And Now We Pray

donald trump   Let me first declare, before someone else does, I was wrong.   We don’t yet know if I was wrong about how bad a Trump administration might be, only time will tell us that.

What I was wrong about, was the level of anger about so many things. People are angry about health care, they are angry about immigration, they are angry about taxes, they are angry about terrorism, they are angry about refugees, they are angry about things they don’t even know why they are angry.

I was always told, never make a decision while you are angry, and now I understand why. The American people just made, maybe the most important decision for the future of this nation, while they were collectively angry.

It is no secret, I opposed Donald Trump from the beginning, there is no need to rehash the reasons why, he will now become the next President of these United States, for good or bad.

I still hold to my opinion, that it has the potential to be very bad, that has not changed simply because he won a contest. However, as I have said many times today, I hope I am completely wrong, for the sake of the nation and its people.

I worked the polls yesterday, not for any presidential candidate, but for my local Representative Dave Wilson, who was never in any danger of losing. Why? Well one and foremost, because he asked me to, because though he is well-loved in the 35th, Dave Wilson takes nothing for granted. I am happy and proud to say Dave Wilson will be my Rep. for another two years. Congratulations to a good man.

I got home around ten, watched the returns till about eleven, saw the direction it was headed and went to bed. I woke up this morning, turned on the TV to see, yes it was true, Donald Trump had indeed won the race.

As a side note, let me say how low rent, and no class it was, that Hillary Clinton did not come out and personally thank her supporters who were waiting for the news with her. Really?

I have said for sometime now, no matter who I voted for, I would be ashamed of how I voted, and no matter who won, I would be disappointed and concerned for the future of the nation, even if it were the person I had voted for, there were no good choices.

Obviously I am deeply disappointed and concerned by the election of Donald Trump. However, I posted this on my Facebook page, “Well I once again underestimated the anger among the American people, I never thought a majority of people would place such a person in a position of such power. I now pray I am completely wrong on how bad a president Donald Trump can be. May God Bless America.”

Okay, I admit my real feelings bled through, but I did not call for armed rebellion, I didn’t call anyone any names, nor did I say the system was flawed or rigged. I accept the result and will pray that the next four years are not the disaster I fear they may be.

Here is an example of the type of responses I received,Bill Rogers Ha ha Frank you dumb ass republican turn coat I hope you and Glen Beck and Mark Levin all leave America”.

I’m sorry, I believe this is still America, where we all have a right to our opinions and the freedom to express them, well at least until Anthony Delcollo gets his way. (Yep wrong again.)

On another thread I was called “retarded”. So, is this how Trump supporters intend to “heal” the nation, to “Make America Great Again”?

The clock starts ticking today. Donald Trump must start putting together his cabinet, he has to pick, if not announce, his first SCOTUS nominee, and he must demonstrate that he understands, being the leader of the free world goes far beyond running a company, it goes beyond applause lines at rallies, it goes beyond playing upon people’s fears to get votes. We as Americans should pray, it does not go beyond his abilities.

Yes I will be watching with a critical eye, I will be waiting after he is sworn in to see how long before ground is broken on that “HUGE” wall, how long before “Obama Care” is repealed, I will wait to see how conservative his first nominee is for the Court. I will also wait to see how quickly his outspoken supporters will make excuses if he fails them.

For they must remember, for good or bad, everything Donald trump does, they will own their own special little piece of it. And every American will be affected by it.

And Now We Pray!


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  1. Rick says:

    Uh oh. Something went wrong on the way to the coronation.

    What’s hilarious is that Hillary never went to Wisconsin, once the matchup was determined. What arrogance. It was in the bag. Yeah, like the Senate.

    Big media idiots just didn’t get it, and they still don’t get it. It was a change election. People are sick of professional politicians- paid liars- so naturally, a true outsider had a good shot. As it turned out, a real good shot.

    Now, it’s up to Trump to get the job done. Based on his record, he will. After all, he beat the GOP establishment, a relentless big media smear job and the Clinton machine. If he can do that, he can do anything.

  2. waterpirate says:

    I agree that this election was one based on folks wanting change. Hillary promised 4 more years mirroring the last 8. That fact alone prompted many people to vote Trump once in the booth. I am amused by the fact however that Obama took office on ” hope and change” with a Democrat house and Senate. His ability to get his change done was for the most part impotent. Trump is promising the same hope and change with the same set up in Congress. Only time will tell how this will all turn out.

