Why All The Distrust Of Law Enforcement?

Has anyone else noticed that every time there is a story of a police officer being forced to defend themselves with any kind of force, that the blogs and local talk radio fills-up with people making wild accusations of police state tactics, and cries of excessive force on the part of the officers?

It never fails that when an officer uses any level of force to either make an arrest, or to defend their own lives or those of others, the constitutional crazies come out of the woodwork, shouting about the violation of someone’s rights.

Most of the time the people making these claims have no direct connection with the incident or the people involved, they simply hear rumors and second-hand accounts of what may or may not have happened, and then twist and spin it to fit their personal needs.

So why are so many people, so willing to give every benefit of the doubt, to a person that may have been involved in a crime, or who, when contacted by the police, become aggressive and or violent, yet are equally unwilling to give that same benefit of doubt to a trained professional law enforcement officer?

There have been several cases in recent times here in Delaware, and Sussex County specifically, in which Delaware State police officers made a decision to use their weapons. And one where a Rehoboth Beach officer has been accused of kicking a man, who some say was already in custody.

One case involving the DSP was the result of a high-speed chase where a man attempted to elude the police by driving through the yards of homes, and after crashing his vehicle, breaking into a shed where he then used a shovel as a weapon against officers. The man was shot. He lived, though he may be paralyzed.

Then there was the case off the Rehoboth Beach police officer who was attempting to interview a man who seemed to be publicly intoxicated, allegedly the man became belligerent with the officer and a struggle ensued.  The man’s wife video taped the arrest, and some believe the video shows the officer kicking or stomping the man’s head after he was under control of the officer.

The third is the most recent, again involving the DSP. Following a report of a hit and run accident in Millsboro, Delaware, a DSP officer was dispatched to a home near Georgetown. This was due to a license number given to the police, from witnesses at the scene of the accident.

When the Trooper arrived he was invited into the home by the mother of the suspected driver of the car that had been reported.

According to press releases and hear-say witness accounts, some sort of altercation ensued, leading the officer to deploy a Taser, which for whatever reason did not stop the man. The officer then decided that the use of his gun was necessary, and shot nine times striking the man five times. The man is now being held in hospital under arrest, not for hit and run, but for allegedly attacking a police officer.

My point for writing this post is not to defend any, or all of these officers, it would be wild speculation on my part to do so. The same as it is wild speculation on the part of many people in the public who are so willing to out of hand condemn the officers as being, “out of control”,  or for “using excessive force”. I have heard the phrase, “police state” tossed around.

As I have watched and listened to these people so ready to attack those who have sworn to “protect and serve” us, those who put their live between us and the criminal element of society, I have asked myself, why are so many people anti-law enforcement all of a sudden?

Well since I live in Sussex County, and since I listen to the talk radio stations serving Sussex, and since I write and read blogs from people in Sussex, I have to admit it may be a Sussex state of mind. But I have come to one conclusion about this, and that being, that a lot of people in Sussex are anti-law enforcement due to the County Sheriff issue and the law suit brought by Sussex Sheriff, Jeff Christopher.

This is not to say that Sheriff Christopher is anti-law enforcement, anything but. However, many of his supporters I believe, are ramped up by the rhetoric coming from his campaign to empower the office of county sheriff with full arrest powers. From the very start, one of the main arguments has been, “what will you do when the state police come to take your guns, or violate your rights, if you do not have an elected law enforcement officer to protect you from the corrupt state police?”

The public has been fed this now for nearly ten years in one form or another since the time of former sheriff Bob Reed who first brought the issue to the attention of the public.

It has been so pervasive during elections involving the office of sheriff, that it has over shadowed many of the more pressing issues facing the people of the state and county. Talk radio and the blogs and newspapers have used it to generate interest and ratings. It has become the clarion cry for those who see themselves as protectors of the constitution, or as some sort of modern-day patriots.

So is it such a long stretch to think that this has transformed into a total distrust of any form of law enforcement other than an elected law enforcement? I think not.

Don’t get me wrong, a total trust of all law enforcement is not healthy either. We as citizens must be ever vigilant, but let us not forget either, that the word vigilant, is the root word for vigilante. We are seeing a progression from giving the benefit of doubt to our trained professional law enforcement officers, to a total distrust of them. How long before these same people feel empowered to not only disregard law enforcement, but actually start taking the law into their own hands?

As much as I hate to do this I am going to link to another blog-site, to a blogger whom I have often had disagreements with, someone who I feel is a glaring example of exactly what I have written about here. In his piece on the incident in Georgetown, he convicts the officer out of hand based on no known fact, simply because it involved a DSP officer. I have also put up a video of an interview this person gave on the shooting as well. I encourage my readers to read the post first them watch the video. If these two examples do not demonstrate what I have written here, then I apologize for wasting your time.

Just know that this person, while I think is part of a growing minority group  of anti-law enforcement, he is not alone in this, and that is what causes me concern. This can only lead to more of these incident when people are told they cannot trust any law enforcement, they will feel empowered to disregard all law enforcement.



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  1. waterpirate says:

    That was just painfull to watch and listen to. A classic performance by the PODS director of special whatever.

    The facts are:

    This was an offficer involved shooting.
    Drunks can be violent and beligerant.

    Beyond that, we will have to wait. The ongoing issue of ” Monday morning ” quarterbacking by those who seek to make the news about themselves, or about the sherrif, or a issue they can latch onto to try and get themselves in a position to ” win ” an election is just another example of those who yell the loudest and do the least.

  2. kavips says:

    I was thinking on this today and am glad you brought it up. To be sure, there is that coincidence of people who support Jeff Christopher’s run for Sheriff, who also the ones calling out the recent turn of events as the evidence that a Police State is upon us.

    I must stress that is a coincidence. I for one, don’t believe we need a sheriff, but I do agree that recently the wrong decisions have been repeatedly made in investigations involving the use of unnecessary force.

    At question is: are the police always right?

    If they are; case closed. If they aren’t, then we need investigations of officers to be fair and unbiased. From a distance, that is the real issue. This is the question now up for debate. Are investigations being done solely in order to absolve police from all wrongdoing, or …are they being done to find the truth, and if that truth is bad, then propose ways to correct it?

    It is good the comparison between Delaware and New York City was mentioned. Both are completely different in geography, population mix, and income levels, but,… both share a similarity where police are firmly implanted in each government’s chain of command.

    There is a natural human tendency to want to cover up mistakes. We all do it when we can. Upon discovering we’ve made a mistake, our first inclination is to next ask, who else knows about it. If we are lucky the answer to that is no one, that mistake never gets mentioned. If we are unlucky, we try to defend our actions to the best of our ability to preserve our public integrity.

    But once caught lying, one has no public integrity, and that is all concerned people’s fear of where this state’s police force is going. The public needs to have confidence that their police will investigate themselves with the same honest clear eyed effort, that they’d investigate a criminal action performed against them.

    When the public sees a bound man, already subdued, have his head stomped in the ground, to fabricate an excuse that the police officer felt his life was in absolute danger, says only one thing. The police are lying to protect their own; truth is of no consequence to any investigation involving misuse of police force or tactics.

