Just Beau

Beau   So I attended the Delaware State Republican Convention yesterday, and I had every intention to get up this morning and relate that experience to my readers.   But then I got the news last night, that Beau Biden, Delaware’s former Attorney General, and the son of Vice-President Joe Biden, had passed away due to his ongoing battle with brain cancer, and somehow partisan politics simply seemed out-of-place.

So for today, it’s just Beau.

I only met Beau Biden once, and then only long enough o shake his hand, so I have no personal stories to relate. But as a Delawarean, we all knew him as Beau. If you heard that name, you instantly knew who was being discussed. Being the son of long time U.S. Senator, and no shrinking violet, Joe Biden, Beau had no choice but to grow up in the glare of the political life.

He did so with what seemed like humility and grace. He served our state, and our nation as a major in the Delaware National Guard, and when, I am sure he could have found a way to defer a stint in Iraq, he instead served a year-long tour there.

I hope that I can speak for all of us here at Delaware Right, both staff and guest, when I offer our deepest sympathies for the family and friends of Beau. May God rest his soul, and comfort those who mourn his loss.

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  1. Meyer Persow says:

    Thank you, Frank.

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