What Is The Face Of The Sussex GOP?

board-meeting   Considering the attitudes of some within the Sussex County Republican Executive Committee, this may be the only face that is acceptable to them.    By now I am sure most of my regular readers have heard about the comments made by several members of the SCREC concerning women, on a local radio talk show. The statements made were degrading to women, and have been condemned by three major women’s groups in Delaware, by the State Republican Chairman, by both Republican Caucuses of the Legislature, by numerous Republican Representative District Committees, several Republican Clubs, and many within the Republican electorate.

The one group who has been silent, along with their Chairman, short of a weakly worded press release, is the Sussex County Republican Executive Committee themselves. The one group that has it within their power to actually take action, and to send the message that such treatment of women  by members of the Committee will not be tolerated.

No resolution has been made, no call for the resignations of the offending members has been heard.  The only movement from the iceberg, known as Chairman Billy Carroll, is that he has called a special meeting of his Advisory Board.  And it has only taken three weeks since the story broke wide-open here on Delaware Right, to make that decision Mr. Carroll. Way to take control of the situation. What a show of leadership? One has to wonder, just how many fingers did Mr. Carroll have to wet and hold in the air to discover which way the wind was blowing?

No one really expects much to come from the Advisory Board meeting. Most likely it is just Mr. Carroll’s attempt to look as if he is actually doing something, without actually doing anything. This meeting will likely only act as a delay until the regular monthly meeting on Oct 12, 2015.

As offensive as this latest act of churlishness was, it is but the latest in a long line of such behavior.

This Sussex County Republican Executive Committee does not want to grow, it does not want to look like America, it wants only to look like itself.

delritenationaltidbitskimdavis10.4.115  While it will accept this women, it would have a hard time accepting this woman. hispanic business woman

And considering the fact that this very same Committee, ran a resolution to remove the Delaware Republican Executive Director, John Fluharty, because he openly supported homosexual marriage, as a gay man, and during that meeting, Republican County Councilman Sam Wilson uttered these words, “when I was in school, we called’em queers”. We can damn sure bet that these guys are not welcome at a Sussex GOP meeting.

gay couple   And if you expect to see any of your black friends at a Sussex meeting, don’t.

black_couple   I have been hearing about outreach to the minority community for years now. One EDC, Larry Mayo, was once in charge of that outreach, with no results. Though he is fond of the Frederick Douglass photo he uses as his profile photo on Facebook. Fail!

Another big talker about minority outreach is Nelly Jordan. Mrs. Jordan, who happens to be the wife of Tom Jordan, one of the men who made questionable comments on the radio, ran for the Vice-Chair of the state GOP Committee, and one of her goals was to bring more Hispanics into the GOP.

Well as someone who has missed very few meeting of the Sussex GOP, I can tell you that Mrs. Jordan has never once introduced any Hispanics as first time guest. She has never nominated a Hispanic for membership in the Committee. Fail!

What we have in the Sussex GOP Executive Committee, is a group of older white people, dominated by old white men. These people are anti anything other than white Christians. They care only about guns, and Christians.

Which brings me to another group unwelcome at these meetings.  Anyone who does not worship God as they do. And don’t even think about being an atheist and a Republican.

Mr. Carroll has one chance to turn the doomed Titanic known as the Sussex GOP around, and that is to remove the male members of the Executive Committee who said these thing about women. Either by calling for and receiving their resignations, or by lobbying the Committee to vote them out for the good of the Republican Party.

He then needs to change the culture of segregation within that Committee. By actually finding ways to reach out to minorities and others in order to actually grow the party. This group has done nothing but alienate people, be it minorities, gay people, and now women.

Or Mr. Carroll can choose to rally around his old white guy friends, continue the death spiral that the Committee has been in for the last five years, and be the one held responsible when the Sussex GOP ceases to exist.



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  1. Meyer Persow says:

    Sam always referred to me as “that faggot.” Didn’t matter whether it was a County Council meeting or a Friday morning at Jimmy’s Grill, I never was accorded any respect. He also made anti-Semitic comments. This is why I couldn’t support almost anyone the Sussex GOP put forward. Hopefully the Sussex GOP will out forward more candidates like Ernie Lopez who can draw Democratic voters by showing that the old prejudices are dead.

  2. waterpirate says:

    As offensive as all this is. The salient point is that the EC does NOT represent the vast majority of R’s in the county. So it will be possible to field sane candidates moving forward, they are just not in the EC dugout.

