Something About Mary

GOP  Those wacky Sussex Republicans were at it again for their monthly meeting.   To be honest, I don’t know where to begin, but I know where I will end, and you’ll just have to wait.

So let’s see, as always the evening begins with the Treasurer’s report, and as always not much to report. You can hear the frustration in Vicki Carmean’s voice as she relates once again that the Executive Committee has spent way more in the past month than it has taken in.

This month’s report showed an opening balance of $6,725.87, they took in $20.00, and no, that is not a typo, $20.  They spent $1,209.00, leaving them with $5,536.87. We might want to start calling this the “long kiss goodbye”.

Another bad sign is that they have started separating funds. They also have an “office improvement fund”, which started with $180.00, spent $139.89 for a door at the “Headquarters”, leaving $40.11. Man I hope they really needed that door.

Following the Treasurer’s report came a report from the newly formed Finance Committee. This committee has been tasked with finding ways to raise money, and to set goals for spending it once it is found.

Suggestions from the FC were to cut the number of phones at the headquarters from two to one, and to cut out the summer meetings at the Cheer Center.

Now the suggestions for how to raise money. One is to charge dues to be a member of the Executive Committee, $20 for EDCs, and $50 for RDCs and Officers. So you would be paying to be a volunteer. Not such a bad idea really I guess, but knowing that room, good luck getting it passed. They won’t spend over $15 on a dinner fund-raiser.

Another idea was a January 2016 Election Kick-off Dinner & Patriot’s Circle Reception, this would be a two tiered event to celebrate/ support candidates who have filed via a special reception followed by a dinner(two prices).  Sounds like somebody is taking notes from the Sussex Republican Women’s Club. And by the way, hope this bunch learned something since the last time they tried to put on a fund-raiser.

It was also suggested that they sell GOP products such as ties, totes, cups and the like. Uh folks, first you must have the money to buy the merchandise, before you can sell it, where is that coming from?

Well I guess it would be coming from the “BIG DONOR LIST”! A list of big donors who could be contacted via a special letter to “BIG REPUBLICAN DONORS”.

WOW! So we are just going to come up with this list, and then because we send them a SPECIAL letter, they will decide to give thousands of dollars to an organization that can’t raise enough money to be able to hold monthly meetings. Yeah right!

The committee report then went on to lay out their EXPENDITURE GOALS. (I’m sorry, but please imagine me rolling on the floor in laughter right now.)

This Executive Committee can’t raise more than $20 in a month, and they have “EXPENDITURE GOALS”?

The money they haven’t yet raised would be spent on mailings, filing fees would be used to support Republican candidates. STOP! WAIT! That blind squirrel just found a nut. That is exactly what should have been happening all along.

They would also start Republican scholarships, a lofty ideal, but could we pay the rent first?

But here is the best for last, and I kid you not, it was printed out on the official report handed out to every member and guest, they want to buy a projector. A projector? What is it the 1950’s ? Did someone find some classic 8mm home movies? For Lord’s sake a projector. And these are the so-called leaders of the Sussex GOP. I’ll say it again, WOW!

The word delusional comes to mind. It reminds me of the reports of Hitler in the final days of the Third Reich, in the Bunker moving imaginary divisions around on the war maps.

Then came the Secretary’s report, nothing happening there, well unless you think that the announcement by the Secretary Linda Creasey, that three of the nominated delegates to the GOP state convention from Sussex, can’t afford the price of the tickets, is important, and unless you think it shameful to have her announce that they will be passing the hat to raise the money to send these three people is important, well nothing to be seen here.

I can’t say it enough, WOW! This is what the so-called “patriots” and TEA movement has brought the GOP in Sussex to, they have become the party of yard sales and Go Fund Me, pan-handling beggars. If you can’t afford the ticket, then step aside and allow someone else to go. These are the people who are going to put together the “BIG DONOR LIST” remember.

