Stop The Presses!

I know this will come as a surprise to so many politically interested people here in Delaware, because almost no one saw this coming, I am sure.

Last night the bomb was dropped at the Sussex County monthly GOP meeting in Georgetown.

Believe it or not, Rose Izzo announced that yes, she will once again be running for Delaware’s one seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. I know, I can’t believe it myself, who would have thought it possible.

It must have taken great courage for Ms. Izzo to come to this decision.

Ms. Izzo made a short speech which included references to her Italian heritage and tying it together with the Italian explorer Columbus, since it was Columbus day, and inferring like Columbus, she would have the courage to go blindly into uncharted territory. She did leave out any references to the fact that Columbus is also credited with bringing syphilis to the new world. She may also want to remember that Columbus did not end up where he was intending to go.

The short speech will be coming to UTUBE in the near future I am sure, since Mr. Izzo was recording it.

Other notable guest were community organizer Eric Boye, who has taken credit for helping Nelly Jordan to win her seat as Vice Chair of the state GOP. Thank so much Mr. Boye, glad to see that ACORN is alive and well.

To close out the night, former U.S. Senate candidate Jim Baxter gave an inspirational speech which was not short. Mr. Baxter ran against Joe Biden back in 1978 and won 41% of the vote, which may be the closest anyone ever got to Mr. Biden.

Unfortunately for Mr. and Mrs. Izzo, they had run out of the meeting after Mrs. Izzo’s speech, taking no questions by the way, and missed the chance to capture on tape Mr. Baxter’s backhanded endorsement of Ms. Izzo’s campaign, when he said, “I hope she wins”.

Missed opportunities Ms. Izzo.

This month’s announcement follows last month’s appearance of former candidate for U.S. Senate, Kevin Wade. I see a troubling pattern of former candidates being all the GOP has at this time. This is not a good pattern, we need fresh faces and ideas if we are to mount any real challenge of the Democrats. But the TEA people like their comfortable shoes, and it would seem they also like repeating old mistakes.

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  1. Angus Berger says:

    Frank, you’re such a meathead and progressive liberal. I was at that meeting. Why don’t you write for Delaware Liberal.

  2. Dave Jones says:

    I applaud people like Mrs. Izzo (why did her husband take her last name…) for her unbridled audacity. As far as I can tell she has never created a job, written a book, served on a commission, been on school board, served in a lower office, etc and yet she is now qualified to be in Congress. This truly is indicative of an ego that has run amok. We went through that before in 2010 and USS Coons is very glad we did. As I told the Izzo’s via email, should she be the nominee I will have no choice but to vote for Mr. Carney. When your the minority party you need bold ideas from a qualified person who can get in the ring and mix it up versus running out the door after your done speaking.

  3. anon. says:

    Frank, you supported her in the past?

  4. Harry Whittington says:

    A little research on Rose:

    One of Rose’s biggest campaign accomplishments came in 2004 when she won a Primary election against a career politician.

    Rose is a former committee woman and has been involved in politics since 1999. She has also been active in her community as a Troop Leader for the Girl Scouts of America, Teacher’s Aid and has worked with Special Needs Children.

    Rose is a member of the National Riffle Association, St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church, Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society and the Brandywine Hundred Public Library.

    Rose’s big accomplishment in 2004 was winning a Primary, but according to the State of Pennsylvania, there was no opponent, she took 100% of the vote as a DEMOCRAT, then went on to lose big in the general election to a Republican.

    Let me repeat, her website says this: “One of Rose’s biggest campaign accomplishments came in 2004 when she won a Primary election against a career politician.”

    But the record shows this:

    No candidate was eligible for the Democratic primary. Rose Izzo is waging a write-in campaign to win the Democratic nomination. She must receive 300 votes to win the nomination.


    Got it? Yes, she’s a liar. She LIED to Delaware voters about her record.

    But holy s**t, I am a member of a Public Library, too, maybe I should run for Congress!

    Is now the time to bring up the way she raped her uncle’s bank account?

  5. Frank Knotts says:

    I’m sorry Angry Berger, did I say anything that wasn’t true?
    Anon, supported her? In what way? And if so? Just because we support someone in the past, does not mean that we must support them forever more, with knowledge comes clarity.

  6. fightingbluehen says:

    “Just because we support someone in the past, does not mean that we must support them forever more, with knowledge comes clarity.”

    But sometimes the damage is already done, Frank

    Apparently on the Rachael Maddow show someone has theorized that the whole GOP fear of the tea party primary challenges, and the resulting actions of the GOP, stemmed from the Christine O’Donnell victory over Mike Castle.

    Frank, your influence on that primary may have had more lasting affects on the entire country than you may realize.