  3. mouse says:

    The good news is that the Republican party is not gaining new young members and that most of the old, angry white racist men will die off along with their party of fear, hate, guns, war and bigotry

  4. Rusty says:

    The Chairman of the Sussex County GOP knows exactly what he needs to do with this issue. Make the changes and move on because we have important elections next year!!

  5. delacrat says:

    ” The Sussex GOP Executive Committee has done nothing but alienate people, be it minorities, gay people, and now women.”


    Providing a platform for Pat Fish to giggle over a bombed hospital because she is “betting lot of those ‘staff members’ were named Mohammad”, alienates Muslims and anyone of with a sense of decency too.


  6. Frank Knotts says:

    Delacrat, please direct all comments and complaints concerning Pat Fish to the HR Department of Delaware Right using the contact us page of the site. Thank you.

  7. HC says:

    These articles on the war on women in the SCGOP is nothing but a fabrication of Frank Knotts imagination. After Mary Spicer lost the election, she made outlandish statements (extremely emotional) after the meeting that it was Duke’s talk show that cost her the election. False

    Mary Spicer lost by a large margin the first time. That wasn’t going to change anyone’s opinion or vote the second time. She was destined to fail again.

    The reason Mary Spicer lost within the RD and ED executive committee forum is because she chose to engage her candidacy to run for Chair along with Lewis Briggs (running for Vice Chair) and hug Frank Knotts in the hallway of the Cheer center after Mary disrupted a previous meeting.
    Neither are liked within the SCGOP. Word got around fast. That’s why Mary Spicer lost again. FACT!!

    Frank Knotts writes an article of DR the next day after the election declaring a war on women. Mary Spicer and Frank Knotts got their heads together and made up the whole thing. Nothing but a fabrication of a bunch of losers.

    So, you and Lewis Briggs are the reason Mary Spicer lost the election. Its on your head, no one else’s. Nothing will become of this phopa because SCGOP did nothing wrong.
    This is nothing more than Frank Knotts wanting to be something!

  8. Laura says:

    HC – So what you are saying is that Ms Spicer lost both elections not based on her qualifications but because you do not approve of a few of her acquaintances? This was an election to chose the best candidate to lead the Sussex GOP. It was not a high school popularity contest.

  9. Frank Knotts says:

    HC, blaming Mary Spicer for the things said by Bruce Fitzgerald, Tom Jordan, Duke Brooks and Fred Silva, is like blaming the victim for the rape.
    First of all, the things these male members said, they said prior to the election. Are you saying they attacked women because of me?
    Are you saying the things they said “WERE” directed specifically at Mary Spicer?
    Yes, I too thought Mary was the best qualified for the job, and still do. And I admire her courage to stand up and speak her mind in a room full of macho, bigoted, homophobic, racist. Good for her.

  10. mouse says:

    This is the reason that objective educated people rarely vote republican anymore. The party is a joke. Their leading candidate for POTUS is a reality show entertainer and it’s difficult to assess if he’s even a serious candidate or just looking for attention. The rest of the candidates are falling all over themselves to out crazy the reality show entertainer by denying science, attacking women and women’s health issues with their obsession on sexual issues and are on the wrong size of every issue that actually impacts average people. The only way the party wins anywhere is because of obscene gerrymandering, voter suppression and public apathy. If not for uneducated angry white racists glued to talk radio for their answers the GOP would wither on the vine with their endless hate and fear mongering.

  11. Laura says:

    Mouse – If you find Republicans so repulsive, why are you so infatuated with this website? If Republican viewpoints are so inferior and Republicans in general are less intelligent then you, why do you bother to comment so frequently? If you are truly one of the “objective educated people” then why don’t you offer constructive criticism and clear solutions rather than your constant insults? It seems to me that you are bully. A bully that insults and belittles those you feel are less intelligent than you. That said, you are the person creating “endless hate”.

  12. Dunleve says:

    “Their leading candidate for POTUS is a reality show entertainer and it’s difficult to assess if he’s even a serious candidate or just looking for attention.”

    And your best chance to win the POTUS race isn’t even a candidate yet. Are them Dem candidates that horrible that a man that has lost 2 primary races is viewed as the savior when he hasn’t expressed his intentions. That would be like Ron Paul finally getting his chance.

    The GOP Primary may look like a circus, but there is a large audience under the big top.

  13. HC says:

    As Frank Knotts states: Yes, I too thought Mary was the best qualified for the job, and still do. And I admire her courage to stand up and speak her mind in a room full of macho, bigoted, homophobic, racist. Good for her.