    That should scare the hell out of everybody. And it should not be twisted or construed to say all police are bad and every police person needs to be treated as they were in the 60-s when “pigs” was the colloquial name used against all officers because of the police-state actions of a very few.

    Good and bad policemen are not the issue. We all know they exist. The real issue is whether the police force itself is deemed to be more important, to have a higher priority to those in its control, than those citizens it protects. “We don’t need honesty” seems to be the message that these judgments are given out.

    Likewise it would be unfair not to mention why it is important that police be absolved of making poor judgment calls. They have a right to protect their own lives. If you start second guessing a policeman’s thought process, and intimidate him so in the field, he becomes more afraid of losing his job, and therefore it becomes easier for him personally to let criminals get away when a well-placed bullet could have stopped them, you have the corruption invasive of America’s city police forces of the Seventies. So there is reason, very valid ones, as to why if there is any remote possibility of one’s life being in danger, that he should be absolved from criminal liability.

    That said, mistakes do happen. When you have weapons of destruction, mistakes will be destructive.

    But above and beyond the question of whether a police officer was correct in his actions, is how that judgment is perceived by the public. Is the public more afraid of the police than they are of criminal activity? If that ever becomes the case than you have police state which seriously is the case in many of our cities. If the criminal will leave you alone, but the police force stops you, frisks you, takes you in for questioning, pulls up your record, imprisons you…. you will walk right past the criminal who will hurt someone, but probably not you, but cross the street to avoid any contact with a member of the police.

    The local idea of having a sheriff, (which seems to come from fond memories of The Andy Griffith Show), is that one has law enforcement similar to oneself who protects but does not interfere. In the most recent Rogers case, we would all assume Andy Griffith would talk Mr Rogers down and maybe drive him to jail, help him out of the squad car, make him first brush his teeth, and let him sleep things off for his own protection… and small town life goes on.

    We need police we can trust. When you can point to police in legislature, as New County Executive, as Mayor of Wilmington, anytime we get a white wash of an action that should have been decided by an unbiased person in another way, you are going to get calls that we live in a police state….

    This Roger’s case has a lot things very similar to Trayvon Martin; shots were fired in haste because of actions precipitated by the person upheld with enforcing the law. Allegedly it will be titled as self defense, but the events leading up to that point, could have been handled very differently by the officer who could have prevented the occurrence from ever happening.

    Endemic to this argument, I’m afraid to say, is really the philosophy now upheld by our society. It is interesting when comparing these events and all of life today, to the Andy Griffith Show interpretation of life and how humans should behave in it.

    That TV show taught in a humorous way that there are many ways to resolve problems. Not always being nice or always hard nose, but being right should be one’s goal. That show stresses stalling until the right answer becomes obvious, then acting upon it…

    Today, in everything, it seems that society feels one must quickly apply force to achieve results. Force Teachers, Force Legislators, Force Citizens, Force the Governor, Force the Executives, Force the Common People, are all utterances we are familiar hearing.

    (So much has changed since the 60’s hasn’t it, just in how we view things?)

    Officer Martin obviously thought he had to “force” compliance. He only thought in that one single way, and to achieve a win, it would cost 9 bullets, 5 of them which lodged into Mr. Rogers. Mrs. Rogers life is forever changed. Mr. Roger’s life is forever changed. Mr. Martin’s life will be forever changed.

    There were other ways.

    There is a problem with any culture that stresses killing to solve all problems. There were hundreds of other ways to handle either Rogers and Trayvon Martin, all leading to a different outcome.

    So is Delaware truly comfortable with living in today’s police state? Based on all commentary, on the public reaction to this incident that was so poorly handled, … it appears they are not.

    And that is the real problem. For if we ever get to the point where we can trust criminals to do the right thing, over and beyond what our trust is for our men in uniform, it’s over.

    That is why those of whatever political persuasion who are crying out for justice, are serving a worthy purpose. They are applying pressure to insure that those making these judgments acknowledge that they have to face public accountability on the results after their decision. By creating a ruckus, they give all of us a better chance at having the verdict approach the truth of what truly happened. To continue to let those judgments go forward in silence, with no push-back, is to deteriorate the Delaware State Police beyond repair.

    Our law enforcement officers are too good of men and women to suffer that horrible loss of respect.

  3. Angus Berger says:

    I heard the interview between Bill Colley, Judy Mangini and Ayotte earlier that morning where they discussed his post on http://www.redstate.com and it was spot-on. They agreed with Ayotte on major points.
    What I saw the interview with Ayotte on WXDE with Gafney was a gang attack by Gafney, Weller, and Walls. Ayotte was lucky to get a word in edgewise without one of the three others talking over him, while he was attempting to make a point.

    There was hardly anybody in the diner and Gafney had to talk Ayotte into coming to the microphone while he was trying to drink his coffee.

    No wonder Ayotte walked out on Gafney, the guys nothing but an attack would-be shock jock.
    Thanks for walking out on him Don!

  4. waterpirate says:

    Kavips gives us all pause for reflection. I for one have faith in the system, it is all we have. I also know that DSP does have lines and codes of conduct, and they are not afraid to punish/fire/ those that can not color inside the lines.

    As far as angus comments, I think we all know what we saw on that video. Attempts to spin and do damage control for DA based on that video is laughable. He could not squirm out of the misteps he made, nor the skewed information he proffered. Since DG does not give the delete button to anyone, the comedy was ongoing.

  5. Frank Knotts says:

    Kavips, thank you, if your comment wasn’t so well written and thoughtful, I might have criticized you for its length. 🙂
    I have to say however, for all of your thoughtfulness, I still sense a built in bias towards the police, that based on no known facts, other than the mother’s accounts to friends and family, you seem to be leaning in the direction of the police officer being in the wrong. I am not saying that he is or isn’t, but I ask, the same as I asked DA, based on what knowledge?
    Thought I would give another example of the POD people rushing to judgement, this was on last Wednesday night.

  6. delacrat says:

    There’s a blog run by the Libertarian, Will Grigg, that chronicles police violence in the land of the free. I think it’s quite disturbing so that qualifies me, according to Frank Knotts, as one of the “constitutional crazies”.


  7. NSA member says:

    “Constitutional Sheriff Interposes on Behalf of the People”

    Amidst the swelling sea of federal tyranny in America, there are sparkling drops of hope for a peaceful return to liberty.

    One such shimmering ray of hope is the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. This group of peace officers and supporters are dedicated to upholding the oath that they took before God to support and defend the Constitution.

    Many Sheriffs are coming to recognize and to act upon their duty to interpose on behalf of their constituents when their rights are denied or when they are harassed by agents of federal or state government.

    For example, recently in El Dorado County, California, Sheriff John D’Agostini, received numerous complaints from his constituents claiming that they were being harassed by federal officials when they entered El Dorado National Forest.

    One man reported that he was cuffed and forced to stand in the snow while an officer dumped his luggage, sifted through his clothing and finally confiscated his camping hatchet, and threatened to arrest him for “possession of a weapon on federal property.”

    Fed up with the repeated harassment his constituents were experiencing in the national forest within his county, Sheriff D’Agostini informed the feds patrolling the forest that their powers there were suspended.

    Though many don’t realize it, the county sheriff, since he is elected by the people, is the chief law enforcement officer in the county.

