Sussex Soup Sandwich

soup sandwich  So the other day I was discussing the happenings in Sussex County with some friends, (yes I have friends), and I used the term “hot mess”, and one of my friends said no, it’s more like a “soup sandwich”.   You can imagine how sloppy and messy a soup sandwich would be. Well that describes the everyday happenings in Sussex County. In particular the political side of Sussex Society.

There really must be something strange in the political water of Sussex County. As of late it seems as if the moon is full all the time.

Jordan Warfel You have RD Chairs investigating the very representative that they should be supporting, like Jordan Warfel of the 35th, who instead of working to re-elect Dave Wilson, thinks it is more important to launch some silly, made-up investigation into the known fact, that Dave Wilson supported a Democrat against the Republican Cindy Green in last year’s Register of Wills race. Really? What is there to investigate? Dave Wilson would be the first to tell you, yes he did, and that he would do it again, all being even. But Jordan prefers to waste time trying to build a case against Dave Wilson in some twisted attempt to run Cindy Green in a primary against Dave Wilson, good luck losing that one Jordan.

Pat Fish  But the outlandish antics are not limited strictly to party members. We also have had the story of blogger Pat Fish, who was accused by her daughter,  of biting the daughter. The alleged bite was a result of an altercation that seems to have centered around a large medicine cabinet that may have contained medicine, that once belonged to Pat’s deceased husband.

Why just today news broke on two different stories, one concerning the newest member of the on air team, at WGMD, local talk radio station,   Todd M. Schoenberger Todd M. Schoenberger. It was reported on WGMD’s own website and at Investment News, that Mr. Schoenberger misled investors about his qualifications, and also never actually used their money to launch the private fund he had persuaded them to invest in, instead it seems he used the money for his own personal expenses.   And this is who the management at WGMD chose to replace the up and coming John Budler with. WOW!

ericbodenweiser In another breaking story, Sussex County’s own version of the “Never Ending Story”, it was reported that Eric Bodenwieser was once again arrested for allegedly violating the terms of his probation, terms that he agreed to, in return for his plea bargain of “no contest” in the court case in which he was tried on charges of sexually molesting a minor. Mr. Bodenwieser plead no contest to charges of inappropriate touching of a minor and was sentenced to one year suspended, and one year of probation. Mr. Bodenwieser seems to once again think the rules do not apply to him, and found himself in jail, until he was bailed out on a cash only bail of $9,000.00. A private office hearing was held today to set a date for a formal hearing to determine whether or not he actually did violate probation or not.

As some of my readers may recall, I was all set to relate my experiences at the Delaware state GOP convention that was held in Wilmington this past Saturday, but due to the passing of Beau Biden I chose to wait.

So since I am writing about the Sussex Soup Sandwich, how can I ignore my good friends in the Sussex County GOP Executive Committee? After all, what is sloppier, messier, than that group of people who do little more than put on a show for the rest of the Delaware Republican party and our friends across the aisle?

So this year I was not asked to be a delegate, no surprise there. I have twice been a delegate, but since then I have chosen to tread my own path, and have offended some with my honest opinion of their behavior.

So this year I paid my $25.00 and attended as a guest, and as always, it was worth the price of admission.

It didn’t take long for the usual petty antics of those in control of the Committee, in this case it is acting chair (WHERE’S THE MONEY)  Fred Silva. fred silva  This is Fred Silva playing bartender at the fund- raiser, the one where they seem to have illegally raised funds under the name of a PAC which the organizers had no claim to, money of which, $1,000.00 in cash is still unaccounted for, and no one, including recently resigned chair Vince Calabro, nor Fred Silva, or any of the others involved, have clarified the participation of the Sussex GOP.

You see, as soon as I had paid and entered the convention, I discovered that several people who had paid their money to attend as Delegates, who had accepted the invitation to do so well in advance, whohad their status changed to simply guest, not even alternates, and were given no notice prior to showing up and being told at the sign in table.

Two are noteworthy. One being State Senator Brian Pettyjohn, one wonders why the County Committee would insult an elected official, especially one with such a conservative voting record. But then one remembers that this Committee is not playing with a full deck most of the time.

The second of note is Wayne Carmean, Mr. Carmean is the husband of the Sussex GOP Executive Committee’s Treasurer, Vicki Carmean. You Remember Mrs. Carmean don’t you? She was the person who Vince Calabro, Fred Silva and Bruce Fitzgerald allegedly put in a room and brow-beat about her speaking up about certain fund-raising tactics, and whom filed a police complaint. HUM! seems like a pattern here, no?

