Vince Calabro Has Resigned As Sussex County GOP Chairman

vince1  It has come to my attention that the Secretary of the Sussex GOP has sent out emails to the RDs of Sussex County announcing that she has received a letter of resignation from Vince Calabro.    As many know Mr. Calabro’s barely five month administration of the Sussex GOP Executive Committee has been consumed with ongoing controversy. From accusations of campaign finance fraud, to claims of harassment of female committee members, to filing a false police report on myself to have me removed from a public meeting.

It would seem as though Mr. Calabro has over estimated his abilities, or under estimated the job he took on.

We can only hope that the committee can now find it within itself to elect someone who knows about campaigns, and the laws governing committees. Someone who can actually get something done to elect Republicans.

The email from the Secretary has also announced an emergency meeting for the Advisory Board of the Executive Committee, which is made up of the RDs, this is to be held on Thursday night, the 21st of May at GOP Headquarters in Georgetown.

Here is the message from the email,


“We have just received a letter of resignation from Vince Calabro as Chairman of the Sussex County Republican Committee.
Accordingly, there will be an emergency meeting of the Advisory Board on Thursday, May 21st, at 6 pm at HQ to determine our next course of action.”

9 Comments on "Vince Calabro Has Resigned As Sussex County GOP Chairman"

  1. Honi Soit says:

    Who knows why he resigned. Maybe there is something we don’t know about. But if nothing else, then this much seems clear: Republican officeholders in Sussex have fared so well in spite of–and not because of–the formal political apparatus whose purpose is to promote them. Too much drama. Too much scandal. Too much turmoil. Bad for the GOP and bad in the long-run for the body politic.

  2. big ray says:

    good job frank

  3. TammyM says:

    Duke “Sherwood” Brooks will sing the committee praises and talk about how Calabro was a great guy today on his new afternoon show no doubt. Nobody will be tuning in because that station is dead.

  4. Pat Fish says:

    I don’t care what anybody says, this is just weird and probably part of the plan all along.

    I await Frank’s further research.

  5. JS says:

    Does the resignation letter have any “wiggle room”?

  6. mouse says:

    Well, at least the party is entertaining. It could almost be a reality show. The Sussex County Republican talk radio reality show. They even have a Tea Party that doesn’t really exist lead by a Constitutional Sheriff. In thye first eposide, the Constitutional sheriff returns Christianity to the schools by arresting all the science teachers lol

  7. fightingbluehen says:


    Duke brooks was on the radio yesterday singing the old,”look how many Republicans hold office in Sussex County” tune as an example of how successful the leadership of the SCGOP has been.

  8. Doobie Doobie Duke says:

    If the current SCGOP “leadership” was successful in elections then their little buddy Jeffy Christopher would be Sheriff today, but alas, little Jeffy got his butt handed to him in the primary and in the general, proving that putting sore losers in charge of the SCGOP only leads to corruption and borderline illegal campaign finance activity.

    The people who successfully ran campaigns in November of 2014 are the people responsible for this blog site.

    If the SCGOP wants leadership that is actually “successful,” they will clear out the current batch of terrorists, misogynists, sore losers and borderline criminals who refused to back the duly elected GOP primary winner (instead of backing the GOP primary whiner), and bring in Knotts and Grossman to run the committee.

    Funny that WGMD would bring back “Mr. No Comment Drug Offender” as a talk show host. Well, not actually “funny,” more like pathetic.

  9. TammyM says:

    “Funny that WGMD would bring back “Mr. No Comment Drug Offender” as a talk show host. Well, not actually “funny,” more like pathetic”

    It is pathetic. I am done with that station now that there is more information about John Budler and how he was let go.

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