Sussex GOP Monthly Meeting, Or, The Circus Just Left Town

GOP   One would expect going into an election year, a political party’s first meeting of the year would be filled with talk of how to win elections, and in the case of the Sussex GOP, you would be correct.   Last night I again attended the monthly meeting of the Sussex GOP Committee, and yes, there was plenty of talk of how to win elections. Unfortunately, if history holds true, talk is all it will be. Now before those regular buzzards show up to tell me how many Republicans are elected in Sussex, you had better come prepared to tell us just how this committee had any role in those elections, or just stay perched on the barn roof.

So the meeting began with Chairman Billy Carroll, (that’s right he actually showed up, this may have been the first official siting of him since the last meeting in November), informing  the room that “Former” Treasurer, Vicki Carmean had resigned. Mr. Carroll stated he had attempted to convince Mrs. Carmean to remain as Treasurer. Though he didn’t mention just how hard he had tried. He didn’t tell us whether or not he had locked her in a room and surrounded her with three men, and threatened her if she didn’t do as she was told.

So, Chairman Carroll gave the Treasurer’s report himself. Now take into consideration that there was no written report available, since Chairman Carroll stated, though he had the report, he forgot to bring it with him. So the report went something like this, “we spent some money, and we wanted to raise some money, but didn’t, but we expect filing fees to be coming in soon, so we’re fine”.

A suggestion was made that they would email the report out to the members at a later date, of course this means that rank and file Republicans will have no access to the report. Transparency? I think not.

The Secretary gave her report next. During this report is the time when nominations from the previous meeting for ED positions are voted on, and new nominations are made. And while there were no new nominations made, RD Chair of the 35th District, Jordan Warfel rose to be recognized. Not to nominate new members, but to actually remove three ED’s for not attending the highly important meetings. Now one person, Michael Bass of Greenwood, has never attended a meeting, and if you do a search of his name you will find some troubling allegations. However, in the other two, you have Jason Dean who has worked on a great many campaigns, many of those winning campaigns, and Steve McCarron who is a member of the Woodbridge School Board, the Bridgeville Vol. Fire Company, and a well-respected member of his community. Both of these men have small children and business responsibilities which means attending the meetings can be difficult, but both have worked on campaigns and been productive members of their communities. That’s right Mr. Warfel, we wouldn’t want their type in the Committee.

Maybe Mr. Warfel should spend more time building his committee, rather than tearing it down, and a lot less time finding primary candidates to run against his own Representative in the 35th. More on that in the coming months.

So once again the Sussex GOP purist are shrinking the room. Make it pure, make it small, the easier to control the agenda if there are fewer voices.

Chairman Carroll then again took the lead in talking about the “Mimi” Report. This was the “UNBIASED” report from Mimi Drew concerning the sexist statements made by male  members of the Committee on the “LITTLE” local talk radio show. As could be expected, nothing was decided on how to discipline those male members. All that came up, was the idea to limit the number of meetings held, going from monthly meetings, to possibly quarterly meetings. This has met with opposition in the past when raised as an idea, and was again last night.

Now if we read between the lines, it isn’t hard to see that the financial state of the Committee is starting to take its toll. Chairman Carroll stated, the Committee would hold their regular meetings for January, February, and March, and then evaluate what to do moving forward. Now it just so happens this time-table would coincide with what many believe to be the amount of money the Committee has to be able to keep the lights on. So, at the same time the Committee will be running out of money, they just so happen to decide to not hold monthly meetings. Obviously they are counting on the filing fees to bail them out. Mr. Carroll stated that they were required to give the CHEER Center sixty days notice if they would not need the room. Which means that if they won’t hold an April meeting, they have to inform them in February. Somebody cue Taps.

Following this news, Mr. Carroll launched into the Committee’s goals for the election year, one being a fully staffed office in Georgetown. Well that shouldn’t be too hard for three months, after all, they won’t be able to afford that either.

Now let me give out my awards for the night. I will start with biggest waste of time, I mean besides the meeting itself. Since they couldn’t line up a guest speaker, they chose to allow Tony Matero to give a presentation of his “PLAN”, for winning election in the upcoming year.

