With a Picture Worth a Thousand Words, We’ve Got Several Thousand With Pics of Delaware Goings-On. The 2/24/15 edition.

Guess what I got in the snail mail?  On a post-it note no less.  We’ve got a groping Biden compilation, some local politicos and yes, are you feeding the birds this cold winter?

I was going to write a post about the Sussex county council but, heh, there is no meeting today.  What…it’s too cold?

Below a couple of pictures of Delaware winter scenes.


Event Pics
Below at the Kent county Lincoln Day dinner, we have Miguel Pirez-Fabar, Laurie Purdy, Lacey Lafferty, and Tom Jordan.

Below, at the EASTERN (not to be confused with the very confusing WESTERN) Sussex Republican Lincoln Day dinner.

Bill Duveneck, Suzanne Ervin, Bruce Ervin, Sally Duveneck and Cathy Watts. From Senator Pettyjohn’s Facebook account.  That’s the good senator all the way to the left.


Nasty Snail Mail I got the other day


I am a miserable “SOAB” it tells me.  Mailed out from Wilmington.  Just in case something happens to me or I get arrested for selling guns to a foreigner from Maryland.


Sussex GOP Chairs, old and new.



Heh….a compilation of Joe Biden groping episodes


Can anybody stop this guy?

Feeding the Birds


It’s not such a great pic but note the bird fellows eating on the table and the hanging feeders.  You are feeding the birds this cold winter, right?


Just because I thought this was a cool picture


It’s Dr. Ben Carson as a young man.


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4 Comments on "With a Picture Worth a Thousand Words, We’ve Got Several Thousand With Pics of Delaware Goings-On. The 2/24/15 edition."

  1. Rick says:

    I’m going through a 30-lb. bag a week- they are ravenous. Thankfully, it’s almost over.

  2. Dave says:

    I assuming they eat more because they have to expend more energy to stay warm.

  3. Honi Soit says:

    “I am a miserable “SOAB” it tells me. Mailed out from Wilmington.”

    No, no, no: The letter simply is postmarked from Wilmington, not necessarily “mailed out” from Wilmington. Local post offices in Sussex send their mail for sorting to Wilmington, where it is post-marked. That letter could have been mailed from any number of places.

  4. mouse says:

    What’s the median age in the Republican party these days, like 70? lol

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