The National Scene-Political and Cultural Tidbits from Across the Fruited Plains. The 10/5/15 Edition.

We got dogs and bears, the Pope versus Kim Davis, and serious speculation into that Doctors Without Borders Attack. Lots of gossip, snark, laughs and opinions, click on in.

I love to write about local politics but meanwhile national stuff is happening that requires my thought and input. Be patient with me, the reading and smiles will be worth it.

The Mystery of the Pope and Kim Davis
delritenationaltidbitspopefrancis10.5.15IF I have learned anything at all by the recent visit by Pope Francis it’s that the Catholic church is one ideological mess.

This contretemps over whether Kim Davis, Kentucky activist who refuses to grant licenses for same sex marriages, met with the Pope by the Pope’s command or some American archbishop is an example.

From the Dailynewsbin:

He says Vatican personnel initiated contact with Davis’ camp on Sept. 14 saying the pope wanted to meet her. He says Vatican security picked up her and her husband up from their Washington hotel and brought her to the Vatican embassy. He says Vatican officials told her to change her hairstyle so she wouldn’t be recognized since they wanted the encounter kept secret.

Staver disputed a Vatican spokesman’s claims that the pope only met with Davis in a receiving line. He said the couple was in a room with only the pope and Vatican personnel.

So the Pope wanted to see Kim Davis so he arranged to meet her via a receiving line?

NO WAIT! So the Pope was fooled into meeting Kim Davis and met with her in a private room, picked up by the Vatican with only the Pope, Davis and her husband, in attendance?

It’s like every single story coming out of the Vatican gets changed on an almost daily basis. Does anybody there know what they’re doing?

For the record, if the Pope wanted to meet, and arranged a meeting, with Kim Davis….well that’s dumb. First, Kim Davis is not a Catholic and yeah, I know she’s a Christian who took a stand against same sex marriage.delritenationaltidbitskimdavis10.4.115

If the Pope wanted to make a statement about same sex marriage he could certainly find a more endearing figure than Kim Davis….come on…again, she’s not a Catholic. The Pope’s people couldn’t find any Catholics firm against same sex marriage? Also, let me get real, but a woman married four times suddenly being “saved” and becoming the “saint” of anti-same-sex marriage….hey, I’m not that impressed if my church’s Pope wanted to meet and praise this woman.

Further, I don’t see the Catholic church being vehemently anti-same sex marriage. Why would it be? As of yet the government is not forcing the church to marry Al and Hal within the church. Whatever marriage situation the American government allows is not the concern of the Pope.

Now we are being treated to Vatican squabbles that only confuse and confound us Catholics. The Pope was better off not meeting Kim Davis at all, however it happened.

As I see it.

Race for Speaker of the House update.

I shared a lot of blabbering about the upcoming Speaker of the House Race in my weekly Sunday political talk show post.

It would seem that he who was once the most likely to get appointed was current House Majority Leader, Kevin MCCarthy. Only Kevin McCarthy flubbed it during and interview with Sean Hannity, declaring that the lowering of Hillary’s polls was caused by the Benghazi hearings. The Hillary campaign immediately did a nanny-nanny-boo-boo that the Republicans are only trying to politicize the Benghazi probe.


This and it seems that McCarthy is not very well-liked by the more conservative members of the Republican caucus, he also has some, eh, romantic baggage.

Multiple sources within Bakersfield, North Carolina, & on Capitol Hill tell that Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Renee Ellmers (R-NC) have been carrying on a long-running affair since 2011. The affair is something of an open secret in Washington, D.C. Reporters at other publications, lobbyists, congressional staffers of both parties all know about it. One staffer for a congressman describes it as the “biggest open secret” in D.C. A lobbyist describes Ellmers as a “social climber who has ingratiated herself” with McCarthy. House leadership also knows about the affair. Speaker John Boehner reportedly told McCarthy to stop the affair once McCarthy was elected Majority Leader says a well placed congressional staffer. At least one leadership staffer doesn’t think the affair ended. “They are unusually close,” says the staffer who insists that the affair is going on. ……………..

Doctors Without Borders-Is this organization filled with terrorists?

You know these radical Muslims, if it’s sacred and holy they use it to bring terror, death and chaos to the surround.

It’s well known that radical Muslims use churches, schools and other sacred places from which to launch attacks with at best a tepid response. Nobody likes bombing a school, especially if it is known that children are inside.

delritenationalscenedoctorswithoutborders10.4.15Now far be I to compliment President Obama for his abundance of bravery he brings to the fight. But note, below, that there were many staff members present the day of this attack.

The United States is coming under heavy criticism on Saturday after apparently launching a pre-dawn airstrike on a Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) hospital in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz that killed at least 19 people, including 12 of the charity’s local staff members. The rest of the dead were patients in the intensive care unit, including three children. The death toll is likely to rise, as at least 37 people were seriously injured in the bombing, 19 of whom are staff members, MSF said. At least five of the staff members are in critical condition.

I’m betting a lot of those “staff members” were named Mohammad. What the army calls “collateral damage” was minimal in this pre-dawn hit….again note how the attack was timed to get to these “staff” members. Not to discount those in the ICU that were lost including three precious children but this looks to me like something had to be done to stop those radical nut jobs from hiding their cowardly selves behind a noble organization.