    We applaud the sheriff for his act of interposition against the tyrant on behalf of “we the people.” – Michael Anthony Peroutka Institute on the Constitution

    I recently returned from the annual NSA Conference at the Board meeting held on June 25,2013 resolution 2013-01 was passed. National Sheriffs’ Association Acknowledges the Elected Office of Sheriff as the Chief Local Law Enforcement Office.

  8. Laffter says:

    FYI– to all reasonable posters in here

    the above troll – NSA member. Cut copied and pasted his post from this website


    Not an original thought among the lot of these trolls AND in case you didn’t realize it NSA member:

    1. To duplicate someone else’s work without a foot note or citation is considered PLAGERISM…….and a disgusting thing to do- please provide the letter of permission you have from the institute to replicate their work without noted citation.

    2. And to tout yourself as an NSA member is an insult to the real NSA folks whose boots you could not lick

    See folks , these are the As*wipes we deal with in here……

    The fleas of a thousand camels infesting their armpits is not quite enough punishment for them. What a bunch of sad pathetic clowns trying to,stay relevant as they see their little sad, shriveled worlds slipping away from them.

    Keep stealing and lying trolls- we will catch you at every turn…..

  9. Laffter says:

    See troll, you only put the TITLE in quotes

    Not the whole article….and used end quotes before the named source which tells the reader nothing

    Go back to school and learn how to quote, footnote and cite properly

    No one gives a rats butt about your Continental congresses and your secret handshakes and resolutions

    You people are nothing more than a joke- and your job here is for our entertainment only.

  10. NSA member says:

    The article was posted exactly as it was received in the email sent out to subscribers. Before you decide to use big words you should learn what they mean.

    Plagiarism: noun
    an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author’s work as one’s own, as by not crediting the original author.

    Credit was clearly given to the author along with the organization founded by him, there is no plagiarism.

    While you’re at it learn the meaning of tout as well. I’m not touting anything. I have every right to use NSA member as a name to post with I am a voting member of NSA which I have belonged to for nearly 2 decades.

    As for your other insults grow up, try staying on topic for once as difficult as that has proven to be for you.

  11. Frank Knotts says:

    Delacrat, the question is not whether or not there are bad cops, of course there are, the same as there are bad people in every profession. There are bad people in our society, and so there will be a percentage of bad people in all walks of life.
    There are also times when good cops are caught in bad situations and make poor of bad judgments about how to handle them.
    My point here, or more correctly my question here is, why does there seem to be a growing trend of cop haters?
    I have offered one reason in my opinion.
    I believe for people like Mr. Ayotte and Mr. Beatty to rush to judge the officer in the Georgetown shooting guilty of excessive force without knowing the facts first hand, or from confirming sources other than the person shot and his mother, is as bad as the people who would say that the person shot is guilty based on the same lack of facts and knowledge.
    The question is not whether we should watch and correct when need be, our law enforcement, the question is should people run around using such incidents as a stump upon which to jump in order to gain attention for their own sad personal agendas?
    We as a society can weed out the truly bad police officers, while not ruining the trust of the people of law enforcement.
    I will guarantee that if Mr. Ayotte was the victim of a home invasion he would call 911 and expect the DSP to come help, oh wait that is exactly what he did according to his interview. Why didn’t he call the sheriff?

  12. NSA member says:

    I’m only going to address a couple points.

    No one is a cop hater, thise who make issue are making issue with the growing number of cops abusing the trust society places in their hands. BTW the Supreme Court has already ruled numerous times it is not the responsibility of the police to serve or protect private citizens.

    We as a society can’t even get along across racial or political lines. Society couldn’t weed out a bad cop if our lives depended on it, make no mistake peoples lives do depend on it. Society We The People are not overseers of police officers in Delaware. There is no private citizen board that rules in cases like this that is the point being made by WVB, DA, DB. If you don’t think 9 shots fired inside a home by a trained professional is excessive then you’re beyond reasoning with. I doubt Mr. Ayotte will call the DSP should he be the victim of a home invasion, the invader/s will more than likely be met with a blast of double 00.

    I won’t waste time discussing your sad personal agenda which encompasses anyone who doesn’t agree with your self perceived knowledge about the Constitution.

  13. fightingbluehen says:

    I get a kick out of these people who think that a constitutional sheriff will fight tyranny in the US.
    Just do a quick Google search of “county sheriffs offices and homeland security”.

    The sheriff’s offices are in partnership with homeland security, which is an arm of the executive branch of the federal government. Drones a plenty.

  14. tony stark says:

    While I would agree that in some places of Sussex, there appears to be a perception that more people are not giving the police the benefit of the doubt, I believe this is wrong.

    Most Sussex folks are of good will and common sense. They will wait until all of the facts come out.

    However, there are a small non-representative group of idiots who will do anything to attract attention to themselves.

    Don Ayotte is a demagogue who would disrespect his own grandmother to get a headline. This is what he did to David Anderson when he claimed (inaccurately) that there were lynchings in Dover. Ayotte does not care who he hurts in his wild accusations. He truly is the village idiot Ayotte.

    Ayotte’s lynching story went nowhere. This is because there was nothing there other than in the empty space between Ayotte’s ears.

    Not content with the trashing of the City of Dover Police and David Anderson, Ayotte now is attempting to smear the DSP before all the facts are known. In the process, Ayotte is using his typical tactics of appealing to the dumb and gullible.

    There is no general distrust of law enforcement in Sussex. There is only a loudmouth who left the Republican Party because party members considered him a mean and vile person who was also the State’s laughingstock.

  15. Angus Berger says:

    To tony stark

    I thought this post was about, “Why all this distrust about law enforcement.

    Why then, would you start just attacking people, calling them names. Is it because you can’t articulate a real intelligent comment.
    Let me get this straight, you use a phony name; you attack instead of debate the issue, and you use epithets while hiding under a assumed name.

    Seriously, you want people to believe anything you say?

  16. Harry Whittington says:

    *Sigh* Pot/Kettle blah blah blah.

    Angus Berger August 13, 2013

    To tony stark

    I thought this post was about, “Why all this distrust about law enforcement.

    Why then, would you start just attacking people, calling them names. Is it because you can’t articulate a real intelligent comment.
    Let me get this straight, you use a phony name; you attack instead of debate the issue, and you use epithets while hiding under a assumed name.

    Seriously, you want people to believe anything you say?

    Angus Berger June 13, 2013


    You’re so full of shit that it is unbelievable. Seven people were at that event other than wives and girlfriends.

    Why don’t you come clean and admit it you scumbag.
    Delaware right is a total failure.

  17. waterpirate says:

    As if your name is really Angus berger????? Many people also find it interesting and disturbing that you and D.A. frequently:
    Use the same talking points
    Beat the same drum
    Use the same phrases
    If there are 2 of you we should all be very afraid.

  18. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus wants Waterpirate to know that the thinking around here is that Angus Berger is not DA (although it’s not been ruled out yet) but the thinking here is that it’s the one that’s known to use many different IP’s and alias’s. It’s a work in progress here. DA may well be the one that has already posted today.

