Delaware Republican Senatorial Caucus Responds To Women

GOPThe following is a press release from the Senatorial Republican Caucus concerning the Position Statement released by three of Delaware’s Republican Women’s organizations.  

Today at 8:05 AM

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  1. 1RW says:

    I don’t see Senators Bryant Richardson or Gary Simpson listed. I would like to know why.

  2. Frank Knotts says:

    It has come to my attention that since the 8:00 release of this press release, actually about an hour and forty-five minutes after, Sen. Simpson requested to be included. I have been busy today, and apologize for not making this clear sooner.

  3. Mike Protack says:

    I am aware again of the dysfunctional nature of the DE GOP once again. No wonder the party writ large is so inept.

    This issue rivals the price of bananas going up or down, it matters little. If indeed some members said some things closely resembling you would call chauvinistic then simply ignore poor taste and manners others may have. If someone assumes your qualifications based on gender etc then they are the fool and to give them more air time is foolish.

    The best line is to prove any naysayers wrong and work harder, smarter and faster to produce results not headlines or press releases which no one reads or understands.

    This state is imploding before our very eyes, focus on the important not the personal.

  4. waterpirate says:

    The important point is that Sussex county is the where the R base is. The current party leadership DOES NOT REPRESENT NOR PORTRAY the true R base. The sooner it implodes the sooner we can get back to what is important for our state. Having a balanced and sane local government.

  5. Frank Knotts says:

    Mr. Protack reminds me of the realtor who is driving the home buyer through a neighborhood. The buyer points out that there are quite a few broken windows. The realtor says, oh don’t mind those, you can fix all of those when you move in. It’s up to those living I the neighborhood hood now to fix the broken windows if we hope to attract new people to the neighborhood.

  6. JS says:

    Waterpirate, what R base would that be. The one that voted for Lee or the one that voted for Christopher?

  7. Frank Knotts says:

    JS, I think WP is referring to the base that voted for all the elected Republicans in Sussex, with absolutely now help from the committee. Notice in your example, a majority within the committee supported Christopher, but Lee won. Demonstrating that the committee does not represent the people of the Sussex Republican Party.

  8. The Big JB says:

    You are right Mr Protack! Tell them women to shut up and keep on working for the Republicans raising all the money. They need to stop their complaining about harassment and rude comments. That’s what I tell my women employees. Shut up and get your work done after I give them a pat on the backside. I can’t imagine why you were never elected to office. If women want the privilege of stuffing envelopes for our candidates they need to learn to toughen up! Lick my stamps woman and deal with the banter of all my buddies! Quit telling men to be respectful! We should be able to behave however we want and still convince the women to do the grunt work and bake us cookies! These hormonal women are so sensitive and always making it personal just like you said Mike! If they wanna play with the big boys they gotta quit whining and take it like a man. You got my wife’s vote with those type of remarks so I think you should run for office again. Good job man!!!

  9. JS says:

    Frank, my point was that, the “base” of the Republican party may not be what our EC thinks that it is.

  10. waterpirate says:

    JS That was my point. The EC exists in a echo chamber that only answers to itself. It’s support of “just jeffy” is a clear example of that. Their lack of support for those R’s that were elected is an example of that as well. They are so out of touch with reality and the things that matter in this century, that the next four months can not unfold quick enough for the rest of us.

  11. JS says:

    Sorry WP. After I reread your post I realized that we are on the same wavelength. I just don’t understand the notion of the fringe right that the rhetoric is more important than governing.

  12. Frank Knotts says:

    We agree JS. And they are more interested in rhetoric than governing because anyone can repeat rhetoric, just look to Lacey Lafferty, but it takes real leaders to govern.

  13. lindsey says:

    Brings you back to when Protack ran attack ads against Bill Lee in 2008 because Lee “enjoyed” women. Or when he threw his wife under the campaign finance bus. Good times, good times.

    Republican women in Delaware remember who the sexist leaders are, Mikey, and we take it out on them at the polls like we do with you every two years.

  14. lindsey says:

    Why isn’t there a letter from the House Republicans and has anyone asked Senator Bryant Richardson why he will not sign that letter?

  15. The Big JB says:

    Lindsey, you know the price of banana’s going up and down is a much more serious issue than a few Sussex GOP leaders letting off some steam about their issues with women. We all know how little of an issue the price of banana’s are so THIS issue with how women are treated is even smaller than that!!!! Brilliant analogy Mike! Now ladies, get back to work! We need you to work HARDER to prove yourselves just like Mike said! Raising all that money for candidates vs Sussex County Republican Exec Com raising ZERO for candidates is just not good enough! Work harder and smarter and quit wasting time standing up against sexism or whatever you call it. You taking up too much time when we need you to bake some cookies! Now get in the kitchen! In fact, now I’m hungry for some banana bread. Thanks Mike for reminding me how much I love my wife’s banana bread. I’m going to demand her make some today! Oops, she is coming into the room. I gotta go before she see’s what I wrote.

  16. Frank Knotts says:

    Lindsay, Sen. Richardson did add his name a day after it was released. I apologize, but I got tired of backing up the bus for guys who were at the bus stop when it pulled away and chose not to get on, and then figured out where it was headed and started running shouting, “wait, wait, I do want to go”.

  17. Creeper says:

    I’m fairly certain Fred Silva is one Bryant Richardson’s top advisors.

  18. 1RW says:

    I’m absolutely certain that Bryant Richardson’s Facebook page says he was at the movies with Duke Brooks on Saturday night.

    Linda Lawrence Creasy was watching Havendale with Bryant Richardson and Duke Brooks at The Movies at Midway.

    September 19 at 8:06pm ·

    I guess the good Senator needed to let Doobie Brooks know that his signing the letter didn’t mean anything.

  19. waterpirate says:

    The latest official email from the county is hardly a ” mia culpa “. I found it as offensive as the act itself.

  20. mouse says:

    I wonder if the Republican party will get out of the 1950’s before 2050? lol

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