Is It Me? Or Have GOP RD Chairs Lost Their Vision?

question   I am beginning to think that far too many GOP Representative District Chairs, have lost their vision of what their position’s role is, within politics.   I have long had a problem with people within the Republican party who hold positions such as RD Chairs who seem to think the position is a good launching pad for their own campaigns to be elected. And while I have no problem with a Chair who decides that they want to be even more involved by running for office, I do have a problem with those who fail to see the conflict of interest, in my view, of holding the seat of an RD Chair, while running for office, and in some cases, running in primaries against sitting Republicans.

We have had our share of this in Sussex County. We actually had Glen Urquhart, who was the Chairman of the Sussex County Republican Executive Committee, instead of seeking out candidates for offices, was using the Chair to position himself to run in a primary.  We also had the RD Chair of the 35th, Matt Opaliski running in a primary against a sitting Republican Senator, and only resigned after much pressure.

We currently have the RD Chair of the 38th, Rob Arlett running a primary against a sitting Republican for county council, though admittedly Mr. Phillips is damaged goods, I still feel that if a person feels drawn to run for office in any race, primary or general, they should turn over the position within the committee to someone else.

The position of the RD is supposed to be in place to help organize volunteers and raise money for all candidates within the state, county and districts. If, on the other hand, they are running for office themselves, there is the possibility that they could lose focus of what their role within the machine really is.

That being said. the idea of a sitting RD Chair also running in an election pales compared to this.

David Anderson 1     This is the home of David Anderson, Mr. Anderson is the 31st Representative District Chair.  And in case you can’t read the sign, that is placed in the front yard of Mr. Anderson’s home, let me help you out. That is a campaign sign for Sean Lynn, a Democrat who if he wins his primary will face the Republican Sam Chick.

Look, I know  there is a personal relationship between the two, and when Mr. Anderson goes behind the curtain, who he votes for is his business. But how in God’s name can the Republicans within his district hope to have any faith in his judgment when he is publicly supporting  a Democrat?

This is not just a loss of vision of his role as an RD Chair, this is a full-blown brain fart.  Mr. Anderson needs to decide where his public loyalties, at least, lie.  Unfortunately this is a bell that cannot be unwrung.

Mr. Anderson recently ran for Mayor of Dover, the city in which he is currently a council member, could this explain his lack of support?

I believe that the Election District Chairs within Mr. Anderson’s RD need to think long and hard about his continuing as the Chair.

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  1. Sam Chick says:

    I became aware of this a couple weeks ago and asked David about it. David and Jeannie Anderson have given me their unconditional assurance that they support my candidacy for state representative in the 31st.

    Around the corner of the porch is my yard sign, as well as Kim Warfield’s. You can see the side profile of our signs in the picture.

    David’s reasoning for the sign is thus: he is supporting Sean Lynn in the Democratic primary because Lynn helped him with a personal matter when he was in a tough spot. David told me that he’d be taking the sign down after the primary was over. I expressed my disappointment that he’d choose to put that sign in his yard in the first place, regardless of the reason, as it sends mixed signals to say the least.

    Personally, I think it’s a trivial thing and I hadn’t given it a second thought until seeing your post. David is a good friend, a supporter, and committed to liberty. This doesn’t lessen my opinion of him.

  2. waterpirate says:

    If you pose that question to the executive committee in Sussex the answer would be that the the entire committee, not just the RD’s has lost their way. The ED revolt and destruction of the old way of doing things was fueled b the invadeing forces ill founded notion that their was money and power to be had. What they discovered was that niether was true. That left the EC filled with people who were angry, powerless, and ill equiped and unwilling to learn how to lead or follow. Like a cancer it must run its course. There are glimmers of hope that the tide has turned, but it is and will be a slow long recovery.

  3. Frank Knotts says:

    Sam, that was an honorable response. However, in my view this goes beyond personal relationships. Mr. Anderson made a commitment as an RD Chair, and that is to work for the GOP. That means that he is to be the public face of the GOP within that district. By placing the sign in front of his home he is sending a public message of support for the opposition. Again, who he votes for is his business.
    I have to say Sam, if Sean Lynn wins his primary and I was you, I would have serious concerns of who he was supporting and how hard he was working for me, knowing his affiliation to Sean Lynn.
    The really odd thing is, that Mr. Lynn’s politics are so far from Mr. Anderson’s. Which tells me that his support is easily swayed and his principles should be questioned.
    Sam I wish you luck, in my view your race has been made more difficult.
    WP, agreed.

