The National Scene-Political and Cultural Tidbits from Across the Fruited Plains. The Hillary Benghazi Edition-10/23/15.

What is with this Sid Blumenthal and his Benghazi gossip? Somebody needs to find those Security Professionals and waterboard the hell out of them. Come on in for a true and harsh take on how it went.

I love to write about local politics but meanwhile national stuff is happening that requires my thought and input. Be patient with me, the reading and smiles will be worth it.

Dear Lord I sat and watched every minute of the Benghazi hearings, yes I did. I also listened to Rush while the hearings went on, also Mark Levin, also Greta and….I didn’t miss much.

And I really don’t have much to add beyond what most other pundits have noted about Hillary’s “performance” and no, nothing will probably come of it. At least in terms of Hillary suffering some kind of punishment for her awful behavior.’

The effect on her upcoming nomination is a different story entirely.

First, where has this Susan Brooks from Indiana been hiding? This lady did the best questioning of Hillary and she has the best hairstyle….ever! Only this humble Blogger points out such things, thank me very much.


Next, let us get out of the way this notion that this entire episode was for naught but to get Hillary’s campaign numbers down….nonsense and thank God they didn’t elect stupid Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker. For it was he who suggested such a thing, a freaking Republican for God’s sakes, Lord we got idiots in that legislature, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.


However, if anybody thinks the Democrats wouldn’t make political hay out of….if….say a Jeb Bush were involved in a Benghazi type incident….I got a bridge to sell, real cheap, wouldn’t make it through a minute of Hurricane Patricia.

So even if the Republicans were conducting these hearings for political gain, let us all agree that we shall no longer consider such action a bad thing since we all do it.

The first big discussion of the day was about the emails. Bernie Sanders said he’s tired of hearing about Hillary’s emails but goodness this woman was running her own political/government empire, collecting money from all over the world, hiring people two or three times at the same time, flipping everyone the bird and like Frank freaking Sinatra, doing it her way.

Seems Hillary got over 700 emails regarding security issues in Benghazi in 2011 but only….what 67 such emails in 2012 up to the attack-9/1-11/12? Hmmmmmm.

What….the security problems just stopped up until the day they burned up the compound? Or were emails close to the attack date….somehow deleted?

So okay up next these SECURITY PROFESSIONALS! This is a phrase Hillary used most of the day and I ponder what the hell is this woman talking about.

Now I understand the CIA was also in Benghazi, holed up in what they call an “annex” near what they call an “embassy” in Benghazi. The State Department has security concerns, but of course, no? It’s not on the CIA to solve these matters, or to even decide these things on behalf of the State Department.

So I wasn’t sure who these Security Professionals (SP) were but I think they were contract soldiers of some kind that Hillary either a)gave these SPs complete control over the safety of her ambassador or these SPs were lower level State Department employees that were in charge of….gasp….SECURITY. And Hillary said they said everything was fine in Benghazi even though they were, I suppose, in Washington D.C.

Whatever the case here, people, some of us were born at night, BUT NOT LAST NIGHT! The security of American ambassadors is on the Secretary of State which is where the buck stops.

These Security Professionals, whoever they are, should be brought in, lashed to an inch of their lives, waterboarded with wood slivers shoved under their fingernails. Such is the horror of these people as the former Secretary of State points the finger as whoever they are and said it was their fault.

Bah, humbug.



Now someone tell me what the hell is it with this Sidney Blumenthal character? Ambassador Stevens didn’t get one email through to Hillary and this Blumenthal guy la-di-dah sends Hillary emails with all the local Benghazi gossip, who’s sleeping with who and Hillary forwards it along, ho-hum. Meanwhile the Ambassador to Libya is begging for some safety as danger around him mounts.

I know Blumenthal is a Clinton classless creep for many years but even Hillary had to admit the Obama administration wouldn’t hire him so Hillary, ahem, doing it her way, had the corrupt Clinton Foundation hire him.

Talk about no responsibility to anyone, this Hillary quasi-government crime corporation blows my mind.

Now about that video the administration was out touting as the cause of the Benghazi attack…..very interesting. One Hillary email to Chelsea has her describing the attack as by an “Al-Queda like organization” and the day after the attack Hillary’s on the phone with the Egyptian minister telling him the attack was not caused by a video most assuredly.

