Who’s Guarding The Bank?

food bank   The Food Bank of Delaware is supposed to be a non-profit, and therefore a non-partisan organization, but is it?   It has been brought to my attention that the Milford branch of the Food Bank of Delaware is putting on what at the very least has the perception of being not only a partisan event, but quite possibly a campaign event for a single candidate.

The following is an email that was sent out from the Director of the Milford branch of the Food Bank of Delaware,


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From: Chad Robinson
Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2014 2:54 PM
To: Chad Robinson
Subject: Food for Thought – A Conversation with those Running for Election on the State Level about Food Insecurity and Nutrition in Delaware


Greetings Candidates,


The Food Bank of Delaware will be hosting “Food for Thought – A Conversation with those Running for Election on the State Level about Food Insecurity and Nutrition in Delaware” on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 8:00 AM.  This conversation between downstate candidates for state office and concerned members of our community will be held at the Food Bank of Delaware (1040 Mattlind Way, Milford, DE 19963). 


We hope you will be able to join us for this event.  Please see the attached invitation for more details.


If you have any questions regarding the event, you may feel free to contact me.  To RSVP, please contact Ashley Michini by Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at amichini@fbd.org.


We look forward to seeing you.



Chad Robinson


Chad Robinson | Milford Branch Director
FOOD BANK OF DELAWARE| 1040 Mattlind Way | Milford, DE 19963
tel 302 393 2010| fax 302 424 4160 | mailto:crobinson@fbd.org

   As you can see this event is clearly being sponsored by, and under the banner of the Food Bank of Delaware. Clearly the invitation has been extended to “all” candidates, possibly in an attempt to persuade people from thinking it is anything but a chance for citizens to meet the candidates.

  However, if we know the back story, then it becomes a little more murky.

   The Director of the Milford branch, of the Food Bank of Delaware, Chad Robinson, just so happens to be the same Chad Robinson who is listed on the Statement of Organization for “Friends To Elect Jonathan Gallo”.  Mr. Gallo is a Democrat running for election to the seat of the 30th Representative District.

  Now you might be saying, so what? What’s the big deal Frank?

  Well first of all I have a problem with the perception of impropriety having a candidate forum being put on by a non-profit organization. I especially have a problem when a campaign member of one of the candidates is running the event.

  I do have an even larger problem when the organization takes government  funding, which by the way the Food Bank of Delaware does. In fact, it receives both state and federal funding.  Last year alone it took in the neighborhood of $1,739,480.00 in fees and grants from government agencies. In 2012 they received $205,620 from Delaware alone.

  So we have a political event being held at the facilities of, and under the banner of, with the support of, a non-profit organization which seeks out, and receives large amounts of tax dollars. This organization, and the event are both run by Chad Robinson, who is also a political operative for the campaign of Jon Gallo.

  So next year after the election, Mr. Robinson will most likely need to go to Dover and ask the General Assembly for more funding, and wouldn’t it be nice for Mr. Robinson, if he had a friend like Jon Gallo in the House of Representatives?

  Look, all of this may be completely legal, if not ethical. But the tax dollars that go to the Food Bank of Delaware help pay for the lights that will be on during this event, they pay for the air-conditioning and or heat that will be used.  These tax dollars are intended to help feed needy people, I do not believe they are intended to be used to put on some trumped-up campaign rally for Mr. Gallo.

  Chad Robinson needs to decide which hat is most important to him, being the Director of a non-profit organization, or the political tool of Jon Gallo.

  I would recommend that concerned citizens use the contact information provided by Mr. Robinson to do so and voice your concerns to him directly.

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