  4. Steel Remington says:

    Is that all you have to do is drive around and take pictures of campaign signs on Republican’s front lawns. What about your job?
    Or did your partner in crime Steve Grossman who doesn’t hold a job other than pay himself to run this God forsaken piece of garbage blog site that is financed by RT1 PAC which uses its fundraising dollars towards promoting discontent and undermining in the GOP Republican Party of Delaware.
    Hey folks that where your hard earned dollars goes towards, paying these guys to ride the roads taking pictures of Republican candidates that have the courage to run for office.

    And oh I see, your getting so much attention and viewer participation on your articles with just a few comments which basically come from your liberal friends at Delaware Liberal blog site (Oh, now that is true garbage) If you haven’t noticed, you and the admin that operate this garbage blog site have shot yourselves in the foot so many times, ha, your irrelevant in GOP politics.

    Delaware Politics blog site gets more activity than this scum pond. Guess what, you are who you associate yourselves with, scum swim with scum in a scum pond.

  5. Frank Knotts says:

    So Remmy, if you were a GOP candidate, say for governor, would you be comfortable with one of the RDCs campaigning for the opposition?
    I happen to think that the Republicans within the 31st have a right o know who their RDC supports publically. How he votes within the booth is his business. The fact that he is an RDC in the GOP and publically supports a Democrat sends a mixed message.

  6. southerndegoper says:

    A republican RD Chairman has the duty to promote the republican candidates running in their district. Anderson is Kent County GOP leadership, there is no excuse for a Democrat’s sign to be on his lawn, it’s a slap in the face and an embarrassment to the entire party. It is dereliction of his duty. David Andersen needs to step down as RD chair or be removed by Kent. If Andersen was an RD Chair in Sussex, they would have unanimously thrown him out of his position. This is more treacherous than when Sher Valenzuela endorsed Alex Pires over Kevin Wade last election.

  7. Steel Remington says:

    When I graduate Meds school, oh in about 2 yrs. maybe I will take the path of Dr. Ben Carson and run for president. Gov. is just not in my sites but thanks for picking a career choice for me. If it worked for him , maybe it will work for me.

    Its David’s property and last time knew its free country to back who you want.

  8. Frank Knotts says:

    Remmy, if you truly are in medical school, then I hope you have better results reading text books than you do my post. no where did I question Mr. Anderson’s right to use his property as he chooses. As always, deflect and avoid the real issue. He is a RDC for the GOP, with that goes a certain obligation, and one in my view is not to support the opposition publically.

  9. Steel Remington says:

    Just call it like I see it and/or read it!! And Minion ole boy, I do humor myself with your Frankenstyle!

  10. Laffter says:

    Frank- she said she was in MEDS School. , not MED as in medical school

    And MEDS is exactly where she needs to be …… Lol

  11. Frank Knotts says:

    Laffter, good catch, I missed that. And to make their point they choose a video that has some Barbi in a wig, not the most professional image of someone in MEDS school.

  12. Dan says:

    Looking at recent pictures of the 40th RD he sure has that deer in the headlight look when he’s around Remmy.

  13. Steel Remington says:


    I am having so much fun with this, just too much fun!!!!!!! Since when did I have a sex change to a female, maybe you can fill me in on that one. Hey Frank call for rein enforcements with your ole standbys. Just proves why the SCGOP threw your twisted delusional self right out of the room. You and your following minions revert to no substance when they truly have no substance!

  14. Steel Remington says:

    This comment has been edited due to false accusations. This is your one warning Remmy, do not threaten me or my family or you will be blocked. You are welcome to debate the issues, but when you come here and tell out and out lies and threaten my family’s well being, you cross a line. Frank Knotts

  15. Steel Remington says:


    No threats were made, just stating facts from sources. Again if one wants facts go to the source. Sources say, the watcher is being watched. I am not going repeat what was stated on the first blog about the same subject. If you are concerned you should be, maybe it gave you and yours food for thought when you, your minions, blog site Admin as well as other blog sites character assinate the public with lies, false rumors, stalking and misinformation.

    You better take your role seriously in policing not only yourself but the partipants on this blog site. Its your responsibility not to damage or destroy anyone character through defamation of character practices that could cause serious financial distress where
    upon civil litigation is forthcoming seeking damages.

    Again no threats, just passing on sources information. Its your choice.

  16. Frank Knotts says:

    If someone thinks they have reason to sue me or anyone, then they will. But I don’t have to allow you to come here and make veiled threats.

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