    Tuxamus Maximus doesn’t think it really matters as they seem to be brothers with different daddy’s because they both seem to have nothing but hate for all that don’t agree and that they both seem to miss Mr. Knotts very much and want to play with him so badly they misbehave getting all goofy and typing without thinking…well that thinking thing is a real stretch. Tuxamus Maximus was told this would be an exercise in patience when placed here. Tuxamus Maximus should have listened to the cautionary tales with a bit more intensity. Tuxamus Maximus has the notes but wasn’t really prepared for all this silliness.

    Harry W, Tony S, Laffter and Waterpirate have done a fine job of bringing out the hypocritical ‘comments’ of Angus and NSA. Tuxamus Maximus is trying to be nice about this but these guys just aren’t bringing the most light from their bulbs.

  19. NSA member says:

    The HSA partnership is one that all law enforcement are part of, it is for the most part informational sharing.
    What some don’t seem to be able to or refuse to grasp is County Sheriffs’ are elected officials not appointed. They do not have to uphold unconstitutional orders anymore than someone in the military does.

    Do a google search see what the United States Supreme Court has said about the role of police. Open your eyes their role is not to serve and protect citizens. There are no less then 3 different rulings all stating the same thing.

    Those that crow the most are the ones commenting about matters that have nothing to do with the topic. It’s mind boggling the number of posters in here claim to be part of some secret squirrel mission to track down posters identities.

  20. Laffter says:

    Try this on for size…this is a Constitutional sheriff


    So, how’s that whole ” lets not cooperate with the Feds thing” working out for you now!


    And please do put your quotation marks in the right spot when you quote and cite- it was your mistake, not mine

    Better luck next time….NSA, angus, whatever….

  21. Frank Knotts says:

    The connection between county sheriffs and Homeland Security is the same as that between every other law enforcement agency, MONEY! And if they take the money, then they belong to the Feds.
    Maybe we should all look to see if Sussex County Sheriff’s office has taken any Homeland Security money or not?
    And to my new dear friend NSA, go back and listen to your hero Don’s interview again, because he tells the story of how, “just the other night” a car pulled in his driveway, and someone knocked on his door, and how he called 911, and how the DSP officer who showed up was professional and courteous. So you see, even the great Don Ayotte who is willing to condemn a police officer with no evidence, will call for their help in a pinch.
    It would also be interesting to know if that call actually took place, or was that another flight of fancy, made up by DA. The guy should stop trying to write, “HARD NEWS”, and stick to fiction, he is much better suited for that.

  22. Laffter says:

    Frank- no , they can get no Homelans Security money

    They can even get grant funds from the national sheriffs assoc- that idiot wanted to buy an Iris Scanner
    You know, to scan iris’ to ID 0people

    Great idea – – oh wait,

    1. They have no need for one as that is not their job
    2. There is no database to compare the scanned iris too
    3. There are real sheriffs out there that actually do have law enforcement duties that actually need real money to do real police work

    When Don Ayotte sees a cop behind him, he probably wets his pants anyway.
    And why would anyone call 911 coz a car came into your driveway and someone knocked on your door

    911 is for people with emergencies, not paranoid old men making things up

  23. NSA member says:

    Where do you think the National Sheriff Association grant money comes from you buffoon? The federal government. Talk about fiction you have absolutely no independent proof that any County Sheriff in Delaware wanted an iris machine.
    I do agree there are real County Sheriffs’ and Deputy Sheriffs’ out there who need funding for enforcement of the Constitutional laws the swore to uphold. Fortunately for everyone in Delaware you aren’t one of them.

  24. NSA member says:

    Iris scanning programs have been used by DHS border patrols since late 2010 early 2011 to track illegal immigrants. There is indeed a growing database despite you false claim otherwise. The iris scan face recognition program has being expanded further in 2013 in other areas on a trial basis.

  25. NSA member says:

    Here’s another article written over a year ago discussing the FBI expanding it’s iris scan database provided by state and local agencies.

    Your assertion there is no database is not only misleading it’s categorically false.

  26. waterpirate says:

    There is no secret squirrel effort to out anyone. But just like stupid hurts, so should being a flameing hypcrite.

    How twisted up must someone be to condem an agency in one breath and then give praise in the next???

  27. Harry Whittington says:

    If reporting “hard news” means writing the local “Out and About” column, then Don Ayotte is the “hard news” man. Here’s an article he wrote in Arizona:


  28. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus offers a big THANK YOU to Harry for that insightful link. Laffter has provided some as well and Tuxamus Maximus feels he should get a big THANK YOU as well.

    Tuxamus Maximus knows it was made perfectly clear that the only real law enforcement entities in Sussex were the Delaware State Police and provided a list of towns with municipal police forces. It was made clear should Tuxamus Maximus encounter any other entity wasn’t viable and call for assistance from the DSP. It is not understood why that point was made clear. It’s a learning curve thing.

  29. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    An OPPS from TM in that it was meant to read It is NOW understood why that point was made clear. It’s a learning curve thing.

  30. Laffter says:

    This particular buffoon happens to have flyers from jeff Christopher when he was running for office that talks about the iris scanner

    This buffoon also has his grant proposal to the national sheriffs assoc

    This buffoon also knows that NO LAW ENFORCEMENT ENTITY in the state of Delaware has now nor has EVER HAD 287(g) task force powers.

    That said, just HOW was sheriff squirrel going to detain ” illegal immigrants” and scan their iris? And just where would said sheriff squirrel hold said immigrants….ICE won’t come out on a good day .

    This particular buffoon would like those answers……..

    If you want to call someone a buffoon, look in the mirror and repeat BUFFOON…..

  31. NSA member says:

    I too have the Sussex County Sheriff campaign flyers that were distributed to county residents. No where was there any mention of “iris scanners”.

    If said person I called a buffoon has an alleged proposal grant from the Sussex County Sheriff to the NSA I ascertain
    a. They illegally obtained said document
    b. said person I called a buffoon is the well known former Sussex County Deputy Sheriff who was terminated from their position by the current Sussex County Deputy Chief Sheriff for spinning their loaded firearm in the County Sheriffs office endangering the staff.

    Said person I addressed as a buffoon claims “ICE won’t come out on a good day” to Delaware.

    Said buffoon is once again spreading falsehoods due either to their total lack of knowledge of ICE involvement with the state of Delaware OR because as I have claimed they are a BUFFOON !

    There is a well documented 5 year period of ICE involvement in Delaware beginning in 2008 to this current year. Said documented reports can be found in this link directly from ICE.

    ICE has also made arrests of illegal aliens within the state one was made in the Sussex County seat of Georgetown in Jan 2008 ICE arrests six illegal aliens in continuation of document fraud case. Arrests are related to criminal prosecutions for illegal use of Puerto Rican ID


    In the same year 2008 ICE arrested 27 illegal aliens working in Burger Kings throughout the state of Delaware. The information can be found in the 5 years worth of news released by ICE directly which are contained in the first link I provided.

    ICE will indeed come to Delaware as clearly shown above. There’s your answers BUFFOON no go shine someones boots if they will let you.

  32. Rusty says:

    “ICE won’t come out on a good day”
    ROFLMAO DHS/ICE news releases spanning from 2008 to present 2013 prove you don’t have a clue what your talking about.

