The National Scene-The Sunday Political Talk Show Report on 12/6/15

Hillary calls relatives who met their dead at Dover air force base….LIARS! Liars….all of them, she never mentioned that video. Much more including Jeb Bush, and Loretta Lynch, who would put us all in jail should we badmouth Muslims.

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson; Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas.
MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Attorney General Loretta Lynch; Republican presidential candidates Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

FACE THE NATION (CBS): Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Chris Christie; Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

THIS WEEK (ABC): Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton; Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Trump; Republican presidential candidates John Kasich and Marco Rubio; New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Sharyl Attkisson’s Full Measure The San Bernardino Terrorist attack; Inside the terror cell that spawned the Paris attacks; Billions of your tax dollars were spent to put a million electric cars on the road; And, $150 million spent on luxury villas… in AFGHANISTAN!.

The FreeRepublic Sunday Talk Show Thread

Meet the Press-Loretta Lynch

dr12.06.15sundaypolilorettalynchDid y’all know that Loretta Lynch is an old Clinton crony from long ago? Indeed I did a book review on a book about the Clintons, back in the White Water days. When I saw that name come up I had to smile.

Anyway Lynch was on Meet the Press telling us how Islam is a religion of peace, we should tar all Muslims because of the actions of a few….well yon ladies and gems know the narrative.

She presented herself pretty well and avoided terms like “inching close to violence” or whatever recent term meant to scare us into not talking bad about Muslims.

Fox News Sunday-Carson sleeps

So Ben Carson, candidate for President for the Republican party and accused, of late, of not knowing a thing about foreign policy, was on this show and he really did try to look tough.
Folks, all Ben Carson looked was sleepy but that’s part of his charm. He spoke of everyone being vigilant, monitoring the Internet, to play dirty pool like the enemy.
It all sounded good but I consider Ben to be good Surgeon General material.

Brit Hume gave a great rant on gun control, asserting that he hopes the Democrats keep up their anti-gun mantra, that this argument to solve these gun massacres is to take away the guns of the good guys is the way to go.

Brit emphasized that it was a good way to put the Republicans in power and I agree.

Don’t nobody tell these people that gun control will bring them down. Let them, led by President Obama who is also fighting climate control for the good of our children, keep this stupid argument that nobody’s buying.

Face the Nation

You know you really don’t have a life when you let Bernie Sanders go on about gun control over and over and over.

It is a bit of a problem for the very liberal Sanders for as he often states, with a tone of annoyance at the rubes he must represent, that Vermont is filled with hunters and he has to keep his constituents happy.

This always makes me smirk. For I am sure that Sanders would love to promise to grab all of our guns and bury us in the bullets but then he would not, ahem, get re-elected.

Political Cartoon of the Week


The utter nerve and callousness of this woman. She did a pretty good job during the interview with Clinton lover George Stephanopolous but then you had to know all the questions were pre-arranged. When you ever see Hillary on Fox News Sunday, let me know.

First lie, she says you have to close the gun show loophole which the liberals love to bring out cause they think we don’t know what the hell that’s about except that it’s a loophole and that’s a bad thing.

She also mentioned cracking down on online loopholes and below, a quote from a commenter on that FreeRepublic thread I link above:

You CANNOT buy a firearm online UNLESS you go through a FFL – Federal Firearm License holder. They HAVE to do a background check. Plus, you have to pay for their work.
So if I buy a firearm on, for example, I have to pay the full price there, pay for it to be shipped to a local FFL, and then pay him to do my background check and any additional processing fees.

I say, like Brit Hume upthread, let Hillary continue on the need to take our guns. America ain’t buying it and it’s a losing issue.

Now for the big story of the day, Stephy asks Hillary if, as the families of the Benghazi dead alleged, she tolddr12.06.15sundaypolihillaryclinton them upon arrival of the caskets at Dover, that she would get the film maker who made that film mocking Mohammad and cause of the riots that killed their loved ones.

Note to my editor who has been complaining of late that I need to investigate my facts better (he cut my paycheck in half over it)….I watched her the first time when she answered this question and went back in to please grouchy editor AND WATCHED IT AGAIN!)

Now I point this out because already the Lamestream media is out and about and declaring that Hillary says victims’ loved ones misunderstood her in the “fog of war”.


She called them liars!

Now she DID mention some kind of fog of war but let me say, after watching it twice, that immediately after Stephy asked her if she said that to the loved ones….she said , and I quote….”NO”!

I expect that those folks will be out and about, furious at being called liars.

Remember you read it here first.

State of the Union

They tried to interview Trump and it was a mess. Couldn’t get the sound to work and when they could get something Trump was so hoarse you couldn’t understand a word he said.

John Kasich was on and here’s an intriguing aside….it’s anecdotal but I’ve noticed that liberals who are not going to vote for Hillary, usually soft liberal types, LOVE KASICH!

That fact means something, maybe why I can’t stand him.

He’s got Ohio on his side and might make a VP cut but this man is such a nasty nothing.

Yon readers mileage might vary.

My Take

Of course there was endless discussions on the recent California terrorist attacks as I bravely call them what they were.

And as per normal, the Democrats want to take away our guns and the Republicans say no until it actually comes up for a vote then they do what the Democrats want.

As of this writing, it is planned for a presidential talk from the oval office when President Obama is likely to stop our troubled hearts by assuring us that nasty people with guns will love that right and I’m guessing….just a hunch yon readers and at times I am wrong, hard as it is to believe….that Obama will announce an executive order that will prevent those on this famous “no-fly” list will also be prevented from owning a gun.