All just my speculation, I remind. Since President Obama is the commander in Chief, I tip my hat. Takes courage to do this.

Trending Video of the Week

Just a look at what’s currently big on social media. Here a little french bull dog takes on two juvenile bears! What a hoot! And the little dog wins!”>HERE

The Shooting in Oregon-Shooter’s Father Wants to Take Away OUR Guns

So of all the people on the planet to be wanting to take away our guns over the recent Colorado shooting, we get the stupid shithead father of the shooter joining in the chorus!
From World Net Daily:

In a staggering twist of logic, the father of Umpqua Community College killer Christopher Harper-Mercer is blaming guns, rather than his son, for the bloody killing spree that ended with nine innocent people dead.

In an interview with CNN, Ian Mercer claims he doesn’t blame guns, then spends much of the interview refuting that assertion. Mercer does not indicate that he believes his son was solely responsible for the massacre.

Now I know Obama got marching orders from Valerie Jarrett to get out on the bully pulpit and for a small donation from Bloomberg rant and rave about the need for gun control. The bully pulpit, ladies and gems, does have a price.

But it’s his job even if his lips are moving so he lies.

But an asshole whose son murdered and injured over fifteen people has the nerve to blame his asshole son’s actions on GUNS?

Some people have no pride.

Melania Trump-A First Lady?
I give a big quote from a recent NY Times article about Melania Trump.

Now anyone doesn’t think Donald Trump is a man who is fond of beautiful women let me know. I got a bridge to sell, cheap. Sways a bit in the wind….had to close it down this past weekend.

But men preferring beautiful women is nothing new under the sun.

delritenationaltidbitsmelaniatrump10.5.15However, I dunno…..Melania Trump as First Lady? Dictators all over the world will be stealing by her side, perhaps a free feel. She gets anywhere around Joe Biden there will be problems.

Allegedly the NY Times got most of the facts wrong about Melania.

Melania Trump is also a naturalized citizen, an immigrant — though not from one of those countries her husband suggests walling off from the continental United States. Born Melania Knavs in Sevnica, Yugoslavia, now Slovenia, she is the daughter of a onetime auto dealership manager and a woman described in differing accounts as a fashion designer or seamstress, depending on the source.

It was at a modeling contest before she took up her studies at the University of Ljubljana that Melania Knauss attracted the attention of the photographer Stane Jerko, who shot the first test photos of a pretty teenager with baby-fat cheeks and a Madonna-style ponytail, pictures that eventually resulted in her signing with a Milan modeling agency and beginning her successful career as a mannequin.

Though never in any sense a top model, during the years before she met Mr. Trump the 5-foot-11 Ms. Knauss was nevertheless photographed for ad campaigns and magazine pictorials, shot by prominent fashion photographers like Patrick Demarchelier and Mario Testino, and she appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar.


A Little of This and That

So some kind of gay priest comes out at the Vatican…this snippet in keeping with my Pope article up above…and even introduces his partner to the world.

Say what? Even if I thought it was okay for a priest to be openly gay, which I dunno, never much thought about it….but for sure it’s wrong for ANY priest to be shacking up with another person as if married.

They take a vow of chastity is what I’m saying here. So this gay priest is flipping all of us silly Catholics the bird by being blatant about engaging an activity many regard as sinful (and let’s face it folks, these people really can do their deeds in private and tell no one) but he also shows us his break with his chastity vow.

“Madame Secretary”, a pretty good show for political junkees though at times we get some really funny fiction….this past week we had Tia Leoni’s character BECOME PRESIDENT.

I sure learned something. Seems after the Speaker of the House it is the Pro Tem of the senate, which I’m not sure is who. NEXT….THE SECRETARY OF STATE! I sat back a bit shocked. Man, Hillary was what, fourth in line to the presidency? That’s scary.

Also, next week, you should smile, a guest on this show will be none other than MADELINE ALBRIGHT! Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State she was and perfectly awful.

Before the season is over for this show we’ll have Hillary making a guest appearance. Woman is desperate.

“Scandal” is one confusing show but the political junkee in me can’t resist a show about a President and his lover girl. This year we have President Fitz divorcing his wife to be with his true love-Olivia Pope.


Man we’ve had Olivia go all over the world, be loved by all kinds of important men, save the reputations of many celebrities.

Well I’ll keep watching.

AS a special treat for yon readers, below a link to my book review on “The Martian”.

“The Martian” by Andy Weir. He was left alone on Mars without a single living human knowing he was still alive. Even if they knew he was alive, Astronaut Watney would need to somehow grow his own food on Mars. It would take a year and a half to rescue him. Great, great, great book….review here!

Anybody wanna go see the movie with me? Cause it was a great book.

Finally, it’s kind of sad. And for now it’s just rumor, but it’s a virulent social media rumor. For it seems that Caitlyn Jenner is sick of….eh, well being CAITLYN.

HE now asks that we call him Bruce.

Be Watching Out for This Week

The election of the Speaker of the House is scheduled for 10/29/15 but a private vote will be taken, in secret, sometime this week.

Hell I’m a Blogger. The word SECRET ain’t in my vocabulary.

We’ll be watching. We’ll also be watching the continuing race for the Republican primary and report back to yon readers to assist you as God meant for me to do.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Honest to God I am covering the Sussex county council tomorrow. Let’s hope they discuss more than sewer systems.

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