The First Debate of the 2016 Republican Presidential Campaign Begins-We Cover it Here.

My Winner of the 8/5/15 late debate…..nobody’s named him yet. Winner of the early debate takes the entire thing! Join for analysis and excellent commentary. By me.


Yes I watched the Republican debates on Fox last night, both the early debate and the later one. Intriguingly, the early debate featured the better speakers AND the winners of the entire first debate for the Republican 2016 Republican nominee.


First the big loser of both the first debate and for the entire night, he who should take his bag and go home, would be Lindsay Graham.


OMG that guy said that he’s single, not married, has no children, and he would happily give up his social security for lack of need. Dear Lord how many Americans fit into this demographic? It was a really dumb thing to say when he should have said nothing at all. Also he said he would strive, if elected, to get off of this country’s need for fossil fuels.


What the hell is wrong with fossil fuels, you might ask? Fossil fuels have made human civilization what it is today and it is not the enemy. Further, just once I’d like to see a Republican stand up and defend fuel that really exists, that is not a liberal dream….such as solar power. Graham also could have mentioned the fuel being obtained, with great success, from shale.


Former Texas Governor Rick Perry was terrible, waving his hands around like a nut, pretty glasses obtained to make him look smart. Once again we heard how Perry told President Obama that if the government didn’t protect the border, then he will. WELL WHY HASN’T HE? Somebody ask Rick Perry why illegals are still pouring through the border if he promised Obama he would stop them.


This former governor of Virginia, Gilmore, needs to stay home. His answers were elusive and off-point. Obviously he’s in looking for some kind of cabinet post and obviously he is a waste of time.


There were two winners to the early debate: Bobby Jindal-Governor of Louisiana, and Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard.


I loved Fiorina’s digs at both Trump and Hillary Clinton. She smirked that the Clintons did not call her a few months back, as is alleged by some secret source in the Clinton camp that Trump was so contacted.


To which I say….so what if Bill Clinton called up Trump and urged him to run? This is supposed to upset us?


delrite.6.15debateJindal did the best of all….of ALL the candidates. Every time he spoke he was clear, firm, and unshaken. Only problem with Jindal, and I really hate to say this….he is not very photogenic.


Which means nothing but I do notice this every time he speaks.


As for Fiorina…..she has been impressing me right along. As she did last night but I suggest that she sounded as if she practiced all day. She sounded a bit robotic and insincere is what I’m saying here but not too awful much.


I give the best prize to Bobby Jindal.


As for the second debate….well let’s talk about Donald Trump.


Under most circumstances I would give Trump the dubious distinction of being the WORST of all the candidates….IF the debate had really been about issues.


First of all, at the beginning the Fox moderators asked the candidates which of them would refuse to go stick with the Republican nominee under any circumstances.


Donald Trump raised his hand.




Well he’d been saying all along that if he was not treated fairly by the Republican party that he’d consider a third-party run.


That little action was unexpected but it put Trump right where he wanted to be: the center of attention, right from the start.


Then twitty Megyn Kelly launches into a diatrabe of alleged nasty female things Trump said to people through the years, including some incident that had a pleading female begging Trump for something…would get on her knees. Trump replied he’d love to see her on her knees……heh.


Come on! That’s what most any man would say if a woman offered to get on her knees in front of him. Or he’d surely think it.


Maybe I’ve been a woman too damn long. Frankly I thought it was funny and Trump refused to tell all the women in America he was sorry for saying that.


Trump also suggested he would not only build a big wall on the Mexican border, that he would include a door to allow LEGAL immigrants to pass through.


All in all Trump did what he was supposed to do. He was loud and derogatory and said that because of his contributions to Hillary’s campaign she came to his wedding. Or something. Heh.


Speaking times allowed:

Trump didn’t come off as any wise and somber statesman but that’s not his job. His job is to poke sticks into the establishment and he did that perfectly.


NJ Governor Chris Christie and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul got into a shouting match over searches and seizures and monitoring of phone calls. This is Rand Paul’s singular campaign song and it appeals to the millennial crowd. Chris Christie mocked Paul and Paul mocked Christie and hey, it made for pretty good watching.


Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee did a surprisingly good job, so much so that I’d give him second place in the late debate. He did a wonderful job of railing AGAINST Planned Parenthood and he sounded logical, not like a crazed evangelical that the GOP establishment hates.


As for the wonderful Jeb Bush, who the GOP establishment loves, he wasn’t terrible but I can’t remember a single thing he said. He did not shine but he wasn’t really bad.


Including in the non-stand-outs would be my beloved, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich.


The BEST candidate of the night was Ben Carson, don’t tell me not.


No he didn’t fight with another contender from the podium. He didn’t say anything outrageous or raise his voice. He was very steady with his arguments, soft-spoken as is his wont, with a sense of humor that was admirable.


It was an interesting evening, pushing off the 2016 presidential campaign and giving pundits, Bloggers and moderators lots to discuss.


Donald Trump will remain the hero of the weary and disillusioned Tea Party.


He has been fun to watch.


I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

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NEXT :Full week of Delaware tidbits coming up next week….school starting soon, tourists going home….hallelujah.

6 Comments on "The First Debate of the 2016 Republican Presidential Campaign Begins-We Cover it Here."

  1. Fish Bites says:

    “What the hell is wrong with fossil fuels, you might ask?”

    And, folks, Pat knew them when they were just plain old fuels.

  2. I don’t disagree with your breakdown. Mine is similar. I give Perry more credit. He and Jindal did equally well in my opinion. Fiorina won. The other 4 did not do so well, I was surprised that Santorum didn’t do better. BTW Perry did secure the border and border crossings almost disappeared then Obama claimed credit for border crossings being the lowest in 30 years. He could have mentioned the results.

    Basically agree with your view on the evening debate. I just flip Huckabee and Carson. I think Cruz did very well and helped himself. I thought Bush looked terrible. I was wondering when donors would start wishing they could get their money back.

  3. Jason O'Neill says:

    Former Governor Perry did mention that border crossing dropped 74 percent from the time he enacted the boots on the ground until his last days as Governor of Texas. This was after enacting the policy because Obama refused to act.

    In my opinion – the first debate went to Carly Fiorina and Governor Perry.

    The second debate was more mixed because the moderation made it more combative. In this I give high marks to Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson.

  4. mouse says:

    There is solar power on the roofs of new houses in almost every development. Try asking those people with negative electric bills if solar is a liberal dream. The rhetoric from you people makes you look like you are against clean renewable energy. But worse, you’re against locally generated energy that doesn’t come from some polluting monopoly company. Why do you mindlessly shill for polluting monopolies? Do you folk ever get tired of being on the wrong side of science, history and reality? Do you ever wonder why scientists and highly educated people are always on the opposite side of issues with you folk? No wonder you hate and fear education!!!

  5. mouse says:

    Do you people ever self reflect on why your leading candidate is some bellicose, bully, egotistical reality show circus clown? And hey turn on any talk radio station these days and you will hear the misogynists out in force all picking up on Trump’s lead bashing women. The true conservatives lol!

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