    This is only my opinion, but I speculate that you, the “angry white female” and Bill Colley, may have single handedly swayed Sussex County in that primary.

    That being said, Mike Castle’s support of the global warming movement didn’t help either.

    I used to tell my wife that this “most frequent caller Frank” guy has good logic. I still respect your logic ,and good sense Frank. Keep it up

  7. fightingbluehen says:

    Correction: It was “crazy Eileen” during that town hall meeting, not “Angry white female.”

    Scratch out ‘Angry white female’ and replace with “crazy Eileen”

  8. Harry Whittington says:

    I’m baffled as to why the Sussex GOP would have this unelectable liar with no resume speak at a meeting. John Reily needs to pull his head out of his arse, stop pandering to the fringe, and start backing statewide candidates that have more than a snowball’s chance in Hell.

    Democrats already have Rose Izzo’s number, they have her settlement with the uncle that she robbed, they have her husband’s court cases, they know she lied on her website about “winning a Primary election against a career Politician.” If she’s the GOP candidate, the media and the Ds will destroy her and reduce her to what she is, a joke. And they won’t do it because she’s a Republican, a woman, and Italian American, a mother or a “con-servative” they’ll do it because it’s true, it’s that simple.

    You can criticize Ron Sams all you want, but he was smart enough to know the difference between a candidate and a con artist. Sussex needs to bring him back as Chair.

  9. Dave says:

    “I’m baffled as to why the Sussex GOP would ________” (fill in the blank)

    So many ways to complete the sentence. But generally I think it would be safe to say that the inmates are running the asylum, but more importantly, I think it is the last gasp or last hurrah. After all if you are going to lose, lose big. Like the lone fishing boat, racing up the slope of the wave, knowing full well that when the wave comes crashing down it will turn the boat into toothpicks, the local and regional party mirrors the national party during this perfect storm. And with nothing to lose, they remain defiant to the end. Just as they wave a confederate battle flag at national monuments, without even recognizing incongruent nature of that act, so too do they celebrate the Izzos and rail against the Lopezes as evidence of their disconnect with America.

    I’ve been pondering whether to register as an (R) to see if I can help salvage the party, but I remain unconvinced that there is any hope for it. It has been said that the GOP has been reduced to a regional party. That seems pretty accurate from what I can see.

  10. Mike Protack says:

    Jesus Christ could run as a Republican in Delaware and he would lose. The DE GOP preaches about a big tent but it is clearly close minded and full of hate mongers who criticize “non resume” candidates yet those who criticize have less of a resume, less intelligence and for the most part no civility.

    Since 1988 the De GOP has been in decline and decline is not a condition it is a decision. The pseudo leaders of those years destroyed a once great party.

  11. waterpirate says:

    At the end of the day you will have sane people who want to govern, and represent the people that they know. It really does not matter to alot of us what letter comes after their name.

  12. KL Lagola says:

    Harry, your 1st post was hilarious! Thanks for the fun and info. I don’t know, nor have I ever met Ms Izzo. However, I do know that it is woefully difficult to run for elected office (at any level) and not be scrutinized for one’s lifetime footprint.

    I consider myself as being fairly “squeaky clean,” all things being equal. But there is always someone, some oppositional research firm or even an avout liar who claims you’ve done ‘x.’

    It’s rough going. As they say: “politics ain’t bean-bag.”

    The Delaware GOP has fallen to an unimaginable low. Conservatives can slowly chip away; however, it will take enormous sacrifice, good leadership and patience.

  13. Frank Knotts says:

    FBH, I thank you for your respect, not sure if I can take as much credit for national politics as you suppose though.
    Harry, John Riley made a point of addressing some people’s objections to Ms. Izzo speaking. He stated that he does not feel that as chairman it is his job to filter which candidates get to address the committee. I actually respect that, I too believe that there is something to be gained by allowing the Rose Izzos to be heard.
    WP, we await your return.

  14. Mike Protack says:

    The De GOP will make up stuff even if you are clean. A previous NCC Chair and NCC Regional Chair made completely false statements and allegations to Federal Law Enforcement Officials about me. It seems someone I had no contact with for over 90 days had suffered death threats courtesy of me. The state chair’s response, “yawn”.

    How about the local GOP hack lawyer who attempted to obtain medical records of mine through my FAA Doctor?

    If you are a loyal member of the De GOP, you need a serious mental examination. The DE GOP is leaderless and rudderless. They will spend hours and hours attacking fellow Republicans and never touch the Democrats who have ridden this state in to an irreversible decline.

  15. Harry Whittington says:

    Mr. Protack you have a resume. You have a job with responsibility that you’ve maintained for decades. You served your country honorably and you raised fine, productive children. Don’t compare yourself to the likes of Rose Izzo or Christine O’Donnell.

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