  3. Frank Knotts says:

    Well Rick we will have to wait to see how effective a President Trump can be as compared to candidate Trump. After all, campaigning and talking is one thing, actually governing is quite another.

  4. fightingbluehen says:

    We should probably pray that the level of violence and lawlessness is kept to a minimum during this transition of power.

    Obama is saying that he wants a “smooth transition of power” and he’s calling for unity, and that’s great, but one of the plays out of the left’s playbook is to say one thing in public, and then do the exact opposite.

  5. mouse says:

    I just hope when he dismantles the EPA, that we make sure the slave states feel the full impact of killing the Clean Air Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act

  6. middleman says:

    The system works. I wonder what all the Trump folks who were upset about the Electoral College are thinking now? As the popular vote indicates, Trump hardly has a mandate. I was appalled that Hillary didn’t speak to her supporters on Election Night–they deserved so much more than that. She did suck it up pretty well yesterday. Here’s what I hope we will see happen now. Exit Trump the Candidate and enter Trump the moderate–oh he won’t call himself that and it will be a subtle transition. I don’t think he believed half of what he was saying on the campaign trail, but he did what every superb salesman does–tap into the emotions of the buyer. One example: the wall. That’s Trump’s Guantanamo. No wall. Maybe one 3 feet high and 100′ long so he can say he built one. His surrogates (Tom Barrett in particular) have already started to manage that expectation by saying Trump will build “a wall of understanding with Mexico.” And so it will go. I’m sure he’ll get the tax cut–everybody loves a tax cut!–and the deficit? Well, that will be Obama’s fault. Bottom line is the job is going to change him more than he will change the job. And if he does the job well by using his skills of negotiation and compromise, perhaps the nation will do more than survive. Of course, if he does compromise, it is likely his base will turn on him. So let him govern for the four years we’ve given him. America is resilient–why on earth would anyone want to move now??? It’s gonna be a wild ride!

  7. kavips says:

    Having lived through several paradigm shifts like this, these times are interesting. As leader of a party, the president is bound by his party so he tends to offer his party’s platform even if he doesn’t believe it himself. George W Bush as a recent example.

    Donald has a great opportunity to actually triangulate Congress and move legislation through in ways Obama would have loved to have had. Plus, like Reagan, Donald was a prior Democrat who is more of a practical than an ideologue Republican…

    Donald destroyed the old Republican Party establishment. His is a new party injecting new blood into the process. If he pursues old disproven conservative policies he faces the same thing Obama faced in the Senate. Filibusters and stagnation. But if he like Bill Clinton acts as a middle man vacillating between the Dem’s and far right Freedom Coalition, then ironically he could become the new FDR. I was impressed he singled out he would first rebuild the infrastructure.

    But such dreams usually take a back seat to political expediency. And he will need to look presidential at the outset to keep the allegiance of those who switched to put him in…

  8. joemomma says:

    Frank: the problem I have with Trump supporters is they do not listen to understand, they listen to reply. I spoke with a supporter tonight that has Obamacare. He has pre-existing conditions. Says he can’t wait for Trump to replace Obamacare. I asked him what he replacing it with. He said I don’t know, but it needs to be replaced. Spoke with an 82 year old Trump supporter. Says Obamacare needs to go. I reminded him that he had Medicare. It did not effect him. Told him that Medicare was an entitlement, something republican want to abolish. Didn’t want to hear it. While it’s not the best there is, it was a start. Would you rather have mediocre or no insurance whatsoever? As for hugging Trump, only an idiot could forget what the republicans did to Obama from the time he swore on the Bible in 2009 till the present. i sat at my local American legion surrounded by veterans that said for eight years that the nigger in chief will never be their president. I was appalled and told a few that this man was elected as your commander in chief and anything less than that was treason. So much for being American. I lost alot of respect for veterans that night. I wasn’t crazy about GW, GHW, or Reagan. But in the end, I respected them as our president. Let’s see if I have to add Trump to that list.

  9. Robert J Kirby Jr says:

    This is what I posted on Facebook on Tuesday morning. My thoughts have not changed one bit. If being a billionaire and starting and running multiple businesses and services with a 90% + success rate is not comparable to running a state or country. Planning, cutting costs. reinvesting, setting policy listening to advisers and executing solid management then I may be wrong. Ronald Reagan went from basically a B movie star to a political Rock star.