Did I mention that Mr. Matero is also the RD Chair of the 14th District? Did I mention that prior to the meeting I asked Mr. Matero if he had found a candidate to run against Speaker of the House Pete Schwartzkopf and received a response that looked something like this.
matero face

So Mr. Matero took about thirty minute to outline his plan to save the GOP in the short time between now and the Presidential Primary, yet he hasn’t been able to find a candidate to run against the second most powerful Democrat in the state, right in his own district, in two years. Okay thanks. So my award for biggest waste of time goes to Mr. Matero, along with the irony award for being tapped to formulate a plan to win elections while failing to find a candidate within his own district. I will give credit to Mr. Matero for one point he made, the role of the Committee members is to get Republican voters to the polls, and that’s it.

The we hate working people award goes to the entire Sussex GOP Committee. This award is handed out for the vote to move the time of the meetings from seven o’clock, to six-thirty. This room full of retired people obviously have forgotten what it means to have a job and children to take care of. And let us not forget how seniors love them some early bird specials. But hey, it’s only three and out, so no big deal.

Now for the tits on a boar hog award. In the vein of previous resolutions passed by this committee, like the famous Phil Drew resolution to impeach President Obama, the Committee voted to send a resolution to the Sussex Republican Caucus demanding they stop all funding for Planned Parenthood. Now while I may share their opinion of Planned Parenthood, and also would rather my tax dollars not be spent on abortions, what effect will this have? Do they not think the Republican Caucus is not already opposed to this funding? Do they think that by publicly demanding this they have helped the Republican Caucus? No this is just more misguided theater. And maybe Mr. Matero should have spoken up and asked, “how does this get republican voters to the polls”?

And much like last night, I have saved this for last. Last night there was a new candidate in the room. Mark Schaeffer, former Chair of the Kent County Republican Committee, and now resident of Sussex. He was there to announce to the Committee, why I don’t know, his intention to run for the County Council seat now held by Democrat Joan Deaver.

Mr. Schaeffer was made to wait, hat in hand, for the entire meeting. He had to sit through all of the minutia, and grandstanding, all of the moving of the deck chairs, all of the inane debate and hyperbole that is a Sussex GOP meeting. So for this I give the biggest insult award to both Mr. Schaffer for being insulted in this way, and to Chairman Carroll for insulting this man in this way.

Chairman Carroll may have gone home the biggest winner last night, for he also won the worse dye job of the night.  Billy dye job

And finally, the best overheard conversation of the night award goes to the two people whose conversation went like this. Person number one asked, “how long does this go on for?”   Person number two answers, “well, it’s been going on now for about ten years.”

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  1. Linda Creasy says:

    Just some clarification on a couple of points, Frank…

    “Chairman Carroll stated, the Committee would hold their regular meetings for January, February, and March, and then evaluate what to do moving forward. Now it just so happens this time-table would coincide with what many believe to be the amount of money the Committee has to be able to keep the lights on.”

    The decision to hold regular meetings through March and to skip the April meeting was made because the state convention will be held in April. The names of delegates must be read into the record and approved by the Executive Committee by March, so we needed to ensure that the EC continued to meet through then so this could be accomplished. Further, given the amount of time and effort that will be expended by members of the committee in the preparation for and attendance of the state convention, the decision was made to skip the April meeting (as has been done regularly in the past).
    The possible reduction of EC meetings after April is an effort to change the format of the committee to a “bottom up” vs. “top down” management structure as has been suggested by many members of the Executive Committee. It has nothing to do with the financials. The Advisory Board and Representative Districts would continue to meet every month, but the EC would meet less often, which would hopefully make those meetings more time and content effective.

    “Since they couldn’t line up a guest speaker, they chose to allow Tony Matero to give a presentation of his “PLAN”, for winning election in the upcoming year.”

    We did have a speaker scheduled (since November) for this meeting, but that individual cancelled due to a last minute conflict less than 48 hours before the meeting. Since Tony was planning to give his presentation anyway, it was decided to give him the unexpectedly vacated speaker’s slot.

    “the Committee voted to send a resolution to the Sussex Republican Caucus demanding they stop all funding for Planned Parenthood”.

