The National Scene-The Sunday Political Talk Show Report on 9/20/15

It’s the first Sunday after the CNN debates and Donald is everywhere, Fiorina basks in praise and big talk about the pope’s visit. Tune in for a zesty session of political junkiness.

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina; Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the archbishop of Washington; Rev. Thomas Rosica, a Vatican spokesman.

MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Republican presidential candidates John Kasich and Ben Carson; JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

FACE THE NATION (CBS): Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton; Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul.

THIS WEEK (ABC): Republican presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Donald Trump; New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.
STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Kasich and Trump; Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie.

The FreeRepublic Sunday Talk Show Thread

Fox News Sunday-Some Pope Talk

Guests included Cardinal Donald Wuerl and Chris Wallace grilled them well.

delritesunpoli9.20.15wuerlcardinalWe are told that the Pope will address the congress in English. Wallace mentioned the pope’s eagerness to jump into things political and would he be bringing up issues with birth control and abortions covered by healthcare.

Both Catholic clerics assured Wallace that the Pope would be speaking about a world steeped in violence, bloodshed and rancor. Rev. Rosica assured us that Prince Francis was a “prince of peace”.

Meet the Press-A boring time was had by all

Usually the premiere talk show of the day, Meet the Press and Chuck Todd had on John Kasich and Ben Carson and these are two of the more boring Republican contenders. Though I adore Ben Carson, yes I do.

Anyway, for yon reader amusement, I offer a comment made by another Freeper on the FreeRepublic thread link above.

And I know this is uncalled for, but who is in charge of makeup and making suggestions about physical appearance on the NBC show? Chuck Todd’s beard looks like what a college kid would grow while he is away from home for the first time because the girl he wants to date is a communist, and Maria continues to look more and more like that guy from the Indiana Jones movie after he “chose poorly” and drank water from the wrong chalice. Maybe it’s just the lighting.

PS-the “Maria” referred to above is Maria -wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger. She is now a pundit on MTP.

Face the Nation-HILLARY! And she didn’t do half bad!

delritesunpoli9.20.15I watched Hillary Clinton’s interview with my complete attention.

She didn’t do half bad on her interview with John Dickerson, the new and very under-rated host of Face the Nation.

Which is not to say that she came off as a sweet lady who didn’t know how to handle her email.

Hillary did NOT, this time, sound like a bitter hag resentful of those who think she should abide by rules we all must follow, which is a plus of sort I must suppose.


I once again do the lazy and copy and paste from the above referenced FreeRepublic thread.

STEPINAWFULPIS: And look at this from the American Action Forum, conservative group. They say the federal government would have to spend roughly $400 to $600 billion to address the 11.2 million undocumented immigrants. Each immigrant would have to be apprehended, detained, legally processed, transported to his or her own country. In turn, this would shrink the labor force by 11 million workers, reduce real GDP by $1.6 trillion.
Are you willing to pay that price? And where are you going to get the money?

TRUMP: Well, first of all they’re wrong…These are people coming and many of them — you look at what’s happening with the crime. Many of them are really causing tremendous problems. And they would be out really fast, immediately. First day we start that movement.
We need a wall. We have to get a wall. We need great security. And, by the way, legally, if you’re legal you can come in. And we’ll cherish you for coming in.

STEPINAWFULPIS: But let me press you on the costs right there, Mr. Trump. They’re saying $400 billion to $600 billion. It would require big government apparatus to take everybody down. If you don’t think those numbers are right, how much is it going to cost and where are you going to get the money?

TRUMP: Well, it’s costing us $130 billion a year and that’s peanuts compared to what the real cost is, George, for the way we have it now. You have so many illegals. We don’t even know how many illegals. I hear 11 million. I hear 30 million.
We have lost control of our country. We’ve lost control of our borders. The government has no idea how many illegals there. I’ve been hearing 11 million for five years. Then the other day I heard 30.

STEPINAWFULPIS: So if there’s no idea, how are you going to round them all up? Where are you going to get the money, where are you going to get the forces? Exactly how are you going to do it? What are the specifics here?

TRUMP: George, I’m telling you, it’s called management. You can do this and we can expedite the good ones to come back in. And everybody wants that. But they have to come in legally.
We have a country, we have to have — we’re a country of laws. We’re a country of borders. How can you have a country without a border?
How can you have a country without laws?
We have to do it. And by the way, what you said in your piece initially is the gang members. You look at the gang members in Baltimore, Chicago, in Ferguson, these people, a lot of them, are illegals. These are rough dudes. And we’re going to get them to hell out fast.

STEPINAWFULPIS: I understand that you think it’s a huge problem, but I still don’t hear specifics on how you’re going to do this.

TRUMP: My specifics are very simple — I’m going to get great people that know what they’re doing, not a bunch of political hacks that have no idea what they’re doing, appointed by President Obama,…that man doesn’t have a clue.
People are walking across the border right now, right in front of these great people that we have. We have wonderful Border Patrol people. They can do their job. but they’re not allowed to do the job.
People are walking right into our country totally un — nobody even knows where they come from. They walk right past guards that are told not to do anything.

STEPINAWFULPIS: Do you expect neighbors to start turning in neighbors?

STEPINAWFULPIS: I still haven’t heard the specifics on how you’re going to do that, but I’m going to move on…

TRUMP: Well, you’ll hear it, George. Don’t worry about it.

It’s a great copy of the actual interview but you gotta love the commenter’s name for George Stephanopoulos, ABC host of “This Week”.

Political Cartoon of the Week
CNN State of the Union-The Donald discusses casinos.

Donald Trump again and on this show The Donald discussed that debate confrontation that had Jeb Bush accusing Trump of trying to bypass Florida legislature to put up a casino.

Or whatever the hell Jeb was accusing Trump of that night with Trump shouting that if he’d have wanted it he’d have gotten it.

Or something.

Turns out that Trump DID get permission to build casinos but not until Jeb Bush was outta the Governor’s mansion.

My Take

The interesting common talking point this week was how Donald Trump should have corrected that audience member that accused Obama of being a Muslim.

Seems the new rule of political correctness is not only do we have to watch what WE say, now we must correct what OTHERS say, if it is politically incorrect.

I’m sorry, but there is no rule that contenders for an elected office should have to correct speakers of any kind about what they say about another occupier of that elected office.

I know McCain defended President Obama when an audience member dared to mention the man’s middle name for God’s sake.

Lots of talk about the upcoming visit by the pope and yon reader should know now that I am, yes I admit it, very excited about this papal visit. Did y’all know the last time the pope visited America was in the mid-60’s?

Which is not to say I am not super worried about what might pop out of the man’s mouth. Because I am. Pope Francis is from Argentina, a strange country noted for its resemblance to Russia and a home away from home for Nazi criminals. His world view is nowhere near the world view of most Americans.

First, I am a news junkee. Second, I am a political junkee. Third, I am a Catholic. Finally, for yon readers I will watch the pope and all activity associated with same.

Come back next week for full reports as needed.
I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.
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NEXT : Finally I have an interview date with Father Tom, mine own Pastor but with a Delaware political background that is very interesting. Also, of course, the Pope and the Sussex county council, couple more tidbits….check in to see what’s up.

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  1. Mitch Crane says:

    This is not the first papal visit to the a United States “since the ’60s”. Pope Bendict was here a few years ago and Pope John Paul Ii was here six times, starting in 1979. I was in St Louis when spoke at St Louis University in the last 80’s. I spoke there the next day and joked that John Paul was my advance man. The nuns laughed

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