Then came the best part of the evening, (no sarcasm), Rep. Ruth Briggs-King was the guest speaker, and one could tell from the beginning of her comments that she was not happy. She spoke of the need for Republicans to communicate, to actually do more than just talk about registering voters, but then to follow-up and make sure they get to the polls, to organize real volunteers.

However, the real meat of her comments for me was when she detailed that she had again brought legislation to the GOP leadership regarding prevailing wage, and was told not to bring it out yet, only to have the GOP Leadership bring out their own version of her legislation.

If Republicans are going to make real gains, then leadership needs to stop worrying about who gets the credit for this bill or that bill, and just make sure that the bills have a chance.

And it may be a small thing, but while Rep. Brigg-King was speaking, was exactly when EDC LAURENE PURDY chose to walk through the audience asking people to give money for the delegates who couldn’t raise the price of the convention ticket.

Rep. Briggs-King is one of the best public communicators that I have had the privilege to hear speak, she speaks concisely, and makes her points with humor and wit. And to have someone passing through the audience pan-handling during that time was rude and thoughtless, they even brought the bucket up next to her to count the booty while she was still speaking. Guess she didn’t throw in enough trigger words like “tyranny” and “constitution” to hold their limited attention.

Then followed reports from several of the Republican clubs.

We then heard from MiguelPirez-Fubar who is running in the Indian River School Board elections. I have to be honest, I didn’t really hear much after he said that he wasn’t running because he had children or grandchildren in the district, because he didn’t, he was running because there are future voters in those schools. Way to politicize a non-partisan election.

By now, some of you may be wondering about the title of this post, “Something About Mary”. Well that is because long time Republican volunteer and party member, Mary Spicer,

mary spicer who also ran for Sussex Chair-person asked the question, where’s Vince?

Vince Waldo You see this was the second consecutive meeting that the new Chairman Vince Calabro has missed, and there was  no mention of a family issue, or an illness, something that is the norm at these meetings. They are always asking for prayers, or stating that this person or that person is ill, but nothing was said about the fact that Vice-chair Fred Silva was again running the meeting.

So Mary Spicer stood up and asked for an explanation, asking where is the leader of the committee? All she got from Fred Silva was that he didn’t know. Really? So there is no communication between the Chair and the Vice-chair about the fact that the Chair again won’t  be able to make the monthly meeting?

Mary continued to press the issue with no fear, even when several in the audience began shouting at her, one being EDC Kim Gibson, who, by the way is one of Mr. Calabro’s fellow travelers, who stated that Vince was home sick, according to Lacey Lafferty.

Mary Spicer continued to point out that Mr. Calabro had run for the office stating that he would work hard to move the GOP in Sussex forward. She pointed out that if he had family obligations or was ill, that this was understandable, but the committee should be made aware if he has chosen to resign without resigning.

Let me just say, that the courage Ms. Spicer showed in asking this question and standing up to the bully tactics is exactly why many supported her when she challenged Mr. Calabro for the chair. By the way, I have missed very few meetings, and Mary Spicer has missed even fewer to my knowledge.

Fred Silva again abruptly adjourned the meeting without a motion or a vote, which is exactly what he did last month when he could not answer the hard questions. This committee cannot raise money, it cannot attract new members, it’s so called chairman has become the invisible man.  invisible man  Those left to run the committee are mean bullies who have no idea what they are doing.

I have to also relate that near the end of the meeting, EDC Larry Mayo, stood up and shouted at Ms. Spicer that what she was doing was just giving “that man” as he pointed to the back of the room at me, material for a blog. Ms. Spicer stated that she isn’t afraid of blogs, and why should she be?

It is only those with something to hide that fear the light of public scrutiny.

My final thought is that Vince Calabro has quit the job of  Sussex GOP Chairman, but has hatched a plan with his fellow travelers to not do it officially, and in this way it allows Fred Silva to run  the committee without holding an election and risk losing control.

There will be no June meeting, “because of the convention”, the next meeting will be in July, unless they cancel all meetings to save money. It will be very interesting to see if the Sussex Chair is able to attend the State Convention.