  33. Frank Knotts says:

    So NSA, who seems to be a supporter of the Sheriff, who is our last line of defense against tyranny, also seems to be in favor of iris scanning. Wouldn’t that fall under unconstitutional according to the 4th Amendment?
    And here is another “HARD NEWS” piece from Don Ayotte. I wonder if he was also writing the Miss Manners column as well?

  34. NSA member says:

    So Mr. Knotts likes to fictionalize comments made. I never said I favored iris scanning, but that’s fine Mr. Knotts you go right ahead fictionalize all you want.

    By the way what happened to my post that was awaiting moderation that contained links to prove your hero laffter doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

    Here’s another link showing that the state of Delaware DSP and DHS ICE had and still have a MOA 287 (g) agreement.


    It was signed and dated 1/19/2010 by Captain Rodney Layfield DSP and signed and dated 3/10/2010 by Marc A. Rapp acting executive director SCICE

  35. Rusty says:

    Frank Knotts it seems has no problem with the flow of illegal aliens flooding our country. He seems to be taking the liberals stance opposing any technological advancements that could help stem the flow of illegals. Frank Knotts makes argument that iris scanners are potentially a violation of the 4th Amendment but he forgets neither our Bill of Rights or US Constitution apply to illegal aliens.

  36. Frank Knotts says:

    Rusty, I am sorry that sarcasm is lost many times in the written word, but feel free to take it however you wish. And dear friend, if the scanners were to be deployed in Delaware, do you really think that they would only be used on brown skinned people? Or a better question for you, do you think they should only be used on brown skinned people?
    NSA, multiple links sends your comments to moderation, believe it or not I have more to do in my life then wait around for your comments, I have a job, a family and elderly parents, so approving your comments is well down on my list of priorities. I had already approved it and it is then inserted in the comment thread where it would have been had it not been sent to moderation. Now this ends the school on blog etiquette 101!
    By the way, my father is my greatest hero.

  37. Rusty says:

    Mr. Knotts years ago when DNA testing came to the forefront in forensic crime fighting the same arguments were made. Once all the furor died down the pubic realized that it was a huge step forward in solving crimes. This included decades old crimes that without DNA were unsolvable. I am in no way condoning iris scanning because I do not know enough about it to express a knowledgeable opinion.

    I do however know that biometric scanning has advanced in leaps and bounds within the last 5 years.
    Home safes found in stores like Wal Mart are now equipped with biometric fingerprint scanners, which are far superior to combination or key safes. Like every new technological advance there is always concerns about misuse or abuse of Constitutional rights. To that end it becomes a matter of trust, you trust the DSP what reason would you have that would lead you to believe they would abuse or misuse the technology of a retinal/iris or facial recognition scanner?

  38. Frank Knotts says:

    Rusty said, “Frank Knotts it seems has no problem with the flow of illegal aliens flooding our country. He seems to be taking the liberals stance opposing any technological advancements that could help stem the flow of illegals.”
    So Rusty, you started this conversation, maybe you could address it now. My original comment about the 4th Amendment was meant to highlight the hypocrisy of another commenter, but since you chose to tie iris scanning to a single issue of illegal immigrants, maybe you could answer my question. Do you believe that if incorporated into law enforcement here in Delaware, that the scans would be used simply for identifying illegal immigrants? And should it, since limiting it to that use only also would violate the 14th Amendment of equal protection under the law? How would you determine who to scan? I am sure when you say “illegals”, what you actually mean is illegal Hispanics, so would you limit the use to only brown skinned illegals? You do understand that there are also Caucasian illegals here as well?
    As for you example of DNA use? Well at least for now law enforcement still needs a warrant and probable cause to obtain one, in order to gather your DNA, thus respecting the 4th and 14th Amendment.
    Iris scanners it would seem have at least the potential for a much broader use in the field, much like the stop and frisk laws being debated in New York.
    Look I understand the economic and social impact of the large number of illegal immigrants that have flooded our nation. Our schools, hospitals, social program and many other aspects of our nation are under a great strain because of it.
    What we need is a way to citizenship that allows the U.S. to control who comes here and for what reasons. The first step as always is border enforcement. You may want to go back and find some of my older pieces on this issue, my positions haven’t changed. I actually have proposed mine fields at the border.

  39. Rusty says:

    First I do not mean just Hispanics, don’t be brazen as to so sure of yourself, and what you perceive to be my unwritten meaning of what I post. I mean all illegal aliens, if you bothered to read the ICE news link I provided you would see Delaware is not home to just illegal Hispanics. Syrians, Italians and other ethnic illegals have been arrested. This includes a known world terrorist who has a shell corporation set up in Delaware who was selling illegal arms world wide to terrorist groups.

    Iris scanning could be performed once a person is determined to be in our country illegally, they do not have the same protection rights as citizens of the United States nor should they be.

    You express concern about people rights yet your solution which is beyond absurd to curb illegals is to have mine fields along our border. You do comprehend that mine fields can not ascertain the difference between an illegal alien and a child who is a citizen of this country I would hope.

    I wonder how long it will take before your self righteous followers call you out on your proposal, I seriously doubt any will say a word.

  40. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus agrees with Rusty that minefields here on US soil let alone anywhere isn’t a good idea. All due respect Mr. Knotts but that’s just not a solution. Will that work for you Rusty?

  41. Angus Berger says:


    After searching Ayotte’s work at Today’s News Herald in Lake Havasu City Arizona, I found that 90% of his work was hard news and most of it was on the front page.

    Your attempt to besmirch his record is false and you are well aware of this fact.
    I found, that he took announcement assignments and community interest assignments also as did the rest of the staff, after reading many of the articles.

    Your attempted castigation of Ayotte makes you look like a sniveling child.

  42. Walter Kryptonite says:

    As someone who actually reported “hard news” I decided to do a search of Don’s “hard news” reporting:


    This is a link to Don’s “hard news” reporting. I was a reporter for much longer than Don was, and I consider all of this fluff and human interest. Not one breaking news story, 99% of it is human interest bull crap. Flight cancellations, flu shots, political signs, blah blah blah.

    All of the “hard news” from the link I provided was about Kelly Ayotte, and it was long after Don was gone. If you see something I don’t, Angus, cite it please, but the search I linked to says it all, and it’s all pretty weak.

    I will let the readers judge for themselves.

  43. Walter Kryptonite says:

    The more appropriate verb to describe what bloggers have done to Don would be “castrate” not “castigate.”

  44. Laffter says:


    I won’t waste any more time with you as you are a patent liar

    The current sheriff never terminated any former deputy from the previous administration and if you have access to personnel records then you did so illegally- the deputy i think u are referring to never worked for the current sheriff and you have made a completely false allegation – best be careful of defamation and slander- and check those years.

    Of course there Is a current deputy with a criminal past, another one who has sexual harassment complaints made against Him by female legal staff and then there was the Deputy who was stealing from the taxpayers by falsifying time sheets……those records I do have.

    Now-if you had a brain in your head you would know that Operation Secure Communities and 287(g) have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other

    Operation secure community was an agreement between DSP SBI and ICE to run every person arrested not only thru NCIC and LEAPS but also thru ICE database- the meeting was private and closed to the public, no media was allowed. I know you were not there as you did not get an invite. :-). But by all means ask Capt Layfield, you can find him right there not far from you at troop 5 in Bridgeville.