    Well Frank you were in the minority that thought Mary was the best candidate. Majority voted that current SCGOP Chairman Billy Carroll was the best candidate, twice. It is refreshing to know that most the ED’s and RD’s do NOT have your insane mentally.
    So you still do and that’s the reason you continue this mentally deranged escapade of disturbing the SCGOP with your fictitious and erroneous misconceptions of the truth, twisted only by your inept ability to clarify any events that occur. Just a very bad LOSER! Can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen Frank. FACT!!

    Macho, bigoted, homophobic, racist is your characterization of the SCGOP. Oh, what a hateful and revengeful dweeb you are. LOL!!! There is not one person within the SCGOP executive committee, ED and RD that is any of the above. You”re just mad because they all threw you out moron. FACT!!

    Also Persow if you didn’t confront Sam Wilson with his nasty comments about you, what are complaining about. Jump up there with your proud self and tell him like it is. SCGOP doesn’t claim him. Remember he was voted into office by his district not the SCGOP!

    The factual reason GOP executive director John Fluharty was encourage to resign was that he violated the rules committee code of ethics and regulations when he went on the Susan Monday WXDE talk show program a few days before the election and made statements that he encourages everyone to vote for Mary Spicer. OOPS!! Not allowed to do that!! It’s his job to remain neutral within the party and he didn’t. It has nothing to do with his sexual orientation. FACT!!

    Old saying goes almost anywhere in our society, YOU ARE WHO YOU HANG WITH! So, when Mary Spicer joined up visibly with Frank Knotts and Lewis Briggs who neither one would win a popularity contest within the SCGOP, she was destined to lose. Lewis Briggs and Frank Knotts would be running the show if she had won and everyone knew it. So, that’s why she wasn’t voted as Chairwoman. Make up all the distorted lies you want Frank, it just won’t hold cold rain water. FACT!!

    Poor ole Mary Spicer was used by these undermining grunts. She was advised of these two that they would bring her down but her remark was “TOUGH” Ok, then you take whatever comes your way dearie. FACT!!

    My question is, “When are you blog site suffocates going to learn not to believe a damn thing Frank Knotts writes in his blubbering drib of internet tripe?” He makes you all look like a bunch of insignificant disturbed back woods derelicts.

  14. Frank Knotts says:

    HC demonstrates that they have no clue what they are talking about. First of all, I didn’t make up anything go to this post and listen to the comments in the male members own words. http://www.delawareright.com/does-the-sussex-gop-see-women-as-second-class-members-of-the-party/#comments
    As for the Fluharty issue? Well genius the resolution brought by the SCREX to remove him was two years ago and had nothing to do with the chair election.
    Also, I heard Mr. Fluharty on the air, and he never endorsed either candidate. And by the way, Billy Carroll only ran once. FACT
    Seems HC doesn’t know anything.
    And finally, the majority voted against Mary Spicer not for Billy Carroll. The reason was, those lazy do nothing’s were afraid with a real chair they might actually have to do something to secure their seat in the debate club.

  15. lindsey says:

    HC knows less than nothing.

    Mary Spicer has recruited half of the working volunteers in the Sussex County Republican Party. When I say “working volunteers” I’m talking about the people who go door to door, stuff envelopes, make phone calls, etc., unlike the Billy Carroll sect of the party that theorizes about working and then sits on their fat asses while Mary’s people do all of the work. Mary donates her time and her money to Republican candidates every election cycle. She has presided over the ESRC and the SCRWC, two organizations that also donate their time and money to Republican candidates.

    Mary doesn’t need Frank, Lewis or anyone else’s approval to do anything. Mary ran against Pete Schwartzkof when no one else would step forward and she ran a good, clean campaign. Mary Spicer is a better woman, and a better man, than almost every person on the SCGOPEC.

    If you listen to Billy Carroll’s interview, all of his GOP experience was back when he was in his 20’s in college, easily 50+ years ago. He doesn’t open his checkbook for candidates, I’ve never seen his old, lame ass at a lit drop for anyone.

    Mary Spicer was the better candidate, but alas, that means very little to the racist and sexist SCGOP.

    Did I say “RACIST AND SEXIST”? Yes. When the featured speaker at a SCGOP meeting is a local preacher who states that Republicans “can’t vote for Jews or Muslims you are a racist organization. When your leadership goes on the air to talk about how women’s menstrual cycles make them unstable and unfit for elected office, you are a sexist organization.