Now the interesting part is that though they were willing to throw these people overboard, they did not fill their seats. I believe that Sussex has 93 delegate seats at convention, they only filled 76. So it was more important to Fred and his crew to send messages to those they oppose, rather than fill the seats.

But of course that was not the end of the Sussex Soup Sandwich.

The convention was brought to order and proceeded through the guest speaker Carly Fiorino  carly who gave an inspiring speech and hit all the hot topics and bullet points.

All went fairly well, well except that they forgot to post the colors at the beginning of the convention prior to the speaker.

It was however when the five Regions broke into their caucuses that trouble soon began and the soup began to soak through the bread.

It was as it always seems to be with the Sussex GOP, at least in my limited experiences at convention, the trouble comes from either the resolution committee, or in this case from the rules committee. Let me just say that the Sussex Committee chose the perfect person to represent them on the state rules committee. They chose their very own Parliamentarian, Miguel Pirez-Fabar. Now this is the very same man who was about to decide a committee tie vote with a coin toss, even though the rules of the committee were clear on how ties were to be settled, oh, by the way, Mr. Pirez-Fabar? Had helped write said rules.

Let me just say, that if you are going to send someone to a committee, to then bring back and explain rule changes to the caucus, then a person with Mr. Fabar’s communications skills, is the perfect choice. (Sarcasm intended.)

So there were two rules to be discussed and voted on. The first was actually to clarify the party’s position on primary winners. Hold on to your hats folks this is going to be good.

The rule stated that prior to a primary the party, and its individual committees were free to support any and all primary candidates, and entertain any and all candidates at GOP events and meetings. However, once the “PEOPLE” had spoken, and a winner had been declared in the primary, then as a party, and a committee, and as committee members, they would be honor bound to support that winner.

Hold up, wait a minute! Let me put some truth in it.

Let me tell you that many of the delegates at this convention were the very same people who after the primary for Sussex County Sheriff, decided to support the write-in campaign for the primary loser Just Jeff Christopher. Including Fred (WHERE’S THE MONEY) Silva. And do you know what good old Fred said when he was asked what would happen if a member of the committee supported anyone but the primary winner? Do you know he said it with a straight face? That he said it and his tongue did not fall out and run screaming from the room as it should have?

Fred said, “you will be removed from the committee”. Oh, really? Because when the very same issue was brought up concerning the sheriff race, old Freddy boy spoke out about how individuals could do what they want, and support who they want. I almost choked on his words.

The second rule concerned the party registration of GOP candidates. This was a rule conceived by former Sussex County Committee Chair, John Rieley. It stated that if a person wanted to change their party registration from any other party or affiliation to Republican in order to run as a Republican, they had to be a Republican for at least two election cycles, unless specifically recruited by the party.

Now, of course these rules cannot stop anyone from registering and running as a Republican, but if this person were to win the primary, the party could refuse to endorse the candidate, which would mean that the GOP would not have an endorsed candidate in that race. And it could mean that person might not be allowed on the ballot.

I can tell you that the whole reason for this rule, though they would not admit it, is because John Rieley cannot stand the idea that John Atkins might change back to the Republican side to run against Rich Collins, and this rule is intended to keep that from happening. Now I would personally not support Mr. Atkins for watermelon inspector, but to craft rules, or laws to target one person or one small group is counter productive. And really, both of these rules should be unnecessary.

So by now some of you might be asking yourselves, “if Frank was not a delegate, and these discussion were taking place during the caucuses, how could he possibly know what was said?”

Well you see, when the convention broke into its separate caucuses the Sussex caucus stayed in the main hall, since I was there I simply stayed, and no I didn’t hide, I was setting five feet away in plain view. And since there were other “GUEST” and even press still in the room, I saw no reason to leave.

However, as the discussion got heated, Fred Silva and Miguel Pirez-Fabar both becoming agitated and raising their voices, I was noticed by Fred Silva who went to John Fluharty and pointed out that I was not a delegate. I was asked to leave, which I did. Funny thing was, none of the other “GUEST” were asked to leave. Even Celia Cohen of Delaware Grapevine was not asked to leave, along with about five or six other “GUEST”. So I returned.