    While that would be the intended end result of the resolution, the actual resolution was to breakout any item that would support Planned Parenthood from any other bill, so that it would be required to have its own vote vs. being lumped in with other requests. This would force all elected officials to take a public stand on the topic. Right now, PP funding is “hidden” within larger bills with valid funding needs such as fire and emergency personnel, forcing those opposed to PP to still vote “yes” in order to fund legitimate causes. Your oversimplification is misleading. Will anything come of the resolution? In the current legislature, probably not. However, we do need to take a stand and at least make an attempt at rectifying this situation. Kudos to those who put in the effort to draft and present the resolution.

    Finally, your witty repartee about the meeting between Chairman Carroll and Mrs. Carmean is beneath even you and does not warrant a specific response. Mrs. Carmean served the Sussex GOP extremely well and with distinct professionalism. The Advisory Board (and hopefully everyone else) recognizes this and has already initiated plans to acknowledge and thank her publicly for her service.

  2. Frank Knotts says:

    Linda, thank you for the clarification. However, would you like to tell us how much money the Suss x GOP has and how long they can pay the bills? Is it possible you are merely repeating the spin you were given?
    I would also be interested in exactly what preparation is needed to attend the state convention. Will the committee have to pass the can again to pay the way for selected members?
    As for my comment about how Mrs. Carmean was treated in the past and asking if she was treated that way again, well I’ll wait to hear from Mrs. Carmean about how she feels about it.
    I’ll be waiting for that financial report here in your official capacity as Secretary. Thanks

  3. delacrat says:

    Ms. Creasey,

    “At current rates, about one in three American women will have had an abortion by the time she reaches age 45.”

    With so many American women believing abortion to be necessary, why do you think restricting it’s availability to be such a vote getter at the polls ?

  4. Linda Creasy says:

    Frank – once the chairman forwards the December treasurer’s report, it will be made public. Until then, I do not have that information for you, as I have not seen it. There is no spin…the report was handed to Billy vs. the usual electronic forward to me. The decision to meet in January thru March was made by the AB well prior to Mrs. Carmean’s departure. In fact, she was one of the people that suggested it.

    Since the convention will be held in Dewey this year, we will likely be called upon to assist with the state’s arrangements as has been done in the past. Further, since delegates are already sacrificing personal time (willingly) to attend the convention, it is usually the custom to not hold an Executive Committee meeting during the same month as the convention as a courtesy to them. I don’t anticipate any need to pass the hat again – that was an unusual circumstance that had not occurred in the past, to my knowledge, and I don’t foresee it happening again.

    I won’t presume to speak for Mrs. Carmean, but I have no reason to doubt the chairman’s word about how their meeting progressed, or that he made a diligent effort to convince her to stay. Further, there is no question in my mind that her final meeting with him was courteous and professional, and that the chairman fully acknowledged his appreciation for all that she has done for the Sussex GOP.

  5. Linda Creasy says:

    Delacrat – the issue with Frank’s post was not a question of the availability of abortions or the benefit of restricting them as related to voting at the polls, but his explanation of the resolution that was brought to the EC. The resolution was not to defund Planned Parenthood (although we would certainly be in favor of that), but to force accountability of all elected officials on the matter of that funding. By breaking out all PP funding requests, either direct or indirect, it would force our elected officials to vote specifically for just those items, thereby making them publicly accountable. Frank’s explanation was entirely misleading.

