On To November

delaware flag  Yesterday Delaware held its statewide primaries.  It is cliché to say, “there were winners, and there were losers”. But the thing about cliché, is that, it is based in truth.

I was honored, and proud to have stood the polls in Bridgeville, all day, for Rep. Dave Wilson, who was successful in defending his position as the Republican incumbent.

There are many other places where you can, and likely have already found, the results of the races around the state, so since it has taken me this long to post following the primaries, I won’t bore you with the numbers.

I simply want to congratulate the candidates who were successful, yes even the Democrat candidates, for this is our process. To those candidates who were unsuccessful, well? It is also cliché to say, somebody has to lose. It is not always the case, the best person always wins. Sometimes, the best person is unable to communicate the message in a way, which cuts through the din. Sometimes, the voters do not care about who is the best person for the job, they simply care whether the person is most like them. Does the candidate live near them? Does the candidate go to the same church?

Some of the candidates who lost, deserved to lose because they had no substance, they ran for the wrong reasons. Others who lost, lost because they communicated their message of narrow-mindedness too well, and the people saw them for what they truly are, narrow-minded people, who wanted only to have a title behind their names.

It will be interesting to wait and watch, to see how many of those who lost, remain engaged, do they find ways to work within their respective parties? Do they help other candidates on their campaigns?
Or, do they, like so many other egotistical, one-dimensional, shallow, one-off candidates simply fade into the dust bin of wanna be political candidates? We shall see.

It is time to take a moment, a very short moment, to take a breath, take a rest, then get up, get organized, recognize where mistakes were made, where some may have dropped the ball, correct the flaws, roll up our sleeves, and help get the right people for the jobs elected in November, be they Republican, or Democrat.

I am sick of the partisan pettiness, I am sick of the intrigue, I want only to help good people get elected, whose only wish is to serve the citizens of this state and nation. All others need not apply. And for those lurking in the shadows, too weak to put their asses on the line, too blind to see the need, find another hobby.

I have decided, in the time between now and November, to narrow my focus, to find one race I feel is the most important to the citizens, and to bring that message to the voters as best I can. This does not mean I will not be writing about other issues, and candidates when needed.

I will also, again return to an ongoing theme for me, the need for Republican voters to clean out the viper’s nest, known as the Sussex GOP Committee, and in particular, the 35th District.
I again congratulate the winners, and encourage, some, of the defeated to stay engaged.





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  1. Jeff Todd says:

    After reading the following comment posted on Lafferty’s page by Vince Callerbro thankfully he just disappeared as chair of the Sussex GOP. There was a picture of Muslim’s bowing in prayer on Lafferty’s page, the former Sussex County GOP chair posted a comment to bad there’s no snipers to even the score. Lafferty “liked” the comment. It’s not hard to understand your disgust and disdain for the committee.

  2. mouse says:

    I can’t decide if it’s sad or funny that some of these Republican candidates like her who garner 30% of the vote based solely on their hate and fear mongering of Muslims/Mexicans et al, fear mongering over guns, religious tribal obsessions and the like are still getting on ballots. I mean, I mean, I mean, If I was was working for a party that was nominating people who get 30% of the vote, I would ask the party to self reflect a bit on the implications of the 30% for the long term viability of the party. When all the old uneducated bigoted white people die off, what do they think will happen to their tribal party? I mean, I’m not a party guy and I strongly dislike the Democrats, but for the most party, the republican candidates are a sad joke to people who are informed and educated. I guess that why these same folk have such contempt for education and the educated!!

  3. Fish Bites says:

    “I strongly dislike the Democrats, but for the most party, the republican candidates are a sad joke to people who are informed and educated.”

    Mouse, as someone who strongly likes Democrats, this is a problem for Democrats as well. Because if a relatively undesirable candidate is nominated by the Democrats, then I’d like to have at least the option of someone who might not be the best, but is at least qualified to reasonably do the job. Instead, the choices often come down to voting for “meh” or “crazy”. In that race, I’ll vote for “meh” every time.

    It used to be that both parties made some attempt to keep their respective batches of crazy people out of the driver’s seat, and that both parties shunned insane conspiracy nutters. But you seem to have hit on something with that 30% (or thereabouts).

    The thinking seems to be that if you can lock down the solid support of around 20-30% which you can count on by catering to theocrats, xenophobes, etc., then you only have to pick up the remaining 30-20% of the vote at large in order to get to 50% and win. There is some appeal in that view, if the idea is “winning”. That chunk of votes used to be southern democratic votes – it’s really not even a matter of party label. Absolutely, LBJ lost them, the GOP picked them up, but at this point in time, it’s a shrinking pool which, by its nature, repels prospective members of a broader coalition.

    It’s not just a problem for Republicans, though. It deprives everyone of a choice among rational candidates who disagree on policy.

    But you are talking to people who think that kneecapping Mike Castle was their finest hour.

  4. mouse says:

    Exactly! And it’s why i still may vote for Jill Stein even though it makes no real sense other than allowing me to vote my conscience.

  5. mouse says:

    And I can tell you, as someone married to a state employee, we may both vote Bonini for governor rather than have another 8 years of a democratic governor like we just endured. And I’m a hard core liberal but Carney is not likely to represent any of our interests.

  6. delacrat says:

    “… I strongly dislike the Democrats, but for the most party, the republican candidates are a sad joke to people who are informed and educated. “ – mouse

    That why I’m voting(again) for Green Party candidate, Jill Stein.

