The Ball Is Back In Billy Carroll’s Court

GOP  The latest response to “Machismo Gate” comes from the Republican 14th RD District in the form of a resolution to remove the offenders.   For those who have not been following the story concerning the Sussex GOP Committee, and the attack some of its male members perpetrated on women in general, and Republican women in particular, here are some links to previous post detailing the verbal attacks made on local radio station WGMD during the Duke Brooks Show. Also links to responses from the state party, and the Senate and House Republican Caucus, along with the watery response from Chairman Carroll.

Mr. Brooks is also a member of the Sussex GOP Committee and allowed the verbal attacks to take place during his show while talking of his involvement within the Committee, and also made some provocative statements himself, along with other Committee members, Bruce Fitzgerald, Tom Jordan and Vice-Chair Fred Silva, all who called into the show to make false claims about the Republican women’s Clubs who supported Mary Spicer for the position of Chair of the Committee. During one episode Mr. Carroll was actually in studio with Mr. Brooks when these comments were made, and made no attempt to counter the views of his supporters.


What follows is the resolution sent to the newly elected Chair of the Sussex GOP Committee, Billy Carroll, along with the Advisory Board made up of all the RD Chairs and the County-wide officers of the Committee.

RD 14 1

RD 14 2

Mr. Matero was contacted by Delaware Right for a comment on this resolution. Mr. Matero stated that Mr. Carroll acknowledged that he had received the resolution, but made no mention of whether or not he had made any arrangements to call the special meeting of the Advisory Board, called for in the resolution. Mr. Matero would only say that, “these things take time”.

Really? Since the first move in calling the special meeting would be to call the RD Chairs to find a date that would suit all, and since Mr. Matero would be the logical place to start since the resolution came from his RD Committee, and since no such call seems to have been made, one can only presume that once again Mr. Carroll is hoping this controversy will just go away if he ignores it. Not surprising considering he was hand-picked for the position by the same people who supported the former Chair Vince Calabro, whose administration ended under a cloud of suspicion concerning possible campaign finance irregularities.

I am also hearing that there are possibly other RD Committees considering drafting similar resolutions calling for the offending members, to either resign, or to be voted out of the Committee.

It is time for Mr. Carroll to either show that he is a responsive leader who will listen to the members of his committee, or to prove that he is more interested in protecting his personal friends.


19 Comments on "The Ball Is Back In Billy Carroll’s Court"

  1. Sanity Check says:

    Meet the new boss/Same as the old boss.

    Although I guess the Sussex GOP executive committee will be fooled again, huh?

  2. Rusty says:

    Yes Frank the ball is in Mr. Carroll’s court. He must schedule a meeting within a certain timeframe according to the bylaws. They just need to follow the same rules they used the last time someone was voted off Committee.

  3. Sanity does exist says:

    It is well known that Matero is a left wing idiot that caters to the Republican Women’s Club and that you Frank are an outright socialist.
    The problem with you Frank is: you won’t quit attacking newly elected SCGOP Chairmen until you get Mary Spicer elected. You are the most heinous piece of publicity seeking crap that I have ever had the opportunity to lay eye on. This is coming from an elected person on the executive committee.

  4. Creeper says:

    “…an elected person on the executive committee.”

    Oooh, like that really means something. Better tighten up that chin strap!

  5. Frank Knotts says:

    Rusty, you are correct. They must follow the same rules as they did when they voted me out, I being the last person they voted out. And what did they vote me out for? For criticizing the Committee and its practices . Not for attacking people for their gender, race, life style or religion, all things that would have kept me in good standings with this racist, homophobic, religious fringe committee.
    But the resolution asked fo a special meeting of the AB. It would seem as though Mr. Carroll will not be doing this.
    As for you RDE, you did not have to identify yourself as a member of the committee, your comments did that.