    It is just that simple.

  16. mouse says:

    Well, I do enjoy the debate and I was trying to be helpful. I was thinking that maybe, just maybe that some people in the republican party who are willing and capable of self reflection might benefit from my comments. Otherwise it’s a bunch of angry backslapping white guys with no one to point out their problems. I want to see a healthly republican party that is a counterbalance to democrats. I have no political party as I don’t thrive in a tribal party environment like some seem so obsessed with. Right now, in my view the Republican party is not viable since they only nominate candidates who base their platforms in hate, fear, misinformation, xenophobia, misogyny, religious dogma and denial of science. We need candidates who can solve problems and not just appeal to angry rubes..

  17. Rick says:

    …most of the old, angry white racist men will die off along with their party of fear, hate, guns, war and bigotry.

    Yes, the Socialist-Democrats are the hip, modern party. Just look at their presidential candidates…Clinton (white) 68, Sanders (white) 74, Biden (white) 72. LOL

    “Welcome to the Socialist-Democrat debates, sponsored by Medic-Alert…

  18. mouse says:

    The situation in the House today demonstrates that the GOP is not a serious party capable of governing. Having old leaders is entirely different than having an old electorate.

  19. Rick says:

    Having old leaders is entirely different than having an old electorate.

    Nevertheless, the major Socialist-Democrat candidates are all old- too old.

    Of course, the left and Socialist-Democrats have been citing the “aging” GOP “base” for decades.It started in the “hippy” era; well, the “hippies” are all grown-up now, and who has the majority in the US House and Senate? Socialist-Democrat hegemony never happens and won’t happen, because as people age and become (presumably) smarter, and live and work in the real world, their political leanings change.

    It’s just like the Socialist-Democrats incessantly making a big issue over the GOP’s inability to attract the “Latino vote.” Well, Latinos are a significant population demographic in Texas- do the Socialist-Democrats dominate in Texas? No. Because Latinos have been in Texas for decades and as they mature socially and economically, they also mature politically. They become more interested in crime, education and jobs- all GOP strengths- and less interested in feel-good pop-sloganeering, the purview of the pandering Democrats. Similarly, in New Mexico, with an even higher percentage of Latinos, the GOP holds more seats in the legislature than during the times of Eisenhower, Nixon or Reagan. That the Latinos will join blacks on the plantation and reliably keep the Dems in the big house is a myth.

    Dream on Dems, dream on.

  20. mouse says:

    False premise. They are not socialist. They want average people like you to be able to get a fair shake and not have to work your whole life to give it all to the 1% and live in real fear and poverty in old age. When I was young and ignorant, I was a macho right winger too but grew out of it with age and education.

    Education a GOP strength? lol Your talk radio party leaders go on endlessly attacking education, educators, the educated and established science. And sloganeering lol. I can predict what the slogan of the day is by listening to talk radio. And I’m not a dem

  21. fightingbluehen says:

    “When I was young and ignorant, I was a macho right winger too but grew out of it with age and education.”

    That’s funny, because when I was young I believed in the pie in the sky utopian pablum that was preached by liberal academia and media, but then the rose colored glasses got slapped off my face by reality.

  22. mouse says:

    I guess the difference is a university education and a course in critical analysis.

  23. Frank Knotts says:

    Ah Mouse, please don’t make the terrible mistake of equating education with intelligence. I am sure as I have, you too have known people highly educated that are complete idiots. And others with minimal education that are extremely intelligent. Let us not paint the box so small.

  24. Rusty says:

    Is anyone reporting on last night’s SCGOP Executive Committee Meeting? Was progress made? Is leadership moving ahead??

  25. HC says:

    Hmm, wonder why Frank didn’t stay up until midnight to post his usually BS?

    Your plan just not working out for DR and the spew crew?
    Feeling the heat from your french fry moves?
    If I told you everything I knew, you would know as much as me. Not happening!
    One thing is for certain, the majority of the SCGOP executive committee can see right through all the Frank Knotts and Mary Spicer BS.
    Doesn’t take a genius to figure it out at all.
    Keep drinking Frank’s cool aid and you will wind up a diabetic!

  26. mouse says:

    Frank, Agreed. Some of the smartest people I have known did not have formal educations. Given that, there is much value in have a course in critical analysis and some basic science.

  27. mouse says:

    And generally speaking, people with formal educations don’t adhere to talk radio dogma

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