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brady It has come to my attention, the current Sussex County Clerk of the Peace, John Brady, will not be seeking re-election to that office, and for a good reason.   It seems as though the current Sussex County Register of Wills, Cindy Green, will finally be getting her wish. Well sort of.

I have lost track of the number of Chief Deputies Ms. Green has gone through since being elected to the office of the Register of Wills, and in every case, it seems as though Ms. Green felt the person was less than qualified for the position. She has also been critical of the way in which the Deputy is appointed.

Ms. Green has felt, she should play a larger role in the selection process, even though the process is spelled out quite clearly in law. You see, it is the authority of the Chancellor to appoint the Chief Deputy for the Register of Wills office. Ms. Green seems unable to grasp, that the role of the Chief Deputy, is to represent the Chancellery within that office. Ms. Green seems to have wanted to surround herself with people who owed their jobs to her.

Well, one would have to say, the next Chief Deputy’s qualifications will be difficult for Ms. Green to question.

It will be announced at 9:00 am, this Monday morning, in Georgetown on the Circle, that John Brady has accepted the appointment to be the Chief Deputy in the Sussex County Register of Wills office.

Mr. Brady will complete his current term as Sussex County Clerk of the Peace which ends on January 3rd, 2017. He will begin his new role as public servant on June 6th, 2017.

Let me say, I have known Mr. Brady for nearly ten years, which started from talking to, and listening to him on local talk radio, and that relationship has grown into a friendship. I have the utmost respect, and admiration for not only his political opinion and knowledge, but his legal knowledge as well.

He has come to be known in Sussex, as the go to guy, when questions of legal matters arise. His encyclopedic like knowledge and ability to draw upon it at a moments notice, is well-known.

He has  served as a Deputy Attorney General for the State of Delaware, as a legislative attorney, taught courses at Widener Law School, held offices in county government, practiced privately as an attorney and volunteered for charitable causes.

This will be the fourth row office in Sussex County that Mr. Brady will have served in, and at no time has there been any question of his qualifications, or his integrity.

As a citizen of Sussex, I am confident the people of Sussex will be well served and represented in the future. I wish to congratulate Mr. Brady on this latest chapter in his role as public servant.

4 Comments on "Chief Deputy John Brady"

  1. Rick says:

    Agreed. An outstanding appointment.

  2. Pete Parks says:

    I always enjoy hearing him on the radio. I wish him well!

  3. Mike Protack says:

    These offices need to be consolidated statewide, no need for each small county to have an office.

  4. Honi Soit says:

    James Fisher of TNJ is reporting that Billy Carroll sez the Sussex County GOP has a candidate preparing to run but not yet ready to announce. We know it won’t be George Parrish.

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