  6. Vivian says:

    From my knowledge in what I’ve followed in the past year, most are not concerned about Billy Caroll or Linda Creasy’s treatment of Vicki Carmean but the treatment she received by the three men who put her in a room with in an effort to ger her to resign. Two of these men still remain in their leadership positions representing the Repiblican Party in Sussex County. So Bruce Fitzgerald (EDC), Fred Silva (vice chair) and Vince Calabro (former chair) are the individuals that were in that room alone with Mrs. Carmean. I of course am not a witness to what was said in that room and personally was not there, But it doesn’t sit well with me that they went against their own rules to do this in the first place. Yup they went against their own procedure and behind the advisory boards back to try to get her to resign. Tell me Linda, isn’t that against the rules? No one else, including you, knew they were going to do that, correct? Yet Fred Silva and Bruce Fitzgerald still remain in their positions. You mean to tell me those two all of a sudden want Vicki carmean to stay as treasure and appreciate all her work after trying to get her to resign in a backhanded way? As much as all of you who are in positions in the Sussex County Executive Committee try to ignore what happened to Mrs. Carmean, the rest of us see right through it and will not forget that you all have allowed these two men to break your own rules and possibly bully and intimate a woman at the same time while still holding their positions in the Republican Party. I mean these people were never even put up for a vote to be voted out for their behavior, correct? Even if there was no bullying or intimidation taking place can you deny they still did not follow the rules?? And if Mrs carmean was such an awful treasurer causing three men to put her in a room to convince her to resign how is she now an excellent treasurer who served with distinction? This just shows these men were wrong. If I’m wrong then tell me what the advisory board or the entire committee has done with this situation? Because those of us on the outside looking in see those two men remaining. Yet two family men who have never exhibited such questionable behavior were easily voted out. As a woman I would never want to be in that environment where these behaviors go unpunished and ignored. I’d be happy to be corrected by Ms. Creasy if I have gotten my information wrong.

  7. mouse says:

    Do you people ever self reflect on your obsession with women’s sexual and reproductive issues? Perhaps consider that to normal people the obsession with sexual issues by “conservative republicans” is an indication that they have no solutions to real problems that impact average people or any ability to govern?

  8. Linda Creasy says:

    Vivian – sadly, you have allowed yourself to believe what was written on this blog about that night. While the charges that were filed with the police by Mrs. Carmean and were posted here were indeed very disturbing, what actually happened does not match those charges. That is why the police stated that the charges were unfounded and cautioned Mrs. Carmean about making such a claim again in the future. You didn’t know about that, did you? Of course not, because telling the WHOLE story would not be conducive to the narrative played out here and on the radio by Frank. You must keep in mind that there is a constant hidden agenda here to undermine the SCGOP at every opportunity and at all costs, even if one must use false inference, reality twists, tell only selective parts of the story, etc.

    Had the charges against the individuals been found to be valid by the police, it would be an entirely different story. However, after a fairly extensive investigation, they were NOT. In fact, at the AB meeting immediately following the incident, the whole thing was talked out, feathers smoothed, and both Mrs. Carmean and the others involved agreed to put it behind them and move forward without further ado. It was not until the next day, after Mrs. Carmean was approached by several others outside of the group, that charges were filed that did not resemble anything that was discussed at the AB meeting. If those charges were Mrs. Carmean’s recollection of the events at the AB meeting which took place immediately following the incident, there is no way she would have agreed to move on, and I wouldn’t blame her. I respect Mrs. Carmean and empathize with her experience that night. But the police found nothing, so that is why nothing was done to the individuals involved.

    The point is…don’t believe everything you read…especially if you are reading it here!

  9. Vivian says:

    Thank you Ms. Creasy for responding. I sincerely appreciate it. I would like you to answer the question about did the 3 men go against the rules and procedures of the Committee to do what they did? Meaning telling her to resign without discussing with the rest of the Advisory Board? Was that improper behavior to not have that discussion with the advisory board members? Or are you saying they never told MRs. Carmean to resign when they were alone in that room with her? I do want to know if I’m wrong on this. Also, are you saying Mrs. Carmean did not think for herself and she was led by other individuals like Mr. Knotts to convince her to go to the police? Also, did Mrs. Carmean tell you herself that she was cautioned by the police to not make unfounded claims in the future? Or was it the men accused who told you this? It’s important to know where you received that information. Thanks again for answering my questions. If you know this information as factual I sure do think it’s important that you clarify here.

  10. Frank Knotts says:

    Well Linda, since you are so interested in the truth, let us make it clear for those who may not know it, your live in boyfriend (unmarried, now there are some good old conservative family values on display)is Duke Brooks who was a party to and a facilitator of the on air at act against Mary Spicer and women in general. I can’t understand why you would come here and question my credibility?
    Were you in the room with Mrs. Carmean and the thug brothers? If not your information is second hand and no more credibility than mine.