It’s obvious to even a non-political junkee like myself that the Obama people called Hillary and had her toe the line about that stupid video tale because what Hillary did at mine own nearby Dover air force was the most despicable thing of all.

For as the bodies of the Benghazi slain arrived, Hillary walked up to the parents of one of the dead and whispered in their ear that American would get even with the bastard who made that video….lying like a rug to bereaved parents….passing along a political message with a murmur to a hurting parent who should pass along that bit about the video to other military parents.

How low can this woman go? By the time these bodies arrived Hillary knew….well damn, she knew the actual night of the attack….but she deliberately and methodically repeats the political mantra in the ear of a parent already doubtful about the death of their child.

Hillary was forced to admit all this in that the email to Chelsea was part of the emails recently obtained and the Egyptian minister blabbed.

So right there, sing it loud, Hillary admits the lie.

All in all, despite her witchy lying ways, Hillary did okay. Which is to say that Hillary was Hillary, a cold, calculating, totally fake human being who can lie with no compunction.


Some pundits are lamenting that the senate hearings were a waste, that nothing will come of it.

Well there’s not a whole lot that either legislative body can do about it. Hillary can’t be impeached right now. Criminal charges would be bought but this Justice Department is a political tool, totally.

I do think these hearings will hurt Hillary in her presidential bid and while I spent many words telling yon ladies and gems that Joe Biden wouldn’t run and much as I hate to say it, I told you all so. However Biden’s drop-out speech was quite dramatic and as Rush said, could just as easily have been an jump in speech.

Allow me to be a bit maudlin here. Four Americans died. Ambassador Stephens begged for help. Three brave Americans tried to help but nobody came in as promised.

No way should the lying Secretary of State at the time be able to erase her damn emails and walk away from the lies, deceit and death.

The situation with Hillary, and Sid Blumenthal for God’s sake, is now very public. Time for some Bloggers and Journalists to do some investigating.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

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7 Comments on "The National Scene-Political and Cultural Tidbits from Across the Fruited Plains. The Hillary Benghazi Edition-10/23/15."

  1. delacrat says:

    “Dear Lord I sat and watched every minute of the Benghazi hearings”

    Dear Lord you have too much time on your hands.

    If we just let Gadaffi be, those 4 Americans would still be alive and Libya would not be a failed state.

  2. fightingbluehen says:

    This was quid pro quo between Obama and Hillary. Hillary jumped onboard with the internet film fabrication in order to maintain the “Obama ended terrorism” narrative right before the election, and in turn the Feds won’t be mounting anything other than a token investigation into any of Hillary’s possible criminal activities.
    I don’t think anyone, other than the sycophants and the uninformed are buying the coverup though. It’s not exactly clear whether Hillary is exactly culpable for the deaths of the people in the Libyan embassy, but it is clear that she and the Obama administration fabricated the relevance of the previously obscure Muslim mockery internet film.
    The deaths that occurred (and there were deaths) in the protests and riots afterwards due to the hyping of that film absolutely are their responsibility .
    In the end I think people will realize that the Obama administration, which includes Hillary, orchestrated the whole “Arab Spring” debacle of which the downfall of Libya , is a consequence there of.

  3. fightingbluehen says:

    The disposal of Gaddafi in accordance with the spirit of the “Arab Spring”, was Hillary’s baby it would seem.

  4. fightingbluehen says:

    ….and as she laughs and thinks it is so funny that we killed Gaddaffi, people need to realize that some of Gadaffi’s children and grandchildren where also violently killed. So whatever the situation is in Gadaffi’s death be it with merit or not, we can all agree that Hillary’s reaction is that of someone who is totally clueless or that of a psychopath…..and to think that there are many people who still just can’t wait for her to be president.

  5. Fish Bites says:

    “people need to realize that some of Gadaffi’s children and grandchildren where also violently killed”

    You are joking, right?

    When Ronald Reagan bombed his house in 1986, who was living there? Was it rented out to some other family?

    Obama finished the job Reagan failed at.

  6. fightingbluehen says:

    You missed the point FB. Did Reagan act like a psycho and share a laugh with the media about it? The answer is no, no he didn’t.

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