Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware-The 3/4/15 Edition

We got tidbits about Delaware public employees and fast food, Markell fights the climate, and a defense fund for Opaliski? Much more….read it all here.

Delaware workers evidently love fast food

Just a little tidbit I came across in the infamous News Journal. Seems that state workers spent, judging by their credit card receipts, over eleven thousand bucks last year….at only one place…CAPRIOTTI’s.
Delaware is a small state so wow….lots of ordering out from this famous sandwich shop once voted best sandwiches in America.
Voter Fraud Claimed in Red Clay School District
I covered the recent school referendums in two Delaware school districts,HERE

Sen. Karen Peterson, D-Stanton, has asked Attorney General Matt Denn to investigate possible voter fraud in last Tuesday’s referendum to raise property taxes in the Red Clay School District.
Peterson said in a news release that she had received a report that a group of parents who had just voted at one polling place said they were going to vote again at a second polling place.
The unofficial vote total released Tuesday was 6,395 for a tax increase, 5,515 against.
Unlike general elections, voters are not assigned a specific polling place for school referendums so there’s no way for poll workers to know if someone voted multiple times, the release said.
“In an election where nearly 12,000 people voted and 880 votes decided the outcome, it would only take 441 duplicate votes to change the results of the election,” Peterson said in the release. “Before Red Clay raises property taxes, I want to be assured that the election was not affected by fraudulent voting.”

I worked with Senator Peterson before on a personal issue and even though she’s a Democrat. She seems like an honest straight-shooter. I will follow up on this matter with her because there were all sorts of problems with that election.
Dover Councilman David Anderson wins prestigious award


Well he’s not my editor anymore but he has a special place in my heart. David Anderson is this recipients of the 2015 Whatcoat UMC Social Justice Servant of Dover Award.

The ceremony to honor him will be on Saturday March 21. If interested call as the program is open to public 302-674-0625.




Governor Markell to fight Global Warming in Delaware. Heh.

Well Delaware is bound by some crazy greenhouse gas emissions program, some nutjob plan to have Delaware be compensated from the smoke drifting this way from Pennsylvania.

Or something.

So the guy is increasing property taxes on Delaware seniors for need for more budget but he needs to honor his deal with the Obama administration.

“I know it’s easy for people to say this isn’t real,” Markell said.
But he pointed out that the state has already spent “millions and millions of dollars” to address climate impacts from pumping sand on beaches to repairing dikes in northern Delaware’s flood-prone cities..
“This is your money, this is taxpayer money,” he said. “We all see this so personally.”
Markell said he would “never forget the day before (Hurricane) Sandy.”

First of all…SANDY WAS NOT A HURRICANE! Markell needs better staff for such a goof.

Second of all…this pumping sand on eroding beaches is a practice up and down the east coast as erosion tends to leach it away. Communities depending on tourism for their beaches often pump sand back to keep that revenue source alive.

Arguably there is nothing wrong with this but it ain’t global warming or climate change or whatever cute name they give it this week.
Colin Bonini Endorses Dual Police Forces

Liberal Delaware Supreme Court Justice Leo E Strine Jr. has an unlikely ally for his proposal to create one upstate police force — conservative Republican and gubernatorial hopeful Sen. Colin Bonini.
Bonini said late Monday it’s worth considering Strine’s proposal, detailed in a Sunday News Journal article, to merge Wilmington, New Castle County and upstate state police into one northern Delaware force. Such a force, he contends, could help reduce the plague of violent crime in Wilmington, which he has called “appalling.”

I happened to speak to state Senator Colin Bonini recently about a bill he proposed. I like the guy but he’s hard to pin down.

So it would seem that a Supreme Court Justice wants to create one upstate police force by combining the Wilmington police, the New Castle County police and the Delaware State police.

Well yeah….that’ll work.

What the hell you gonna call it….”The northern Delaware police force”?

Lookit, the police force in the entire state of Delaware is a mess. We have little town police, we have state police, which have all the power and I didn’t know but we evidently have a county police force in New Castle county.

I suppose it must be confusing at times but combining three police forces will never work, I got a bridge to sell anyone who thinks it will.

As for Bonini…here’s a guy who, if nothing else, is very original. Might have to talk to him again and ask why he thinks this is a good idea.
That’s the Ticket! A Bacon Festival

Gotta love Dewey Beach. Delaware would be so boring without it.deweybaconfest

April 11 – 12, 2015
• Location: Various Locations. See Website.
• Times: 12:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
• Admission: VIP Admission: $50
• Phone: 302-227-7796 or 302-227-6779
• Email: Justin@iDewey.com
• Visit Website

Intriguing Delaware crime trial date set

Since I consider myself a true crime buff I intend to follow this trial closely. I am very familiar with Bay Shore church as it was near my house in Maryland when I lived there.

This crime was a mystery for the longest time but this guy is a creep and needs to spend the rest of his days in jail. Poor woman was volunteering for her church to meet such a heinous end.

30-year-old Matthew Burton was extradited from Maryland to Delaware last month; 47 ABC is reporting today (Tuesday) that according to sources close to the investigation, Burton’s trial will start in April 2016.

Burton faces 1st and 2nd degree rape, 1st and 2nd degree murder and kidnapping charges in connection with the slaying of then 35-year-old Nicole Bennett, in June 2012; her body was found in Worcester County in a ditch, a few miles from the Bay Shore Community Church in Gumboro where she worked and where Burton was hired for maintenance work.

Matthew Opaliski Starts Defense Fund Plea

I am in no way endorsing that any yon reader contribute to this account as I do not know just what Opaliski is allegedly charged with. But I provide a link to his “gofundme” account. He is asking for $50,000.HERE


I posted about my relationship with Matthew,HERE

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.
Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.
NEXT : Picture post coming up soon, Sussex county council should be back next week, important Sussex GOP meeting coming soon and I have contacted SCRWC President Alana Keeley for an interview. We’re working it out.

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  1. Rick says:

    …lots of ordering out from this famous sandwich shop once voted best sandwiches in America.

    Whomever voted for that place as “best sandwiches” must have never been to New York, Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. A corned beef and swiss on rye is supposed to be stacked- big. And you have to pay for it. No sub shop around here comes even remotely close to being a real deli. The Steak Shop cheese steak comes close- everything else is glorified Wawa.

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