The National Scene-The Sunday Political Talk Show Report on 8/2/15

The Donald phones it in, nominee wannabes come out of the woodwork. Most notable on Sunday political talk shows today is what was NOT discussed.

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Gov. John Kasich, R-Ohio, Republican presidential candidate; former Gov. Rick Perry, R- Texas, Republican presidential candidate; Michael Needham, CEO, Heritage Action for America super PAC.
MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz; Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus; Dr. Ben Carson, retired neurosurgeon, Republican presidential candidate.
FACE THE NATION (CBS): Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate; former Gov. Mike Huckabee, R-Ark., Republican presidential candidate; Steven Law, president and CEO, American Crossroads super PAC
THIS WEEK (ABC): Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate; Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Democratic presidential candidate; former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., Republican presidential candidate; Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.
STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., Republican presidential candidate; Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., Republican presidential candidate.

The FreeRepublic Sunday Talk Show Thread

Fox News Sunday-Three Republicans Show up for a Hate Trump Fest.

Well actually John Kasich didn’t lambaste Donald Trump too much as he was too busy defending himself.

I did not know that Kasich, former Governor of Ohio, supported a ban on those elusive “assault weapons”. Moderator Chris Wallace reminded Kasich of his fail rating with the NRA, now very favorable. “Shows I’ve changed,” Kasich yukked.

No it don’t Mr. Kasich. It shows me that once upon a time you were quite comfortable on a silly assault on the second amendment couched to avoid the dreaded assault weapon, which could be a damn pencil. I’m thinking there was some political expediency for such an absurd support but at some point you learned not so much.

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry was on verbally beating on Donald Trump, stating how stupid The Donald is for thinking the state should be guarding the borders, that this is the job of the federal government. Thirty seconds later Perry brags how he told President Obama that if the federales didn’t patrol the border that Texas would.

Heh…..Rick Perry ruled out due to IQ issues.

Then we had the “architect”, Karl Rove tell us that 20% of the primary voters backing is nothing, PEANUTS ROVE TELLS US!

BS, Mr. Rove. Trump is polling with anywhere from 20-30% support right now and that’s not small potatoes. With a field of potential nominees now almost reaching 20, that sort of percentage of the primary voter total is enormous.

Rove even put it on his famous whiteboard and still it was a lie.

Meet the Press-Washerwoman Says Biden could be it; Ben Carson needs some splaining

delritemeetthepress8.2.15Y’all heard about the Martin O’Malley flap with the “all lives matter”? Seems former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and potential challenger to Hillary for the Democratic nomination responded with a follow-up “all lives matter” after a chant of “black lives matter”.

Now I think that slogan about black lives mattering is a bit of an insult to this country because come on, no matter what they say, black people are saved, rescued and treated as much as white people, or people of any other color for that matter. However, to Ben Carson I must remind that though he complains that O’Malley’s rejoinder about ALL lives matter was political correctness run amok….I say NOT SO.

Because I think the unborn babies’ lives matter and if I say this….as in “THE LIVES OF THE UNBORN MATTER”….only to be cautioned that ALL lives matter…well it takes away from the original point. I don’t think Ben Carson understands this, though far be I to defend political correctness. In this case I am defending the English language and the point made.

Debbie Shulz, Chair of the Democrat party, made an appearance to assure us that, indeed, Joe Biden could very well get the Democratic nomination. I’m thinking Wasserman-Schulz was put on TV this Sunday specifically to add fuel to a possible Biden run.

Heh. That should be interesting as all get out.

Face the Nation-Huckabee talks about ovens and Trump brings more giggles

Can you imagine, even for a second, a snarky Mitt Romney asserting that he will release his financial data when Hillary releases her emails?

I understand that Romney was not up against Hillary and at the time there was no email scandal. But Donald trump gave a smirk and said he would release his financial data concurrent with Hillary releases all of her emails, even the erased ones.

Mike Huckabee last week took a page from The Donald and used a bit of political theater in declaring that the Iran nuclear agreement as bargained by this administration was tantamount to leading Israel to the ovens, referring to the gas ovens used to kill Jews by Germany’s Hitler.

Of course that is exactly the truth so now Huckabee must endure the faux outrage of the media because they don’t like the truth.

Give Huckabee kudos for not backing down.

Political Cartoon of the Week


This Week-ABC

Donald Trump, through the miracle of telephones, was on all the Sunday talk shows but it was on THIS Sunday political talk show that Trump made mince meat of the host. The host was NOT George Stephanopoulos, as per normal, but not once did the guy give his name so the hell with it. Tom something.

Trump did say he would probably not choose Sarah Palin as a running mate. He also said, now famously, that he won’t run as a third party candidate if the Republican party treats him fairly.

Already I think having Karl Rove all over the place with whiteboards declaring 20% of the voter base is unfair but that’s just me. If treated unfairly-and we must assume The Donald will be deciding what”s fair and unfair- The Donald hints he might well take up a third party run.

Such a third party run would be devastating to the Republican party.

State of the Union-Chris Christie hanging in there

Not that much of anybody watches this Sunday show, including me-a helpless political junkee. So they needed a guest I must supposed and Christie was available.

He did okay. I wasn’t terribly impressed.

My Take

Three things of major note this week. First The Donald was all over the place no matter how much Karl Rove insists delrite8.2.15trumpandreaganthat 205 of a field of almost 20 is not even a hill or beans. Via telephone Trump snarked and smirked and didn’t back down. I swear this amuses the hell out of me.

Second, all over the place we hear about this possible Joe Biden run.


Well Hillary’s doing so bad, I swear that woman sounds like a robot when she talks. So ole Joe Biden gives us the ole “Beau’s last wishes were that I run” song and of course such an opportune time with the main candidate floundering badly.

Finally, NOTHING on the Planned Parenthood massacre. All week videos are being released showing PP doctors munching salad and discussing baby body parts and “crunchy” skulls. Pictures are all over showing a tray holding little dissected legs, arms, hearts and such….as if a chicken ready for the fryer.

And not one single political talk show discussed this.

Further Cardinal Dolan comes out lambasting Trump for his treatment of illegal aliens….calling some of them criminals the same week when one of them murders a young female San Franciscan.


The Catholic church, stalwart defender of the rights of the unborn, not a word mentioned condemning Planned Parenthood for that horror. The pope condemns climate change cause goodness how would we know the weather without the pope?

Yet not one word to defend the unborn and helpless.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : We will be all over the upcoming Republican presidential debates like white on rice. We’ll be watching both the fully-filled early version and the top ten version later at night. Check in Friday when I shall explain it all to yon ladies and gems.

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  1. Fish Bites says:

    Donald Trump should run for Pope while he’s at it.

    With all of the crap the Pope has been spewing about capitalism lately, it would be good to have him sit down, shut up, and listen to Donald Trump.

  2. mouse says:

    Well after winning control of both houses last november, it’s quite obvious the republican party has no ideas, is for nothing and will do nothing to help average american people. When the general public starts to see this, it’s always time to default to abortion and the ole sexual issue obsession

  3. mouse says:

    Is there any sense of embarrassment in the republicans party? It’s be taken over by proudly ignorant anti science, anti education rubes who have zero social skills. I mean look at the candidates, SNL could just run footage of them lol.

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