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voting machine    Here in Sussex County we have a couple of local elections coming up that I thought I would remind everyone about.

I, and others have long felt that it is the local elections in which we can have the most influence, and which will have the largest effect upon our lives. So I encourage all who are registered voters, of all parties, to get out and vote in these and other local elections in your areas.

The first race I will be highlighting is the Georgetown Town Council race, voters will also be casting ballots for mayor as well. While I do not live in Georgetown, the race I am interested in most is for Ward 4,  in which former town councilman Ray Hopkins is challenging David Anderson, a new comer to politics, but someone who impressed me with his honest and fresh approach on how to improve Georgetown.

Dsave Anderson   Mr. Anderson is a life long resident of Georgetown, and along with his wife Patricia, they are raising their children here as well. Dave Anderson is a middle class working man who has a vision of bringing new business to the Georgetown area in order to create jobs for the people who live there, and to attract others to move there. However,  Dave Anderson doesn’t want to just entice fly by night companies to set up shop for six months and then be gone in the middle of the night. Instead Dave Anderson envisions a future for Georgetown that includes companies and their employees that will become life long members of the community, like him, that will invest in that community, and its organizations, such as the fire company, and Little League.
I hope that the citizens of Georgetown will come out this Saturday, May the 10th, from 1:00 pm. until 7:00 pm., to cast their votes in support of David Anderson.

The second local election is a little closer to home for me, it is the Woodbridge School District Board of Education election. I don’t think there can be any election as important as school board elections.

Not only do school boards influence what and how our children learn, but school boards are responsible for a large amount of the taxes we as citizens pay. Personally, I think that it is important that people who sit on these boards should be people with ties to the community, I also believe that there should be people on the board who actually have children in the school system, or who will have children in the system, so that they are invested in the decisions they make. This does not mean that every member has to have children in the system to be a member, but the board should have that view-point represented.

Steve McCarron  That is why I am supporting Steve McCarron.  As you can see from the photo Steve McCarron has a daughter who is school age, and a son who will be going to Woodbridge in the future.  Steve McCarron is also a life long member of the Woodbridge community, and has served as a Bridgeville Town Councilman, is currently the President of the Bridgeville Volunteer Fire Company and like Mr. Anderson above, is a middle class working man raising his family in the same community where they were raised.

Steve McCarron, along with his wife Shelly, have a long history of giving back to the community, and I am positive that he will bring that same dedication to the Woodbridge School Board if elected. So I again encourage the citizens of the Woodbridge School District to come out and support Steve McCarron on Tuesday, May the 13th 10:00 am. until 8:00 pm.

I feel that these two races demonstrate the direction we should be turning, not only at the local levels, but also at higher levels of our government. But particularly at the local level we need people who are invested in the communities, and who bring a fresh outlook to the jobs. We have had enough of the career politicians, we need citizen politicians, to  borrow a phrase from Sen. Ernie Lopez, we need   “servant leadership”. We need people who recognize their roles within the frame-work of our communities and our government, people who seek to give back, not to simply move on.

I believe that David Anderson for Georgetown Town Council Ward 4, and Steve McCarron for Woodbridge School Board are exactly those people.

3 Comments on "Local Election Reminder"

  1. Cletus says:

    I thought David Anderson was running for Mayor of Dover?

  2. Frank Knotts says:

    Well Cletus, there is another David Anderson running for mayor in Dover, as announced here at Delaware Right in another post. However if you look at the photos you can see that they are two different people. The David Anderson running for Georgetown Town Council seems to be much taller.

  3. waterpirate says:

    A bit taller

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