  6. JB says:

    Dear Sanity Does Exist,
    Your resentment of the Republican women is apparent in your statement. Why do you dislike them? Because they wanted the behaviors described on this site to stop? They dared ask for respect as they give their time to the Republican cause? You are a leader in the county party announcing to the world that only LEFT WING people get along with the women? Have you completely know idea what the purpose of your role as a leader in the Republican party is? There has to be some sane Sussex County Republican Leaders who realize this is counterproductive having people like you on their team? You do realize you are only turning more and more women AWAY from the Republican party in the county? Doesn’t that statement just scream “if you are a women go to the other party because you are not welcome here!” Just ask my wife, she and her Republican women friends will never step foot in a room with leaders of the Sussex County party because of pathetic people like you. And I would not allow my daughter to either. Do you think it is only women who are tired of people like you? I see you and your buddies as insecure little boys who have no idea how to lead anything to success. I’ve ran a business for over 30 years and would not have had success if I did not treat those who help me with respect. Who would have worked for me if I behaved like Sussex GOP leaders?? BIG QUESTION HERE, who is doing the next Sussex County GOP fundraiser I heard about?? Who is handling the reservations and all the details to coordinate it? Do you even know? How much does anyone want to bet it is a few of the Republican Women who are doing the grunt work for you??? Anyone? Anyone?? If anyone knows, please state it here. If it is some of the women from the Sussex GOP women’s club who are doing grunt work for Sussex County Republican Party and there are leaders still holding positions who talk like Mr. Sanity Does Exist, I ask you why would you help them??

  7. mouse says:

    Does the Sussex GOP have no sense of decency?

  8. Rusty says:

    The problems in Sussex GOP didn’t start with the election of the Chairman; it was way before then. The Leaders know who they are and how they have twisted an election into something that it’s not. They need to step down from representing the Party and then they can say whatever they want about women (Republican in particular) all they like in private and public. Who needs them? What have they done? Fred Silva, Duke Brooks and Bruce Fitzgerald – Goodbye and don’t let the door hit you in the mouth.

  9. Rick says:

    It seems to be the goal of Frank and the “moderates” (vacillaters) on this blog to make Sussex in the mold of New Castle. There, the Republican back-slappers are so polite and congenial while the Socialist-Democrat agenda is rammed-through, year after year.

    When it comes to Sussex, “…Southern man don’t need you around, anyhow…”

  10. Michelle says:

    What is your goal Rick? Please explain. Would love to hear your thoughts. Wondering if you have any intellectual thoughts that expand beyond calling someone a liberal or socialist when you don’t like what they have to say about your good pals. Also wanted to burst your little ignorant bubble to let you know that many people from northern states are moving into your little “southern man” territory. AND there is NOTHING you can do about it. They may even be Female or BLACK!!! HAHAHAHHAAA!!!!!

  11. Frank Knotts says:

    Rick, you really need a new song. And by the way, Southern men were know to be gentlemen. Not macho braggarts. Let me ask you Rick, you have heard the audio by now, are those things you would say about your mother, sister, wife or daughter? And how would you react if they were said about your mother, sister, wife or daughter?
    This isn’t about ideology, it is about common respect for the people around you. And if these male members of the Sussex GOP Committee can’t pull that off, then they should resign or be voted out. That is my goal.

  12. anon says:

    I have one simple question for Rick: How do you get Republicans elected in Kent and New Castle County when the members of the leadership of the Sussex County GOP went live on the air and publicly denigrated women and women seeking elected office? Kent and NCC Republicans already have to battle huge gaps in voter registration, now they have to overcome this idiotic, 4th grade behavior.

    The purpose of party leadership is the grow the party not to alienate over 50% of the registered voters. Talk about “STUCK ON STUPID.”

  13. mouse says:

    The only problem I see with the Sussex GOP is that they need more angry, sexist, racist, paranoid uneducated homophobes who believe cherry picked religious dogma over science to move into the county..

  14. 1RW says:

    Where is Lacey Lafferty on this? I know these Neanderthals are her little pets, but if Mary Spicer isn’t qualified to be the head of the Committee because her hormones make her unstable then that means Lafferty, who allegedly has the same hormones, is also unqualified for elected office.

    Maybe in light of her sycophants feelings, Lafferty’s campaign slogan should be:

    Lacey Lafferty for Governor: I really try keep my hormones in check so I don’t lash out irrationally and I’m working hard on my penis envy issues.

    Yes. This issue needs to be laid at Lafferty’s feet. These men are her biggest supporters.

  15. Rusty says:

    Wow Again

  16. mouse says:

    Constitutional sheriff for governor!

  17. HC says:

    Idiots on the loose within DR.

    If your analogy 1RW is that the Neanderthals as you put it so eloquently, are supporting a woman then where does this WAR on WOMEN of Mary Spicer accusation play out? Neither makes sense.

    But common sense does not prevail on this site. You let the dogs out!!

  18. mouse says:

    The sheriff is getting nearer lol

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