  11. Vivian says:

    Linda i do hope you answer my questions. I find it interesting that you assume I’m getting my information from this blog and not by my own activity and research. Almost every time I inquire about the incidents with Mrs. Carmean and also the statement the Women’s organizations in Sussex County created, I hear that the women are overreacting and/or that it’s men from this site creating all these issues. So the women from the Republicans organizations and Mrs. Carmean are all followers of Frank Knotts? They have no thoughts of their own and they just do as he says? Am I to believe in all of these situations the women only chose to take action because certain people told them to create trouble for the Sussex County Republican Party? Does anyone else see that this does not make any sense? So Mrs. Carmean is an excellent treasurer, but the poor thing was influenced by others and made up a story about what happened to her in that room and went to the police. Then she was scolded by the police for reporting it? Then months after this the new chair Billy Carroll was trying to keep her as a Treasurer because she was so darn good at her job. I know if I was chairman of an organization and my treasurer made up a story in the past and caused trouble by going to the police, then there is no way I would want her to stay as treasurer. So do you see Linda that what you are saying is not adding up? And please please answer my question about the 3 men asking Mrs. Carmean to go into a room with the intent on getting her to resign? Were they not going against rules/procedures by doing this without a discussion with the rest of the advisory board? Or are you saying she was never alone in that room with the 3 men? Or are you saying the 3 men did not tell her to resign? Because it should be a concern if people in these positions are not following rules and procedures. Just like the people who were voted out at the meeting last night because they are not following rules and not attending enough meetings to remain in their positions. Correct?

  12. Linda Creasy says:

    Frank, my living situation is no secret so you are not exactly dropping a bombshell here. And Duke did absolutely nothing to Mary Spicer, as much as you try to push your conspiracy theory to that effect. He WAS involved with the on-air issue, doing his job, which is to promote conversation and allow differing opinions, as is the case with any talk show host. Callers to WGMD are not dumped unless they use profanity, so just because he let Carl spout opinions with which 99% of us strongly disagree, does not mean he ascribes to the same mantra. You remember Carl, the guy who was not even a Republican…oh yeah, you conveniently didn’t mention that to WBOC when you supplied them with your story. Yeah…that’s why they won’t use your input anymore, because they found out later that you omitted that little fact so you could sensationalize the story. So yes…I feel pretty comfortable questioning your credibility at this point.

    Vivian, as much as I’d like to elaborate, I’ve said about all I can on the matter you question. As Frank knows all too well, I cannot speak for the committee or its members. Whatever I write on here is my own opinion, but given the fact that some readers may know of my position within the committee, it could be misconstrued as such. I will say, however, that Mrs. Carmean is most definitely not a “poor thing” that would let anyone push her around. She is a competent and confidant woman, and I believe that she believes everything in those charges is entirely accurate. Unfortunately, the police did not agree, and consequently dropped the matter. Further, Mr. Carroll has always been extremely supportive and complimentary of Mrs. Carmean, and was not the chairman at the time of the incident. I suggest that you direct further questions to the SCGOP Parliamentarian via the Contact Us feature on the website and/or the Georgetown Police Department.

  13. Bill Christy says:

    Some of the SCGOP EC members do more to undermine the committee than Frank Knott’s could do, if he wrote for another 50 years.
    The SCGOP does a better job of undermining itself than anyone else within the state of Delaware.

    How soon it’s forgotten that the rightful primary winner for SC Sheriff did NOT get the support or backing of the SCGOP EC.
    When I was an ED the “can” was passed around at every meeting I attended, there was always an urgency for money. 40% -60% + ED vacancies in districts speak volumes more than anything Frank Knotts could write critical of the committee. While it’s not against the EC rules (that I am aware of) the fact that many ED positions are filled by members of the same family speak volumes about the lack of diversity in some districts.

    Just because the police investigation didn’t turn up anything, doesn’t mean nothing happened. I also find it extremely hard to believe that any officer would caution or advise a “victim” not to bring an alleged crime up again.