  7. Henry says:

    You stupid ass people are just the damn clueless bunch. Democrats turned out over Republicans in the election. There were races going on NCC that Democrats where excited about voting in to change the political climate.

    Tom Gordon race – they wanted him out of there.

    Congress race – Lisa Blunt Bradley . No one knew her below the canal and didn’t campaign below the canal. She will win against Hans Regal.

    Lt. Governor race – Bethany Hall Long. Same thing there. She will win over La Mar Gunn

    Mayor’s race – they desperately wanted a change.

    No matter what NCC will appoint a Democrat Governor, Lt. Governor, and Congresswoman.

    Doesn’t matter how bad Democrats are at their job, Republicans can’t or won’t support their own. They eat them for lunch.

  8. Delaware Right says:

    The republicans who switched parties in 2008 to participate in the Democratic Primary and supported Jack Markell provided the Soon-To-Be-Future Governor to slip past John Carney and serve 8 years, Carney had to sit around two years to gain the ‘boobie prize’ of being a United States Congressman with a lifetime pension, now with that in his wallet, the Congressman will spend the next 8 years as Governor, padding his already nice State of Delaware pension.

    The republicans who switched parties in 2016 to participate in the Democratic Primary for Mayor of Wilmington helped oust Mayor Williams and turn the future of Wilmington around, or so we hope.

  9. Rick says:

    …and turn the future of Wilmington around, or so we hope.

    No politician can “turn the future around” in Wilmington, or any other city with a large black population, because the problem is cultural. In the urban ghetto, there has been a complete rejection of traditional societal norms. Illiterate teenage single mothers, a high dropout rate, ubiquitous drug use, inter-generational welfare, turf wars and so on.

    Only the black community can heal the black community. Can they do it? If Port-Au-Prince or Lagos is the template, no.

  10. fightingbluehen says:

    I was just watching Hillary make a speech on Facebook to some young people, and she told them to register to vote….”register your friends to vote”…..”register everyone you know.”

    Sorry Hillary, but that is illegal.

  11. fightingbluehen says:

    Hillary tells young people to break the law

  12. fightingbluehen says:

    On second view, I think she meant register people for some I vote.com or something…so…never mind.

  13. Rick says:

    Cynical millennials know a lying career politician when they see one. And now that they’re spent some time in the real world, they’ve learned that vacuous pie-in-the-sky promises- like those made by Obama- are nothing but empty rhetoric. If Hillary thinks she will dominate the millennial vote, then she is more out-of-touch than even I thought.

    I notice Hilary has a new ad with a few disgruntled establishment Republicans bashing Trump. I guess she and her handlers are completely tone deaf. The reality is that these weak, vacillating career politicians are the very reason the Trump candidacy exists.

  14. Mitch Crane says:

    Anyone can take the federal voter registration form around and get people to fill it out. I “get” people to register all the time. You can also “get” people to register through the various state websites. In this State it is ivote.de.com

  15. Fish Bites says:

    No Mitch. Quite obviously, instead of telling people to encourage, nag or pester people they know to get registered to vote, she was telling people to fraudulently register as other people. Because, yeah, that’s exactly what she would say. She also sold a bag of weed and solicited a prostitute while making a public appearance.

    What idiot candidate would encourage illegal action at a public appearance? That would be like having a candidate actually make a public plea for hackers to go after their opponents.

  16. fightingbluehen says:

    Fish Bites is right, but I’m not sure about the legality because it’s online. She did tell the young crowd to register their friends and everyone they know.

    The Clintons have always walked the thin line of legality and illegality.

    The speech was yesterday at Temple University and I’ve only seen one article online that mentioned it and the iwillvote.com site.

  17. fightingbluehen says:

    She is also has a voter registration program for the “Dreamers” called Mi Sueno Tu Voto or My Dream, Your Vote….The lawyers are working overtime folks.

  18. mouse says:

    Registration should be automatic.

  19. fightingbluehen says:

    BTW, the Hillary campaign couldn’t even fill the small venue at Temple, and she had to be helped up the stairs to the podium.

  20. fightingbluehen says:

    Fish Bites….”she was telling people to fraudulently register as other people. Because, yeah, that’s exactly what she would say. She also sold a bag of weed and solicited a prostitute while making a public appearance.”

    “Go to I Will Vote.com, and register today. Register your friends…Register everyone you know. This is going to be close.”….Hillary Clinton

    That’s the exact quote.

  21. fightingbluehen says:

    Go to the 28 min mark and hear it for yourself.

  22. Rick says:

    What idiot candidate would encourage illegal action at a public appearance?

    The same idiot that used a private server for storing classified documents, who blamed Benghazi on a video and said she “can’t remember” signing a State Department security protocol document.

    That “idiot candidate.”

  23. fightingbluehen says:

    This clip is very news worthy, and I’m surprised it hasn’t been exposed yet.

  24. Fish Bites says:

    The only thing that website does is figure out, from the zip code, which state voter registration information site to go to, and forwards you there.

    I punched in my information, and it took me to the Delaware voting registration information page.

    Please explain to me, FBH, how I would go about registering someone else to vote in Delaware.

  25. fightingbluehen says:

    Why would she direct people to the iwillvote.com site that says “Register to vote, check your status, or update your registration in minutes”, right at the top of the page? Why would she tell people to go there and “register your friends”, “register everyone you know”? Does she not understand her own website?

  26. fightingbluehen says:

    Maybe she misspoke, but that’s also a news story.

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