    I cannot understand how people look at Donald Trump as many do. He is not part of America’s problems and corruption that has been ever so evident for the last 8 years if not almost 16 years. Here is a Billionaire who has given up his Lavish Luxurious Lifestyle for close to 2 years because he saw a calling from the American People to bring back AMERICA to where it belongs. But excuse me but who would do what he has done amid all kinds of accusations of everything from Sexual Assault, tax evasion and a whole litany of others including attacks on his family just for something to do without being behind it in his heart and soul. There are a lot of people here in America who are totally unaware of what is really happening in this country!

  10. delacrat says:


    Licensing the use of your name is not “starting and running multiple businesses and services”, much less “comparable to running a state or country.”

  11. Rick says:

    Can you imagine the media’s reaction if, after Obama’s ’08 election, people were taking to the streets and burning him in effigy? They would have gone ballistic.

    But since the target is Donald Trump, it’s okay. This is an extant example of the double-standard that got Trump elected. A lot of people are pissed that the supposedly “objective” press is in actuality the propaganda wing of the Socialist-Democrat Party.

    Donald has a great opportunity to actually triangulate Congress and move legislation through in ways Obama would have loved to have had.

    Obama did have the “opportunity,” but he squandered his two years with control of the House and Senate by fixating on jamming his socialized medicine plan through with no input from the Republicans whatsoever.

    like Reagan, Donald was a prior Democrat who is more of a practical than an ideologue Republican…

    Have you ever read Reagan’s philosophical expressions? He was absolutely a conservative “ideologue.” Of course, since he had to deal with Tip O’Neill’s obstructionism, his agenda had to be tempered to fit political realities. But as a man, he was as conservative as they get.

    If he pursues old disproven conservative policies…

    What “disproven” conservative policies? Reagan’s trickle-down economics created the strongest economy since WW II. Sure, Clinton came close to matching the Reagan era, with one small difference; during the last six months of the Clinton administration, the economy was in free-fall.

    And before we re-hash the Clinton “balanced budget,” let’s remember the Contract with America, which propelled the GOP to control the House for the first time since the 20’s. Newt Gingrich forced Clinton to balance the budget. It never would have happened without GOP control of the House. Remember, “…all revenue bills shall originate in the House of Representatives….”

    Now, the “mainstream” press is urging Trump to “cross the aisle.” Really? Like Obama did?

    Trump won the election. Hillary- the professional left- and the “mainstream” press- lost. Trump should put whomever he wants in whatever administrative position he wants. The press should not- and will not- have any say whatsoever.

    And to those on the left that cheered Obama’s unconstitutional “Executive Orders,” you will soon learn the meaning of the adage, “what goes around, comes around.” And it’s going to be a hard lesson.

    And to those on the left who cheered when Harry Reid altered Senate rules to allow judicial nominees to be confirmed with a simple majority vote; Guess what? What goes around comes around.

    It was inconceivable to the left that Hillary would lose; she did.

    It was inconceivable to the left that the GOP would hold the Senate; they did.

    So, now it’s time to face hard reality. You lost.

    It might also be worth mentioning that the GOP now holds 33 of the 50 governorships in the U.S.

    The number of GOP state legislative seats is higher than any time since the 1920’s.

    The “blue firewall” is gone. So are the Clintons. Happy days are here again.

  12. delacrat says:

    “To Frank, G.W. Bush, G.H.W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, John Kasich and the rest of the crybaby turncoats…” – rick

    Oh.. yeah… the latest Great Republican Hope is gonna be different.

    Sorry (Well, not really 😉 … to break it to you, but you’re going to to be very disappointed..

  13. Rick says:

    Sorry (Well, not really 😉 … to break it to you, but you’re going to to be very disappointed..

    You’re dreaming again. Sort of like your dream of a Clinton presidency.

    Seen Trump’s Supreme Court list lately? Conservative control for thirty years.

  14. delacrat says:

    I did not vote for Clinton or “dream of a Clinton presidency” and you’re still gonna be as disappointed with Trump as you are with “Frank, G.W. Bush, G.H.W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, John Kasich and the rest of the crybaby turncoats…”

  15. Rick says:

    Sorry, but I recognize you as just another resident know-it-all who knows nothing.

    Now, go back to your therapy session.

  16. Honi Soit says:

    @Rick: It’s perfectly fine to take a victory lap, but do try backing off all of the ugliness. It makes you look small and petty.