    287(g) is a program where local LEOs are trained by ICE TO enforce federal immigration law- there are two forms of it- street level task force and jail enforcement

    No LEA in DE ever had 287(g) and I challenge you to find the MOU- you can’t and won’t, it doesn’t exist.

    I on the other had have the memos from Gov Markell and John Morton- and the exact stipulations.

    But then again, I’m a player and you, well……you are not even quite to the level of fan as you don’t even understand the game

  45. Laffter says:


    “Iris scanning could be performed once a person is determined to be in our country illegally, they do not have the same protection rights as citizens of the United States nor should they be.”

    Seriously, are you that stupid? Do you really believe that the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights does not apply to illegal,immigrants?

    They re- reading that 14th amendment……..if you have ever read it at all. These is this little line about ” EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW” and ” EQUAL RIGHT OF ACCESS TO SERVICES”

    Do you really think that when an illegal immigrant is arrested that they don’t get Miranda read to them, they don’t get an interpreter provided to them in court and a public defender to represent them

    WOW- the level of stupid in here just when thru the ceiling1, so here are the applicable passages for you……happy reading

    “nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    The Due Process Clause prohibits state and local government officials from depriving persons of life, liberty, or property without legislative authorization. This clause has also been used by the federal judiciary to make most of the Bill of Rights applicable to the states, as well as to recognize substantive and procedural requirements that state laws must satisfy.

    The Equal Protection Clause requires each state to provide equal protection under the law to all people within its jurisdiction. This clause was ………..for many other decisions rejecting irrational or unnecessary discrimination against people belonging to various groups.

  46. Laffter says:

    Ya know…..in general it’s gonna be kinda awkward for all the good ” Christians” in here when Jesus comes back

    He is a brown-shinned liberal that doesn’t speak English

    Chew on that for a while……

  47. Laffter says:


    Brown SKINNED…….apologies

  48. Rusty says:

    Tuxamus with all do respect I apologize, I hastily jumped to a conclusion that I should not have.

  49. Rusty says:

    Buffoon thanks for taking the bait thereby proving my point I knew you wouldn’t make issue over Mr. Knotts suggestion of landmines. Good luck finding my real identity as you claim you have to others.

    You also prove that buffoons with a miniscule amount of knowledge are indeed dangerous people. While you suggest people are “patent liars” with no proof there is proof that your credibility has been questioned, which is a matter of public record, not some secret squirrel illegally obtained documents you allegedly have. One has to wonder what you intent was/is to extort or silence people? I bet you feel real special to bad as the sun sets your still nothing more then a buffoon who has flipped through numerous positions within the county and state governments which is probably due to your holier than thou attitude.

    No tienes niguna idea de lo que hablas. So while you pull the Jesus card look hard in the mirror, before you pass judgement on anyone else.

    If I were to die tonight I know I will meet my maker who by the way is color blind. I truly feel sorry that you believe yours isn’t.

  50. Laffter says:

    Wow, someone’s panties are in a bunch! Landmines. I never mentioned landmines
    Mixing metaphors does tend to confuse the simple minded.

    Try going to school and

    1 learning basic grammar
    2. Learn the constitution you so want to uphold, you don’t even know what it says…..LOL
    2. Stop using run-on sentences
    3. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen
    4 google translate and babel fish are just toooo obvious and are too funny to read.

    and ummmmmm, steroids are really bad for you. ;-). Causes ‘roid rage

    Ah and link please to this “public record” ……..if you would like to be considered ” credible”
    Feeling froggy? Jump

  51. Frank Knotts says:

    Okay so Rusty starts the circular argument with, ” Iris scanning could be performed once a person is determined to be in our country illegally, they do not have the same protection rights as citizens of the United States nor should they be.”
    So riddle me this Batman Rusty, how do you determine they are here illegally? And what is the point of the iris scan after it has already been determined they are here illegally?
    If the point is to document and record that they are here illegally according to iris scans, how do you then use those records? If you can’t use the scan on someone to see if they have been scanned before, since in your world the scanner would only be used after it has already been determined they are here illegally. WOW! That made my head hurt, how bout you Rusty, care to explain it to us?
    As for mine Fields? Well it would seem that you are okay with blowing up illegals, just not citizens when you make this statement, ” You do comprehend that mine fields can not ascertain the difference between an illegal alien and a child who is a citizen of this country I would hope.”
    Sometimes we must demonstrate the absurd by stating the absurd.

  52. Frank Knotts says:

    No Laffter, you were supposed to condemn me for suggesting mine fields on the border, feel free.
    Angus, the Havasu News Herald has a circulation currently around 11 thousand, and let’s say circulation has fallen since 2006 like most print news and maybe they had maybe 12 or even 13 thousand on a daily paper.
    Now compare to Delaware’s Coast Press, a weekly printed paper with a current circulation of 16 thousand, now do the math for what they may have had in 2006.
    So is it any wonder they had stories like this http://www.havasunews.com/news/clydesdales-cross-the-bridge/article_7b84587d-ce13-5c53-a121-3fd80467e76c.html on the front page? Much in the same way the Coast press has similar stories on the front page.
    Face it, Ayotte has been bragging about being a “HARD NEWS” journalist, when at best he was a space filler.
    I know I am just a local blogger, and as I have said before, blogging is graffiti with punctuation, but at least I don’t attempt to be more than I am by bragging about being a journalist.

  53. Laffter says:

    Rusty is just mad I would not dance to their tune

    I have no need to condem you for suggesting minefields on the border because I don’t really believe that you think that is a solution either.

    But people like Rusty just want to come in here and well, mentally masturbate.

    They have no real knowledge of the :

    1 constitution
    2. Immigration law and it’s component programs
    3. Actual policy and MOUs between local LEAs and the Feds

    So, they come spouting albolute baloney and only succeed in making themselves look exactly like what they are- a tool.
    And it’s sooooo easy to beat them at their own game.

    I really need to stop twirling them around the fork like spaghetti, but hey, I’m not perfect and getting them to reveal themselves with little snippets they think they have is in of itself amusing

    Lets just say, I cannot WAIT for the Sheriff to run again…..all the dirty laundry and then some more will come out. But, like Ayotte claims, it will be some great conspiracy trumped up by the state like the charges against Bodenweiser…….

    Someone bring popcorn!

  54. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus wants Rusty to know that TM calls them the way they are seen and usually by consensus. With all due respect to Mr. Knotts, and at the same agreeing with Laffter on the minefield thing as well. Landmines is just another word for IED and we all know what many of our soldiers suffer from with injuries. Minefields anywhere is BAD but in our USA even worse.

    Tuxamus Maximus wants Laffter to know he is held in Icon status now. Research stopped when it was found you were spot on in all your work dealing with most of the characters you’ve addressed. Impressive work and research and some really is you had to be there knowledge. TM is impressed and humbled as you are spot on once again. You’ve put TM to work a number of times now and not just collecting nutz.

    Tuxamus Maximus thinks it’s time for some to put up or shut up. Angus and NSA will reappear soon enough after this spanking. Don A is a running joke now in house Tuxamus Maximus. Just when TM thinks the last layer of icing is on the Don A cake an even funnier hard news article shows up! Work is going on here but the laughs are greatly appreciated.