I was then approached by State Vice- Chair Nelly Jordan who again stated that I would have to leave since I was only a “GUEST”. I politely pointed out the others in the room who were just “GUEST” also. She seemed confused by facts and fairness. At this point I had seen and heard enough, really they were simply arguing about nothing at this point, much like every monthly meeting of the Sussex Committee. But it was clear, they were only concerned with removing me from the room, again, anyone seeing a pattern here?

So I went to wait in the outer hall with the rest of the people waiting to return and conclude the convention.

I can tell you that there were many comments about, “oh of course it’s Sussex again”, and people were complaining that they had ballgames and graduations to go to. So while Sussex sat in their caucus eating their Sussex Soup Sandwich, they left the rest of the convention cooling their heels in the hallway. Way to make friends Fred.

So I hope you have all enjoyed your Sussex Soup Sandwich, though I must warn you, it will leave a nasty stain down the front of your shirt, and it will give you heartburn and gas.







23 Comments on "Sussex Soup Sandwich"

  1. waterpirate says:

    I am surprised their pants did not burst into flames while their noses grew to such proportion as to create new windows in the building. We should be examining the character and honor of the SEC, not the bit players currently on stage.

  2. Anon says:

    Frank, you forgot to mention the free convention guest. Three delegates couldn’t pay there delegation fee. Now, I’m not rich but I don’t think I would register to go to something if I couldn’t afford it, and then even ask others to pay for me. Sounds an awful lot like a socialist democrat. Really on everyone else to pay your debts.

    Furthermore, those people only needed to be there for voting. So why did one of then have a room for the entire weekend? I guess it is easy to spend other people’s money when you want something.

    Finally, I wasn’t aware how this money was collected but found out later. A “hat” was passed and money was collected by…..Laurene Purdy, what’s new right….

    Well she told different members very different stories. One the money was part of the new dues to be an ED. Well that was recommended but never passed. Then the money was going to a general fund. BUT it appears it went to put a leech in a hotel room and pay for their convention. The government leeches enough of me, now I have my own party doing it. I want to know how much was raised and how it was spent?!

  3. delacrat says:


    “….the guest speaker Carly Fiorino “

    If the main draw is a CEO, who’s notoriety derives from laying off 18,000 employees, championing the H1B program and being fired after a disastrous merger with Compaq, is it any wonder the people running the SCGOP who find her “inspiring”, evidently also have not a lick of sense or decency ?

  4. Frank Knotts says:

    Anon, feel free to come to the next monthly meeting in July and ask those questions.
    And you are right Delacrat, it is much better to support a person who can’t manage an email account.

  5. delacrat says:


    C’mon Frank, if you think someone else’s E-mail management is an argument for supporting Carly Fiorina, you are really embarrassing yourself.

  6. Frank Knotts says:

    I’m sorry Delacrat, can you point to where I said I supported Ms. Fiorino.

  7. mouse says:

    Adkins was a very dedicated legislator who was more responsive to his constituents than any legislator I have ever seen in DE. Just to mindlessly vote for a political party, the people of his district voted in some right wing zealot who is a self serving lobbyist for polluters and land raping developers.
    The same ilk who voted against the bond committee chair (Venables) that will set back funding in Susssex County for decades. I’m moderate cerebral on issues and really would like to have 2 viable parties to vote for. To anyone without a sheriff fetish, resentment or sexual obsession, there is little for one to support in the DE republican party in Sussex County. The Republican party in DE used to stand for environmental protections, competent government and jobs. Now they are a clown show with all these corrupt, self serving hay seeds running everything.

  8. delacrat says:

    “I’m sorry Delacrat, can you point to where I said I supported Ms. Fiorino.” – Frank

    Sure Frank, that’s easy, here ya go.

    “Carly Fiorino who gave an inspiring speech and hit all the hot topics and bullet points.”– Frank

    It’s right above in your post. Do a cntrl F. Type in Fiorina. It’s right there.

  9. mouse says:

    Bernie Sanders! Where are the jobs from the new Republican congress? The GOP filibustered bills to remove incentives for outsourcing. Every see a single person in the GOP advocate going after the people who hire illegals instead of the illegals coming to fill slave wage jobs? Where is the money for infrastructure? The GOP advocates making people work longer before collecting SS and medicare rather than ask the 1% to give up some tax cuts. Why would anyone who isn’t a wealthy exploiter vote for such a party? Could it be that most middle/lower middle class who vote GOP, do so to satisfy their resentments rather than their kids future?

