With a Picture Worth a Thousand Words, We’ve Got Several Thousand With Pics of Delaware Goings-On. The 10/7/15 Edition

We’ve got storm pics, racing pics, sunfest pics and say what? Bird pics!

Extending the Season

I learned they call it the “shoulder” of the season, this being a resort type of area with summer being the season of tourists and money. Below the “Sun Fest” -Ocean City’s way of milking the tourists as much as possible. Had over 220,000 attendees, goodness.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Gotta have some flood and rain pics, right?

The hurricane threatened by ran off by sea with tail between its legs. But in this year of our Lord, 2015, we had one helluva Nor’easter that was so dangerous more due to its endless rain that much else.

Below, two pics taken in Milton by WXDE’s Jon Budler.



Here’s a pic of a Lewes parking lot.


Below two pics from I know not where.



A Delaware political cartoon

This is a find indeed. It’s Rep. of the 14th representative district, Pete Schwartzkopf, who denied the plebian state workers a raise while rewarding his own staff handily. I am to understand quite a few legislatures snuck through staff raises but never mind, someone from Delaware made a political pic….I am impressed!


Now here’s a good idea

Since Sussex county has this cool airport, why not have the school kids over to see how it works?

Aviation education day in Georgetown. Over 200 high school juniors and seniors from all over Sussex County are here today to learn about careers in Aviation


Some racing pics

Some kind of racing thing going on up in Dover recently and got some pics.

Below is former Sheriff Jeff Christopher with a racer-Miss Vaugh, at the Richard Petty Car Show in Ridgely.


Below a pic of WXDE’s Jon Budler with Rosie Perez and I still don’t know who she is but thanks to Jon.


Some bird pics

So the aforementioned Jon Budler, of WXDE, (who likes to post pics on Facebook thank him very much) found this injured seagull and went to great lengths to try to fix its wing until finally getting to a wildlife rehab.


Below is a picture of a chickadee sitting on MY hand. I was holding it because it got injured flying into my sliding glass deck door as they are wont to do sometimes. After a bit of holding in hands that curious dogs do not hurt, they fly away just fine.

Point being that I love birds too.

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NEXT :Guess what? Sussex county council didn’t meet this past Tuesday. Back next week. Next will be a sweet and spicy Delaware Tidbits. Hang in there, yon readers will love it.

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