All For Nothing!

So the Senate has passed a bill to raise the debt limit, and to “restart” the government, and the House will be voting on it later tonight, if they haven’t already as I write this.

So what was gained by the whole shutdown the government move? Nothing, not one damn thing.

Wait, that isn’t exactly true. Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senator from Kentucky, who helped to draft the legislation, that President Obama has said he will sign immediately upon its arrival on his desk, did manage to get nearly $3,000,000,000.00, (I used all the zeros for dramatic flair), for a damn project, Oh wait my, mistake, that would be a dam project, but I guess either is right.

And I guess one could say that President Obama got a little something out of this whole shutdown the government fiasco. He gets to keep Obama care, (was there ever any doubt?), any so-called budget cuts amount to little more than crumbs from the king’s table, but I am sure Republicans will be touting their hard work to find a compromise that was good for all. So Pres. Obama and the Democrats get to keep their spending ways.

Of course Pres. Obama also get to brag, again, that he has smacked down the Republicans.

The Republicans don’t get anything of any real value, they do however get to keep the TEA people, oh happy days.

The TEA people in Congress orchestrated this whole mess, they did it with no real hope of actually rolling back any part of Obama care. They knew from the start they had no chance, that in the end they would cave, and that is just what has happened. Even their hero of the shut- down, the man who showed so much courage in the early days of this mess, the man who dared to read Dr. Seuss on the floor of the U.S. Senate, Ted Cruz, today said that he would do nothing to block the vote, or to delay it in any way. So here is a quote from Yertle The Turtle for Sen. Cruz,  “I know up on the top you are seeing great sights, but down at the bottom we, too, should have rights.”

So it would seem that these TEA people did not do this to stop Obama care, they didn’t do it to lower the budget, they didn’t do it to keep from raising the debt, they didn’t do it to make the lives of the citizens better. They did it for only one reason, they did it to fire up the rank and file TEA people in the hope that those rank and file TEA people would reach into their pockets and send a dollar or two to the elected officials who like to call themselves patriots and conservatives, and the biggest laugh of all, they like to call themselves Republicans. They are not Republicans, they are RINOs, they are anarchist, they are destroyers, they are in many cases nothing above simpletons.

Their patriotism goes no deeper than rhetoric, their conservatism is nothing beyond cover for their hatred of everything, and their Republicanism is none existent.

It is time that the Republican Party excise this tumor that has grown fat upon the soul of the Grand Old Party, this cancer that threatens to consume the heart of the GOP, to rid ourselves of the stench that surrounds these sideshow con artist, these snake oil salesmen. They shutdown the government for their own selfish reasons with total disregard for the nation, the people, or even the party they call their own.

Take note Republicans, the TEA  people’s disapproval ratings are at their highest ever, with 49% polling with a negative view of the so-called TEA “party”. And as I have written in the past, the negative views of the TEA people reflects upon the GOP. That is unless we make a concerted effort to distance the GOP from the TEA people and their detrimental antics.

And could someone tell me why this fool is smiling?

U.S. Senator McCain smiles as he talks to reporters after a Republican Senate caucus meeting at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

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  1. waterpirate says:

    I will tell you what the govt. workers got, a paid vacation to visit with family and or travel.

  2. anon says:

    Great post, Frank. The crisis won’t end until the cancer that is the Tea Party is removed from the party. That won’t happen until the stupid, gullible people who are giving them money in both large and small amounts stop. And that won’t happen until there’s an alternative presented to the Tea Party in the form of a new rising movement that’s more interested in advancing modern Conservative policy than they are in burning the place down. Because truly advancing Conservative policy means compromising when necessary, and the Tea Party simply won’t do that.

    The only hope we have is for the Democrats to win back the House in 2014, due to the continued overreach on the part of the Tea Party. Maybe then people will listen and an alternative will arise.

  3. waterpirate says:

    The true chemo treatment for that cancer is to farm, grow, and support responsible people. So on that note, hope to see a big turn out at 16 Mile to support RBK and BP this weekend!!!

  4. fightingbluehen says:

    I kind of respect what the dissensionists did. It may not have been the best political strategy ,but someone had to speak up.

    What we have now is essentially a one party rule. The house has been neutered and the senate is more than happy to abdicate it’s power to the executive branch.

    The balance of power, as the founders intended, is in suspension.

  5. waterpirate says:

    I would believe that the system as our founders intended it, is intact and working. The fact is that we do not agree with the current majority’s decisions. We need to continue to work in a quiet civil manner to effect change, not run around screaming about the flying sphaggetti monster.

