So Who Is Voting Against Biden?

Should Beau Biden run for higher office?

Yes, I think he should be governor

Yes, he should run for Congress

No, I’m worried about his health

No, he’s not doing a good job

   These were the results of a Delawareonline  poll as of three thirty this afternoon. Here is the link to the poll, let see if we can run up those disapproval numbers. One has to ask why his numbers are so bad.

6 Comments on "So Who Is Voting Against Biden?"

  1. waterpirate says:

    I am sure the man is a fine human being…. but, the wealth he has seemed to pile up since being the V.P. is alarming at the least. His non stop gaffing of everything is pure gold for the late night T.V. crowd. But what really yanks my chain is his seeming non distinction between the State of DE and Delaware County PA. Other than being The Presidents chosen toady, what policy or unique brain thought has he seen to fruition?

  2. Laffter says:

    WATERPIRATE, You had one too many stouts,

    This wasn’t about JOE BIDEN, THE VP

    it’s about BEAU BIDEN, the AG, seeking Higher office…..

  3. waterpirate says:

    Like father, like son?

  4. delacrat says:

    An hereditary democracy is an oxymoron.

  5. Dave says:

    I progressives are disappointed that Beau is not more progressive and the conservatives will always be disappointed in any (D). Plus, you have to look at how many people voted in poll (800 some odd). That’s not a good sample because there is a limited set of folks who actually vote in such polls. The rest of us don’t pay attention to them. My guess is that the poll is pretty meaningless.

  6. Laffter says:

    Well then, we can hang the ” like father , like son” meme around Jeb bush’s neck too?

    I personally would like to give each individual person their own chance.

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