Another Gunn Loss/Lost

Gunn  So, it may not be a surprise that La Mar Gunn has lost another election campaign.  What might be more surprising, is that many Republicans are glad he lost. Mr. Gunn  is a registered Republican, along with being the head of Central Delaware NAACP, but that isn’t why many Republicans, including GOP leadership and insiders wanted him to lose his bid for Delaware Lt. Governor.

The reason these Republicans were quietly supporting his opponent, current State Senator Bethany Hall-Long, was because of the “calculation” , the calculation is the idea of her winning the Lt. Governor race, which she did, and then hoping to fill her senate seat in order to wrest control of the state senate for the GOP.

Well they are halfway there, Gunn lost the race, of course when your party is working against you, did he ever stand a chance?

Personally, for all of my problems with Hall-Long, I did vote for her, but not based on the calculation, I could not vote for Gunn due to the fact I found his campaign a bit to racially biased. He spoke, as if he were running for one community only. That being said, I find it also to my dislike, that my party of choice would play such a deplorable game with the voters. Also it is not a given that the GOP will win the general election, which would mean they gave the second seat to the Democrats based on a calculation.

As for the title of this post, La Mar Gunn posted this on Thursday, Return Day.


WOW! Who in their right mind, in today’s world, especially in Wilmington, Delaware, leaves their car running, with money, and a firearm in it, unlocked?

So, we Delawareans may have dodged a bullet in having Mr. Gunn lose his campaign. What an irresponsible gun owner? One has to wonder how the 912 Patriots feel about a gun owner who would be so careless.

Well considering the fact Mr. Gunn has lost two campaigns, and the GOP turned on him, and he obviously lacks common sense, it may be time for La Mar Gunn to change his registration to the Indpendent Party of Delaware.

It’s worked out so well for Don Ayotte.


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  1. Meyer says:


  2. Tom Flinn says:

    I hear he’s fighting mad…… at least pushing.

  3. Cletus says:

    Word is John Marino is beginning his campaign tomorrow night.

  4. Henry says:

    Gunn was going to lose. He had no support anywhere.

    How come you aren’t writing about your boss Jeff Craggs losing his statewide runs? Did he run three times?
    Treasurer, Governor and Insurance Commissioner.


    Bonini’s statewide run losses Treasurer and Governor?

    But I got to say Jeff Cragg would have made a better candidate that Bonini. Both don’t do much of anything in campaigning, but Bonini was no where and when he was he was championing his opponent John Carney. Talk about the fix was in. What a waste.
    De. GOP is just so useless they had it within their grasp.

  5. Athena says:


    There is an old Greek proverb:

    “Be careful what you wish for. It may come true.”

  6. High Ranking Republican says:

    As long as we have trash like Frank Knotts, GROSSman, etc. crapping up our meetings and undermining our beloved GOP, we will continue to lose elections. Frank Knotts, can shoot his filthy mouth off and talk trash all he wants, but he can’t hold a candle to Dr. La Matt Gunn who is smarter, sincere, honest and truly dedicated to upholding the Constitution and working for the people of Delaware.

    All Knotts has is his little hate blog enabled by GROSSman and Cragg.

  7. Henry says:

    Is that why Jeff Cragg lost?

  8. Honi Soit says:

    @High Ranking Republican: “[Frank] can’t hold a candle to Dr. La Matt [sic] Gunn who is smarter….”

    La Marr Gunn does not have a doctorate. He DOES have an MBA from Delaware State University. I hear tell his diploma was spotted in the back seat of that unlocked car. And that was AFTER the robbery! Can’t attest to the truth of that rumor, but who cares in this new age of post-truth politics on social media? Look how far falsehoods got Trump.

  9. Bailey says:

    I came to this page thinking some republicans in DE were ready to come together and hold our corrupt democratic leaders accountable. This page should be called something more fitting such as “Delaware Left”. Help your party and stop tearing it down.

  10. Bailey says:

    Hard working Delawareans relying on change can not afford this petty drama that only destroys the republican party in DE and any chance a republican has of winning an election. The republicans running in DE have it hard enough. If this site really is for the DE right, then start acting like it.

  11. mouse says:

    The republicans used to have respectable candidates who could win state wide elections. Now it all witches, sheriffs, e-bola scares and bigotry mostly.

  12. Kurt J says:

    Better for the Republicans that they not be in charge when Delaware’s financial collapse begins, being a Democrat will not be so popular, nor will being a “teacher” or State Employee who get a free ride on their health insurance. All things considered I don’t know why you singled out LaMarr Gunn, his showing was as good as Colin’s or Cragg’s.

  13. Ron says:


    It has been said before but I will say it again. The reason Gunn was chosen as Frank’s scapegoat is pure and simple racism on his part.

  14. King Cobra says:

    Frankkk KKKnotts and his co-conspirator Grossman are died _in_the_wool racists who work to screw up the GOP. They stink all the way to Wilmington. Jeff Cragg’s political future will be severely limited if he continues to associate with these schmcks.

  15. Frank Knotts says:

    So in the world of the anonymous King Cobra, any criticism of a person of color is racism? Please point to anything in this article or any from the past which supports your claims.

  16. Not a Fan says:

    I find it interesting that many of the readers of this piece have such a predisposed opinion of the author and the blog that they continue to refuse to read the post for what it says, not what they believe it means.
    This post seemed to be about the Delaware GOP betting against their candidate in order to gain somewhere else. This candidate could have been any of the other statewide GOP candidates, Bonini, Reigle or Cragg, and the party would have been betting against them in favor of Sen. Hall Long, because that is the prize, and ultimate control of the State Senate. It has nothing to do with the qualifications of La Mar Gunn, his background or race.
    What the numbers from election day show us is that you could have put any name on the ballot for the GOP and the candidates would have received the 40% +/- and lost to the Democrat in a state with the registration advantage so stacked against them. It is not the quality of the candidate that wins the elections in Delaware, it’s the initial behind his name.
    I applaud the candidates that ran for the GOP statewide, especially La Mar Gunn, who never had a chance because the party that he choose to run under, just run him over to get to their real goal of winning the State Senate. Now we just sit back and watch the State GOP select, fund and manage the campaign to win back some say in State Government.
    Let’s hope GOP Chairman Charlie Copeland and Senators Gary Simpson and Greg Lavelle do what is necessary to accomplish this task or the elevation of Sen. Bethany Hall Long to Lt. Governor was all for nothing. It’s Time! actually, it’s been time for a while now.

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