This should give us all pause and may I be wrong yon ladies and gems. Cause this president is determined to do as much damage as he can until his time runs out. He is not a lame duck at all, he is a lame duck on steroids with no punishment on deeds he might bring down upon us.

Just what exactly gets someone on this NOFLY list? And if the plan is to prevent these people from buying guns….does this fit into the structure of the constitution.

From the same guy I quoted upthread, below some info about this no fly list:

Not that there’s anything wrong with preventing someone with ties to terrorism from flying commercially, but the government has an terribly screwed-up system for it.

First of all, the names on it are not published by law, so the only way you’ll even know you’re on it is to try to fly—and get refused at the airport by TSA.

Then, and probably one the worst things about it, if your name is on it, even if it is just a mistake, there is no way to get your name off. You can’t sue, ask for an appeal, nothing. Stuck on it for ever.
Also, they have names on it that may not apply to a particular person, but EVERY ONE who has that same name! Google your own name. you’ll probably see, even if you think you have fairly rare name, that there are others in the world who share you name, even middle name or initial and any different spelling. SO, if that name is on the list, you don’t fly either. Period. forever.
Obama said in 2008 that the whole thing was unjust; just another wrong committed by Bush, and he promised to fix it.
Has he? No.

Now he—and the democrats—are using it to get backdoor gun control or to hit “law and order” Republicans over the head politically.

That’s it until next week folks. Meanwhile keep eyes out on Hillary calling Benghazi victims’ loved ones liars and by all means keep your names off that no fly list.
I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.
Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.
NEXT : Got a Delaware tidbits coming up and maybe the Sussex county council….we shall see.

11 Comments on "The National Scene-The Sunday Political Talk Show Report on 12/6/15"

  1. Rick says:

    From Politico….

    “…In America’s most prophetic county seat, Trump enjoys a diverse coalition of support, from the 17-year-old punk high school student on the eve of his first election to the 81-year-old Kennedy voter to the kind of folks who will reshuffle their Thursday night plans to attend a county GOP “Politics and Pies” event. Coastal pundits might lament Trump’s appeal to the “low information voter”—but I can tell you one thing: Terre Haute citizens are anything but poorly informed.

    And if Trump can make it here—in this hollowed-out county of swing voters, union halls, three universities and a knot of CSX railroad lines, where voters seem to have a knack for predicting unpredictable elections—he can make it anywhere.
    Vigo County’s status as a presidential bellwether is as much of a mystery to the people here as it is to you. It’s a local curiosity as inexplicable as that time a few years ago when Will Ferrell showed up here unannounced to make a series of commercials for Old Milwaukee beer, clogging the intersection of Wabash and 7th and walking aimlessly around its railroad tracks.
    According to an analysis of bellwether states and counties by Dave Leip’s Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections, “Vigo County, Indiana is the most prominent bellwether of presidential elections in the country—voting for the winning candidate in every election from 1956 through 2012.” Perhaps even more telling, noted Leip, is that the margin between how candidates fair in Vigo County and how they fair nationwide has been an average of just 4 percent over the past 124 years….”

    Trump Thru mph !

  2. fightingbluehen says:

    Trump’s latest statement suggesting a temporary ban on allowing Muslims into the US has some people crying foul.

    The thing you have to remember is that Trump is a master of “the deal”. This is typical pre-deal banter. He’s just letting them know what could happen if this shit doesn’t stop. This is what he could potentially bring to the table. His statement alone will have a positive impact, and he’s not even the President yet.

  3. mouse says:

    The sad part is that Ms. Clinton is infinitely more qualified, dignified and in favor of policies that help average people than any of the talk radio republicans.

  4. mouse says:

    You people watch way too many reality shows

  5. fightingbluehen says:

    “The sad part is that Ms. Clinton is infinitely more qualified, dignified and in favor of policies that help average people than any of the talk radio republicans.”

    I thought we were talking about Trump. He’s all over the media (not so much on radio), and as far as helping average people; it would make sense that Trump would want “average” people to have money so they can go to his casinos and other businesses, right?

  6. Rick says:

    The sad part is that Ms. Clinton is infinitely more qualified, dignified and in favor of policies that help average people than any of the talk radio republicans.

    “Qualified?” She supported the overthrow of Mubarak and Qhadaffi- both states are now in chaos. She lied about Bengazi. She jeopardized state secrets. She collected millions from Middle East dictators while serving as SOS.

    Trump will tear her to pieces. She is incompetent, and a pathological liar. Worse, she’s joined at the hip to Obama.

    Thank you Little Red Star for delivering over 1000 state and federal legislative states to Republicans during your tenure in office!

  7. Rick says:

    ….make that legislative seats.

  8. Rick says:

    TEA Party crazies and other conservative zealots would prefer a Trump or Cruz candidacy. Sensible moderates like Lindsy Graham (Sen. Half Percent) and Frankdora would prefer a mushy establishment candidate. Let’s take a glance at some state polls.

    Combined percentage of Trump/Cruz. Two numbers reflect two recent polls within the same state.


    Doesn’t look good for the liberal wing of the GOP. The conservative base knows that GOP conservatives win and that Republicans who stand in the middle of the road get run over.

  9. fightingbluehen says:

    I would probably consider myself somewhat moderate, and I personally believe Trump is a bit of an ass, but he’s the kind of ass that I think we need right now.

    The political pendulum is swinging back as expected, and Trump is going to ride that thing like Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball.

  10. mouse says:

    Trump has said Americans are paid too much

  11. mouse says:

    There may be a certain appeal to him blowing up the world political process but he’s a very ugly bellicose person and lacks the character to be POTUS. Compare and contrast with the vision of Jack Kennedy

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