I Thought I Already Had The Job

GOP  So, the Sussex County Republican Committee sent out an email, stating they were looking for a Communications Director.   Comm Director

Well evidenced by the second paragraph, they obviously need someone to proof read their press releases. Notice they say, “communicate with all print, radio, and print media”.

I’ve got to tell you, I really thought  I had been doing this for the past five, or so years. I didn’t realize there was an official title though. I have missed only about two or three meetings in the last five or so years, I chronicle the antics of the Committee, I call into local radio, I have been quoted in several publications on different occasions, I have even been interviewed by local TV stations. I am often called on for my opinions on local politics, especially where it concerns the Republican party.

I feel I am highly qualified, and experienced for this position. I am willing to continue on in this capacity for the foreseeable future.

Since I know for a fact that many of the members of the Committee read this blog, including the Secretary, Linda Creasy, I would like to make this my official application to become the “OFFICIAL” Communications Director for the Sussex County GOP Committee. Linda, please forward this to Chairman Billy Carroll.

Now of course my service would come with some stipulations. Such as, I will not repeat lies, or spin. I will not participate in covering up misconduct by party members. I will have complete “journalistic” license with the information I put out to the press. If it is just a mouth piece they want, well they could always go back to Duke Brooks.

I would want to use this position to rebuild trust and integrity for and within the Committee. I would want the position to be more than simply a way to deliver empty rhetoric and to announce fraudulent fund raisers.

The more I think about it, it is not a Communications Director the Committee needs, it is a Public Relations Officer. What they need is someone with a critical eye, and a streak of honesty, willing to speak truth to power, and to mold the perception of the Committee. Not with false tails, but by doing the right thing.

This would require the Committee and all of its members to be interested in improving, to be able to look critically within, and to be willing to change their bad behavior, in order to change the public perception of the Committee. The Committee as a whole would have to take constructive criticism to heart to make real change. And we all know that isn’t going to happen.

But if selected for this position, I am willing to continue my mission to improve the Sussex GOP Committee.

3 Comments on "I Thought I Already Had The Job"

  1. Linda Creasy says:


    I must admit, you did make me chuckle on this one.

    You are entitled and welcome to apply via the link on the website, just as you would for an EDC position. Sadly, a blog post is not an official application and cannot be sent to the chairman, as such. I will let him know of your post, however.

    Best of luck to you! 🙂

  2. Rusty says:

    I vote for Frank

  3. mouse says:

    Maybe a newsletter called Sheriff’s Corner

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