Thank you Mary Spicer for being the leader we knew you were.



14 Comments on "Something About Mary"

  1. Pat Fish says:

    Great report Frank. Had choir practice last night, Penticost. Had to make a choice, chose to sing. Glad you gave a good report.

    I head Vince was moving to Italy but don’t tell nobody I said so.

    I too think Briggs-King is a great speaker.

  2. Well Now says:

    You continued unfounded assumptions of Mr. Calabro illness and other vitriolic reportings of the Sussex GOP meetings are tiring. Your printed half-truths and untruths are the cause of your blogsite’s downfall.
    Along with Ms. Fish’s failure to write anything over the level of a third graderl, your site is in serious trouble.
    But I do like the way she continually kisses your butt.

  3. james says:

    What is unfounded? Mr. Calabro missed another meeting that is fact. Mr. Calabro is the Chairman, he is supposed to be the leader and he is not leading. Since the first word of this fundraising fiasco no one has seen him. He has left Fred and Don to take all the blame and the heat over this issue. I think it is time to appoint Fred Silva as chair, or ask John Rieley as past chair to take back over. Obviously, Mr. Calabro has duped some of us.

  4. james says:

    I forgot he sent Bill Carrol as well. Not to mention the Financial committee Bill is taking care of. I think maybe Fred should be chair and Bill Carrol should be vice chair. Bill has organized events, he has been actively trying to help with finances, he seems to get along with everyone, and has a wealth of experiance.

  5. fightingbluehen says:

    “I think it is time to appoint Fred Silva as chair, or ask John Rieley as past chair to take back over. ”

    I don’t see much of a difference. Time for new leadership and direction.

  6. Meyer Persow says:

    Spending more than they took in? When did the liberals take over the Sussex GOP? 😉

  7. Frank Knotts says:

    Now you stop that right now Meyer
    James, according to their own rules, Fred cannot just take over if Vince resigns. He can only serve as temporary chair, they would have to hold a special election within a time frame.
    And to address Well Now, I assumed nothing, I merely stated what I have witnessed.
    As for the site? Thanks for your concern, we are doing just fine.

  8. waterpirate says:

    This latest turn is just to funny to ignore. Any one remember the old Adams Family episode when the whole family stops as Morticia remarks ” It is going to be a good wreck. He is running the number nine. ” Then the 2 trains in the basement collide in a horrible twisted wreck.

    Call me names if you must, but I can not look away……

  9. james says:

    Miguel Fabar Perez ran a spirated campaign in which he came in a close 3rd….

  10. JS says:

    May want to rethink the move to Italy. We have an extradition treaty with them. Just sayin.

  11. Jack Black says:

    James, are you joking? Miguel only received 30 votes! I ask all readers to Google the Sussex County school board votes and see for yourself.
    Also, when are people like Larry Mayo going to realize they look like a fool telling female leaders like Mary Spicer to keep quiet? If i told my wife to keep quiet when she feels she has something important to say I’d get an earful. It’s obvious there are more and more people in the county starting to speak up. I’m going to take a guess that many of the women Republicans are not happy to see or hear that people are trying to silence Mary Spicer. My wife bets Mary could get an entourage of not only women but men to back her up if people keep trying to shut her voice down.. Shame on anyone who told her to be quiet when she was asking a legitimate question. This Miguel guy losing pathetically shows that there is a small group of people in their own tiny world thinking they are important leaders, yet Nobody is following them. If you can’t lead GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! And i say to all the fools out there who try to silence Mary, and anyone else speaking up like her, keep on trying that because our bet is that you are gonna Motivate even MORE men and women to speak up. So you go right ahead and keep tryin….

  12. Frank Knotts says:

    Jack I could be wrong, buts James’ previous two comments if it is the same James, seem reasonable enough and so his last comment may have been tounge in cheek.

  13. mouse says:

    Vampiers can’t stand the light of day

  14. james says:

    Jack the word is…..sarcasm……

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