  10. Frank Knotts says:

    Mouse, just so you are clear when you call them hayseeds, in my observations the people causing most of the clown show as you call it, are actually mostly transplants from more metropolitan and urban areas.
    People such as myself, born and raised in Delaware had no problem voting for common sense Democrats like Thurman Adams.
    It is the extremes from both parties that are stopping progress.

  11. WTH says:

    Fred Silva tended bar at the “unity” event? That cash bar is ground zero for the missing $1,000 in cash. Where’s the money, Fred?

    The SCGOP and Laurene Purdy have been warned several times about passing around hats and cans for cash donations. I guess they won’t learn until they’re facing charges. Nah, they won’t learn then, either, just like that dingbat Witch you all worshipped.

    Where’s the money, Laurene, and were are the receipts for every dollar put in that hat to pay for delegates to go to the convention?

    Keep after them, Frank, they’re crooks and liars.

  12. Frank Knotts says:

    WTH, I can tell you that Ms. Purdy was writing down names as she collected the money during Rep. Ruth Briggs-King’s portion of the evening. Now whether it actually sees a report? We will have to wait to see.
    Delacrat, you should really learn to read between the lines, rather than reading things into what is written. Just because I can recognize that what was said could be inspiring to some, and that “hot spots and bullet points” we’re hit does not mean I support anyone. Take you blinders off friend.

  13. delacrat says:

    “Just because I can recognize that what was said could be inspiring to some, and that “hot spots and bullet points” we’re(sic) hit does not mean I support anyone. Take you(sic) blinders off friend.”


    You’re just kidding yourself if you think anyone would construe:

    “Carly Fiorino who gave an inspiring speech and hit all the hot topics and bullet points.”

    to mean you were not so inspired as “some”.

    Nevertheless, I trust that Ms. Fiorina’s mass layoffs, preferences for H1B visas and dismal performance at Hewlett-Packard inspires you less than her stump speech.

  14. Frank Knotts says:

    No Delacrat, you either have lost the ability to judge objectively, or are completely intellectually vacant.

  15. Rick says:

    The Sussex GOP- what a mess. Sussex Socialist-Democrats must be chomping at the bit for 2016. With all of the dysfunction within the GOP leadership, the D’s should have a field day. I wonder how many seats they’ll pick-up? Perhaps as many as zero?

  16. Mitch Crane says:

    So tell me, Rick, what exactly is the platform of the Sussex County Democratic Party? Have you read it or are you just parroting a phrase you memorized?

  17. Don Nots says:

    Sussex Democrat platform: The gayer the better, but preferably transgendered and gay. Raise taxes on everyone, including the elderly and the working class. Repeal the death penalty, so good people like Derrick Powell can live on. Totally screw up education so our kids have no chance in hell. Legalize pot, because, illegal drugs like heroin are good!

    I bet I’m close and I didn’t even peak!

  18. waterpirate says:

    The Sussex GOP committee has NOTHING to do with backing or getting sane R’s elected. The EC is a soup sandwich, sane R’s in office and R’s who may run successful campaigns are alive and well.

  19. Geezer says:

    @Don Nots: Stupid, Republican and conservative is no way to go through life, son.

  20. mouse says:


  21. John Rieley says:

    Frank, I proposed no such rule and I was not even in attendance at the State Convention. I do wish you would get your facts straight.

  22. Frank Knotts says:

    Well John, I was in attendance at the state convention, and you were given credit by Fred Silva and others during the caucus session discussion of this rule. Don’t blame me, I do wish you would get your facts straight. If people are using your name for their own agendas, then address your comments to them.
    But of course we know that you will allow them plenty of wiggle room.

  23. mouse says:

    Sussex republican platform: Totally obsess on sexual issues and assure individuals are denied basic equal protection, birth control and basic civil rights. Raise taxes on low income people, especially the elderly and the working class to give tax cuts to the 1%. Make sure we rile up the party by obsessing on killing people and sadistic criminal penalties. Totally screw up education by replacing established science with religious dogma so our kids have no chance in hell. Make harmless plants like marijuana illegal so that people get caught up in the judicial system for no good reason and dishonestly equate pot with dangerous drugs because it’s all about the talk radio man..

    I bet I’m close and I didn’t even peak!

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