    SCGOP should change their name to SSDDGOP

  14. Vivian says:

    Thanks Linda for responding. As for contacting the SCGOP Parliamentarian, I think I will pass on that one. I’ve witnessed him chasing the ladies around the Cheer center enough when I attended a debate two years ago. He sat next to a woman and seemed to be making her uncomfortable with all his attention (she was much younger than him and was wearing a skirt). A friend of mine and I were watching the interaction more than we were watching the debate (which I guess makes us bad republicans). It was like a train wreck and we couldn’t stop staring. We were so curious who he was and found out later that night. If anyone wants to test this to see if it’s true, just get an attractive woman to wear a skirt and attend the next SCGOP meeting.

  15. Frank Knotts says:

    Linda, my reason for pointing out your “living” arrangements, was so all the readers would understand that your opinion here may not be completely unbiased. So when the Duke of Sherwood talks on his little radio show, he’s just doing his job. When you comment here it is just your opinion. But when I wrote about the Sussex GOP I had to be voted out?
    As for anything concerning what I gave to WBOC? Well the story was there for them to read, and in that post I point out that Carl is not a member of the Committee, if they did not do their due diligence that is not my fault.
    Linda you are here under your own name defending the actions of the male members of the committee. I give you credit for that. But your loyalty is misplaced.

  16. Linda Creasy says:

    Well, Frank, I guess we will once again have to agree to disagree…nothing new there, right?

    Vivian – knowing the Parliamentarian as I do, I would completely counter your claim. Please understand that I’m not saying you are being untruthful at all, but I also know he is a happily married man. He is always friendly with others, and it is possible that his mannerisms around women which may be perfectly innocent in the culture in which he was raised could be misconstrued when viewed through the lens of our own. I am not making a generalization here, just offering a possible explanation for what you witnessed. I would defend him on this 100%.

    And by all means, get as many women (attractive or not) to attend the next meeting. Regardless of the motive, we’d be happy to have them! 🙂

  17. Vivian says:

    OK again thanks for your responses because you definitely know these people and I don’t not. Good to know that in all the scenarios from the Mrs. Carmean situation, the Women’s organizations speaking up and what I witnessed with the Parliamentarian are all misunderstandings. I guess since I’m a woman that what I witnessed my brain misconstrued and misunderstood the interaction as well. We women in Sussex County really misinterpret things a lot. Maybe it’s in the water. I guess I just need to trust the men’s judgement on all these situations over my own judgement. Because with everything you said regarding all these different situations the men have good reasons and explanations but the women, while you compliment them and stuff, get it wrong every single time. I will just trust what the men say in this situations over what the women say just like you do Linda. Takes the pressure off me and now I don’t have to think that there are men holding positions representing the Republican Party who behave inappropriately or speak inappropriately to or about women. It’s all one big misunderstanding from the women’s perspectives. I’m going to see if my doctor can prescribe me some testosterone pills so my judgement improves and I can get more clarity.

  18. RW says:

    I see Doobie’s enabler is here to tell women that the Treasurer’s story wasn’t true, the SCGOP isn’t sexist and her dear old shack up was just doing his job when he let the conversation become anti-woman. Yes, Enabler, WGMD doesn’t usually dump calls, but talk show hosts do interrupt and correct racists and sexists now and then to redirect the conversation. But why would a racist and sexist talk show host interrupt or correct callers he agrees with? Oh right, he didn’t.

    Enabler, you and your ilk are holding back the Republican Party. It’s time for you dinosaurs living in the 1950s to go.

    And bring back Jason Dean, he’s one of the youngest, hardest working guys we have and he’s the future of the party.

  19. Bill Hinds says:

    This meeting demonstrates that it is time for a coup d’é·tat in the Sussex GOP and this meeting is a prime example of why Democrats have free reign in Delaware. If we really want to preserve liberty in the First State we need bold ideas to get people out of this ‘funk’ and fresh faces to take command and lead the way. The GOP should focus on getting better government efficiency and accountability with less focus on telling people what they can and cannot do in their own homes.

  20. Rick says:

    Now before those regular buzzards show up to tell me how many Republicans are elected in Sussex, you had better come prepared to tell us just how this committee had any role in those elections…

    They voted for GOP candidates. And in Sussex, that’s all they really need to do. Which renders this topic- as usual- “Much Ado About Nothing.”

    At current rates, about one in three American women will have had an abortion by the time she reaches age 45.