  6. fightingbluehen says:

    But the current majority in the House of Representatives is Republican.

  7. fightingbluehen says:

    Let the House have a budget, and end these continuing resolutions, so that the people’s House of Representatives can control the purse strings as vested by our constitution.

    There is a reason why there hasn’t been a budget for the last five years,and it’s clear to me why there hasn’t been.

  8. Linda Creasy says:

    Sadly, not exactly “all for nothing”. Check out the pork that was slipped in with the billto re-open the government!

  9. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus has pondered this general topic for some time now and long before this fine post. It’s been an ongoing topic here at House Tuxamus Maximus since House TM came into existence. Waterpirate wrote “…farm, grow, and support responsible people…” and stated well a need not only here but in many other places as well. Although much has been researched about candidates, and current elected (and not elected) politicians here it seems that the process of ‘vetting’ is not really high on the list of priorities. Bad apples can’t always be culled from the basket but it seems just a bit more could have been done. Many have stepped back from involvement due to the bullying (TM doesn’t really understand the Ron Sams thing). In recent years some truly horrific choices have been made and although successful to a point some have been HUGE mistakes. From national (COD), state and county races it seems that a few phone calls and interviews would have been enough to at least reconsider those now known mistakes from happening. Maybe not but at least some vetting has to happen in the future or similar issues may well arise to embarrass so many.

    May all the reasonable people (all but Angus/WC) have a great weekend! House TM will remain vigilant.

  10. Frank Knotts says:

    FBH, you are correct, that something had to be done, and this was not it. What the GOP should be doing, as WP points out, is finding good candidates to win more elections than the Democrats, then we can solve the legislation problems as the Founders intended.

  11. waterpirate says:

    The more I ponder on these things, I keep returning to a common root. Petulant children.
    In my opinion this is one instance where the old way still holds merrit in the modern age. The old way being how we found, grew, and veted candidates slowly over time.
    We found them in our community
    We steered them to service orginazations
    We got them involved in our community
    We got them on the school board
    Then the question was posed about seeking higher office. To the petulant children this appeared to be exclusionary, and eletist. The reality was that it is the tried and true way to vet someone. The rub is that it takes time and patience as well as a willingness to work with others. The entire proccess was the vetting proccess. The people who would scream the loudest, just like petulant children, wanted it all right now without putting in the time or effort. Perhaps if we had stayed the course we would not have the results we have suffered lately. On the local stage as well as the national front.

  12. anon says:

    Not to discourage the line of thinking, but vetting and recruiting require both unity and backbone, neither of which the reasonable Republicans have right now. We can’t bring a candidate in and say “this is a good man” or “she is very qualified to serve,” and expect that person to be supported. We’ve tried, and we’ve seen those people burned to the ground, or nearly so, by the extremists.

    Our number one problem is PERMISSIVENESS. We have for too long permitted behavior and views that are unacceptable. We cozied up to the extremists to get votes, and we invited the chaos. I’m as guilty as the rest.

    The biggest problem is not that someone carried a rebel flag in front of the home of the most prominent black man in the world. The problem is that no one in the crowd told him that it was unacceptable. It’s the finest single example of our problem that I’ve ever seen. Too many of us have stood by while somebody said or did something unacceptable in our party, because we didn’t want to cause a stir and risk being seen as a RINO.

    That’s the biggest advantage the Teajadis have over the rest of us: they don’t care. They have so much conviction that they have no qualms about burning the place down. Most of us, on the other hand, myself included, have shown no conviction in dealing with the cancer among us.

    So until the majority of us are ready to call out the extremists publicly and in an organized fashion, like Frank has on a number of occasions, we’ll continue to see the party brand polluted. And since I’m doing this anonymously, I’m clearly not ready to fight that war yet. Maybe you are.

  13. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    House of Tuxamus Maximus will only offer that a little bit of work (vetting) may have caused even a bit of concern about COD when she mentioned that she had dabbled with witchcraft. Had someone seen that maybe, just MAYBE, the red lights would have started flashing. Sirens may have blared. Had anyone done just about any collection of past info on her they may well have had a second thought.
    But maybe not as the Tea’s don’t think any of them stink at toilet level.

    Other state level GOP candidates have had issues as well. Had anyone picked up the phone and made just a few calls, maybe a background check kind of thing (anyone know what a reverse reference check is all about?) one would think that some real embarrassment to the GOP would have been avoided.
    May all except Angry Berger, WC (not the fat one), and others of that ilk all have a great weekend!

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