Jack Peterman To Retire

peterman 3  Current Republican Representative of the 33rd District, Jack Peterman, has mailed a letter to Republican voters in the 33rd, announcing his intention to retire at the end of his current term, and will not seek re-election.  Rep. Peterman has been dealing with some ongoing health issues, and it would seem he has decided campaigning would be too much of a tax on his health.

You will see first the letter announcing his intentions, and  also endorsing Bob Scott who will be seeking election to the House of Representatives for the 33rd. However, first Mr. Scott will have to face-off in a possible three-way primary.  Mr. Scott will be facing Charlie Postal, who lost a primary to Rep Peterman in the last election cycle, also twenty-five year old Morgan Hudson who is currently helping to run her family business. I believe Mr. Scott will be filing on Friday morning. You will then short explanation of who Bob Scott is.




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