  17. RINO Hunter says:

    Now that the election is over, Frankie Knotts and his twisted fellow leeches in the DR cesspool won’t have anything to talk about except for BS attacks on their imaginary enemies. What they don’t know, they make up and hope that other people will swallow it whole.

  18. Honi Soit says:

    Trump will be impeached. That’s the prediction of Allan Lichtman, a professor of political history at American University. Why give any cred to what he has to say? Well, for starters, he correctly predicted outcomes of presidential elections since 1984, including Trump’s win. And why does Lichtman think Congress will “fire” Trump? in his words:

    “They don’t want Trump as president, because they can’t control him. He’s unpredictable. They’d love to have Pence — an absolutely down-the-line, conservative, controllable Republican. And I’m quite certain Trump will give someone grounds for impeachment, either by doing something that endangers national security or because it helps his pocketbook.”

  19. Rick says:

    Trump will be impeached. That’s the prediction tallish net favorites would have won thiof Allan Lichtman, a professor of political history at American University….blah, blah, blah.

    The GOP establishment might be stupid, but they’re not that stupid. Neither Bush, Rubio, Cruz or any of the rest of the establishment favorites would have won this election. So, they’re going to forever ostricize the GOP electorate? Yeah, right.

    It’s perfectly fine to take a victory lap, but do try backing off all of the ugliness….

    Like I said earlier, know-it-all, what goes around comes around.

    There were two losers in this election- Socialist-Democrats and Big Media. Did Big Media learn anything Tuesday? Nope. They’re right back at it again, and Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet.

    Look at the national red-blue map, county-by-county. Hillary may have barely won the popular vote, but the vast majority of the American land mass is decidedly Republican. Those professional protester maggots on the left coast burning Trump in effigy and clamoring for civil war had better re-think their position. Trump’s win only delays the inevitable. Eventually, there will be secession of the heartland or civil war. And if it’s the latter, remember that the American left, crammed into urban centers, will be an easy target, re; water supply, power plants, railroads (food), etc. Pinkos, be careful what you wish for.

    Want to see the face of hate personified? Look at the “protesters.” Look at commie Van Jones. Look at Black Lives Matter. Look at Katy Perry. Pure, genuine hate. Gee, I’m so scared.

  20. Henry says:

    You need to quit. You are more wrong than you are right.

  21. Honi Soit says:

    @Rick: “Want to see the face of hate personified?” I got a glimpse of it today:

    –Swastikas and words “Heil Trump” and “Fag Church” on walls of St David’s Episcopal Church in Bean Blossom Ind.
    –Words “Trump nation. Whites only.” on banner of Episcopal Church of Our Savior in Silver Spring MD.

  22. Frank Knotts says:

    Well Henry, I gave up predictions about Trump after he won the nomination, and I have said many times I underestimated the anger he tapped into. Other than that, winking doesn’t make you right, this isn’t the NFL. Now he has to govern, but more importantly for the supporters, will he govern as he promised? We are seeing him walk things back already.

  23. mouse says:

    At least America is safe for white people again and they can take the low wage jobs of Hispanics and as deportation force employees..

  24. Rick says:

    –Swastikas and words “Heil Trump” and “Fag Church” on walls of St David’s Episcopal Church in Bean Blossom Ind.
    –Words “Trump nation. Whites only.” on banner of Episcopal Church of Our Savior in Silver Spring MD.

    Undoubtedly done by radical leftists. Your naivety is unprecedented.

  25. lilrick says:

    You’re a bigger man than I am Frank. I would block Ricky from posting on here. Not because he isn’t entertaining, but because the thought of him reading threads and not being able to respond, would be….. well….euphoric!

  26. X-RAY says:

    Rick actually makes this site. All Knotts does is set him off with his drivel and offer lame butthead responses. Frank is rapidly burning himself out in Delaware Blogland while the GOP basis in a solid TRUMP victory. Maybe his Cool Aid drinking friends can console him when they get through whining and snarling over at DP , but they are probably too busy trash talking the new administration before it takes office.

  27. mouse says:

    Do uneducated low class white people understand that when the republicans cut things, it won’t just be brown and black people who will be hurt?

  28. Kurt J says:

    Like a Blimp slowly losing air the Pro Clinton, Traditional National News outlets, Democrats for Eternity, and assorted NeoCons are looking for a safe crash site, somewhere out of sight.

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