  55. Laffter says:

    Hat tip to TM- thank you.

    I sincerely believe if people are given the FACTS and the TRUTH not speculation and opinions (and outright lies) they will come to their own conclusions that are soundly based

    Posters like Rusty , Angus, DA. Etc don’t have the truth and could not handle it if they did. They sit back and armchair speculate and malign because their little egos can’t handle the fact that they don’t have a voice at the table

    But it’s not that those at the table think they are better- it’s because for several years these HATERS have lied, maligned, misguided, twisted and in general have done nothing but a dis-service to people of Delaware

    To be in government is to be a servant – albeit a servant leader. To serve the people , all the people- not pander to a select few.

    I dislike liers- as they are also thieves- they steal the truth for their own selfish ends- and while I can- I will always always confront a liar and expose the lie.

    Those particular posters have attacked myself and anyone on any blog who confronts them with their own stupidity, hypocrisy and meanness.

    Everything from threatening to ‘ out’ an identity to threatening a job. There is no low that is too low for them- but the simple fact remains that tactically- the best way to put out a fire- is to start another- it removes the available O2 and fuel- both needed for any fire to burn.

    But when fire is met with fire- they tuck their tails between their legs and resort to the tactics of the cowards that they have shown themselves to be

    No self- respecting person would want to deal with them- they have become a joke and a laughing stock- to amuse bloggers and any other travellers that may wander in .

    But I suppose even if they have not found their purpose in life- we have at least supplied th with one

    Laffter wishes the water pirate, TM and Knotts households a glorious Friday and safe weekend- this weather is a gift – the LAFFING household will be enjoying the day

    PS- TM is correct- they will come back and they can be spanked again another day- it’s better done on rainy days.


  56. waterpirate says:

    Thank you for the weekend blessing. You are correct that they will be back, but it will be the same sad story. I wrote a post a while back that was in line with your current thinking. Happy people have other things to do, outside, instead of spending time on a keybord hating.

  57. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus can’t call the weekend just yet as there is much to do but kind words from Waterpirate and Laffter are appreciated.

    Tuxamus Maximus wants Laffter to know that a lot of research and fact checking was done after last nights comment and in so many ways you really are spot on and that more is done on your work in the future probably won’t happen. His being running joke around here is applied to most everything that doesn’t function properly. Reading some of the hateful comments he’s made to those that try to debate him and the other posters on that site allows Tuxamus Maximus the understanding of why he lost his bid to be an elected official and would lose again and again.

    Tuxamus Maximus wishes the best to Laffter and Waterpirate for a good weekend although Tuxamus Maximus isn’t done for the day. You guys go out and play and enjoy life and hopefully a long weekend off! Work continues here in many ways.

    Tuxamus Maximus hopes you continue with ‘Laffter’ moniker unlike the others that most likely will return under new monikers now that they don’t have any legs to stand on in so far and being anything less than what you’ve called them out to be on this site.

    This Don A guy is a really fascinating ‘personality’. Having watched/listened to the video interview on the really big screen many times now it’s been determined someone should take the shovel from his hands because he’s in a hole he may well never get out of now and that’s a ‘hard news’ story he could write!

  58. Harry Whittington says:

    I think my favorite “hard news” story by Don Ayotte is this one about campaign signs:


    What a shame he didn’t investigate the illegality of a candidate removing opposition campaign signs, then maybe he wouldn’t have broken the law here in Delaware by stealing “Not Don Ayotte” signs from polling places in the 3rd Sussex County Council District. What a shame no one ever filed charges, Don would look excellent in a blue jumpsuit on the side of the road picking up trash.

  59. Rusty says:

    Short and sweet if people refuse to view the links provided then they have no one to blame but themselves for their ignorance.

    Laffter hasn’t proven anything nor have they provided any links to substantiate what they claim.

    While this Laffter character likes to post all kinds of acronyms and spins on what is posted they really know very little about what they claim to know. The person is a vindictive person with very questionable credibility according to the state hearing I made reference to.

    My name is Rusty I AM a Supervisory ICE Agent in an adjoining state to DE.

    Laffetr anytime you’re feeling froggy an wanna jump go for it anytime, anyplace in the real world honey. Until then you’re nothing more then one of the many cowardly keyboard warriors found on the internet daily.

  60. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus thanks Harry W for the added giggle although research has to begin to find out about the “Not Don Ayotte” sign thing but that’s probably true. That Don A hole is getting a lot deeper not just by the day now but more so by the hour.

    Tuxamus Maximus wants Rusty to know that all Laffter has provided has been backed up by research here although some things really had to be along the lines of he had to be there to know what he wrote. It all added up and made perfect sense for Tuxamus Maximus.

    Tuxamus Maximus kind of likes Rusty if for no other reason than the minefield thing but hopes that Rusty doesn’t start digging a hole next to Angus or NSA because they’ve got NOTHING at this time except the crickets in the holes they’ve dug. Respect for your opinions is easy but what Laffter provided is the real deal.

  61. ROTFLMAO says:

    While this Laffter character likes to post all kinds of acronyms and spins on what is posted they really know very little about what they claim to know. The person is a vindictive person with very questionable credibility according to the state hearing I made reference to.

    My name is Rusty I AM a Supervisory ICE Agent in an adjoining state to DE.

    First, how would an out of state ICE Agent know the identity of Laffer, and how would that out of state ICE Agent know about a state hearing in Delaware? Rusty’s story smells.

    If this Rusty fellow is actually an out of state ICE Agent, then ICE needs to clean house and hire new agents. If Rusty is representative of a “supervisory ICE agent” that the United States of America is in big trouble, and maybe we should distrust law enforcement.

    No ICE Agent of any worth would be frittering their time away on an out of state blog post. In fact, if this Rusty character is an ICE Agent, which I doubt, maybe he should be spending his time rounding up illegals instead of playing a-hole on an out of state blog.

    Rusty, tell your friend Jeff Christopher that Sussex County Delaware can’t wait to vote his fat ass out in 2014, then you two will have plenty of time to spend stroking your weapons together and commenting on blogs.

  62. waterpirate says:

    TM, before that sentence got changed, I spat out my barley pop and ruined another keyboard. One must be carefull about putting initials together like that followed by the word hole.

    Me also thinks Rusty doth protest to much. A real live ICE agent in our little sandbox bragging about it???? Maybe he is Rusty Shakleford, aka Dale Dribble from King of the Hill? Or maybe just another sock puppet.

  63. Laffter says:

    Oh dear me………identifying ones self as a federal agent, when one is not a federal agent is a felony

    A federal felony…..impersonation of a police officer is also a state offense

    Then there is the whole HATCH ACT violation IF they are an actual agent….oh my

    Do you REALLY , REALLY want to go there? THINK LONG AND HARD ABOUT THAT.

    of course, if you WERE A supervisory ICE agent- are you HSI or ERO. which division and which district? Do you even know the difference ?

    I wonder if the screen shot should go,to the FOD for the District of Delaware or maybe right to the DHS Office of the Ombudsman – something tells me FOD Decker Will take a very very dim view of some hayseed on a blog identifying themselves as a Federal agent and an even dimmer view of a supervisory agent for ICE even posting – ever hear of the HATCH Act?