    And a vastly disproportionate number of those women are black. The Socialist-Democrats and their quislings at Planned Parenthood are perpetuating a “legal” genocide against the minority community that is beyond the wildest dreams of the Ku Klux Klan. Just look at the numbers. What they could never accomplish with nooses they achieve the same end under the guise of “reproductive health.” The eugenicist Margaret Sanger- who founded Planned Parenthood and believed in the inferiority of the black race- would be proud.

    Linda, my reason for pointing out your “living” arrangements, was so all the readers would understand that your opinion here may not be completely unbiased.

    Not really. Whenever you are confronted by facts that are contrary to your opinions, you get angry. Her “living arrangements” have nothing to do with the topic and everything to do with your vindictiveness.

  21. Frank Knotts says:

    So Rick, the 58 people in the room voting for Republicans is all it takes to elect Republicans county wide? So then you agree with me, there is absolutely no need for the committee to exist.

  22. Jack B says:

    Bill Hind you make a good point. That is what is needed. But the problem is many of the people in the SCGOP speak and behave in a manner that prevent new, young, diverse people from getting involved. There is no effort to engage people that are not already their friend or family member. As you can see they will defend each other and protect each other even if their behavior is extremely ineffective as a leader. A lot has been used to defend the actions of some individuals highlighted in this thread, such as “freedom of speech”. No one denies people have the freedom to say whatever they want no matter how crude or rude it is. But the point is when it comes from people who are supposed to lead a group then it can be detrimental to the growth and sustainability of that group. Behaviors have consequences. The more the enablers excuse it, rationalize it and explain it the more it is obvious there is a glaring problem which prevents anything effective from getting accomplished except for just existing for the sake of existing. So we will continue to NOT see fresh new faces and we will continue to NOT get fresh new ideas. Even if someone could get a young fresh faced man or woman to attend a meeting, he/she won’t be returning once they spend some time in that environment. It’s not a welcoming one unless you are a good ol girl or a good ol boy. And Ill tell you right now its not going to be my daughter.

  23. mouse says:

    Wasn’t that a Bullwinkle episode?

  24. delacrat says:

    Planned Parenthood are perpetuating a “legal” genocide against the minority community that is beyond the wildest dreams of the Ku Klux Klan” – Rick

    You know what the wildest dreams of the Klan are because you’ve dream them yourself and you’ve corroborated them with all your Klan friends and acquaintances?

    Rick, say it ain’t so !!!!

  25. Rick says:

    Wow, you really contradicted my comment.

    Do you really need to be in the KKK to know what they espouse? The legal genocide promoted by the Socialist-Democrats and Planned Parenthood in the black community far exceeds- and I mean far exceeds- what the KKK could do with the torch and the noose in their wildest dreams.

    Inconvenient to gullible people like you as it may be, the numbers back it up. Welcome to reality.

  26. Bill Christy says:


    “They (committee members) voted for GOP candidates. And in Sussex, that’s all they really need to do.”

    You men like the SCGOP committee members, including the ED from the 40th wannabe candidate for governor and state vice chair who actively campaigned for the former County Sheriff who lost the GOP primary. The same former and present SCGOP committee members who actively campaigned and promoted said primary loser, as a write in candidate during the general election. They DIDN’T vote for the GOP candidate they did nothing in this case to help the GOP candidate get elected.

  27. mouse says:

    The sheriff”s getting nearer

  28. fightingbluehen says:

    Not very PC, mouse

  29. Rick says:

    The same former and present SCGOP committee members who actively campaigned and promoted said primary loser, as a write in candidate during the general election. They DIDN’T vote for the GOP candidate they did nothing in this case to help the GOP candidate get elected.

    That was a special situation. I don’t really care to resurrect the debate, but many people- myself included- don’t really need a political court to tell me what “shall be the conservator of the peace” means.

    Statewide, Delaware is run by the left. They could have simply amended the Delaware Constitution to reframe the duties of the Sheriff (Sher=Shire, England). But they knew that they could get much more mileage by promoting the pernicious idea that what you read with your own two eyes doesn’t really mean what the words obviously convey. So, that’s what they did, and by so doing, have established a precident which will come-in quite handy in the future. So, congratulations.

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