolgirl. You really need to start your own political party if you can find enough morons to follow you ; as the GOP has no use for you then, now or ever. You have no talent other than being an obnoxious twit and a gasbag and no power or influence other than the figments of your misguided imagination.

  27. Cosmic Messanger says:


    Relax and BE HAPPY.

    Try not to go too hard on Frankie. He is merely exploring his inner space. You may even call him an ASStronaut or even an ASStrophysicist on his life path of cyberspace.

  28. mouse says:

    You know what destroyed the GOP in Delaware? It was false delusional hate driven rhetoric and faux religious dogma that anyone who isn’t vested in it can see through as well as candidates like Christine Odonnell, and the Ebola guy they ran last time who spew this crap. I mean what is the likelyhood that the GOP will attract swing voters?

  29. Mark Hickman says:

    I like some of Frank’s ideas and I disagree with some of them, but that is why we all live in this country so that we can have a choice to do that. I like Frank’s passion for politics and the GOP, and if some of that passion were to catch on it would due wonders for the leadership and the party. I hate to see the name calling and hatefulness, because of a post of someone’s opinion. Why can’t we treat each other with respect and talk to each other like adults. I am a life long Republican, I was born and raised here in Sussux County, and by that I mean i was born at Milford Hospital and raised in Bethany Beach. I have seen a lot of change, and it has mostly been for the better, this change has given me the opportunity to have a well paying job and raise my two daughters in this area. Frank, I was going to attend the meeting last night,which would have been my first, but decided against it. I am glad because it looks like it was just a lot of unhappy people. I do enjoy blogs and listening to your opinions on the radio please keep it up.

  30. Frank Knotts says:

    Thanks Mark, and I completely understand why you stayed away. Please join the conversation more often. The best way to drown out the unreasonable voices is with more reasonable voices. We are attempting to clean up the site, though not fast enough for some, this isn’t instant mashed potatoes. And again let me be honest, this post was written in anger, but often our truest feelings come out of our most intense emotions. I may apologize to the rational people but never to those people who want only to destroy the GOP.

  31. Rick says:

    Ted Cruz, Monday:

    “We need to pass fundamental tax reform making our tax code simpler, flatter, fairer,” he said Monday at Heritage Action’s 2015 conservative policy summit. ”And I’ll tell you, the single most important tax reform, we should abolish the IRS.”

    Cruz is with the people. He couldn’t care less about the “establishment” GOP. He actually has principles, and defends them. He is a leader, and he won’t give in to the left, or to the GOP “moderate” appeasers.

  32. mouse says:

    Abolish the IRS,lol. If you want to be taken seriously, you need something besides comic slogans. Maybe abolish clean air and water too

  33. Frank Knotts says:

    Mouse don’t you know, it’s not conservative unless it fits on a bumper sticker.

  34. fightingbluehen says:

    Harvard, Princeton, Harvard Law….Hispanic. I thought you liberals worshiped people like Ted Cruz.

    I know he’s on my short list of people who could get the country back on track.

  35. RINO Hunter says:

    It will take advanced waste water treatment to clean up this sewer of a site and good writers,too. However no one with any brains wants to work in this cesspool.

  36. RINO Hunter says:

    It will take advanced waste water treatment to clean up this sewer of a site and good writers,too. However, no one with any brains wants to work in this cesspool.

  37. Black Russian says:

    Comrade ,

    Chill out. Next thing you know, you’ll be banging your shoes on your desk , but NOT at UN.

    Nikita is smiling on you.

  38. Critical Mass says:

    Would you call in on Dan’s show tomorrow. I busted a gut laughing so hard that is gives new meaning to the acronym ROTFLMAO.
    This time could you actually not only whimper but break into full bawling and crying. You whined quite well and but could you also snivel a little more for effect. I can’t believe you completely destroyed yourself. You must be carrying that self-destructive gene.

  39. Rick says:

    Mouse don’t you know, it’s not conservative unless it fits on a bumper sticker.

    That’s right, Frank. Run to your little liberal buddy, mouse.

    But, what do you mean by your comment? Is it your implication that your conservative critics are stupid? Sure sounds that way to me.

    Did Russell Kirk’s treatise fit on a bumper sticker?

    Now, go to Wikipedia. At least you might learn something.

  40. Rat Fink says:


    It’s not about liberalism or conservatism it’s about Knotts’ predjudice, egomanicalism and paranoia. He put out filth, was ridiculed and now he’s whining, blaming others for his slime. What else can we expect from a creature of HATE?

    If he had any guts, he would have served as an ED chair and offered constructive alternatives to the GOP status qou, but he lacks the intellect and communications skills to persuade people. Instead, he constantly looks for more people to attack and denigrate — a sure mark of a LOSER>

  41. Frank Knotts says:

    Rat Fink, want to thank you for you Christian comments and intellectual input. As for serving as an EDC for change, well I tried twice to use that tactic for change, and failed. I will now work outside the committee where I have helped others and witnessed success, not just the do nothing talking about success in the committee and the new make up will only be more of the same. But thank you for your input and concern for my wellbeing.

  42. typical says:

    And you right wing nuts wonder why people laugh at you. You’re always right and everyone else is always wrong. Play the victim and value no one else’s opinion. This blog site is the best thing going on the internet!

  43. Rattlesnake says:

    Yeah, if you like the GOSSman / Knotts brand of raving buffoonery, vulgarity and perversion.

  44. justsaying says:

    The same people posting under different names is annoying. And the only vulgarity is bodie…Did you see he is seeking a plea deal…..innocent my ass….you patriots and true Christians supported that….go to hell with him

  45. Logic 101 says:


    Now, that’s IRRELEVANT.

    Delaware Right is rapidly becoming irrelevant to serious political discourse, but it’s a great place for Frankie and his dwindling band of followers to whine, snivel and spew hate and venom.

    Unfortunately, it’s getting boring and predicable just like Delaware Liberal.

  46. justsaying says:

    Fine not relevant to this topic… maybe frank can start a new thread with the article. Then hear all your pathetic covers. No Contest remember that…..

  47. Dunleve says:

    What would be worse is if the SCGOP figured out how to win elections other than crap committee seats. SInce they don’t fundraise, and can’t be bothered working for candidates, and can’t engage new blood; I don’t imagine tht will be happening anytime soon. If the Republican politicians the committee nutjobs keep blasting keep winning elections, it just proves the SCGOP is irrelevant. Fast forward 2 years and it will be the same idiots patting themselves on the back because the politiciants they treaten to primary have won again. Eventually they will all wander off to the POD people.

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