The The Blooming Of Delaware Political Looting, Or DP&L & Bloom

Jack   In its latest filing with the Public Service Commission, Delmarva Power and Light (DP&L) has announced that the Bloom Energy subsidy, or as some of us like to call it, the light tax, will hit another record level on DP&L’s rate payers April bills, this will pass exceed  the last record set in March, that’s right, the month that just started.

In March every DP&L rate payer using the average of 1,000 kw hours or more in a month’s time will be paying $5.48, in April they will be paying $5.98, a fifty cent increase in one month. At this rate of increase the tax payers of DP&L could be paying $9.98 or more, by the end of the year. What could you do with ten dollars a month, or $120 a year?

Doesn’t sound like much, does it? But DP&L rate payers will be paying $3.7 million to subsidize Bloom Energy. FOR ONE MONTH!!!!!

Which again, totals up to quite a lot of money in a year, money that will have been taken out of the state’s economy and put in the pockets of Bloom Energy’s executives and investors.

And what have the DP&L tax payers gotten for this money that has been taken from them? Taken with no line item shown on their billing by the way.

Well according to an article from Delawareonline, “Bloom promised to build a  East Coast headquarters in Newark, and some of the first orders came from the 30 megawatt electric project, connected to two Delmarva substations in New Castle County, that is pouring power onto the regional grid. Delmarva ratepayers are funding the electrical project with the surcharge.”

WOW! What they are also getting is some of the highest costing power in the region, but hey, who cares if that means that even more money is taken out of the state’s economy, or that high power rates keep new businesses from coming to the state? Who cares? Not the Markell Administration that’s for sure.

Let it not be said that Delaware and DP&L don’t feel your pain. The latest filing also included the fact that DP&L has lowered the amount of electricity used  by the average customer from 1,000 kwh down to 975 kwh, in doing so they increase the number of rate payers paying the subsidy in order to lower the number to $5.83 per DP&L tax payer. This is also simply a step in the direction of every rate payer paying the subsidy, a move that has been floated by the Markell administration and DP&L.

If anyone thinks this tax will ever go away, or that it will ever find its level, look up US Subsidy Fund For Rural Phone Service.

Bloom, like Fisker is just another Markell shell game to reward his green energy fellow travelers, it remains to be seen if, like Fisker, the people who have paid the cost, will ever see any type of benefit or return. Doubtful.


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    If the administration supports this, it must be right. Markell is the elected governor.

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