    Lets call – hmmmmmmm. 215-xxx-xxxxx It’s right there on Callowell St. In downtown Philly.

    Hope you don’t have a lot invested in your pension ….”rusty”

    Now what was that about shovels and holes?………this is not funny, this Rusty is a sad and twisted person.

    have NO idea nor involvement in any state hearing ever, and as all state hearings are a matter of PUBLIC RECORD provide the link.

    This is the real world sweet cheeks….and your game just got upped

    Now, put up or shut up. Tool

  64. Laffter says:

    Of course as I am such a VINDICTIVE PERSON- here we go and the worm starts to turn- screen shot taken- email sent…

    Best start digging Rusty…..

    18 USC § 912 – Officer or employee of the United States

    US Code

    Current through Pub. L. 113-21. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)
    Whoever falsely assumes or pretends to be an officer or employee acting under the authority of the United States or any department, agency or officer thereof, and acts as such, or in such pretended character demands or obtains any money, paper, document, or thing of value, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.


    Criminal Division Recommendation—18 USC 912

    Section 912 defines two separate and distinct offenses. The offenses are impersonation coupled with acting as such and impersonation coupled with demanding or obtaining something of value in such pretended character. False personation of an officer or employee of the United States is an element of both offenses.The Criminal Division’s recommendation is that generally in situations which involve the impersonation of a federal officer or employee, coupled with an application for credit, registration for lodging, cashing of a personal check or some other similar act, prosecution should not be initiated under the second part of 18 U.S.C. § 912 unless the subject has also pretended to be acting under color of federal authority or has expressly or implicitly suggested that the valuable thing demanded or obtained was necessary for the performance of his official duty. The basic procedure to follow when deciding whether to prosecute such cases under the second part of 18 U.S.C. § 912 is to determine whether the benefit is purported to run to the federal government or to the federal employee in his capacity as a private citizen. In the case of the latter, there should be no prosecution under the second part of 18 U.S.C. § 912. The alternatives to prosecution under the first part of 18 U.S.C. § 912 are prosecution under 18 U.S.C. § 701, § 702, and action by state and local authorities.
    In deciding whether a false personation case warrants prosecution under the first part of 18 U.S.C. § 912, it should be noted that the distinctive element of the offense under the first part of 18 U.S.C. § 912 is acting as the officer impersonated. This element requires something more than a mere false pretense. There must be some additional overt act in keeping with the pretense. Absent an overt act which is distinguishable from the pretense, prosecution under the first part of 18 U.S.C. § 912 should not be undertaken.
    Therefore, when presented with a situation in which a subject has pretended to be a federal officer or employee but has not performed an overt act which is distinguishable from the pretense itself, or has demanded or obtained credit, lodging or some similar benefit but has not pretended to be acting under color of federal authority and has not expressly or implicitly suggested that the valuable thing demanded or obtained was necessary for the performance of his official duty, consideration should be given to referring the matter to state and local authorities for their action, rather than initiating an 18 U.S.C. § 912 prosecution.

  65. Laffter says:

    The act was false impersonation of a federal agent

    And the overt act – using said status to defame another individual

    The mens rea and the actus reus have both been met.

    Have a nice weekend RUSTY

  66. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus wants to apologize to Waterpirate for the near Barley Pop incident. TM had a “DonA” moment but quickly corrected. The ‘Sheriff’ here (Christopher) isn’t qualified to be a real Sheriff and is a waste of time, effort and money to all. There are real sheriffs, in states that have REAL Sheriffs that have forgotten more about law enforcement, and operating a real Sheriffs Department than Jeff Christopher will ever know if he never forgets a thing.

    Tuxamus Maximus wants to offer a suggestion to ROFLMAO, and all others, that now that what we all felt was true SHE (that’s not a typo) won’t be back. Give it some thought. TM was close to having that one pegged but SHE won’t be back now. Oh well….

    Tuxamus Maximus offers Laffter a “NOT WORTHY” and humbled in your words.

    Tuxamus Maximus wants to once again wish ALL (including DonA who needs some happy time) a GREAT weekend. The TM house has big plans.

  67. Angus Burger says:

    Oh dear me let me help you out. You’re an anonymous commenter in a blog site you idiot. Good luck proving laffter was defamed. I doubt anyone is concerned just because you google some laws to substantiate your delusional claims. Lets talk about some criminal acts committed by you; claims of possession personnel records of Sussex County deputy sheriffs ( most likely illegally gotten). Claims of accessing military, FBI, NCIC, SBI records of various people. Posting peoples private information. Comments directed at various people for the purpose of harassing, intimidating, and libeling them. False libelous claims posted about peoples children. Screenshots of over 300 comments with the IP numbers (work and home) are all documented.

  68. Laffter says:

    Feel like,calling the kettle black

    At the rate you have posted under so many different IPs and names , threatening jobs, slander libel. And ummm I did post information


    And the people,you complained to, and you did- laughed you out of the room – well, they waited until u actually left first……then called me

    And you cannot even state with any certainty that I obtained said documents in any manner except legally

    Oh and when people ADMIT to having a criminal arrest in their past, or send emails that are then widely distributed its on them

    You were told to stop posting – but you cannot, y are addicted, and obsessed no wonder your parenting skills failed…and seem to be gaining again

    Yet here I am, no money worries, no job worries, no issues at all- you should know….you stalk everyone who you think I might be or who posts in here and keep your little file
    On them- you on the other hand have a Internet stalking history that goes back to 2006 with thousands upon thousands of posts……

    Spend more time with family and less time in here- coz it seems you are headed down the same road with the new generation as u did the last.

    Have a nice weekend!

  69. Laffter says:

    I can claim to be Minnie Mouse – that’s not illegal

    I can claim to have the original copy of the Magna Carter – that’s not illegal either

    But claiming to be a federal agent …..ummmmmm no

    Better tell her she crossed the line- and use some of the begging money for the war check on a good criminal attorney

  70. Frank Knotts says:

    OH! SNAP! I go to work for eight or so hours and look what happens.
    I would suggest to Rusty, that if you are going to claim to be a federal agent, then you should come out completely and give your full identity to substantiate your claim. Otherwise, you may want to create another puppet.
    WC Angus, haven’t seen you around escorting your girl lately, how come? Did she finally realize what a liability just knowing you would be to her future misguided plans? Maybe you could go back to claiming to be the Dog.

  71. Laffter says:

    And Frank- WINS the Internets for the day!

    Now you have 70 comments

  72. waterpirate says:

    Please tell me it is not true. Is it really the leader of the pancake rebellion, with his syrup in a holster and everything?

  73. Laffter says:

    Yes water pirate…….you are correct


    their emperor has no clothes either…….. 🙂

    Oh no, now I have to erase that picture from my mind – YUCK,

  74. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    Tuxamus Maximus wonders why Angus even comes back with BLAH BLAH BLAH when he’s nothing without the proof requested by so many. Poor WC Angus thinks he’s so smart. Hole and shovel thing. The ego is your downfall.

    Tuxamus Maximus asks that Ms. Rusty come back just one more time!

    Tuxamus Maximus hopes Mr. Knotts had a good day working. Interesting day here in your playground.

    Tuxamus Maximus offers Laffter and Waterpirate thanks for the continued laughs.

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